Spike's Turnabout

by PonyJoel

Keys to Victory

Twilight is at the balcony smiling and waving as the Dignitaries are approaching. She unveils the banner with respect. After a while, Twilight, with her duties as a princess, she feels out of place. What kind of a princess would she be if she only smiles and waves? Later in the night, Princess Celestia has a vision. She sees the emergence of Tirek rising. The next morning, Princess Celestia calls for a meeting with Twilight, Cadance, and Luna discussing Tirek. Princess Cadance decides that Twilight should apprehend Tirek. Princess Celestia said no. Princess Celestia suggests that Discord to take Twilight's place. Celestia's decision is final. Twilight and her friends go back to Ponyville. Spike is looking at the opposite direction of where the train pulls in.

"Uh, Spike? The train is not pulling from that direction. What are you thinking?" Twilight asks suspiciously.

"Oh, uh..," Spike is trying to come up with a good excuse. "Just wondering if our train were to take an express route going in that direction," Spike said as he sweats a bit.

"No, it doesn't Spike," Pinkie exclaims. "Ponyville is not that way. Unless you want to go over to Griffin Stone."

"You've been to Griffin Stone, Pinkie?" Rainbow asks.

"No. It's what it says on the map," Pinkie pulls out a map of Equestria.

"Huh, so that's the express train," Rainbow said as she looks at the map.

Spike gets on the train track and starts walking. He doesn't get too far as Twilight uses her magic to levitate Spike.

"Spike! Are you crazy?!" Twilight shouts angrily.

"You could have gotten yourself hurt!" Rainbow shouted.

"And, your scales would have been ruined!" Exclaimed Rarity.

Everypony looks at Rarity in confusion.

"What? I want to test the idea of making a dress using scales."

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that. Also, Rarity, you're not going anywhere near Spike," Twilight said.

"Twilight, darling. I'm not going to use Spikey-wikey scales. I'm going to observe and see what cool lining I can use with my fabric to match it," Rarity said.

"You're not getting near, Spike with that project of yours. Find someone else."

Rarity pouts as the train pulls up to take everypony and dragon back home. Twilight Sparkle couldn't believe that Princess Celestia picked Discord instead of her. Talk about a turn for twists. Twilight makes a soul-binding agreement to have Spike and Discord gets to stop Tirek. Twilight hopes that she can be of good use later. Right now, she needs to make sure that Spike is having a stress free day.

Later in the day, Twilight decides to take Spike and visit the Castle of the Two Sisters. On the way there, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash decides to go with Twilight. On the way there, the girls and Spike were mentioning about the Elements of Harmony. Rainbow Dash complained about giving it up a little knowing that Discord is free to do whatever he wants. Discord makes an appearance. He gloats about having to stop Tirek while reading the friendship journal. Discord teleports everyone towards the Tree of Harmony where the chest is. He mentions the chest in front of everypony. Discord tosses the journal with highlighted pages of certain events.

"Now, if you all excuse me, I have a villain to apprehend," Discord said as he opens a door leading to Tirek. When he shuts the door, Discord looks up in disbelief. He had to fake his emotion in front of Twilight. He wishes he can tell Fluttershy about what Twilight is doing. Right now, Discord needs to focus on apprehending Tirek.

Twilight, Spike, and the girls are searching in the Castle of the Two Sisters reading books in hopes of finding answers to their dilemma. Twilight picks up the journal and starts reading the highlighted parts Discord chose. It explains how Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy have handled their situation. Their Element situation. In return, after helping ponies, they were given something to remember. Twilight figures there is a connection from the items through the Tree of Harmony.

After a while, Twilight Sparkle and her friends go back to the Tree of Harmony. Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash place their items on the ground. Twilight ponders what to do next. Due to Pinkie's shenanigans, she tosses the rubber chicken she interrogated at the chest, the rubber chicken turns into a key. The key then inserts itself into the chest. Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash place their items on the chest and turns into keys. Only one is missing Twilight's key. Spike receives a letter from Princess Celestia with urgent news.

"I'm needed in Canterlot!"

