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I'm mostly into dark/horror stories during the night. Luna is my favorite Princess. Spike is my favorite Dragon that deserves better. Reading and writing stories based on him is fun.


Spike has had enough of being treated as a slave instead of a friend. He works, cleans, does chores for Twilight and her friends, and gets abandoned. Being sick and tired of being used as a tool, an object for his so-called friends, he wishes for better life without them. Little did he know that his wish was going to grant him the best adventure ever.

While Spike is gone, Discord is going to disguise himself as Spike to see if Twilight and her friends are worthy to be Spike's friends or not. Change is on the horizon in Equestria for everyone. However, some changes are not for everyone.

Thenewbluebrony sent me a gift. An artwork of Spike's Fairy Tail Emblem on his chest. In honor of the gift, I've decided to make it my cover art image for the story after the 200th chapter.

I lost count of how many times the story was featured after 100 times but it started on June 16th, 2021 since I mainly publish chapters late at night. (Habit of mine)

(Spoilers in the Comments. You have been warned.)
(Please note that this is an alternate universe of Fairy Tail)
(Takes place before season 8. Also, an alternate universe)
Fairy Tail is copyright of Hiro Mashima

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Gabby Gums, a popular gossiper in Ponyville that everyone loves to read, now hates. Going in-depth with gossiping ponies in town and invading privacy. From wanting more of Gabby Gums to rejection. With the CMC exposed and Diamond Tiara blackmailing the trio, there are only a few options Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo can come up with.

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Spike has enough. His daily life consists of cleaning up messes, running errands, and being left out of the fun. Twilight and her friends go on epic adventures, sing songs, party, and have a fun time. It's time for Spike to change his life for the better no matter the cost.

(The beginning of this story starts before season 5)

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This story is a sequel to Anon-A-Miss: Friendship is Home

Octavia, Lyra, Vinyl, Bon Bon, Snowflake, Bulk Biceps, Flash Sentry, Derpy, Snips, Snails, Micro, Sandalwood, Cloud Chaser, Flitter, and Gizmo have taken Thorax's advice in creating a guild of their own. They dedicated the name to the Cybernetic Task Force calling themselves The Changelings. Soon more students take on the challenge to defend those who are affected by Anon-A-Miss or by any other sort of bullying that is happening within their school. They will bring the fight to end it all and make their school a sanctuary for learning and build Friendships along the way.

Thorax will be involved with the Changeling Guild in the school from time to time.

Another sequel towards the final chapter of the EQG side.

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This story is a sequel to Anon-A-Miss: Friendship is Home

Sunset Shimmer, Fiery Flames, and Discord are now a team. They will be handling bigger threats of Friendship with or without the Friendship Map. They will take on ponies or creatures that excluded Friendship in their lives and turned to Disharmony. Their adventures will begin and their team will build up.

This takes place right after Nero the Necromancer and Blaze made themselves known towards the final chapter of Anon-A-Miss Friendship is Home. The timeline continues on within this universe.

Another thing, some events as time moves forward will happen with Twilight and her Friendship Quests.

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This story is a sequel to Anon-A-Miss: Friendship is Home

As time moves forward in the new year, so does the adventures. Everything that seasons 5 and 6 has shown us will be altered in this timeline with the presence of Discord and Sunset Shimmer. New scenarios, same faces, different outcomes.

This is a sequel towards Anon-A-Miss: Friendship is Magic. Now it's with Twilight and her friends.

I won't detail every episode in season 5 & 6. Just some that are crucial within the timeline.

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This story is a sequel to Anon-A-Miss: Friendship is Home

Scootaloo was in hell for months before Anon-A-Miss was born. Her father Speedy Bullet went to war against Discord's Armed Forces. Scootaloo only had her mother Ember Light. She couldn't do much for her beloved child. Then there was Rainbow Dash. Scootaloo enjoyed Rainbow's company but soon fell apart when Sunset Shimmer came and took her all away. Then Anon-A-Miss came and seemed promising enough to get Rainbow Dash back. Soon she realized that her Anon-A-Miss wasn't the right move even tho she went forth to stretch the truth about Sunset Shimmer. Anon-A-Miss got out of control and chaos spread in the school like a wildfire. After Anon-A-Miss was caught and deactivated, some students decided to punish Scootaloo themselves. They went too by burning down her house along with killing her mother Ember Light. Scootaloo became an orphan. After the ones that were caught killing Ember Light, Scootaloo saw that her friends Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom smiling and happy that Diamond Tiara, their tormentor caught in the act of murder. She knew right then and there that they were not her friends so she dropped them in pain. After all, that seems lost, a new family adopted her. Commander Sombra and his wife, Radiant Hope took Scootaloo home and transferred her to a military school.

Now that everything is summarized a little, Scootaloo will be meeting new friends and see some familiar faces along the way. Her new life begins now and something else will make its way.

This is a sequel towards the final chapter of the EQG side of Anon-A-Miss: Friendship is Home.

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This story is a sequel to Anon-A-Miss: Friendship is Home

Nero the Necromancer is a cryptid necromancer from another realm that was unleashed by a family of Necroponies who seeks for total control. Blaze is a child from that family with magic that no pony has ever seen before. These are some of the challenges that the two had to overcome throughout history before leading to the present.

Nero's and Blaze's origin story throughout history as well as Discord's species coming to an end.

This is a prequel to Blaze and Nero made their appearance in the final chapter of Anon-A-Miss: Friendship is home.

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This is a war between good and evil but who is actually evil and who is actually good? Which side makes sense? What is real and what is fake? This war separates the reality from illusion. This war holds many secrets about ancient Equestria and Magic but there are two sides in history and the only one can be true.

Whose side are you on? Team Dark or Team Light

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In this alternate universe, its get's deeper within the CMC and their feelings towards Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash. Sisters fighting, students arguing, hate, corruption, friendships split apart, negligence, heartbroken, devastation. Also, there will be love, friendships, amends, new beginnings, acceptance, forgiveness and a promising new start. It's a long journey between friends and family but in the end, Sunset Shimmer will know what it is best for her and the situation at hand/hoof.

After reading so many of the Anon-A-Miss stories for the past few weeks, I've decided to create my own story.

(Hope you enjoy and please give out constructive criticisms. It will help a lot and hope you enjoy the story at hand/hoof.)

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