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Spike's Turnabout - PonyJoel

It's time for a change in Spike's life. No more abuse, no more being used, no more loneliness. His decision will change Equestria's future for everyone.

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Author's Note:

Nightmares can happen in dreams or in reality.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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Rainbow Dash barges in Celestia's throne room with an urgent message from Twilight Sparkle.

"Princess Celestia! I have a letter from Twilight!"

"From Twilight? Why didn't Spike send the message?"

"Spike's missing! That's why!"

"Alright, Rainbow Dash," Celestia said calmly. "Show me the letter Twilight wrote."

Rainbow gives Princess Celestia the letter.

"Dear Princess Celestia,

Spike has run away from home. His reasons for leaving are due to how my friends and I have been treating him. My friends and I had no idea the trauma we inflicted on him. Physical and emotional trauma. Spike and I fought earlier today. Then I wanted to make up for my mistake with a surprise party. After hours of searching for Spike, I stumbled upon his journal, read it, and learned why he would run away. I need your utmost importance to search for Spike by any means.

You're Student,

Princess Twilight Sparkle"

Princess Celestia sighs, then turns to Rainbow Dash. "Where is his journal?"

"Back at the Golden Oak Library."

Princess Celestia sighs again. "Alright, go back to Ponyville. Tell Twilight to prepare for my arrival. I need to have a word with her. Meanwhile, I'll have my Royal Guards go on a search party to locate Spike. Also, when Spike sleeps, I'll have Luna find Spike in his dreams. She should be able to detect Spike's location."

"I will. Thank you, Princess Celestia," Rainbow bows.

Rainbow Dash flies out of Celestia's throne. Then Princess Celestia gets up and flies over to a Royal Guard.

"Get your platoon ready. You're going on a search party."

"Yes, my Princess."

The Royal Guards got together and took flight in search of Spike. Princess Celestia cancels her meetings for today. She starts writing a letter and sends it to Princess Cadance. She hopes that Spike decided to reside at the Crystal Empire for a while. Luna is trotting towards Celestia to have a brief discussion.

"Afternoon, dear sister. How are you today?"

"Not well, Luna. Spike has gone missing."

"Why? What may have caused Spike to go missing?"

"Twilight. Twilight and her friends may have caused Spike to run away. Or, something else may have manipulated their minds into thinking Spike has run away."

"Thou believe Discord is one to blame?"

"Yes. Even though Fluttershy has reformed Discord, I do believe that Discord is the one behind all of this."

"Well, Celestia. You are so uninvited to my birthday party," Discord said as he rises from the floor they stepping on. He stretches and looks unamused. "You believe I would manipulate the minds of my friends?"

"I don't believe that Twilight and her friends would ever cause serious harm to Spike. You on the other hoof would despite your reformed and chaotic nature."

"Well, Celestia," Discord said as he holds Spike's journal. "According to Spike's Friend, he documented everything that's ever happened to him during his tenor in Ponyville. Even the times when I was still in my stonified prison state."

Princess Celestia, in anger, snatches the book from Discord's grasps then reads it.

"Dear Journal,

Thanks to Princess Celestia, I am in pain! She spam mails me to get to Twilight! My stomach feels like it's inside out! I burped so many letters that make me feel like my lungs were punctured! Why can't that stupid Princess send out the more important ones? Make it easy for me to handle. No, she decides to torture me to defeat Discord. I understand when Twilight read the letters, it made her realize who she is and what our friends are meant to be. Twilight and the wielders of the Elements turn Discord back to stone. At the cost of Twilight reverting to normal? My suffering. My suffering helps ponies. I wished that wasn't the case. I do hope things will get better from here and out."

Princess Celestia and Luna are in a state of shock after reading Spike's journal entry. Princess Celestia didn't mean for Spike to feel like that. She thought of helping Twilight but never thought of how Spike would feel. The magic of sending letters overwhelm his small body. Princess Celestia continues to read all the other entries in Spike's journal. Celestia, Luna, and Discord are disgusted and shocked beyond belief. Each entry Celestia reads out loud makes Celestia infuriated towards her pupil Twilight and the wielders of the Elements. Luna sheds some tears as Spike has endured more heartache than she has in a thousand years. Discord opens a portal and puts the book back where it belongs.

"Sister?" Luna said as she puts a hoof on Celestia.

"I need time alone, Luna. Discord, my apologies for accusing you of being a prime suspect."

"Apologies excepted, Celestia."

"Thanks, and Luna?"

"Yes, Celestia?"