30 minutes ago

Discord locates Tirek in the dark alley. He disguises himself as a unicorn and waits for Tirek to come closer to him. Tirek absorbs more magic power from a unicorn then walks over to the next one. That's when Discord strikes and puts Tirek in chains.

"Gotcha, Tirek. Now, you'll be going back to Tartarus."

"On the contrary, Discord," Tirek laughs as he pulls out the book of D.W.A.D.

"What?! Where you got that book from?!" Discord shouts angrily.

"I found this book in the Tartarus forbidden library. Seem that Celestia made a copy."

Discord growls. The book of D.W.A.D. has more magic power than him. He must comply with the wielder of the book.

"Now, Discord. I have something in mind that'll benefit the two of us."

"I'm listening," Discord said as he has his arms crossed.

"Help me to grow strong. In return, you'll have Freedom."

"Freedom?" Discord looks at a picture of Fluttershy. "Forgive me, Fluttershy. I am bound to the book." Discord said quietly.

"So, Discord. Do we have an agreement?"

Discord sighs and spawns a soul-binding agreement with a pen. "Sign on the dotted line. You know I'm bound by the book to accept any agreement."

"Good. Now let's get to work," Tirek said as he signs the contract.

Present time

Twilight Sparkle is in Canterlot. She storms through Princess Celestia's throne.

"I came as quickly as I could. Is something wrong? Is it Tirek?" Twilight asks nervously.

"I'm afraid I put too much trust in Discord. Discord betrays pony kind, now helping Tirek get stronger."

"How can Discord do this? I thought our friendship means something to him? I thought he changed." Twilight asks.

"Tirek is now consuming the magic from unicorns, consuming the flight of the pegasi, and consuming the strength of the earth ponies. It'll only be a matter of time that Tirek will try to consume Alicorn magic,"

"So, what are we going to do, Princess Celestia?"

"We're going to rid ourselves of our Alicorn magic," Celestia said sadly and firmly.

"We believe that Tirek does not know of a fourth Alicorn Princess. Therefore, we can transfer our magic to you, Twilight. Keeping it away from Tirek's clutches," Luna said.

"Hope you understand what we are asking of you to do, Twilight," Cadance said.

"I do. I'm ready."

Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadance transfer their magic to Twilight Sparkle. Discord gets a tingling feeling. He knows something isn't right. Twilight goes back home as Celestia, Luna, and Cadance now await for Tirek's arrival.

Tirek and Discord are now in Pony Central. The Shadowbolts are giving Tirek some minor headaches. They were able to land a few punches before Discord traps them in a net. Tirek consumes the Shadowbolts wing power. Tirek is on a rampage. Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, and Sunny Flare is hiding in Lemon's cellar. Discord feels a different magical presence. He knows it's coming from Spike's new friends. Discord decides to keep Tirek away from them five. He senses a much important matter coming from them.

"Alright, big guy. Next stop. Canterlot!"

Tirek chuckles and walks towards Canterlot. Hours later, the two arrive in Canterlot. Tirek storms through Celestia's throne. He tries to consume Celestia, Luna, and Cadance's Alicorn magic. After Tirek gloats, he sends Celestia, Luna, and Cadance to Tartarus. Discord is having a little fun messing around with the windows. Tirek gives Discord a medallion as a token of gratitude and loyalty. Then Tirek becomes infuriated when Discord hasn't mentioned about a fourth Princess.

"Well, Tirek. In our contract, you never ask me about any new Alicorns in existence,"

"Quiet! You weasel," Tirek sighs. "How can we locate this Twilight Sparkle?"

"Through her friends in Ponyville."

"Let's go."

"Allow me to round up her friends."

"So be it. I'll be behind you."

Discord teleports to Ponyville. He and Fluttershy hug each other. Then Discord locks his friends in a cage, now awaiting for Tirek's arrival.

"Discord, why are you doing this? I thought we were friends," Fluttershy said sadly.

"Sorry, Fluttershy. It has to be this way," Discord said.

Discord wants to show his emotions. He wants to tell the truth. The soul-binding agreement he and Tirek made is preventing Discord from showing his true colors. All he can do now is act and wait. Tirek arrives.

