• Published 24th Feb 2020
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Spike The Brony Dragon - red4567

A human in Spike's body will do whatever he can to change the future for the better.

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My name is David Smith. Although, that won't matter in the long run. I'll explain that later. I've been in the brony fandom for over a decade. It has been over a year since Friendship is Magic has ended. There were still a few bronies here and there, but until Generation 5 comes out, that number wasn't going to increase anytime soon.

As a brony, I always wondered what life would be like in the pony world. I could interact with my favorite ponies, eat some of the delicious treats, and explore some of the different cities around Equestria. I also wondered what pony species I would be. I could practice magic spells as a unicorn, I could fly almost anywhere as a pegasus, and as an earth pony I could grow interesting plants. Little did I know that I was going to be none of the above.

It started like any other day, I browsed the internet, looked at videos and whatnot. That's when I decided to do something nostalgic. I went on Netflix and searched for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Thankfully, it was still on there. I was going to watch the very first episode just to see how much has been improved.

Just when I was about to hit play, I suddenly felt lightheaded and very tired. This was unusual for me, as I get plenty of sleep, and I haven't eaten anything out of the ordinary. My eyelids felt really heavy, so I thought that maybe I should take a quick nap. I turned off my laptop and went to bed. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep.

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