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The Mane 6 are over at Twilight's for a late-night get together, just hanging out. It's late, Spike's asleep. While the Mane 6 are enjoying their time Spike begins to sleepwalk, muttering about his lousy bed. So, he pats around for a good bed and instead finds ponies, and thus the contest for who's the best bed begins.

Featured Januray 23rd 2021
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commissioned by nobody495

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Centuries have passed since The Elements of Harmony were united.
Centuries have passed since Twilight Sparkle breathed.
Centuries have passed since Starlight Glimmer finished building The Gungeon.
Centuries have passed since Spike the Dragon stopped working as a peacekeeper for Equestria.

With Ponykind on the brink of war, with all three tribes at each others throat and with the disappearance of Magic from Ponykind, It seems Spike has no more reason to help them.

But he still has a chance to save Equestria, one last time.

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It had started out simply enough: Twilight wanted to learn if aliens exist, so she began researching spells.

Did I say 'simply'? I meant 'crazily'.

Well, one thing led to another, and as a result, Spike is now in an unfamiliar world. With Twilight unable to bring him back, he has to search the land for a way home.

Along the way, he must assist some of this world's strange creatures. Will he be able to recover their fabled 'Try Force' and get home before Twilight goes crazy? And will he finally understand what courage truly is?

Timeline placement: Just after Hurricane Fluttershy (Equestrian side); a century after Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask (Hylian side).

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Believing it to be an easy job, two thieves broke into Princess Twilight Sparkle's castle. With no Royal Guards protecting the castle and Twilight herself gone, her valuable possessions were as good as theirs.

Or so they thought.

Last but far from least, special thanks to Little Tigress for drawing the great cover art.

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This story is a sequel to Exit Anon-a-miss. Enter the dragon

After a near death experience that almost claimed his life, and a recent scolding from Sunset Shimmer, Twilight decided it's time she, Spike, and all of their friends had a heart-to-heart talk about their friendship and the actions that says otherwise.

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Twilight takes Spike to the optometrist to see how bad his eyesight has gotten.

Entry to the FimFic Feghoot Festival.

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Long story short, I was a brony. I woke up one day to find myself in Spike's body. Dream come true, right? I'm in Equestria, I could interact with my favorite ponies, etc.

Well, as it turns out, I just happened to wake up right at the beginning of Season 1. Which could only mean one thing: I can change the future of Equestria. I could solve problems prematurely, prevent disasters from happening, and keep Twilight from going insane.

So now, my mission isn't to hug my favorite ponies, but to make sure everyone gets a happy life.

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Did you know it's possible to save Equestria without lifting a claw, or even breaking a sweat?
Spike has saved Equestria 196 times since Starlight moved in.

This is one of those times.

*A 3 A.M. Rarity Short*

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Twilight was just hanging out at the mall with her best friends, until many people came up to her, complimenting and asking about her dog, Spike, much to her confusion. When she found out that her own dog has been making his own vlogging series on HayTube, Twilight decided to have a bone to pick with him.

Part of the "Since When?" series!

Based off on Equestria Girls: 'Reboxing w/ Spike' short.

FEATURED: 1/17/19 - Whoa! Thank you all so much! :twilightsmile:

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After the current ruler of Tartarus steps down, Princess Celestia and Luna are tasked with finding the very best replacement possible.

Sadly, that's not exactly who shows up to apply.

Artwork by Evilbob0.

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