"Well done, Discord," Tirek said as he consumes the magic and power from his caged friends. Discord can only look away.

"Now, we have one left," Discord said.

"Not exactly," Tirek grabs Discord. "You helped me gain enough power to drain Princess Twilight's magic. Now, I need your magic," Tirek absorbs Discord's magic and tosses him aside. Tirek knows how to work his way around the soul-binding agreement without causing it to drift apart. "Now, you have your freedom, Discord."

"This isn't freedom, y-you liar," Discord said weakly.

"I never said freedom for you to spread your chaos. In that agreement of ours, chaos will spread as long as you helped me. Thanks for your services, weasel."

Tirek now tracks Twilight Sparkle. He can now sense her magic from afar. Tirek decides to take Twilight's friends and Discord as a trophy or in case, a bargaining chip. Twilight is practicing her Alicorn magic. She teleports herself between a rock and a hard place. Tirek made himself known by shouting Princess Twilight's name. The two then collide in a fight. For a while, no one had the upper hand. Twilight teleported herself from harm's way to the Golden Oak Library only to be blown up by Tirek. Twilight was able to save her pet owl from certain doom. After a while, the two agree that their on an impasse. Tirek spawns Twilight's friend and demands a trade. Her friends' freedom for all of the Equestrian Magic that's left in Twilight. Twilight sees the colors reflecting from her friends' containment. Twilight decides that her friends are more important than her magic. Tirek releases Twilight's friends except for Discord. Twilight demanded Discord's freedom. Tirek complies and allows Discord to roam free. Then Tirek absorbs all of Twilight's magic. Discord walks up to Twilight. He has some hatred for Twilight. For now, he has to suck it up. Discord thanks Twilight and gives her his medallion as a token of his friendship to her.

"Thanks, Discord," Twilight said. Her medallion starts glowing.

"Twi, that could be the last key we need," Applejack said.

"We have no time to lose," Twilight said.

Twilight, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Discord run towards the Tree of Harmony except for Spike. He's in a trance. The Tree of Harmony is speaking to him. In Pony Central, Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, and Sunny Flare eyes were rainbow-colored for a moment. They felt the magical presence stronger this time.

"You felt that?" Lemon asks.

"Yes! Something is calling out to us! I can feel it!" Indigo shouts.

"I feel a sudden urge to fight back," Sunny said.

"I sense a tree. A tree with powerful magic," Sour said.

"It's the Tree of Harmony! The Tree of Harmony is calling out to us!" Sugarcoat states.

"What?" The girls said in unison.

"Think about it," Sugarcoat said. "The Tree of Harmony would not call out to anyone unless it's important," Sugarcoat states.

"Princess Twilight and her friends are the wielders of the Elements. Their Friendship is powerful. They proved time and time again that they can achieve the impossible," Sunny said.

"Unless their Friendship is corrupted," Indigo said.

Eyes widen for everypony in the cellar.

"Then...that means..." Lemon said in lost for words.

"The Tree of Harmony has found a replacement. The Tree chose us," Sugarcoat said.

"There's only five of us! There needs to be a sixth," Sunny said.

Lemon Zest climbs up the stairs and opens the cellar doors.

"We won't find out if there needs to be a sixth or not by sitting here. The Tree called us. We must answer," Lemon said.

"Let's do this!" Indigo shouts with pride.

"Yea!" Sugarcoat, Sour, and Sunny said.

Lemon Zest and her friends trot towards the train station. They boarded a train and got it moving. The Tree of Harmony is guiding them towards Ponyville. Moments after Spike's trance, he starts running. He catches up with Twilight and her friends.

"You okay, Spike?" Twilight asks.

"I'm fine. I think. I'm not sure," Spike answers.

"After this, Spike. We're going for donuts."

"Sound good, Twilight. I can already taste it."

A half-hour later, Twilight and her friends are now in front of the Tree of Harmony. Twilight places the medallion on the chest. It turns into a key.

"Finally, we can open it," Twilight said.

She and her friends turn the key to open the chest. The chest doesn't open.

