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Love the pleasures of reading anything Pony and Equestrian related stories in any way. I'm mostly into dark/horror stories during the night. Luna is my favorite Princess.


Spike has enough. His daily life consists of cleaning up messes, running errands, and being left out of the fun. Twilight and her friends go on epic adventures, sing songs, party, and have a fun time. It's time for Spike to change his life for the better no matter the cost.

(The beginning of this story starts before season 5)

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It's hard being in his shoes, paws. You get the picture.

Dude, why is your text is really large?

Still bigger than most other stories, and I do a lot of reading.

So what size would be best? That's one thing I'm still trying to figure out.


The default size of the text is usually good enough, like what the size of the text in the author's notes is.

The size of the text most of the story's in is probably best for when Spike yells "NO!" at Twilight and only the "NO!" be in that size.

Thank you so much. Now I know what to do.

I was wondering if Hasbro would ever get around to relieving Spike of his comedic relief role. No one should have to suffer like he has.

Ugh..... I'm starting to feel sick to my stomach. I don't know what to say about this. But I'm going to be expecting more heartaches along the way.

You going to be alright?

A very interesting premise, the abuse Spike got on those first 4 1/2 seasons were too much (Princess Spike was rock-bottom), glad that Celestia not only read what she did to Spike herself during *Return Of Harmony* but also made Twilight & the Girls perfectly clear that it was Spike they let down, not her.

The thought process of Twilight and the girls are still there, even in Celestia's presence. They still think of their kind than Spike. They put Celestia first instead of Spike. That's why Celestia made it perfectly clear that it is they who let down Spike, not her. Celestia realized her mistake and so have Luna who happens to show up in Spike's nightmare the day when he runs away. It's crazy and wrong how his friends have treated him. (Also, in the series. All the abuse, no child should ever go through that)

Excellent chapter once again. When's the next one?

Friday or Saturday. I'm watching All Elite Wrestling right now. Also, what you like from the chapter TrainDude90S

Ah OK, take your time. What was interesting to me about this chapter was that now even the princesses are being shown the true colors of their so-called ELEMENT BEARERS & have even come to realize that they too are no better than them for they as well are to blame for Spike's suffering from the beginning up to this point. Do you really think Luna will keep her promise to Spike on not telling anyone where he is?

As far as I can say, she will but sooner or later, she'll confess. She's holding onto a message and one thing Luna would hate to do is take a smile, take away someone's happiness from an endless suffering.

What are you hoping for in the next chapter?

At this point, status reports on where the ponies are searching at for Spike & if Luna plans to visit Spike again.

I think the next chapter will be uploaded later today in the morning.

Good, though right after I watched AEW the idea came to me and I've been working on the next chapter for the last 5 and a half hours.

All Elite Wrestling.

Well, I did say there was going to be some heartaches and there it is. At least Spike will think about giving Twilight and girls a second chance when the time is right.

I can Spike giving the rest of the girls a chance to start over, but I Cann't say the same for twilight after the memory spell threat.

To top it all off, it hasn't been a day since Spike ran away from home and Twilight is already desperate.

I see. Welp, might as well try to get ready for the pit of my stomach to drop.

Ya. I feel like I might need to stop reading this story if it's giving me much heartache. Maybe, it's a really good story I see a lot of potential in it.

I reckon you enjoying the story.

Hope you'll be able to continue to read it

I'll try my best to continue to read it. I see Hope of Life's comment. What does he or she mean by 'memory spell threat'? :applejackconfused:

Twilight said she'll erase Spike's memory to start things new.

I'll try to but I might not be able to get that far. I know Twilight Sparkle is desperate of getting spike back. But. :flutterrage: But that's going to far and she knows it!

A little slow descent to insanity. Who knows what can happen next,

Great. If Twilight Sparkle starts to get insane, Spike is going have to save her before she does something that she'll soon regret.

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