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Picture the scene: You've just watched the final episode of your favourite show. Then just as you're getting ready to move on with your life, a van pulls up outside.. and you have a new equine neighbour. How do you react? Hopefully not like this guy.

Does the phrase 'never meet your heroes' mean anything? Just who is the real victim here? Read on, and judge for yourself.

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Anon was rather surprised to wake up in a world of magical talking horses. He was even more surprised to discover that said horses already knew him from a TV show.

Inspired by some old prompts in the RGRE thread. Cover art by Nignogs.

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Zeek was an infamous friendless prankster parkourist, he'd climb up to really high places and either defile something by spraypainting on it or drop something gross on someone. Zeek was also a Conduit Positive, He never learned what his power was cause he was drugged soon after the D.U.P caught him, he was rescued by a group of Conduits but still never learned anything about his "power".

But all that would come to an end when he is presented with a choice, either give up his life to save a child's or just run away from the scene. Zeek chooses the former and dies after saving a kid from being run over by a D.U.P truck. Zeek thought it was over until he opened his eyes to find he was reborn in a world known as Equestria, as an anthro colt and Equestria's first Conduit in an orphanage, with all his memories but still didn't know what his power was.

As he grew up, around age 9, nearing 10, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna came to the orphanage looking to adopt a foal and ends up picking Zeek for his 'Uniqueness'. What kind of life awaits him in the world? Will Zeek ever adjust to life as the new Prince of Equestria? What will his power be when it awakens? Will he get friends in this new life? How many nobles will he punch in the face? Let's find out...

A/N: Thanks to new editor; Jason Monroe

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Anon 69 News a reliable, trusted news network to get all your daily news from around Equestria.

A/N: I'll try to update everyday. No actual sex is in here. Just mentions of it.

Also thank you artanisjerin89 for proof reading.

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War. Noun. (1) : a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.

"Soldiers are always preparing to fight the previous war" is a saying that is common amongst those of military profession. Equestria has not seen a war on her own soil in several hundred years. As such, would she be prepared for when such a thing happens? Of course not.

Battling the griffons and the minotaurs has been a challenge due to lack of experience. Fortunately, her armies adapted and started to hold her own. That was, until Tirek returned and aided in the fight to defeat Equestria. To keep his friends safe, Discord successfully defeated Tirek and sealed him away. The cost of fighting Tirek? Dying. Knowing that he would die, Discord summoned several creatures to protect his friends. These creatures, never seen before in Equestria, are very familiar with the concept of war.

This world has experienced their second industrial revolution and Equestria is at war, a World War, the first this world has seen. Equestria and her citizens have a lot to learn if they want to see the end of this conflict with their culture and way of life preserved.

Author's Note: I have deployed so updates won't exactly be plentiful. I'll definitely try to put them out but I'm pretty busy.

Author's Note V2: Deployment is done.

Author's Note V3: Gearing up for the next deployment, busy again.

Author's Note V4: Not deploying with unit, got run over by a car while walking

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Nearly all the magic in Equestria has been absorbed by Tirek. With his newly acquired power, the demon-centaur is unleashing destruction upon the land. His plans for conquest were just getting started. After Equestria, then Griffinstone, the Dragonlands, and the Changeling hive. All magic on this planet will be his to control.

But, there is hope. The Tree of Harmony gifted a crystalline chest. Only with six keys will it open. With Discord's friendship revelation, they received the final key. All they can do now is hope, hope that whatever is contained inside the chest is enough to stop Tirek.

Soon, they will see the coming of the invincible incarnation of power: the Lion's Sin of Pride, Lord Escanor.

The Seven Deadly Sins or Nanatsu no Taizai crossover.

Chapter 1 adapted from Tirek is Doomed.

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Clyde went to the Merchants stand, and buys only one item. This item is powerful, and it is only because of this one item that Clyde will be able to save the world from the Changeling Queen’s evil!

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Ragar the Ageless has seen many things in his non-life. He has seen fields of cotton candy, the wails of the soon-to-be-dead chanting in chorus. Once he even saw a unicorn. Well, there are a lot of those in Equestria, so maybe that one was less noteworthy. But still, he's seen a lot. Now he wants others to see him in all his glorious evil. The only issue is he's not so good at it.

** EDIT **

Well crap, featured with every chapter. I feel all special and stuff. So let me give you all some love. You're all wonderful people, trees or whatever internet capable folks have been reading.

Dang, look at all those likes. I'm feeling the love. Thank all of you for enjoying my wonderful trip through insane necromancy.

Many Thanks to Locke_Jaw for his wonderful artwork that is my new cover.

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It's fascinating when you get displaced, especially when I gain the powers of the character. I was dressed as the all-powerful Majin Android 21. But creating a family and Helping to train and guide them will be sweet. But if anyone ever touches my little dinky or my honey muffin I'll hunt them down, beat them, heal them and rip them to Pieces over and over

Until I finally decide to have enough fun and turn them into candy for my sweet tooth.😈

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Greetings weary traveler/bored reader. Let me regale you with my tale. The tale of a mere mortal, with nothing particularly special to his name, brought to a magical land of dragons, minotaurs, griffins, and of course ponies. But he came as no mere human. He came as the epic warrior, the manliest of swordsmen, that most dashing of multiverse travelers, the mighty Gilgamesh! What adventures will this powerful and magnificent warrior find in his travels? HELL IF I KNOW! LET'S STRAP IN AND SEE WHERE THIS GOES!

Looking for cover art if anyone's interested.

Crossovers with:
The life and times of Xante, Baron of the Frozen Wastelands, First among Liches, Lord of the Dead, and Fabulous Rainbow Magic User

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Let's Just Say That Umbra Really Needs to Put a Lock On His Diary



Chapters (23)