• Published 23rd Aug 2016
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The Pony Dreadfuls - No one is home

A series of stories about ponies. Dreadful in both subject and quality. Enjoy :)

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Chapter 30 - Corrupted Laughter

Fair warning, this chapter get's pretty graphic. :pinkiecrazy:

“No… HELP! She’s going to kill me! She’s going to torture me and then she’s going to kill me!” Nopony broke down sobbing a mix of rage and sheer terror.

“Honestly, I wonder if you aren’t as suicidal as he was, he made you after all.” Diane whispered in the changeling’s ear from directly behind him. “You left ten thirteen year old changeling fillies in charge of your entire foal-napping scheme while you played up your little bug and pony show. Nine of them were drones. What did you THINK was going to happen. I’m not some toy you’d broken to your will in this world!”

“I...wait… you know about that?” The tried to turn his head, only to feel it snatched back into pace in Diane’s vice-like magic.

“Or did you forget that thing you were just telling me about how I can feed on my own hate.” Diane’s voice seemed to rend the air itself. “There is not a single pony in Equestria who hates you more than me right now. Not. Even. One.”

“But, you… Night said…” The Nopony stammered.

“I talked them into joining the invasion of canterlot because I thought it might be fun. These are the ponies you put in charge of foal-napping me.” Diane giggled, madness giving he voice an almost visible aura. “You had a deal with the text. But then you made a deal with the goat. You knew you were living in the head of dying madman. The Nightmare was the whole wide world, but it was still a dream, the first dreamer had already woke up, and the second was about to die. You’d broken so many worlds, and you were about to be caught on a breaking world and you couldn’t face it. YOU’RE NOTHING COMPARED TO HIM!”

A single card floated before his eyes, and Iam Noone’s sin’s crawled down his spine as he remembered that fateful night In Decantur.


:”I’m telling you Gary, I have broke the world. The whole wide world, SO many times. I dragged the soul of this alicorn to hell. For realsies. The look on his face! Funny thing, his soul was still a lunar unicorn.” Iam Noone threw up a bottle of Tainted love, as he laughed. “He’s the key to it. He’s here too. That bat-pony prince. He can make the spell.”

“As one fictional villain to another, Iam, you really need help.” The grey goat smiled cheerfully. “Have you met Pinkie Pie’s adopted goat cousin? You two should really talk.”


“Do you feel that? Ooooh, shit.” There was a smirk on Diane’s voice. Her voice degenerated into an obscene laugh. “Wah hah hah hah hah!!!”
“I’m drowning deep in my sea of loathing, Broken... your servant... I am.” Diane cooed to her prisoner, “Would you give it to me?” She whispered as her teeth closed around his horn and with a flick of her neck and a clasp of her shark like jaws, the Noponies whole world exploded into pain. “It seems what’s left of your human side is slowly changing... in me…. .”
Will you give it to ME?!?!”

Suddenly the filly’s pink, shark-like maw was hanging upside down in his face, a manic smile permanently etched on her face, her eye’s twitching with newfound madness.

“It’s like seeing my own reflection.” Tears fell down Noone’s trembling face. “When suddenly it changes.”

“VIOLENTLY IT CHANGES!” Diane sang with glee as her razor teeth seized the older changeling horn and ripped it free from his chitinous skull as her voice sank back into a gentle cooing. “There is no turning back now. You’ve woken up the demon in me.”

“Get up! Come on get down with the sickness!” Iam’s front fetlocks twisted unnaturally with a sickening snap in the pink aura of his daughter’s magic. “You fucker get up! Come on get down with the sickness.”

“I’m waiting, get up, and we’ll get down with the sickness.” Diane gleefully ran a knife across the changeling’s face, cutting a permanent ear to ear grin to match her own. “You opened up your hate, and then you fed it to me!”

“I can feel inside me this sickness that’s rising,” Diane offered a desperate plea to forgiveness to her memory of Surprise, “I cannot deny what I feel. Or what he’s put into me.”

“It seems that all that was good has died, and it’s decaying in me.” Iam’s brief respite ended as the hellish pink fiend once more turned her baleful gaze upon him. “It’s what you put into me!”

It seems you’re having some problems,” Diane ran her tongue across the bloody wound she had inflicted, “Living with these changes. In dealing with these changes.”

The pink terror propped her hooves against her victim and smiled warming, her voice become a seductive buzz-saw, “The world is a scary place, now that you’ve woken up the demon in me.”

“Get up! Come on get down with the sickness!” The Nopony, who had tortured and killed so many, screamed as his left wing was violently ripped from his body and his mad tormentor half hid her face behind it in mock shyness. “You fucker get up! Come on get down with the sickness.”

It’s over, give up! Come on, get down with the sickness.” Diane gleefully ran a knife across the changeling’s face, cutting a permanent ear to ear grin to match her own. “Madness is the gift that you have given to me!”

“Don’t kill me!” The Nopony pleaded for his life. “I won’t do it again! I promise! Please, mercy! I’ll be a good pony! I promise, I’ll be a good pony!”

“Why do you just shut up and die!” Diane screamed back her hellish teeth mere inches from his face. “Why can’t you just leave here and DIE?!?! You want to see how it feels to feed on hatred? Here it comes! Get ready to DIE!”

Pure darkness radiated from Diane, forcing itself into the mouth of Iam Noone. The changeling sobbed in heaves, trying without success to turn away. As his body bloated, it attempt to divest itself of unwelcome empathic nectar in a choking heave, that left sticky black tar running down the changelings face and chest. But it was only a few dropped in the seemingly unending river of hate that poured from the little queen.

The last thing the Nopony saw as his vision dimmed and his chitin began to split was a flash of dark energy. The creature that stood before him was no longer even recognizably a changeling. It’s wasp-like black chitin was accented with bright stripes of pink. It’s singular horn hack split into two hole-pocked, goat like spirals. A snake-like, wickedly barbed tail curved over her back and the only recognizable feature left of Diane Pastel was a wicked grin filled with rows of razor sharp teeth.


“Laughter of Swords,” the goat sighed impassively, “A double edged blade that will both open the path you seek, and then cut off the hoof of any foolish enough to wield it. You will have your stolen destiny, and you will escape the end of the dream that is this world. Your reward shall be reaped in the hatred that you have sown. As hatred has consumed you, so will it be consumed by you until you have become bloated and burst with it.”

Author's Note:

Ooops, somehow the last several paragraphs of the chapter got cut off, problem fixed. :pinkiecrazy:

And so ends Iam Selrahc Noone. Timeline wise, this happens imediately before the events in chapter 1 of "Silver Shield". :pinkiecrazy:

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