"What?!" Twilight and her friends shouted in anger and confusion.

"Why isn't the chest opening?!" Twilight shouts in anger.

"Twilight, calm down. Maybe there's something else to it," Applejack said as she's calming down Twilight.

"No, no, NO!" Twilight shouts. "It's supposed to open! It's supposed to open!" Twilight nearly breaks down. "Stupid chest, why won't you open!"

"That's because the Tree of Harmony no longer deems you worthy of its magic power."

"Who said that?" Twilight turns angrily. Her anger then turns to fear. In front of her is Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, and Sunny Flare.

"Uh, pardon me. Who the hay are you, gals? Applejack said.

Spike sees the group of ponies. His eyes are rainbowed-color for a split second.

"You girls, look familiar," Spike said as he gets closer.

"I'm Lemon Zest."

"Indigo Zap."


"Sour Sweet."

"Sunny Flare."

Twilight and her friends are now having a stare-off. Spike looks at the group of ponies then he looks at the Tree of Harmony. The Tree of Harmony zaps Spike with a memory spell. His eyes glow, fragments of his memories are surging in, he remembers who his friends are. After the zap, Spike confronts the group and smiles.

"It's nice to be with my friends once more," Spike said. He's staring at Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, and Sunny Flare.

"Uh, Spike," Applejack asks. "What are you talking about?"

"The Tree of Harmony spoke to me. The Tree of Harmony spoke to them," Spike turns then points at Twilight. "Twilight Sparkle has corrupted Friendship!"

Everypony gasps, stunned after hearing what Spike said.

"That's a lie, Spike. Twilight would never corrupt Friendships. Right, Twilight?" Applejack said.

Twilight is silent then turns to Discord.

"Admit it, Twilight," Discord said as he crosses his arms.

"Twilight, darling. Did you corrupt a Friendship?"

"No! I restore Friendships! It's what I do!"

The Tree of Harmony has enough of Twilight and zaps her with powerful magic. She wails as the memories of everypony in Equestria are restored. Discord laughs freely. Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, and Sunny Flare is now infuriated at Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Indigo swoops and takes Spike, back. After the zap, Twilight Sparkle is lying on the ground. She's unconscious. The Elements of Harmony are changing form. Everypony, dragon, and draqonecuus watches. They are stunned. The Element of Loyalty changes to look like Indigo's cutie mark. The Element of Honesty changes to look like Sugarcoat's cutie mark. The Element of Laughter changes to look like Lemon's cutie mark. The Element of Kindness changes to look like Sunny Flare's cutie mark. The Element of Generosity changes to look like Sour Sweet's cutie mark.

"That's five. I wonder who'll be the sixth?" Discord said.

The Tree of Harmony and the Element of Magic gives Spike a magical power surge zap. Spike is levitating as he is getting a mixture of Equestrian Magic mixed with his dragon's powers. The Tree of Harmony and Element of Magic deem Spike worthy of using its magic. The keys from the chest changes form as well to match up the cutie marks except for Twilight's key. It remains the same as the Element of Magic has the same resemblance outlook.

"Well, that answers my question," Discord said.

Spike snaps out of his trance. "Quickly girls, Tirek can show up any minute,"

Spike, Lemon, Indigo, Sugarcoat, Sour, and Sunny turn the key and the chest open. The magic within transformed the girls into rainbow-powered ponies. As for Spike, he turns into a powerful teenage dragon capable of handling Equestrian Magic better. Tirek is coming closer. He's destroying plant life all around him.

"Let's take Tirek down!" Indigo shouts. She and her friends fly up to confront Tirek.

"Huh, this is new. I expect Twilight and her friends with new magic for me to feed."

"Sorry, Tirek. Your reign has come to an end," Spike said.

Tirek blasts his magic at the group. They are unaffected of Tirek's magic.


"This ends now!" Everyone shouts in unison. They blast Tirek with magic powerful enough to revert him to his weaker state. Tirek is sent back to Tartarus.

