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Sunset Shimmer and Wallflower Blush just started dating. Everything's been going well so far, except for one thing. One nagging suspicion that Sunset can't seem to shake. It doesn't help that Wallflower keeps giving her ample opportunities to worry.

Collab with my girlfriend Scampy during our gay adventure to Gadotville :heart:

Coverart by Sandy :heart:

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It's Christmas time at Canterlot High. Normally a time for fun and cheer. But no this year it seems. Someone is spreading people's worst and most embarrassing secrets.

Their name? Anon-A-Miss. And the one that seems to be the culprit? Sunset Shimmer. At least according to Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

Unfortunately for whoever is doing it, Canterlot High isn't falling for it. Not after the Battle of the Bands. And even the few that still haven't fully forgiven Sunset for her past bullying, believe she is innocent.

But then, who is the culprit?

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This story is a sequel to The Witch of Canterlot

Queen Chrysalis is the most perfect, brilliant, intelligent foe Equestria has ever faced, and in just a few days she's going to unleash her plan to conquer Canterlot, and then Equestria, once and for all. At this late stage, nothing can stop her! She can just sit back and enjoy herself until the moment comes to drop the hammer.

Sunset Shimmer isn't perfect, but she's had once heck of a time in Saddle Arabia and can't wait to tell Princess Cadance all about it!

They'll get along like a house on fire.

A one-shot sequel to The Witch of Canterlot.

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Sunset Shimmer encounters Santa Claus in Pinkie's living room and they have a short chat.

Cover art belongs to Astral Sketch.

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...and a fourth reading by LoneWriter1800!

Wow, guys. That's a lot of readings.

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In her successful attempt to stop Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer ends up in the universe of The Batman. Now, with the help of her mentor Zatanna Zatara and two best friends—Barbara Gordon and Pamela Isley—she has to figure out her place in a brand new world.

Currently being written by Ackbarfan5556 and Produced/Developed by yours truly.

My personal thanks go to Pen Stroke and Burraku_Pansa for helping me bounce this idea around and suffering through my naming process.

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This story is a sequel to Exit Anon-a-miss. Enter the dragon

After a near death experience that almost claimed his life, and a recent scolding from Sunset Shimmer, Twilight decided it's time she, Spike, and all of their friends had a heart-to-heart talk about their friendship and the actions that says otherwise.

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After a fight with Celestia, Sunset flees through a magic mirror into a different world.

Without her horn, any direction in her life, the inability to simply go back home and surrounded by strangers, she has to go on a journey of self discovery to find meaning in her life as dark forces begin to threaten the world she resides in.

But, at least she still has her magic and plenty of instruction manuals to learn more from.

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Anon-a-Miss has invaded Canterlot High and the girls think that Sunset did it! How can she ever regain her honor?

Mortal Kombat, of course. Equestrian Tradition dictates that challenges are to be issued and duels are to be performed. Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack are all well aware of these facts.

The CMCs, however, haven't had that particular Social Studies class, and now they have started to realize what they have unleashed.

Reading by StraightToThePointStudio

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Celestia knows Sunset and her friends are often at the center of "happenings" around Canterlot High. So when she overhears Sunset talking to her friends on a cell phone, she can't help but listen in. Maybe she'll learn something about what they're doing.

Or maybe she'll be completely lost about what they're doing.

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