• Published 24th Feb 2020
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Spike The Brony Dragon - red4567

A human in Spike's body will do whatever he can to change the future for the better.

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Chapter 7 (The Ticket Master)

This day did not go as well as I planned. It didn’t help that I yelled so loudly that Celestia herself could hear me. Like I said before, loud arguments anger me.

Twilight and I were seated at a restaurant. Twilight looked like a mother who discovered that her son has been lying about his grades.

“Listen to me,” Twilight said. “I understand you were trying to get everypony to stop arguing, but screaming into the heavens is not okay!”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I just don’t like it when ponies argue so loudly.”

“Nopony does,” Twilight said. “But others have…’better’ ways to deal with it. Yours was not one of them. I’m going to overlook this incident, but if it happens again, young man, I’m sending your rear back to Canterlot! Understand?”

“Yes, Twilight...”

Twilight sighed. She then looked at the menu.

This was not the reputation I wanted to get. Maybe I should’ve just let this day play out like in the episode.

“Have you made your decision?” the waiter asked.

“I think...I’ll take the daffodil and daisy sandwich,” replied Twilight.

“And I’ll have the hay fries. Extra crispy,” I said.

As we waited for our food, I decided to talk to Twilight.

"We could've just told the girls that you and I were going to the gala," I said. "They would've understood."

"Yes, but then I would feel guilty about leaving them out," Twilight replied. "It's not everyday that sompony gets invited to a gala."

"Why don't we just tear the tickets apart? That way nopony can go."

"We can't do that, Spike! Those tickets could be expensive, and we got them for free from the Princess herself. If we tore them up, Celestia would think that we had no interest in going. Which we do, by the way."

A few moments later, our food arrived. Twilight ate her sandwich while I ate my hay fries. They were really good. Almost anything can be good when it’s deep-fried.

Twilight had just one more bite to eat when the waiter asked, “Em, madam? Are you going to finish your food in the rain?”

Twilight replied, “It’s not rain...” We then noticed that it was raining everywhere except at our table. “What’s going on?”

Rainbow Dash appeared from one of the openings in the clouds. “Hi there, best friend forever I've ever ever had. Enjoying the sunny weather?”

“Did you seriously made it rain everywhere sans this spot just so you could get the ticket?” I asked.

“Me? No no no, of course not,” Rainbow replied.

“Rainbow, I am not comfortable accepting unwanted favors,” Twilight said, “so I'd appreciate it if you close up that rain cloud right now.”

“Augh, fine.” Rainbow zipped up the cloud. But I wished she hadn’t, because a few seconds later, we got soaked.

“Twilight, Spike, it’s raining,” said Rarity.

“Thanks, element of obviousness,” I replied.

“Come with me before you catch a cold.”

Rarity took Twilight and I to the Canterlot Boutique. I dried myself off with a towel, while Twilight dried herself by shaking like a dog. This ended up getting Rarity wet, much to her chagrin.

“Oops, sorry,” said Twilight.

“Oh no, it's quite alright,” said Rarity. “After all, we are the best of friends, are we not? And you know what the best of friends do? Makeovers!”

Rarity quickly changed Twilight and I into different outfits. Twilight found hers okay, but I had mixed feelings with mine. I looked like some kid forced to have his picture taken.

“Uh...hey!” I removed my outfit. “I just remembered...I forgot something at the library! See you there!”

I quickly dashed toward the library. When I opened the door, I saw Fluttershy and her animals cleaning Twilight’s library.

“Fluttershy? Not you, too.” I slapped my forehead.

“Why hello, Spike,” Fluttershy greeted. “I hope you don't mind, but we're all doing a little spring cleaning for you and Twilight.”

“It’s summer, Fluttershy.”

“Oh, well, better late than never, right? It was Angel's idea.” Angel was tossing salad.

“I know you’re doing this for the ticket, Fluttershy. I thought you weren’t interested in going anymore.”

“Uh...well...but...it is a gala...”

