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I'm mostly into dark/horror stories during the night. Luna is my favorite Princess. Spike is my favorite Dragon that deserves better. Reading and writing stories based on him is fun.



In this alternate universe, its get's deeper within the CMC and their feelings towards Applejack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash. Sisters fighting, students arguing, hate, corruption, friendships split apart, negligence, heartbroken, devastation. Also, there will be love, friendships, amends, new beginnings, acceptance, forgiveness and a promising new start. It's a long journey between friends and family but in the end, Sunset Shimmer will know what it is best for her and the situation at hand/hoof.

After reading so many of the Anon-A-Miss stories for the past few weeks, I've decided to create my own story.

(Hope you enjoy and please give out constructive criticisms. It will help a lot and hope you enjoy the story at hand/hoof.)

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While i get why they did this and makes more sense. It's still no excuse for hurting Sunset so badly!
Why didn't they talk to their sisters, why didn't Scoota talk to adult about her been beaten up? Or one of the girls, that was a reckless and thoughtless move on their part.

now Sunset winds up greatly hurt and abandoned.

Unfortunately, they were far too busy with Sunset Shimmer and doing their own things rather than to listen to their loved ones. Rainbow Dash especially since she only considered Scootaloo as a sister. They are not really related by blood so it is easier to forget about that. Sunset who done years of corruption, hate and blackmail would be the more profitable choice at the matter cause who else would have done something like this? Scootaloo could have talked but for what happens outside of school grounds is beyond the reaches of the principal also rule #1. Never squeal or else more trouble will come.

Sunset will get hurt, beaten down and tortured but something else will shine and makes things better for her along the way.

Sighs i was afraid she get what you said.
Even if the events are out of reach of the Principals, they could informed Rainbow, unless Scoota stupidity told them not to tell her.....Yeah can see her do something like that.

Still hope are some painful consequences for them and the Rainbooms for falling for the same trick twice.
Will the students be punished as well, the ones who send info to be posted?

There will be plenty of painful moments as time progresses. There will be comforting moments. Some funny, sad, emotional, happy, relieved and much more.

Students will get their punishment in due time. Rainbooms, Crusaders, everyone.

Good. The extra details and bits will help the story make more sense. So many people thought the comic was so badly done, if they had extended to two comics maybe could gone better.
But nope they settled it all in one comic that was badly done.

The comic could have brought up more including details towards Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo but didn't had much of it. That is why I wanted to add a deeper darker personal reason to the creation of Anon-A-Miss. Also, it'll bring more tensions to this arc. That is what I'm aiming for. Also, everyone will have a fair share in this alternative universe instead of it being Just Sunset Shimmer and the Rainbooms or just Sunset Shimmer and how she's gonna tackle this situation at hand/hoof.

Why I didn't I get a fucking notification for this.

I know right, when will those little bitches learn that their soon-to-happen actions will have very brutal consequences.
And sometimes I really want to kill them.:applejackconfused:

Things better be "better" for my Sunset, she suffers too much and I can't take it one bit

They better receive their punishment, cause I'm this close to GO POSTAL ON ALL THEM!!!!!

Lmaooo. Your reaction is priceless. Sunset Shimmer will be getting her comfort soon. I probably would have another chapter by tomorrow night at the lastest. Punishment will be brought out soon. Either than the punishment, what do you think about Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle's reason to partake in Anon-A-Miss?

:ajsmug:I hope you liked it and also... :flutterrage:FUCK THEIR REASONINGS, CAUSE NO ONE TRIES MAKES MY SUNSET SUFFER LIKE THAT!!!

Its gonna get worse from there but soon it'll be alright.

Also making her feel disgusted for having a friend like Sunset Shimmer come in, pretend to be good and merciful only to be a backstabbing bitch. Last but not least, making her regret about leaving her sister behind for a monster.


:twilightangry2: I’m going to kill Sweetie Belle!!!!

Like I mentioned. In the upcoming chapters, she will be. Next chapter, she will not be. Is there anything in this chapter you like so far?

8892807 Yeah.

If I was Sunset right now I would just leave town and transfer to a different school just to have a clean start.

Comment posted by draph91 deleted Apr 28th, 2018

it better be their pony counterparts

She trusted them and the moment they abandoned Sunset, they betrayed Twilight as well

As for Fluttershy, you lose the right to be a tree.

"Sunset's punishment was completely unfair. Just a slap on the wrist, rebuild the wall and say sorry. If I were Principal Celestia, I would have Sunset expelled and sent to jail but I'm not her and I'm still not sure about this. Applebloom what you said is true for the most part but is this how we're gonna get our sisters back?"

it's my sincere hope you have this come to bite her in the ass, they did break the law so you could always have celestia at the very least give them a detailed rundown of just what she should do to them.

seriously where are the cakes? it's there business why do they never retainer in this scene, since when do the mane 5 screen there clientele for them?

also going to point out one more time, the CMC broke the law, i do hope scootaloos earlier words come back to bite her.

I had no intentions on bringing the Cakes into the story. The CMC will get what's coming.

Bring in Windigos. Let them make the girls realize they made a mistake.

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