"When Spike slumbers, find him so we can locate his whereabouts."

"Yes, sister."

Discord decides to go home, Luna walks down the corridors, and Celestia enters her room. She needs to recollect her thoughts and address the situation to Twilight and her friends thoroughly. "Spike, please...forgive us for the pain and suffering you endured..." Celestia said as a tear out of her eye.

At the Golden Oak Library, Twilight is cleaning the mess she made last night. Reorganizing the books, putting notes away, writing her theories and algorithms from the chalkboard, clean the floors, and putting her quills away. Twilight sits down on the floor, exhausted. Her magic is a bit drained from the cleaning. She then mutters, "at least the library is clean when Spike comes back home.". Twilight gets up and goes to her room. She uses her magic to levitate a picture of him and Spike together. She clutches it tightly against her chest as a new stream of tears came out of her eyes. She sobs and imagines the picture to be her baby dragon. "I'm sorry, Spike. I'm sorry, Spike. I'm sorry, Spike. I'm sorry, Spike. I'm sorry, Spike. I'm sorry, Spike. I'm sorry, Spike. I'm sorry, Spike! I'm sorry, Spike! I'm sorry, Spike! I'm sorry, Spike! I'm sorry, Spike! I'm sorry, Spike! I'm sorry, Spike!" Twilight continues to repeat herself in bed.

Lemon Zest and Spike are now at Zesty Fields after taking a longer route around to show Spike more of Pony Central. Spike yawns and is looking forward to good sleep. It's 4:30 in the afternoon. Lemon opens the door to her house and allows Spike to get off of her back. He looks around and sits on a couch.

"So, is this where I'm sleeping for the week?"

"No," Lemon said as she shakes her head. "I have spare bedrooms in the house in case my friends want to sleepover. I'll be giving you one of the spare bedrooms. I want you to feel right at home without the physical and emotional trauma you've endured."

"Thanks," Spike yawns. "Lemon Zest. Where is one of the spare rooms?"

"Upstairs. I'll show you which one you can have."

Lemon and Spike walk up the stairs and down the hallway. Lemon stops and opens the spare room door. Inside the room are a twin size bed, a few Shadowbolt posters, a mini-fridge, a small bathroom, two drawers, and three sets of windows. Spike walks in and puts his bag near the bed.

"Thank you," Spike sniffs as tears of joy come out. "Thank you so much, Lemon Zest."

Lemon smiles. She walks up to Spike and hugs him. "You're welcome, Spike. You deserve a happy life after the trauma you endured."

"So, Lemon Zest. What time is the party?"

"I would say around 9:30 tonight. I hope to see you there when I wake you."

"I'll be there. You can bet on that."

"Perfect. I'll let you be. If you need anything, just holla."

Lemon closes the door and walks downstairs to the living room. Spikes starts to unpack his things. He takes out his toothbrush, blanket, some comics, some figurines, his pillow, and a picture of him and Twilight. Spike gazes at the picture. He couldn't help but feel sad. Spike puts the picture in drawers, now regretting to pack it when he should have left it behind. Spike yawns and climbs in bed. He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes to sleep.

Rainbow Dash lands and enters the Golden Oak Library. She walks up the stairs and notices Twilight's bedroom door is open. She takes a peek inside and sees Twilight crying uncontrollably. She's still clutching onto the picture of her and Spike. Rainbow Dash flies over to Twilight and tries to snap Twilight out of her trance. After a few moments, Twilight stops crying and looks at Rainbow Dash. Her eyes are red due to the sheer amount of tears she's shed. Twilight pants and tries to calm herself down now that Rainbow is here.

"Hey, Twilight. Princess Celestia will be coming later today. Be prepared for her arrival. Also, she'll have a long talk with you."

"Okay, Rainbow. Thanks for delivering the message for me."

"You're welcome, Twi. I better get going," Rainbow said as she flies through the window.

Twilight gets out of bed and walks down the stairs into the kitchen. She's going to brew some tea for when the Princess arrives.

Princess Celestia is packing some things to bring with her. She has told Raven to cancel all meetings for the remainder of the week. It is now 5:00 in the afternoon. Two hours left before lowering down the sun. Princess Luna comes in to check on Celestia.


"Yes, Luna?"

"You going to stay in Ponyville for a few days?"

"Yes, I am. Finding Spike is a priority. Spike hinges on Twilight and how she feels. Without Spike, I do believe that Twilight will not become the Princess she's supposed to be. However, she's going to learn on proper parenting and handling with a different species."

