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A 19 year old boy was simply walking around his neighborhood at early morning, as he had done for many years. Imagine his surprise when a woman gives him a pencil in return for a hug. Imagine his surprise when he suddenly finds himself in Equestria, where every word he writes, becomes real.

Well, nearly.

The amount of gore will be light in as many areas as I can manage, but I might make mistakes. Sex will not be shown in this story, it will be hinted at and implied at some points, and all that jazz. But again, it will not be shown. The crossover tag is for things that may or may not be shown later in the story.

This story is one I'm likely going to focus most of my time on, no matter how many new stories spawn from me in the future. This one just provides so much opportunity that I simply couldn't pass it up, and I doubt I'll be able to resist writing it for any overly long stretch of time.

Though, of course, it being me, a lot could happen to hold me back, but hey, I'll try to keep a schedule with this one.

Also, yes, I'm sorry, but this is a Displaced story. I really have gotten hooked on the idea of Displaced. Can't seem to get the bug out. :applejackunsure: Ah well.

Oh, and don't worry my friends, this won't be one of those super OP Displaced that many dislike. If it becomes OP, well, that will very likely be pretty far down the road of this story. And don't expect a cut-and-paste adventure 'Hero defeats villain' either.

Chapters (8)

So, my friends and I woke up in this forest none of us recognize, and were scattered by these wooden dog things. Now I gotta find my friends before we get into any more trouble. Now if only I wasn't a foot tall, and can say more than "Eevee"....

This is a random thought that popped into my head one day. I figured I'd get it out now. Still don't quite know where this'll end up, so let's take this adventure together.

Character tags and categories will be added as needed.

Proofread by Zannblade.

Have any theories? Can't remember who is who? Fear not! Thanks to Adenbadens for starting up a Google docs to help with this. You can veiw it here. Beware, wild unmarked spoilers abound in the grass.

Chapters (76)

Story updates very slowly, read at your own risk.

Much to Celestia's dismay, she had to banish Luna to rid the world of the Nightmare. The Elements of Harmony, detecting the good in Luna, sent her somewhere else. Enter me, Shawn. I'm just you're average, antisocial guy trying to make my way through college. One day I start noticing things happening around me. What was causing them, well I would have never expected this!

Mild to strong profanities
Many Theater references
Sex tag is for security, better safe than sorry.

Chapters (3)


It is such a long, long way.

This world, it is an alien one, filled with colorful pastel...ponies. Very adorable and very annoying ponies. However, she seeks a way home, and she learns the ponies are ruled by a goddess who might have the means for Rachnera to return to her own world.

So... in order to find a way home, she must first save a village, solve a mystery of missing children, find a way to defeat an army of hostile bug... ponies...whatever, and earn a trip to some faraway city to petition the goddess for directions?

It is not exactly an ideal proposition.

Her only companions are a runaway chatterbox colt who is a bit too curious for his own good and an old, grumpy minotaur that thinks she would make a great trophy on his wall.

Challenge accepted.

Chapters (3)

Well, my life has gone insane. I was attending my first ever convention with my mom and sister, dressed in a costume that looks like a black and blue Spider-Man that took me months to make. Then I find someone who offers me a mask and sword that'll complete my costume. Next thing I know, I'm in an anthro version of Equestria with all of Spider-Man's powers and abilities and my sister is a pink hedgehog with a hammer.

My own little take on a Displaced story. This is my first ever story, so constructive criticism is appreciated. Rated T for some swearing. Also, first 2 chapters are currently pretty bad but the rest is decent so please don't judge it until you finish chapter 3.

Feedback (your thoughts in the comments) on chapters will be appreciated.

Chapters (41)

Twilight has always been an excellent student. Knew everything about any subject. But there was one she didn't really study on. Motherhood. And that is put to the test when she finds a baby Changeling...and has to hide it from her friends, the Princesses, and everypony else!

Note: The contents of this story happen before Starlight Glimmer started her revenge plan on Twilight as well as before Thorax appeared

Chapters (5)

Word of advice, don't buy things from shady booths at conventions. I was originally just a guy, annoyed by circumstances beyond my control. Now I'm a butt kicking girl from my favorite video game franchise! How could this possibly get any weirder? Oh, how about originally being male, and now being female?

This is gonna shoot the continuity to pieces, isn't it?

Warning: The sex tag is in place due to gender bending, just to be safe. If you don't like that sort of thing, turn around and keep browsing.

Chapters (4)

After the Fall Formal things don't go so well with Sunset Shimmer she slowly spirals downward before hitting rock bottom, moments away from doing something she will regret when, to her, the least likely of people come to her rescue.

Takes place after the first Equestria Girls movie.

Oh wow! My very first featured story on 3/12/2015! Thank you all so much!

Chapters (23)

This story is a sequel to Seven Saviors

Now that Anon-a-Miss has been defeated, Sunset is ready to move forward with her new friends. Too bad the past doesn't want to leave her be. New misadventures follows her and her crew as the past meets the present. Can Sunset help fill the gaps that have formed around her friends hearts? Or will the shackles of past sins drag everyone down? And what of the CMC? Will guilt lead them to do something that can never be taken back?

Chapters (14)

Cover art done by : The Irish Pony

Rarity has always been a pony who indulges herself in the finest things in life, but also enjoys being in the company of her friends and family. She is a successful fashionista, a refined mare whose love is fashion, and a dear friend to those who need her.

From time to time she watches over her little sister Sweetie Belle while her parents are away on vacation. Sometimes she throws Sweetie off on one of her friends so she don't have to bother with her at times although she does love her sister.

However, how would Rarity react when discovers an abandoned child, a human child to be exact? How would she respond when she is thrown into being the mother figure/caretaker of this small one?

I want to thank http://www.fimfiction.net/user/midnightshadow1] for the name suggestion of Connor

CoverArt Photo done by: http://kuroiraishu.deviantart.com/

Chapters (26)
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