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This story is a sequel to Doctor Whooves: Invasion of Manehattan

Starlight Glimmer has succeeded, she has managed to steal one of the Star Swirl spells from the forbidden section of the Canterlot library and, after months of work studying countless tomes of arcane magic related to time, she will be able to defeat that princess of friendship and her friends before even meeting her.

All she has to do is stop the brat that was Rainbow Dash from doing the Sonic Rainboom on her. But before she does, somepony stops her and asks her a simple question, 'are you sure you want to do that?'

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The Doctor suddenly finds himself in the magical land of Equestria and soon discovers that he's regenerated into a pony. As Twilight Sparkle tries to learn more about the Doctor with the help of Spike and Princess Luna, a creature from the Doctor's past arrives in Ponyville with evil intentions.

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Curse that dratted mailmare!

Bon Bon makes candy. It's just in her nature. She's done it since she was very small. However, many of her usual customers are going to Canterlot, for Doughnut Joe has revealed new pastries and candies the likes of which Equestria has never seen. Bon Bon isn't happy about that, so when she discovers that the secret ingredients for Joe's candies are being transported from Ponyville by Derpy, she gathers some cohorts together to stop that Derpy!

Inspired by the old cartoon Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines.

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This might be the story of Berry Punch going home with a time traveler, or it might be the story of what happens after.

Time travel is confusing enough when you aren't rip-roaring drunk, y'know?

This story was expanded from its appearance as "A Night (Not) to Remember", which was a finalist in the November 2016 Writeoff ("The Morning After"). Pre-reading/editing by Xepher! Art by Iopichio! Reviewed by One Man’s Pony Ramblings, and featured by Seattle's Angels! :coolphoto:

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Hearts and Hooves Day is just around the corner and Derpy's mail route is flooded with cards and gifts that ponies are sending their loved ones.

Unfortunately, Derpy has no special somepony of her own to spend the day with.

But you never know where love may bloom.

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After the events of The End of Time, the Doctor arrives in Equestria, one day before the return of Nightmare Moon. After befriending Princess Celestia, he meets Twilight Sparkle, a unicorn pony that is very smart, but socially awkward, and her assistant, Spike, the dragon.

Both will live great adventures saving Equis, and every once in a while, all of time and space, battling against some of the universe's most fearsome creatures, while uncovering the mysteries of reality. Allons-y!

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Note : Cover art found on google.

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(story cover by Ta-Na)

When Derpy Hooves decides to rent out her attic as a storage unit for ponies who need someplace to put their belongings temporarily, she didn't ever expect to find something else through the cardboard boxes of a stallion.

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After a long time of traveling alone the Doctor falls out of his universe and lands in a strange land full of strange creatures and even stranger forces. How will he react to magic? And what will he do when a local befriends him?

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The Doctor's adventures in Equestria continue in this second installment of the Doctor Whooves Series.

His nature as a Time Lord revealed to Twilight's friends, the Doctor prepares for his first jaunt into Equis' history with Rainbow Dash when Applejack informs him of something mysterious she saw as a filly. Intrigued, the Doctor and Twilight, accompanied by Applejack and Rainbow Dash, travel 3000 years into the past to visit Ancient Roan during the Reneighssance Period.

Upon arriving, the ponies are beside themselves with wonder as they explore a place they once thought existed only in history books. They even get to meet a living legend in the form of Leonard DiHoovsie: the famous inventor, thinker, painter, and philosopher. But not everything is at it seems, and something disturbing is happening just under the surface of Roan's exquisite architecture. With strange rumors abound, and a string of unexplained and unsolved disappearances plaguing the historic city, the Doctor's companions are about to discover that some things are left out of the history books for a reason.


"Game of Stones" is the second episode of the Doctor Whooves Series and the fourth of the expanded "Number 12" continuity begun by the inspirational Squeak-anon.

It is strongly recommended to read the following fics here on FIMFiction before proceeding with "Game of Stones."

1 - Number 12 by Squeak-anon
2 - Traveler by Squeak-anon
3 - The Pinkie Conundrum

Comments and critiques are very much desired and let this crazed writer know that the herd does indeed care.

Elements of Number 12 & Traveler: Squeak-anon
Doctor Whooves Intro posted on YouTube by: Cshep99
Cover art provided by FoxInShadow from
Proofreader, Editor and Number One Assistant: 2dextreem

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Derpy can never figure out what she wants for Hearth's Warming Eve. So when Pinkie Pie asks her. She finally has an answer. A Hippopotamus.

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