Spike's Turnabout

by PonyJoel

Return to Ragna Rock

Princess Luna is trotting down the corridors with the book of D.W.A.D. She notices Discord's presence from the walls.

"Good evening, Discord. How are thee, tonight?"

"I'm good, Princess Luna. I notice you wield the book of D.W.A.D. You're not going to use it, right?" Discord questions with a level of concern. He comes out of the walls.

"Nay. This book has no value to me. I'm honoring your wish by collecting these copies and locking them away until the end of time."

"Thank you, Princess Luna," Discord sighs in relief.

"My pleasure. After Daybreaker confessed, I have to be a better Princess for all of Equestria. I made a vow, never use the book unless it's critical. Only I should use the power of the D.W.A.D. No pony else. It's hard to locate other copies due to the book's magic."

"I know a place where it has a copy of the book. You're not going to like it," Discord said.

"Oh? Where would it be?"

"Uh," Discord swallows his vomit a little. "Ragna Rock."

Princess Luna blinks and enters a trance. She remembers the last time she's been to Ragna Rock.

1010 years ago

Princess Luna is wearing a dark hooded cloak. She puts on a ring of illusion on her horn to disguise herself as a unicorn. As she enters Ragna Rock, she sought out a dark entity known as Grim. Grim's dark magic can predict the future and sense what's happening in the present.

"Hmm," Grim chuckles. "I know who you are, Luna. The ring of illusion is a nice disguise."

Princess Luna remains silent.

"So, what brings you here to Ragna Rock?" Grim said as she drinks a glass of black wine.

"As of late, my fellow ponies are sleeping during my night. Normally, I have my fellow followers worshipping my great night. Now, they shun my night sky. I seek your knowledge of why they shun my night."

Grim smiles then drink her glass of black wine.

"That's simple. Ponies of Equestria are slowly descending due to the new magic that filters the sky during your night."

"What new magic?" Princess Luna asks shockingly.

"I can't say per se, the new magic that filters the sky will allow most ponies except you and your security to succumb to slumber during the night. It's been growing slowly over a few years. Soon, the night will be peaceful though no one will be able to worship it anymore."

Princess Luna pants irately. She feels something stirring deep inside of her. Only her pupils change into a sinister blueish dragon type. She stares at grim.

"What can I do to fix this?!" Luna yells angrily.

"Hmm," Grim smiles then finish drinking the rest of her black wine. "Take over as the new ruler of Equestria."

"When do I take over as new ruler of Equestria?" Luna asks.

"One thousand ten years from today, Luna."

"Thou think I'll wait for a millennium to become the new ruler of Equestria? I shall take what's rightfully mine!" Luna stomps her way out of Ragna Rock and flies towards the Castle of the Two Sisters.

Present time

Princess Luna snaps out of her trance.

"You okay, Princess Luna?"

"I'm fine. I went on a memory trip from the last time I step hoof in Ragna Rock."

"What was the memory of; if you don't mind me asking?"

"In Ragna Rock. I went to an earth pony named Grim. She has the power to sense what goes on in the present and see the future. I ask of her about my fellow worshippers falling asleep during my night. Grim told me there was magic filtering the skies. Turning my nighttime worshippers succumb to sleep. Instead of waiting it out, I turn into Nightmare Moon and try to claim what was rightfully mine. Ever since Daybreaker spoke the truth, I now know what has happened to my fellow worshippers."

"So sorry, Luna. Well, least now you have what is rightfully yours," Discord said sincerely.

"Though it's true, at the cost of losing my sister to darkness. Her darkness. She used me, turn me into a monster, and imprisoned me; I'll never forgive her." Luna said sternly.

"I understand. It was my magic that Grim was sensing. It was part of Celestia's soul-binding agreement."

"Since the book is at Ragna Rock, do you know exactly where the book is at?"

"No. Also, I haven't stepped foot in Ragna Rock in over a thousand years. All I know is that the book is there. What are you going to do once you get the book?"

"After I confiscate the book, I'll condemn Ragna Rock. That place is not ideal for my kingdom."

"When the time does come to condemn Ragna Rock, I'll join you."

"Sounds good. I'll let you know when," Luna puts on a dark hooded cloak. "Discord, can you put this copy in the safe for me?"

"Sure, I'm closer to it anyway. Have a safe trip to Ragna Rock," Discord waves at Luna as she flies to Manehattan.

2 hours later. Princess Luna arrives in Manehattan. She puts on the ring of illusion on her horn and calls for a cab. She orders the taxi driver to take her to Ragna Rock. He complies and drives Luna to Ragna Rock. Once Luna arrives, she gazes at the building. She pays the taxi driver extra as she heads inside Ragna Rock.

"Still the same wretched place," Luna said in her mind.

Inside Ragna Rock, hot air is around like an invisible wall thick with incense. The aroma has a disturbing sweet smell that'll make ordinary ponies gag. Luna can smell all sorts of demonic activity that'll give Tartarus a run for its money. It's still the same from the last time she visited. Luna trots for Ragna Rock's inner sanctum library. It's the first place that comes to mind about the book's location.