"I see, therefore I'm in control of Canterlot?"

"Yes, Luna."

"Mind waiting an hour before you go? I want to see if Spike could be dreaming right now."

"Alright, Luna. Go and check. If Spike is asleep, find out where he's residing."

"Will do, Celestia."

Princess Luna enters the dream realm in search of Spike. Princess Celestia receives a letter from Princess Cadance.

"Dear Princess Celestia,

I hate to say this but, Spike is not residing here at the Crystal Empire. My Crystal Guards searched all over the Empire. I am sending Shining Armor to Ponyville. He should be there in less than a day. I do hope that Twilight is okay. I'll continue the search at the Crystal Empire until further notice.


Princess Cadance"

Princess Celestia sighs heavily. Spike is not at the Crystal Empire. Therefore, he must be residing in different remote areas of Equestria. Princess Celestia now waits until Luna returns from the dream realm.

Princess Luna is now in the dream realm. She walks around in hopes of finding Spike's dream. She hears Spike screaming and flies over to his door. Princess Luna finds out where Spike is sleeping since the dream realm shows the location where every creature sleeps.

"Pony Central. I haven't been here in a thousand years. Let's see what you are dreaming, Spike," Luna said as she opens the door.

Spike is drowning at the lake. The ice block he was sleeping on melted. Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Applejack are laughing at his misery. Spike is freezing to death. Then as he's underwater, he lands on a pile of books at the Golden Oaks Library. Piles of books rain down on Spike, crushing him. He pops his head out and calls for Twilight. Twilight turns and tells him to stay as she goes out with her friends. Twilight vanishes as darkness starts to swallow him. That's when Luna comes in and stops the nightmare. Spike looks up and sees Princess Luna.

"Princess Luna, what are you doing here?"

Princess Luna closes her eyes then sighs. "I am here to find you, Spike."

"Why? Why are you now showing up in my nightmares when I ran away from home? Why didn't you come when I was living with Twilight?"

Princess Luna sighs again. She expected that kind of question from Spike. "Nightmares from other ponies have kept me occupied. If I have known that your state of mind was far worse than what's written in your journal, then I would have come sooner. My apologies, Spike."

"My journal? You read my journal?!" Spike shouted angrily.

"Yes. My sister, Discord, and I read your journal. I am deeply sorry for the trauma you've endured. Please understand what I'm doing is for the better of..."

"Let me guess, Twilight. You're here to help Twilight, now when she's in dire need."


"Then I have a message for you to tell her. Tell Twilight that I will never come back to Ponyville! I am tired of being used. I am tired of being abused. I am tired of being and feeling neglected. I want to be happy. I want to be loved by friends. Go on epic adventures, party, and live my life the way she is living her life," Spike sighs heavily. "Princess Luna, please, don't tell anyone where I'm residing at."

Princess Luna is now thinking of her choices. She can tell Celestia of Spike's whereabouts and hope things will go back to normal. She can ruin Spike's new beginning in life by telling Twilight and the others. Luna looks up and sighs heavily.

"Very well, Spike. I won't tell anypony of your whereabouts. Just know that in due time, Twilight and her friends will eventually find you."

Spike sighs heavily. "Thanks, Luna. I wish we were in better circumstances."

"Me too," Luna said as she leaves Spike's dream.

Princess Luna returns to Canterlot after her visit with Spike. She looks at Princess Celestia.

"Were you able to locate Spike, Luna?"

"Yes, however, the location of his whereabouts is unknown to me," Luna said calmly. "I'll have to try another time when I can."

"Were you able to talk to him?"

"Yes." Luna sighs. "He scolds me for not intervening when he was suffering from nightmares while living with Twilight. Even I have upset him."

"It's not your fault, Luna," Celestia and Luna embrace each other. Then Celestia takes flight. Flying straight to Ponyville now that Luna is in charge of Ponyville.

Twilight has now finished brewing tea. She calmed herself down from the hours of crying. She now waits for Princess Celestia's arrival. Her heart is pounding as she expects the worst from Princess Celestia. Twilight grabs Spike's journal and clutches tightly. She has to reveal Spike's inner thoughts no matter how painful it is. Princess Celestia lands and knocks on the door. Twilight trots with her head down and opens the door. She looks at the Princess and allows her to come in.

Twilight sits on a cushion and stares at her teacher. Princess Celestia looks down at Twilight and speaks.

"Twilight Sparkle, we need to talk."

"Of course. So, are we going to talk about locating Spike?"

"Not just yet. First, I need to talk to your friends as well. They need to hear what I have to say."

