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In the midst of Ponyville being plunged into chaos, Twilight and her friends finally manage to use the Elements of Harmony for the first time, and in doing so successfully stop Discord from wreaking further havoc on the land they hold dear. Problem is, the way the elements do this isn't quite what they had in mind. At all.

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Ah yes, things that happen when Discord decides to ditch the script. Very good.

We definitely need a sequel.

This was hilarious

There is a chance that if they zap the statue, the real Discord would appear anyway... (just to mess with Twilight more)

oh dear Luna's stars this had me laughing SO hard!:rainbowlaugh: Please give us at least ONE more chapter where they have to explain things to Celestia XD

I have such a sick sense of humor. :pinkiecrazy:

Especially the bit where they sounded like they were gonna eat him.

Somehow, the idea of Discord having the most mundane and common last name possible is the absolute funniest thing to me. :rainbowlaugh:

This is brilliant! I kept thinking that by the end this would all be revealed as a trick, but Discord never popped back. .

I mean that isn't out of the realm of what Discord would do. It is a long con, but definitely a great way to screw with ponies.

Totally expected the punchline to be Discord back in Canterlot with Celestia laughing as they watched through a magic viewing portal.

Trust Twi to try to spare Celestia.

"I don't know!" said Twilight. "We can't eat him in time, that's for sure!"

I was almost totally composed until this line, which dropped me like a cut marionette and sent me cackling face-down into my mattress.

Honestly I as others expected discord to be trolling them and didn't really die
but I guess he dead
oh well

This was making me think we’d see an AU start where Discord was a good guy all along, he’s just still a troll.

Id be more worried about the lack of chaos in the universe myself
I mean
Harmony is where order and chaos meet and balance going one way or another very slightly left and right on the meter.

If the ponies, who dont have enough chaos as is, cant get more naturally occurring anything that wipes out said ponies basically dooms the world. How many big bads have they faced/stashed in a can?

When Twilight wakes up, It will take her best work ever to get herself and the gang out of this one.:rainbowlaugh:

I feel that he was in some deep hibernation; chaos and harmony produces random effects. I wasn't expecting the mane cast to stab him and Princess Celestia to not realise something was off

I wonder why people put their flags in their pfps. It seems like something pretty personal to go around telling everyone who comes by. I've seen more flag pfps around on the site lately. 's why I brought it up.

Anyway, getting back on track, I didn't see any portion where they bootleg a discord statue, so does he just respawn on his plinth like a spawn point in a halo forge map, or some kind of scp? F in chat either way.

You've got a flag pfp OP, do you mind sharing your opinion with me?

It's just a manner of personal expression, like putting a character you like in your avatar. Also there is a whole section near the end where they make a badly-faked Discord statue, if that's what you mean.

Makes sense. Also, I did miss that part. Oops

That was a good laugh ! I started breaking down at the "suicide coverup" and was laugh all along after that ! I'd love to see juuuuust what happen when Celestia find out. Could be the final nail !

Depending on how you'd interpret the Elements straight up murdering Discord, if we were to go that deep, perhaps his existence was actually an anomaly that caused cosmic imbalance. I mean, he was stoned for at least a thousand years and the world seemed pretty fine...
And I can imagine, if the world truly needs more Chaos, the Elements of Harmony(which, as you mentioned, is a balance of the two forces) would act accordingly next time they're used, or maybe even appoint someone new to hold the reins(which would give them a reason to nuke Discord - they're going to replace him and don't want him interfering in that).

10818292 The world seemed just fine before Discord showed up.

Would have been nice for the show to, ya know... GIVE DISCORD A BACKSTORY that explains where he came from, and if he's necessary for anything and so forth.

All we see is that if he behaves orderly, he starts to disappear... nothing appears to happen to the universe at all.

This story amuses me greatly. It's my level of dark humor. Kinda like "Clue". :trollestia:

Really? The world seems ok? The ponies are freaked out by the Everfree since they cant control its weather. Ok but since they aren't the only species in the world, how and why do the other species survive? Do they get wild weather and its beneficial? How are other species getting food to live from in other geographic locations if they need rain to be manually created by a Pegasus?

