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This story is a sequel to Draconequus Ex Mortis

One year has passed since the day when the Elements of Harmony took the perhaps-slightly-shocking route of killing Discord. Thanks to their quick thinking with body disposal, Twilight and her friends are all but home free - that is, up until Celestia presents them with their counterfeit Discord statue, asking them to change him back to normal.

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Spike Sparkle was just your average teenage kid. He went to school, hung out with his best friends Thorax and Ember, and kept up on his art hobby. Just because he wound up in Crystal Prep Academy's 'gifted and talented program' which included a full scholarship to cover all tuition expenses didn't mean he was anymore special than anyone else.

But after getting bitten by a rather strange spider, the entire trajectory of his life abruptly changes forever and the average Spike becomes nothing short of amazing. But is he up to the new responsibilities he now bears on his shoulders? Only time will tell.

For now? He's got a criminal kingpin to take down with the help of some new friends who have come from some pretty strange places.

(cover art by Carousel Unique! Go check out their stuff, it's amazing!)

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This story is a sequel to Error 503

Error 504: Gateway Timeout

A story was once told of a group of Anons displaced from reality. As their very existences needed a bit of time to re-calibrate, they found solace in the company of each other. However, unbeknownst to them, they were not the only ones experiencing a fatal, reality-ending error. For while they merrily gave each other silly names and drove themselves mad over the course of an excruciatingly long eight minutes, their wives were also having an accidental meet-up.

And it was much more awkward.

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Tax season is almost over, and Pinkie hasn't paid hers yet.

Thanks to 6-D Pegasus for proofreading.

Entry into A Thousand Words Contest II.

Translated into Chinese by keezwus, available here.

Now with two readings, one done by StraightToThePointStudio, and one done by Pony&Wolf Productions.

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Error 503: Service Unavailable.

The fabric of reality is currently undergoing maintenance, leaving Anon, Anon, and... a lot of other Anons trapped in a white void. With no other ways to kill time, their only means of entertainment while they wait to be returned to their worlds is each other.

What do Anons even do in their spare time?

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Prince Blueblood is many things.

He's a Unicorn, He's royalty, He's a stallion, He's entitled, He's high-class, And most importantly he's not here right now.

If Blueblood isn't here right now, then who's that?

Well, That's Blueblood, the new Blueblood that is, a human in the body of Blueblood.

What will follow the actions of the new prince can be nothing short of disastrous.

Warning, this story contains Jokes, Magical Politics, a human-turned pony who doesn't know about MLP, Prince Blueblood doing Blueblood things, "Wine-Moms", and a very large sum of money.
You have been warned.

Featured for the first time two hours after being published :) 24/4/2023

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Two years ago, the Rainbooms left for college, breaking up their band in the process.

Canterlot High School desperately misses their heroes. It's time for Scribble Dee, Editor-in-Chief of the Canterlot High Sentinel, to track them down and answer the school’s most pressing question: Where are the Rainbooms now?

Originally written for the January 2023 Writeoff, "Returned from Sabbatical."

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This story is a sequel to Watching the World burn

Sunset Shimmer is visiting Equestria and ends up joining the trio of Starlight, Spike, and Trixie on their grand quest to find something entertaining to watch

this is both my 60th story and a celebration of me getting to 500 followers, thank you and enjoy

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This story is a sequel to Schadenfreude HATES MAGIC

Schadenfreude has always played by the Rules of the Game. Break a rule on the list? Get a punishment. Break four? Well.

Twilight Sparkle, on the other hand, was new to the Game, although familiar with the players. Which she really should have thought about when she tricked Schadenfreude into violating multiple rules on the list at once.

So for Schadenfreude, it was a month of community service. For Twilight Sparkle? A trial by fire of working side by side with her new employee.

And the School of Friendship's newest substitute teacher.

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This story is a sequel to Schadenfreude

Schadenfreude. A name known throughout the castle, and frequently spoken in conjunction with the phrase "Oh, hell no." He's annoying. He's an expert at annoying the crap out of ponies. And he's Prince Blueblood's butler.

He also loves his job.

Join Schadenfreude as he regales with the tale of how Princess Twilight tries to correct his Cutie Mark.

It's a doozy. Or not.

(New cover art by the fantastic TodayIWriteFanfics!)

Chapters (1)