• Published 23rd Aug 2016
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The Pony Dreadfuls - No one is home

A series of stories about ponies. Dreadful in both subject and quality. Enjoy :)

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Chapter 66 - Separate Ways

“Z-978 will not go back to the stinky old hive! She told herself that she would not ever go back there and she will not!” Chitin winced at his partner’s harsh words.

“Z, be reasonable!” He pleaded desperately. “It’s not the same hive as it used to be. Chrysalis is gone now!”

“No, Z-978 will never go back. She knows the Thorax is the King now, because he ran away when the changelings lost.” Z shook her brightly colored head sadly. “Just like the Chitin ran away because the ponies won and the Silver pony and the Fast Change came to save them. They did not see what happened when the changelings won. They did not run away then.”

“Z, I- I don’t understand…” Chitin shook his head in honest confusion.

“The Chitin, and the Thorax did not run away in Z’s broken world.” The mare cried softly. “The Thorax did not run away when the changelings won. The Fast Change did not rescue the changelings when the ponies lost. And that is why the Chitin will not leave the Thorax’s hive. That is why Z-978 will never go go back.”

“Z, you can’t just stay here by yourself, you need a hive!” The changeling guard attempted to reason with her.

“Only Z-978 left the changeling hive when the changelings beat the ponies. Z-978 did not need the stinky hive, and she does not need the stinky pony princess who hates the changelings and wants them to go away.” The mare heaved a heavy sigh. “But the Chitin will go back to the old hive, because the changelings have won. And when the changelings win the Chitin goes back to the hive, because he is a guard and that is what he does.”

“Z, you’re not being fair. None of that really happened here…” Chitin realized his mistake the moment the words had left his mouth.

“Just because it did not happen to the Chitin does not mean it did not happen to Z-978!” Z hissed angrily. “Z has seen the changelings of this hive do horrible things to the ponies. Did they feel sorry? Z does not know, but she knows they did not feel sorry enough to stop. They did not feel sorry enough to leave! The Chitin say’s that this did not happen? Does the Chitin say that the Train Wreck did not happen? Does he say the Surprise did not happen?”

“Z, please, you know I didn’t mean…” Chitin stammered only to be cut off.

“The Chitin must leave because the Chitin must have a hive.” Z sobbed openly. “She understands this, and she does not hate the Chitin. She knew the Chitin must have a hive, but she cannot return to that hive. She will not be ruled by the King Thorax who only ran away when the Changelings lost. It is not the Chitins fault. Z thought the Celestia would let us have another hive. But the Celestia hates the changelings. She wants this hive to go away. And Z cannot follow the Chitin to the old hive and she must wait here because Carrot Plate is coming back.”

“Z… I’m sorry but Carrot Plate is…”

“NO! Z’s sister Carrot Pate is NOT dead!” the changeling mare screamed. “She is alive! Z saw her in her dreams with the Train Wreck and the Surprise who was not Surprise!”

“Z… I… if you change your mind…” Chitin shook his head sadly, knowing it was useless to argue further. “Do you at least have anywhere to go?”

“Z will go to the Belfry. She will talk to the Jimmy Jack. He was the Train Wreck’s friend. He will help her find her place again.” Z-978 turned and walked away slowly, down the darkened streets of Decanter. Had she looked back she would have seen a changelings guard scuttle uncertainly in place until the mare he loved disappeared into the night’s shadows. Had she listened closely she would have heard the sound of a changeling’s heart breaking.


“Z, what are you doin’ here?” The massive pale horse known to ponies as Deadlift, and to his friends as Jimmy Jack, looked down at the troubled changeling who had wandered to the front door of the Belfry.

“The stinky pony princess does not want changelings in her pretty little pony city!” The mare pouted. “Z-978 needs a place to live now. The Train Wreck said the Jimmy Jack would help her if anything ever happened to… Z-978 needs a place to go!”

“Z, I don’t think things are quite the way you think they are… we get a lot of changelings in here and I’ve heard the news.” The massive stallion explained things carefully. “Celestia’s not making any changeling leave who doesn’t want to… hell, you filed your citizenship papers a long time ago, back when Surprise and K… er… Trainwreck adopted Diane. If you need a place to crash, you know I’ve got you covered, but your not being kicked out of the city, you know that right?”

“The ugly stink-butt princess said there would not be two hives anymore!” Z exclaimed in agitation as if the problem should be obvious. “The Chitin will not stay in the city without the hive! Z-978 will not go back to the old hive because it was stupid and mean and she hates it!”

“I… see…” Jimmy Jack nodded slowly.

“It is not the Chitin’s fault!” Z shook her head angrily. “It is the stupid worst princess who made him leave!”

“Z… it’s… you know what? Come on in and I’ll get Miss Caramel to fry you up some chili cheese hay fries, my treat, okay. It’s gonna work out, I promise. You’re just scared because everything is changing, and that’s okay. Ain’t nothin’ set in stone. You don’t know that Chitin ain’t gonna stay, and if he don’t, then you don’t need him anyway. You go inside and try not to worry about it. You’re with family here, and whatever happens, it’s gonna be okay.”

Author's Note:

This chapter takes Place after the final chapter of David Silver's Silver Shield. So if for some reason you haven't read that yet, it might clear up a few things.

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