Now the group split into two sets of three spreading and restoring magic that was taken away by Tirek all around Equestria. Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadance fly out of Tartarus as their magic is restored. The group returns to the Tree of Harmony as the chest shuts itself. The chest remains for a while longer. Princess Celestia, Luna, and Cadance come to the Tree of Harmony to congrats their heroes. As they come in, they see Twilight unconscious.

"What happened to Princess Twilight Sparkle?" Celestia asks.

"Uh, Princess. We have a situation," Applejack said.

The Tree of Harmony zaps the Princesses with a memory spell. The memory spell did not make its way to Tartarus since Tartarus' magic depleted the memory spell from coming in.

"I'm free from this misery!" Discord said as he flies around victoriously and happily.

"Free from what misery?" Fluttershy asks.

"Well since somepony's soul-binding agreement has come to an end, I can tell you all," Discord said.

"N-N-No..." Twilight said as she wakes up.

"Twilight!" Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow shouts. They were happy to see Twilight is alright. Princess Celestia walks up to Discord.

"There was a soul-binding agreement?" Celestia asks curiously.

Discord takes that question offensively. He looks at Celestia as a hypocrite she is.

"Yes, Celestia. There was a soul-binding agreement. Ever heard of it?"

Princess Celestia remains silent from that mockery of a question.

"Twilight, are you okay?" Applejack asks.

"No, I need to go," Twilight said. She tries to trot out of the cave, Spike and his friends block Twilight's path. "No, no, no, no, no, no!" Twilight said fearfully.

"Twilight Sparkle," Discord said. He smiles devilishly at Twilight. She knows what's coming.

"That is enough, Discord!" Applejack shouts. Despite Discord being reformed an all, she still doesn't trust him. She has some hatred for him.

"Yea, leave Twilight alone!" Rainbow shouts angrily.

"Well, the reason why I'm happy is that I'm free from a soul-binding agreement Twilight and I made,"

Everypony looks at Twilight. Spike in his teenage form glares at Twilight in shock and disbelief.

"Discord," Spike said. "Explain."

"Certainly," Discord said as he pulls a chair to sit on. "Twilight came to me wanting to make a soul-binding agreement. She has found a book called D.W.A.D. I was bound by the book to agree on anything the wielder has to say."

Twilight starts twitching, her pupils grew small, she starts to sweat and cover her face with her wings. She's breaking down in shame, guilt, and defeat.

"Wh-Wh-What did she say?" Spike turns to Twilight as she's lost for words.

"She said to erase everypony's minds, including yours; Spike. She wants to have a second chance with you after going stir-crazy the other day."

Everypony is stunned. Spike couldn't believe that Twilight would stoop to that level. He looks at Twilight with tears streaming from both their eyes.

"Then Twilight asks me to take control of Luna's mind so she can manipulate the dreams of her friends then have her take Spike out of his dream to show the manipulated dreams into thinking the worst was yet to come without Spike's presence in Ponyville. With that being said and done, Spike would eventually give up living in Pony Central to protect the ones he loves. Also, Celestia's dream was manipulated to confirm that everything was real during the time."

Princess Celestia, Luna, and Spike turn to Twilight angrily. Twilight cries her eyes out and apologizes for her distorted behavior. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity give worried expressions towards Twilight. They don't want to believe what Discord is saying. Even Fluttershy who has the complete trust of Discord. Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, and Sunny Flare has heard enough and wants to take Spike back home.

"Has anypony else made a soul-binding agreement with you, Discord?" Spike asks.

"Yes," Discord turns to Fluttershy and her friends. He walks up to them. He picks up Fluttershy and hugs her. "Tirek found the book of D.W.A.D. I had no choice but to accept what he says. His agreement was me helping him grow strong. In return, I get freedom. Tirek, as smart as he was, he worked his around the soul-binding agreement. Which was why he took my magic away. I'm sorry that I couldn't tell any of you what was going on. The book of D.W.A.D. prevents me from revealing the truth," Discord said sadly.

"So, that's why you helped, Tirek," Fluttershy said now feeling guilty.

Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity apologize to Discord. Princess Celestia walks up to Twilight who's still crying.