"Alright. I'll bring my friends over. Be back as soon as possible," Twilight said as she leaves the library. She closes the door and feels her heart pumping fast. In aa half-hour, Twilight brought her friends to the library where the Princess is waiting.

"I wonder what Princess Celestia has to tell us," Rainbow stated.

"Probably something very unpleasant," Rarity said.

"I have a feeling it has to do with Spike," Fluttershy said.

"Well, we won't find out standing out here. Let's get a move-on," Applejack stated.

Twilight and her friends enter the library and gathers around Princess Celestia. Princess Celestia gave each a stern look as they sit down.

"Now that everypony is here, I have something to tell you all," She sighs then goes straight to business. "With all the friendship lessons you girls have learnt thus far, why was Spike left out? Why was Spike not involved with some of your parties, adventures, and get-togethers?"

Some of the girls sweated a bit when Celestia asked those questions. They didn't have an answer to respond.

"I'll ask again, why was Spike left out in most activities you all do?"

"Well, uh, your highness. Spike was quite busy with chores when we go out. He's always doing something and well," Applejack chokes on her spit a little as she stares at Princess Celestia.

"You assume that Spike was too busy to drop what's he's doing to come or give a valid reason to say no."

Applejack sweats a bit, not knowing what else to say. Princess Celestia turns to Pinkie Pie.

"Pinkie Pie." Pinkie gulps as her mane deflate. "Why haven't you been inviting Spike to come to your parties? Is he not your friend?"

"Spike is my friend. I guess he kinda slipped in my mind," Pinkie chuckles nervously.

"Rarity." Rarity gulps. "Why are you using Spike as a pincushion? Why are you using him as a tool?"

"Well, Princess Celestia, he offers his assistance. He's a tough baby dragon and doesn't feel any back pain."

"Do you thank him for his assistance? Do you appreciate what he's done for you?"

"I, uh. I give Spike a small reward for his help. He truly is a nice baby dragon."

"Do you say thank you to him or not?"

"I do...Just not a lot..."

"Uh, Princess Celestia? Not to be rude or anything but, what's the point of you asking these questions?" Rainbow asks.

"Want to get to the point? Fine," Celestia said as she uses her magic to levitate Spike's journal. "With the help of Discord earlier today, he spawned the journal for me to read. I now know everything that Spike endured in the hooves of you all. The physical and emotional trauma. What I am teaching you all is to never ever take anyone for granted. They may end up leaving when enough is enough."

Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy have their heads down. Now the Princess has learned the truth. Twilight walks up to Celestia.

"I'm sorry, Princess. I let you down." Twilight said.

"We all let you down, Princess." Applejack stated.

"No, you didn't let me down. You let Spike down."

Silence reign for a few moments.

"Now, we have other matters to attend to."

"Are we still going to search for Spike?" Twilight asks.

"Yes, and you're going to have a second chance with him on My Authority. I will take Spike away from you if you use and abused him again, Twilight. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Princess Celestia," Twilight said with guilt and shame.

"As for the rest of you, you should be ashamed of yourselves from the way you treated your friend. Don't ever discriminate, Spike again. Do I make myself clear?" Celestia said in her Royal Voice.

"Yes, Princess Celestia." The girls said in union and bowing respect to Princess Celestia.

"Now, let's hope that Spike is in good hooves as the search continues."

"Yes, Princess." Everyone said in unison.

There's a knock on the door. Twilight trots to the door and opens it.

"Twily," Shining said. "How are you feeling?"

"Hiya, big bro. I'm not feeling well. Spike ran away, Shining. We don't know where he ran off to."

"Well, hopefully, we'll find him. Also, he's not at the Crystal Empire. I checked. Cadance has checked. The Crystal Guards has checked. I brought a map of Equestria. We can form teams to search for Spike."

"Good thinking, big bro."

"Also, I have the Royal Guard on a search party in search of Spike. I am expecting a report shortly."

"Good, Princess. I'll head north of Ponyville," Shining said.

"The girls and I can take a train to a random location and begin our search from there. Knowing Spike, he'll look for a remote area where we would not think of," Twilight said.

"I'll search southern of Ponyville," Princess Celestia said.

"Alright, everypony. Let's move out!"

"Right!" Everyone said in unison.

Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy runs towards the train station now waiting for a train to pull up. Shining Armor runs up north and follows a trail. Princess Celestia flies down south. In the back of Twilight's mind, she fears that something horrid must be happening to Spike. Only time will tell as the train pulls up.

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