Spike's Turnabout

by PonyJoel

A Regular Day No More

A new day is rising as Princess Celestia raises the sun. Twilight comes in the bedroom with a long list of chores for Spike to do. Spike is in the process of waking up.

"Oh good, Spike. You're awake."


Twilight tosses Spike the long list of chores for him to do.

"Reorganize the books, dust off the shelves, pick up; quills, papers, notebooks, index cards, a new chalkboard. Clean out the fridge, clean the kitchen, sweep the floors, the stairs, the rooms. Re-reorganize last week's notes on different charms and spells," Spike groans as the list goes on.

"I would help, Spike. However, my friends and I are going to Canterlot," Twilight said as she finishes packing her things and leaving the Golden Oak Library.

Spike looks at the list and falls on his back. He groans loudly. After a little while, Spike gets up and starts sweeping the floors. An hour later, he reorganizes the books. There have been multiple times that Spike had fallen off the ladder from carrying too many books. By another hour, he cleans out the fridge, cleans the kitchen, re-reorganize last week's notes that Twilight wrote down for her studies. After hours of cleaning, Spike finally leaves the library. He walks down to SugarCube Corner to buy a milkshake. Then he walks over to the store to pick up Twilight's items for the next few days. By the time Spike gets back to the Library, it's already nighttime. Spike put the quills, papers, notebooks, index cards, and chalkboard away. He then yawns after another long day of chores.

"I need a day off. I'm too tired to keep this up."

Spike goes upstairs to the bedroom. Before he can fall asleep, he looks out the window to be sure that Twilight isn't near. He takes out a journal he's been keeping under lock and key and begins to write once more.

"Dear Journal,"

Today has been another day of work. My friend Twilight and her friends get to go to Canterlot today. They were probably having a fun day together. Creating memories, laughter, and singing along. I am tired of this everyday routine. Wake up. Work. Clean. Sleep. Repeat. I hardly get to do what I want to. Just last week, I saw Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash at Sugarcube Corner having a little get together. Instead of me joining in with them, Twilight told me that I needed to run an errand for her. She gave me a list of items to get. Honestly, though, I believe she was trying to keep me away from our...no...her friends. No matter how much I try, I am unable to break my chains of loneliness.

I hate the fact that Twilight gets to live her life to the fullest while I'm left behind. I hate that I do all this work while she's having a fun time partying. I hate the fact that Pinkie doesn't invite me to any parties she's been throwing recently. I hate it when they laugh at my conditions for getting wet! I can die due to cold water! I'll never forget the time when I was drowning in the lake when that ice I slept on was melting. They were laughing when I was nearly drowning! I hate Rarity for always using me to lift her heavy bags for things she never really uses! Why bring everything when you don't use it! I hate being a laughing stock when Pinkie and Rainbow Dash prank me! I hate Twilight for using me to clean up for her messes! I don't see her cleaning up my messes in this library! I hate doing her chores cause she's lazy of doing it herself! I hate it when she keeps me up all night! I hate it when they brag about having fun and leaving me in the cold. I hate them all for leaving me behind when we were at the Grand Galloping Gala. I never felt so lonely in my life. I hate being a pin cushion for Rarity whenever she had an idea of her work! I do volunteer to help out but other times get suckered in with my good nature. I hate it when I get suckered. I hate missing out on all the fun they have together! I hate when I'm normally the one who gets physically abused in every way such as sports, magic, pranks, and tests! I hate being mocked by my so-called friends! I hate being a slave to these ponies!

All I ever want is to have a change in pace in my life. No more physical pains, no more emotional pains, no more loneliness. If things don't change, I will be leaving. Let's see if Twilight will allow me to hang with her and her friends. Hopefully, I can find solace with the ponies I'm "friends with".

Spike sighs heavily after writing his thoughts and feelings in the journal. He looks out the window and sees Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy hugging each other and waving goodbye. Spike put his journal away and gets back in bed. He shuts his eyes and drifts to sleep.

Twilight walks in the library and sees the handiwork of Spike. The library is nice and clean, everything she asks him to get is nicely set up. Twilight uses her magic to levitate a book of advance Alicorn magic and proceed with her studies for the night. As the morning comes, Spike wakes up and notices that Twilight isn't sleeping on her bed. Spike groans and hopes that the Library downstairs isn't a mess. When he walks down the stairs, the library indeed is a mess. Books scattered everywhere, notes hanging on the walls, a diagram drawn on the new chalkboard, and there is Twilight. Reading a book then turns to see Spike.

"Spike! I hope you had a good one night's rest. I am going to be needing your help today."

Spike stares at Twilight. Not making a sound.

"I'm going to be late for breakfast with my friends. I will surely appreciate you cleaning up the mess here. When you are finished, I need you to head over to Canterlot. I left some books that Celestia gave me last night and I forgot to bring them with me."

Spikes balls up his claws and in anger, he shouted; "NO!"

Twilight looks at Spike after he shouted at her, "Excuse me?"