"I am disappointed with you, Twilight. The Tree of Harmony is saddened from the way you corrupted a Friendship," Celestia said. She is angry at Twilight Sparkle for her schemes. She is disgusted at Twilight for using the book of D.W.A.D. "Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

Twilight gets up weakly. Her body shakes as she pants repeatedly. Guilt, shame, sadness, and fear strikes her.

"I'm sorry," Twilight said. "I'm sorry for my transactions. I now realize what I was doing is beyond wrong. I don't expect anyone to forgive me, especially the Tree of Harmony. I betrayed Friendship. I deserve any punishment that awaits," Twilight said in defeat.

Princess Celestia's anger is starting to let loose. She's unable to control it.

"That's all you have to say?!" Celestia said in her Royal Voice.

Twilight flinches from Celestia's Royal Voice. Everyone looks at Celestia. Discord knows what's coming.

"Twilight Sparkle. You will not be known as a Princess in Equestria anymore. A Princess cannot cooperate under your circumstances. You are forbidden to see and write to Spike, Celestia's anger is spiking out of control. She takes a few moments to calm herself down. Discord smiles. He knows what's coming next. "Twilight Sparkle," Celestia eye twitches from her anger, she pants heavily, and her sweat is getting hotter.

"Thou sister, you okay?"

"Celestia, are you alright?" Cadance asks.

"Never in my life, I've ever been disgusted by an uprising Alicorn Princess. I'm so ashamed. I am livid!" Her Royal Voice echoed in the caves causing several ponies to cover their ears. Twilight can only watch in fear. Celestia screams in anger. Discord smiles.

A sudden bright light shines in the Tree of Harmony's presence. Everyone covers their eyes. Discord gets a tan from the bright lights. When the bright light fades away, Celestia transformed. Her mane has a fiery wave motion, her eyes are pitch black with orange fiery dragon pupils, her royal attire is orange. Everypony is petrified with fear. Twilight Sparkle and her friends back away from Celestia. Luna and Cadance back away as well. Discord tap dances as he's happy.

"I'm free from another soul-binding agreement!" Discord continues to tap dance.

"Why is everyone backing away from me..?" Celestia looks at herself in a reflection. She's awestruck from her vision. "DISCORD!"

"I'm right here, Celestia. Also, your soul-binding agreement is uplifted," Discord said.

"You made one as well, Princess Celestia?!" Twilight shouts shockingly.

Celestia's anger is getting the better of her. As of right now, she doesn't care.

"I did. Years ago, before Discord's reign in Equestria. I was younger back then. When Luna and I were ruling together, I noticed that more ponies were worshipping her than I. Everypony stayed up late watching Luna's beautiful sky. The stars, the constellations, the moon, the comets; you name it, it was up there. I found Deal With A Discorded book and made a soul-binding agreement with Discord. My anger, during that time, was spiking out of control. I needed a scapegoat to channel my anger."

Princess Luna is not liking what she's hearing coming from her sister.

"I made Discord remove most of my uncontrollable anger and plant them inside of my sister Luna."

Princess Luna is in tears. She pants heavily as she sobs.

"Then, I made Discord put ponies to sleep during Luna's night in a slow process. For years she hasn't known of it until she sensed that everypony now falls asleep during her night. That's when Princess Luna had enough. With my anger, she turned into Nightmare Moon."

Everyone mouths drop. Discord can only give out some tissues for everyone's eyes. Silence reign for a few moments.

"I tricked the Tree of Harmony and the Elements of Harmony into imprisoning my sister to the moon for a thousand years. I had a vision for how things were going to play out. Now, that vision is long gone."

Princess Luna is horrified and distraught. She no longer calls Celestia her sister. She's a demon. The Tree of Harmony sends a message to Spike telepathically. Spike nods and looks at Luna, waiting.

"Y-Your worse than Chrysalis," Cadance said.

"You're a monster, Princess Celestia," Twilight said. "Worse than me."

"I don't care what you have to say, I'm still the ruler of Equestria! And by the way, I'm not Princess Celestia anymore, I am Daybreaker!"

"Thou shall suffer a lifetime banishment to the Sun!" Princess Luna said.