Then I saw Twilight showing up.

“Did Rarity and Applejack try to do favors for you, too?” I asked.

“Yep,” she replied.

“That makes four of them.” I pointed to Fluttershy, who was blushing.

Twilight groaned. “Fluttershy, this was all very nice of you and Angel, but I'm not accepting any extra favors until I've made my final decision.” She opened the door. “So, I'm going to have to ask you to leave—”

But Twilight was quickly taken by a group of ponies, who threw Twilight up in the air. Then Pinkie sung about how much she loved Twilight. Twilight shouted for Pinkie to stop as I quickly ran towards the group. Twilight fell to the ground with a thud.

“You alright, Twilight?” I asked.

“At least the other ponies tried to be subtle...” Twilight replied.

“Pinkie’s not like other ponies, believe me.”

“So who are you going to give the ticket to, Twilight?” Pinkie asked.

Then the crowd started asking about the ticket.

Dang it, Pinkie. I was trying to avoid this.

“Oh, you didn't know? Twilight has an extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala!” shouted Pinkie.

That got the ponies’ attention. Everypony started asking Twilight for favors. I think I overheard somepony say they’ll do Twilight’s taxes. I knew what was going to happen next. And since there was no way of preventing it...

“RUN LIKE THE WIND, TWILIGHT!!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Twilight took off like a bullet, with a stampede of horses following behind her.

“Pinkie, go home!” I demanded.

“Okie dokie loki,” she replied as she pronked away.

I ran inside the library and ordered Fluttershy and her animals to leave. They all obeyed. I slammed the door behind them.

“Okay...3...2...1...and...cue Twilight!”

Twilight flashed out of nowhere. Her eyeballs spun like tops.

“Woah! A teleportation spell,” I said. “I didn’t know you could do that.”

“I didn't even know it was gonna happen,” she said. “Now quick, lock the doors!”

I quickly ran about locking every door while Twilight blew out each lantern and turned off each light. But I knew what’s next. The lights came back on, and the girls were standing on the windowsill.

“How did you all get in here?!” I asked.

Twilight screamed. “I can't decide, I just can't decide! I know it’s important for all of you to visit the gala and I just can't stand disappointing any of you, and giving me gifts and doing me favors won't make any difference, because you're all my friends and I wanna make you all happy and I can't, I just can't!” She fell to the floor.

Then the girls, including Rainbow Dash, apologized to Twilight about their behavior earlier today and decided that none of them should get the ticket.

“I guess that means it’s just you and me, Twilight,” I said.

Twilight shook her head. “Spike, take a note, please.”

I grabbed a quill and a piece of paper.

Twilight cleared her throat. “Dear Princess Celestia, I've learned that one of the joys of friendship is sharing your blessings, but when there's not enough blessings to go around, having more than your friends can make you feel pretty awful. So, though I appreciate the invitation, I will be returning both tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala.”

“What?!” the rest of us yelled.

“If my friends can't all go, I don't wanna go either.”

I shrugged. I placed the tickets into the scroll and sent them to the Princess. The girls then shared a group hug.

“Aww...” I started to say, but my stomach got queasy again.

“Well wallop my withers, Spike,” said Applejack. “Isn't that just like a boy? Can't handle the least bit of sentiment, yellin’ like a sailor,...”

“It’s not that...” I said, clutching my stomach. I then burped so much, that I was blown back.

“A letter from the princess? That was fast,” said Twilight.

I read the letter. “‘My faithful student Twilight, Why didn't you just say so in the first place?’" Then I saw what popped out. “Six tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala!”

The ponies cheered as they each took their respective tickets. They then left the library to get some dinner.


I burped out another scroll. “‘And one for you, Spike.’” I took the ticket from the scroll. “Thanks, Celestia.”

That was the ticket part taken care of, but I still needed to work on how to make sure the girls do get the best night ever. But since the gala was a long way away, I decided I should work on other stuff.

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