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I died for your spins, praise me and I will praise you as not a traitor.


YO FAMS · 5:35am February 15th

I'm just checking up on everyone i made contact with on this site. I don't know if they are still on this site, but i get on every now again. SO HMU if you just wanna talk.

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Damn I was cringy

Never again being this cringy af. Like holy shit sometimes i just wanna kill myself because of this cringe. FUCK me sideways brah. I'M BACK BABY, with less cringe this time.

I was in a movie...

Need some coffee?

My dragon OC Blaze...

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Thanks for the fave! :scootangel:

2183740 haha....you are the traitorous scum:twilightangry2:

Thanks for the fave, I hope you can track down that traitorous scum!

1899325 *Chuckle*:twilightsheepish: Like you have a choice, mortal :trixieshiftleft:

  • Viewing 109 - 113 of 113
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