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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony: Square Pants Are Magic

In our world. Many deep philosophical questions have come along that have transcended the dimensions of space~ This...This r e a l l y isn't one of those times.

Listen up now, girls and boys, it’s time to take some pics~♪
Cuz ya boi is back, and are gonna rap all about some fan fics~♪
For the SpongeBob MLP sequel, so fun it should be illegal~♪
Who needs real life issues when you got NSFW tissues??~♪
Holy toledo, mannnnn, look at them episodes, mannnn~♪
Typing away while I get my ass kicked by real life~♪
Stand up, well done me, I think I earned myself some tea~♪
What a legacy of NFC, now let the song crescendo~♪

Aight' enough referencing Hot Chocolate Party. Basically yeah I'm back and I'm typing again. So yeah, enjoy the eventual redux to come and send those suggestions peeps. I'll get to em' when my job ain't kicking my ass.

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When Twilight Sparkle had the magical surge that cemented her place as Celestia's student, the amount of power she released not only hatched a baby Dragon, it brought forth something else. Something that shouldn't exist any more.
Something that has Celestia worried.

A fluffy puppy.

[Despite the gore tag it's rather light on that, and they have yet to make a lewd tag and there's a bit of that.]

Editing help by Lawlypops, ThatNoobpony and people in the comments.

Modoc is converting this story into a youtube audio format if you'd rather listen to the story. That link is here.

Cover art by marking

Season two is live here, Season 2

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Today is the best day of Twilight's life, for she has just succeeded in her dream of getting into Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. But along with her new status as a student of Celestia, there's also the matter of the unexpected surprise that accompanied her entry exam. A surprise she must now introduce to her family.

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When Twilight was a young filly, she was given a small, aggressive dragon.

Contains: Blood in and violence some chapters

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Even the slightest changes in the past can have a significant effect on future events, case in point:
what if Spike was never raised by Twilight Sparkle? What if he was raised as a bonafide apple on Sweet Apple Acres, brother to Big Mac, Applebloom, and of course Applejack? What if his arrival as a hatchling had inadvertently prevented the deaths of Bright mac and Pear Butter?

Inspired by my dragon brother by kuairu and spike pie by silver butcher

cover by nixworld

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Spike isn't sure where he fits into Twilight's family. Maybe he needs a reminder of what is important.

A commission fic for TwiDash1993

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Spike's birthday has become a more happier time since his growth spurt. Now he is free to enjoy it with friends, family, and loved ones. However, an unexpected guest arrives to bring something new to the festivities, his mother. What secrets does she hold about his birth and why are her eyes an unique color.

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Igneous Rock and Cloudy Quartz find Spikes egg and raise him as their son. Spike and Pinkie end up acting almost exactly the same

Editor: Alchemik
Re-Re-Editor: Alchemik

enjoy cover art made by Spirit Shift
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Beware, old chapters are randomly being updated and chapters are being added to flesh things out a little.

if you enjoy Spike Pie please read The Dragon of Sweet Apple Acres by closet brony 77,My Dragon Brother by Kuairu , and A Butterfly and her Dragon by Writer-0

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You know that feeling? You know, the feeling that you get when you realize you've forgotten something that is very, very important? It is 10:32 p.m. on Hearth's Warming Eve, and Twilight Sparkle has just gotten that feeling...

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When Spike returns home early from a gathering he sees something that causes him to go running from their little home...the sight of Twilight and Caramel together.

Once Twilight finds him, shivering and cold, she decides to try to address his fears...by giving him The Talk.

But, to Twilight's surprise, it may not be a talk about basic biology that Spike needs...perhaps something far more important is on his mind.

Chapters (2)