"No! Excuse you! I am not going to clean up the mess you made!"

"Spike, you are my number one assistant. I need you to help me. I am unable to clean the mess due to my tiredness. You are wide awake and full of energy. I'll tell you what. You clean the mess and I'll bring you some gems. Sounds like a deal my number one assistant?" Twilight blinks and smiles widely. Looking down at her assistant.

"Sounds like a bribe to me."

Twilight eye pupils shrink down, her ears flickered, and she begins to twitch after hearing what Spike said.

"Oh, I see how it is. You don't want to help. Well, guess what Spike? I'm relinquishing your Power Ponies comics until further notice!"

"You can't do that!"

"Oh yes, I can! As long as you live here with me, you live under my rules! When I come back, this mess better be cleaned up!" Twilight said as she slams the door. She leaves the library and goes over to Sugarcube Corner.

Spike is fed up with Twilight's ruling. Spike stomps his way upstairs and begins to pack the essentials only. He is tired of living with a tyrant. The last item he packs is his journal. So far, it's the closest thing to a friend he has. Spike looks around the library and mutters.

"I wish you would be better Twilight instead of this stubborn pony brat your becoming. I wish you were a better...parent than you are right now...I wish you were a better friend...All you ever do is make me work, clean up and leave me behind. This time, I'm leaving you behind. Good luck in life cause...I don't need you any...more."

Spike walks down the stairs with his belongings. As he walks towards the door, he slips on a book and falls on his back. In anger, he got up and kicks the book. Unknowingly to him, that book he kicked was his journal. He didn't close his bag which caused the journal to fall out. Spike leaves the library and starts walking towards the train station. On his way to the train station, Spike makes no eye contact with anypony walking. He is now sitting on a bench waiting for the next train to take him elsewhere.

Around the same time, Twilight caught up with her friends at Sugarcube corner. They were inside having breakfast. Twilight sits down next to Applejack and Rarity.

"Hey, Twilight. How are you doin?" Applejack asks.

"I'm fine! Thanks for asking!" Twilight stated. Her body is still twitching from earlier.

"Something is not right. Care to tell us Twi?" Rainbow asks.

Twilight took a heavy breather to calm herself long enough to speak. "I had a little fight with Spike but it's nothing serious. Just a little parenting. Nothing more or less."

"You sure Twilight? What did you and Spike fight about?" Rarity asks.

Twilight sighs then spoke, "I ask Spike to help clean up the mess in the library but he refused to help. He told me to clean up the mess instead. He said it in a disrespectful manner that I decided to take away his comics until further notice. Then I left to come here. I needed a little separation from Spike."

"Spikey-wikey refusing to help? That's unheard of Twilight. I'm glad you put your hoof down and let him know that it's not about him."

"Thanks, Rarity."

"Hmm, I think there is something else to the story Twilight. Something that you are not mentioning."

"What are you talking about Applejack?"

"What I'm saying is that there are always two sides to the story. You told us your side. What was Spike's side?"

"Well...uh..." Twilight coughs a little to get some composure. "He refuses because I made the mess. He feels that I should clean up after the mess I made. During that time, I was a bit tired and couldn't use my magic to put things back in place. He, however, had a good night's sleep and therefore, he had more energy than I do. I told him that if he cleans up, I'll bring him some gems. Things took a turn and here I am now."

"What happened Twi. There is something else you are not mentioning. Don't ask me how I can tell. I know a lie when I see it. I know when something is out of place when the truth is revealed. Now quit stalling and spit it out."

Twilight sighs in defeat and admits that Spike's comment from her suggester sounds like bribery. Now looking back, Twilight can only feel shame and guilt by her selfish actions.

"Wow, Twilight. That's low. Even for you," Rainbow stated.

"Yea but hey! I know what can cheer him up! A Surprise party!" Pinkie cheers as she jumps high in the air.

"Yea and I can fly to Cloudsdale to get a new edition of the Power Ponies comic!" Rainbow shouts with pride.

"I can locate the best gems around the area and Pinkie here can bake the gems into a delicious cake for Spikey-wikey."

"I...can...brew some tea since he enjoys drinking it," Fluttershy said calmly and quietly.

"I better start bringing some apples for games and desserts!"

"Alright everypony! We have a plan to cheer Spike up! Let's do this!"

Twilight and her friends split up and start setting up the party. Twilight decides to get a checklist to make sure that Spike's party is perfect. As she opens the library door, she stumbles in and lands on a pile of books. To her surprise, Spike didn't clean the mess but she didn't care for it right now. As she carefully walks over, she grabs her quill and paper then bolt out of the library.

The train pulls in the station. Spike looks back and questions his doing. Ponyville is his home. Twilight has always been there for him. The smiles, the warmth of being surrounded by good friends. He questions if it's worth leaving them behind. Then he remembers all the times he felt heartache and loneliness. Being used and abused. It's not worth it to him anymore. Spike gets on board as the train leaves the station. Spike waves Ponyville goodbye as his new life is about to begin.