"How are you going to banish me?" Daybreaker mocked. "Discord and I made a side agreement with the D.W.A.D. He can't use his magic after the soul-binding agreement is uplifted."

Discord smile fades. He has forgotten about that part of the agreement.

"Princess Luna!" Spike shouts. Princess Luna looks at Spike momentarily. "Here!" Spike stretches his claw and gives Luna his Equestrian Magic. Spike transforms back into his baby self. The Equestrian Magic she receives enables her to relinquish the Elements from the Tree. Then the Elements of Harmony go to Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, and Sunny Flare. Luna uses the Element of Magic to ignite the other elements. Daybreaker retreats. She used her magic to teleport herself away from the group before they have a chance to send her straight to the Sun.

"Darn it!" Luna shouts.

Spike pants as all of his memories surge back to him. He is reliving the nightmares he endured by the hooves of Twilight and her friends. Spike passes out. Sugarcoat uses her magic to catch Spike and pull him close to her, hugging him.

"Luna, what are we going to do? What is going to happen now?" Cadance asks nervously.

Princess Luna sighs. "I'm going to step up in my roles as a Princess in Canterlot. As for Daybreaker, we'll find her soon. As for the Elements of Harmony," she says as she looks at Lemon, Indigo, Sugarcoat, Sour, and Sunny; "You keep the Elements. You are the new wielders now. I'll send Spike messages to gather you all when I need you," She looks at Twilight Sparkle and the former wielders. "Twilight, I'll let you keep your title as Princess, however, you cannot see Spike unless you get his approval. You can send him a letter once a month. If Celestia once foresees you like a Princess, then you shall become one," Luna sighs. "Thou needs time to understand the betterment of Friendship. When you understand the true meaning of Friendship, you'll become the Princess of Friendship. Until then, thou should come with me. I need to teach you how to become a better Princess than Daybreaker."

"I understand. Thank you, Luna. I'm sorry for how I manipulated the minds of everyone here. I Pinkie promise to become a better Princess on my quest and not try to cheat my way from getting what I desire. Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye."

"Thank you, Twilight. Luna," Discord asks.

"Yes, Discord."

"If you happen to find the book of D.W.A.D. Please put it away where nopony can use its magic."

"I will, Discord,"

"So, what's going to happen with us?" Applejack asks.

"Thou former wielders continue with your life. You may visit Canterlot to see Twilight. Twilight, you may visit Ponyville to be with your friends."

"Alright then," Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Rainbow said.

Then the chest starts glowing. It skyrockets out of the cave. Discord tracks the magic power from the chest then teleports everyone to the chest's location. Everyone is at Pony Central as the chest lands in the fields where Sunny Flare lives close by. In a few moments, a castle rises from the ground.

"Whose castle this belongs to, Luna?" Twilight asks.

"The new wielders of the Elements," Luna said.

"Wait, this castle belongs to us?" Sugarcoat asks.

"Yes. Though technically speaking, the castle was meant for Twilight. With her recent attempts to corrupt a Friendship for her benefit, the Tree of Harmony is giving you five and Spike for being the new defenders of Equestria. In due time, the Castle will go to Twilight, however, she needs to earn the right to wield the Magic Element once more and possibly be friends with you," Luna said.

"Hey, wait a minute?" Rainbow asks. "Why are we unable to use the Elements anymore? Why can't we use them with you, Luna?"

"The Tree of Harmony detects discrimination towards Spike. I heard everything in Spike's journal entries loud and clear back in Canterlot. I know what all of you have done. Friendship is to co-exist with all life. Not just one-sided species."

Rainbow Dash and the others are silent. They don't want to talk back with Princess Luna after that statement.


"Yes, Luna?"

"Take us back to Ponyville. There is much more to discuss."

"Right away," Discord teleports everyone except for Lemon Zest, Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, Sunny Flare, and Spike.

"Let's go back to Zesty Fields and put Spike back in bed. Everything that has happened today has to overwhelm him physically and mentally," Lemon said.

"Agreed," The girls said in unison.

On the way back to Zesty Fields, Spike starts having terrible nightmares.