"The library should be somewhere on the upper floors," Luna said to herself. She walks up the stairs.

Princess Luna hears enchantments going around, cults talking with each other, ponies making agreements. It's the same as it was when she came. Nothing has changed.

"The flesh of fallen angels! Come to me all! Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Baphomet, Lucifer, Loki, Cthulu, Lilith, Hela. Blood to you all!" A cult stallion chants out loud.

"Who the hay is that?!" Luna frighteningly shouts a bit as she bumps into a white stallion with a black top mane wearing a leather coat and white shirt. His badge drops to the floor. Luna uses her magic to levitate the stallion's badge. "My apologies..." Luna reads the badge's name. "Detective Max Payne."

"Hmm, since you know my name, what is yours?"

"Princess Luna. Don't tell anyone."

"I understand."

"Are you by any chance going after that nuisance who's chanting demonic names?"

"Yes, Princess. It leads to the case I'm in."

"Carry on, Detective Payne. Also, do you know where the library is?"

"Two floors down to my right."

"Thank you, Detective Payne. I'll be on my way," Princess Luna and Detective Max Payne go their separate ways.

After 20 minutes of going downstairs, Luna enters an inner sanctum library. She searches for the book of D.W.A.D. After an hour of searching, Luna found the book of D.W.A.D. She also hears screams from a cult of ponies getting torn apart.

"Well, Detective Payne does know how to start a party up there," Princess Luna leaves the library and bumps into Grim. Grim smiles.

"I should have seen that coming."

"Hello, Grim."

"Hello, Luna. Got what you wanted?"

"Yes. This book will be locked away."

"Until the lands of Equestria enter a frenetic side by Daybreaker."

"What thou mean by that?"

Grim chuckles sinisterly, "Daybreaker will come with a legion to desecrate all of Equestrian life. Then start a new with those she seems fitting for her new empire."

"...When?" Luna said emotionlessly.

"Hmm, in two years or so. Could be sooner. Could be later. Daybreaker is unpredictable. Even I have my limits."

"How long until I condemn Ragna Rock?"

"Quite soon. It'll ruin Daybreaker's plan. She plans on using the book of D.W.A.D."

"What she wants with Discord?"

"Her request is to turn Twilight Sparkle. Then have her under her wing. Her new transformation name will be Midnight Sparkle. That's what Daybreaker wants. A counter against Friendship. Then she'll use Discord to create the Elements of Disharmony to give it to the former wielders so they can go against Spike's new friends. Gotta say this is a brilliant plan she orchestrated."

Princess Luna is wrapped up with a bunch of emotions. Anger, hatred, disgust, sad, and fear. Luna pants heavily. Not sure what she can do or how to prepare for the time being. Grim chuckles as she drinks a glass of black wine.

"How do I stop this from happening?"

"Hmph," Grim looks at Luna. "You'll need friends to help you. I can't tell you everything because the future is unpredictable. Your actions will change the course of time. You can come back to Ragna Rock to find me. If you choose to bury Ragna Rock, I'll be by the caves near a town full of equalist ponies," Grim said as she looks at Luna with a devilish smile.

"Thank you, Grim. I shall return soon to desolate Ragna Rock," Luna said as she walks five flights down to exit Ragna Rock then she flies back to Canterlot.

"Of course you will. I better pack my things," Grim takes several books, her favorite wine, and leaves Ragna Rock.

One hour later. Princess Luna arrives back in Canterlot. She trots down the corridors. She opens a hidden door leading to a secretive library only she and Discord knows. Luna places the copy with all the others in a chaotic magical barrier safe. No creature cannot access the safe unless its Discord or Luna.

"Only a few more to go. Then I can condemn Ragna Rock," Luna said. She walks out of the secretive library. Discord is waiting for her outside while no pony is patrolling around the area.

"Nice work, Princess Luna. Only four more to go."

"There's four more left? I thought it'd be a little more than that."

"No. I've been keeping count. The next book is harder to get."

"Why thou say that?"

"The copy of D.W.A.D has turned into a relic. A powerful relic that can strip anypony of their Cutie Mark."

"What?!" Princess Luna shouted. Eyes widen in shock and horror.

"Well, there is a downside."

"Explain, Discord," Luna said as she calms herself down.

"If the relic gets destroyed, the copy of the book is destroyed as well. A win-win scenario."

Princess Luna sighs in relief. "Thou know where the relic is?"

"Unfortunately, no. When the book of D.W.A.D, is altered, the magic is,"

"Altered as well," Luna finished Discord's sentence.

"Exactly. I have no idea where it is. We have to be lucky to find it. Even my chaos magic cannot sense it."

"Alright," Luna yawns. "I had a long night. I'm going to bed."

"Want me to handle your dream shift for the night?"

"Sure. I could use a night off anyway," Princess Luna trots to her room as Discord takes Luna's tasks of entering dreams and eliminating the nightmares.