• Published 23rd Aug 2016
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The Pony Dreadfuls - No one is home

A series of stories about ponies. Dreadful in both subject and quality. Enjoy :)

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Chapter 27 - Uncomfortable Questions and Unfortunate Truths

“Z, it’s gonna be okay,” Diane laid her forehoof over her sister’s withers. “It’s just like a sleepover.”

“Diane is wrong, it is not okay, nothing is okay!” The slightly older changeling sobbed. “We are broken! Diane sees everything as she wants it to be, but we were broken before Surprise… before she…”

“Z, I don’t know what to say! But it’s going to be better, it’s going to be…” Diane trailed off, staring into the luxurious palace suite that might as well be a prison.

“The Princess Luna said they will bring Facehugger.” Z’s voice was tiny and pained. “They will bring Z her perfect little grub.”

“It’s going to be okay Z, you’ll see! Train Wreck will…” Diane was suddenly cut off by her sister’s continuing rant.

“He will leave! He will sulk! He will run off and play like he is a hero! He will ignore the world around him while it burns because it doesn’t hurt him the way it hurts us!” Z stamped an angry hoof. “Train Wreck should not have asked!”

“Z… I… does he he even know? You said you didn’t want him to know. Should I have said…” Diane pawed the carpet nervously.

“It does not matter what the Train Wreck did not know! He gave Z-978 her sister back! He rescued Z! Z could not say no to the Train Wreck. He should not have asked!” Z ranted at empty air. “Z talked to Surprise and she said she would explain to the Train Wreck. And then he was gone. And then the evil bat pony burned him up, and all Z had of the Train Wreck was the egg that was Facehugger. But he came back and he said he would always come back! And then he… he...”

“He… left us, didn’t he?” Diane whispered in a small voice.

“The Train Wreck floats while the whole world sinks around him,” Z-978 sulked quietly, “And he doesn’t see how broken he leaves things because the world doesn’t hurt him like it hurts us. Z’s sister Carrot Plate would understand.”


“Carrot, what’s wrong?” Sour Sweet moved next to roommate as they walked along the campu of Baltimare University. “You thinking about your family again?”

“I just wish I knew I was doing the right thing.” The red and orange unicorn filly slumped on the sidewalk. “Ever since Surprise died things have been… weird... back home.”

“Well, you lived in a changeling hive, I’d think ‘weird’ would be pretty subjective.” The baege earth pony tried to suppress a giggle, but was suddenly distracted. “Is that a human?”

Glad for the distraction, Carrot Plate followed her friend’s gaze to see a human wearing a green ski-mask pushing himself in a wheelchair, hiding brightly colored gift boxes around the campus. “That’s weird, what do you think he’s doing?”

“Oooo, I bet he’s one those Anons!” Sour Sweet squealed. “They’re like an extra special, rare human type! We should go talk to him! I bet he’s planning some crazy prank!”


“We’ve all seen it now haven’t we?” Velvet Hammer stood in the public square, preaching to the angry, gathering crowd. “We let those damned bugs into our city with open hooves and open hearts, and just look what happened! Who here doesn’t know somepony who’s been assaulted by changelings? Who here doesn’t know someone who hasn’t been robbed by changelings? And they just fly around the corner and POOF they look just like any pony on the street. Turn another corner and paint a funny little bug face on their flank and then it’s all ‘No it wasn’t me! It must be one of those rogue changelings!’. And how are are we supposed to know the difference? They can get away with anything! And what about the so called ‘prince’ who brought them here? Humans were supposed to be a myth, and then one day he just appears, at Biped con no less, where witnesses confirm he assumed at least four different forms before coming to Canterlot and leading an entire hive of changelings right into our city!”

Murmurs of assent rolled across the crowd, and the earth pony continued her rant. “And they say they're the good changelings, and maybe they are. Maybe they are. But how are WE supposed to know that? Because they don’t have any holes? Any changeling worth it’s name can cover it’s holes! They. Can. Look. Like . Anything. They can look like anything, and anypony, they want to. And it’s not just ponies. They can appear to be ANY species. Even humans. And suddenly right as our city is flooded with changeling ‘refugees’, suddenly we start seeing humans everywhere all across Equestria. They just walk right out of mythology. And we’re supposed to believe it’s all one big, happy coincidence.”


“Prince Train Wreck, you will behave yourself in this court,” Celestia sternly addressed the Unspoken Prince, “You do not make demands before the rulers of Equestria. Your title is, at best, a courtesy.”

“You can shove the title up your great white flank!” The winged tazzle pony's lower jaw separated menacingly. “I’ve been jerked around long enough! I’ve been deceived, assaulted, my family has been abducted, and then I find out you were in on it?!?! You will return Diane and Z, or baby Jesus nailed to a stick, I will take this castle apart until I find them!”

“Two o’clock, just as I promised your lovely niece, your majesty.” Iam Noone flickered into existence amidst a flurry a gasps from the tense crowd of noble-ponies.

“YOU!” Train Wreck’s snakes struck instantly pinning the changeling to the floor in flurry of violence. Simultaneously the beast was struck by multiple blasts of paralyzing magic as the warlocks swarmed from their hidden perches.

“You idiots! Why are you protecting hi?” Train Wreck struggled to keep his hooves beneath him.

“Train Wreck Pastel, you have proven yourself a brave and good-hearted pony.” Celestia’s voice was hard as steel. “But do not try my patience further. As powerful as Discord has made you, I am ancient beyond your comprehension, and if you continue down this path, as much as it may pain me to do so, I will lay you low.”

“So uncivilized. Your majesty can clearly see why I would not want any of my brood to be raised under THAT kind of influence.” The cyan-maned changeling smiled broadly.

“Do not entertain any fantasies that this court is at all friendly towards yourself, Mr. Noone.” Celestia warned coldly. “I am not unaware of your activities. You have much to answer for, and before this day is done, I will have answers.”

Author's Note:

And the trial begins as Iam Noone's plans come together across Equestria. :pinkiecrazy:

If anyone is wondering, this all takes place about a week before the begining of David's Silver Shield.

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