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I'm mostly into dark/horror stories during the night. Luna is my favorite Princess. Spike is my favorite Dragon that deserves better. Reading and writing stories based on him is fun.


Update · 3:11am Mar 3rd, 2019

So, I'm on a writer's block with my Anon-A-Miss timeline which is why I haven't made progress with the stories I have thus far. I don't have a writer's block on my side stories and well, I'm enjoying my time with a different project. Addition to the Collection series. Until something pops in my head on the Anon-A-Miss timeline, I'll continue to work on Addition to the Collection.

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Fallen Equestria Rewritten · 12:02am Dec 12th, 2018

I decided to change the story of Fallen Equestria a whole lot. I wasn't liking how the other story would have played out. Third time's the charm for zombies story.

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Updates · 11:09pm Aug 30th, 2018

So edit my first 5 chapters of Anon-A-Miss: Friendship is Home. Just the paragraphs and spacing. That's kinda it. I will continue to work on the sequels in due time.

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Back in Action · 10:47pm Jun 18th, 2018

In a few days time, I'll be back to making more chapters for my sequel. Needed the time off to reflect on things in life.

Sorry for making you all wait for the next chapters for the sequels.

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Sequels Arrival! Civil War Story · 10:18pm May 21st, 2018

I have many sequels coming out this week. Today Scootaloo's adventure has started. The My last sequel is known as Equestrian Tales: Nero the Necromancer Give it a read when you can. It explains a whole lot about Nero and Blaze when you read or reading the final chapters about the two. Also, I won't say how many sequels I have but know that the timeline of Anon-A-Miss: Friendship is Home is

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Upcoming Stories Ahead! · 3:45am May 8th, 2018

As I'm in the final stages of Anon-A-Miss: Friendship is Home. There are a few things that I would like to say. For those that are enjoying it a lot, thanks for the ride. There are only a few chapters left before it comes to an end. With that being said, there will be sequels to the story. In Equestria, those stories will be known Equestria Tales and in EQG, they'll be known as Anon-A-Miss Aftermath. One in particular that I spoke about is Scootaloo having her own sequel in her new life. The

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