Also consider this if some sort of virus hit the ponies and Celestia/Luna/Twilight were not able to move the sun (which was something really only shown in FIM) how is the rest of the world going to survive and what either happened to their original sun or to their world that life was able to evolve at all when it is only going to be livable in a very thin line of light and shadow let alone affect a celestial body?

Now what function Discord actually had in their universe...yeah we don't know if either aberration or necessary function but ponies themselves are really hard order and need a bit more of chaos to actually keep themselves alive on the evolutionary track.

You may be onto something there since in the story he hasnt been actually active for years. It could very well be that he drifted more to chaotic evil than chaotic neutral like he is supposed to be. Chaos of his type should be neither good nor evil since if you think about it chaos is basically change and change happens to al things alive quickly and to all things not alive very slowly.

10819196 What does any of what you wrote in the first paragraph have to do with Discord? There is ZERO association between him and ANYTHING you bring up. In fact, his version of 'weather' is chocolate milk rain.

We don't know why the Everfree is so different. We don't know if Discord was the one who broke its connection to the rest of the world. We don't know a great deal about how the rest of the world works, since the show never bothered to flesh out and consolidate its magical world-structuring in the slightest.

But we DO know that the world was surviving long before Discord popped up, because we've been shown pre-Equestrian history several times. There is NO INDICATION WHATSOEVER that his existence is essential.

He is the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony... BUT, he is not the aspects of chaos and disharmony themselves. He draws his essence from them, evidenced by his disappearing when he wasn't acting chaotic, but he is not responsible for them.

Ponies in the Three Tribes era were VERY disharmonious... and that just attracted windigoes. There is no mention of Discord at all during that period.

Frankly, both Discord and the changelings don't neatly 'fit' into the world. Neither has an origin in the show, nor has one been offered in any official medium which shows them as a natural part of the world. They seem far more like fae creatures of legend, coming from 'outside' to bother mortals.

That was horrible, and hilarious.

I still think Discord did all this just to frame the Mane Six for murder, and he's fine, somehow :rainbowwild:

Would have been more cost effective to just use a gun. And if that doesn't work use more gun.

I'm afraid that we'd be getting into Washington Naval Treaty territory to have Enough Gun.

In canon, he was completely disintegrated by an enormous magical laser and decided to play along with the lie Starlight told the children watching because it really wasn't much bother at all to come back from that. Physical projectiles would be even less effective, no matter how large. (Even the original Engineer quote had a "ninety-nine times out of a hundred" qualifier, remember?)

oh god this is hilarious

Thus, getting into the range of 'Washington Naval Treaty' to have Enough Gun.

(And that's just to annoy him.)

It's been so long since my last reading of a dark humor story.
Feels really good.
I'm glad the family got something to eat too.

I want a sequel now damn it.

The sequel is that they play along with Celestia since they can't think of any way to refuse. When they use the elements, Discord comes out of the statue perfectly fine. Turns out he was messing with them the whole time.

yes, this must happen, it fits discords personality perfectly!

I think Discord is supposed to be a natural result of the harmony in the world. Think about it. At its core, chaos is not just destructive. It's random and an important part of nature. While some aspects of nature can be controlled in a harmonious manner (how the ponies do it) it is largely random in construction and capable of endless possibilities. Just in our world alone we see bugs that fire scalding hot oil from their bodies, chimeric animals like the duckbill platypus, countless animals that glow in the dark, and a creature that can go into a death-like state in the void of space for days before coming back to life with a bit of water. In a world of magic, there's no telling what kind of creatures could pop up. As for pre-equestrian times, It's possible that Discord and the Changelings were off in other lands at the time and only came to Equestria after things were settled among the ponies. In this case, Discord was more of a force of nature that didn't have a proper counterbalance at the time while the Changelings were just a set of creatures that evolved to be the way they are from unspecified conditions thanks to their magic. Hell, it's likely that the Changelings were just an urban legend up until their first invasion attempt. I think in a lot of ways, Discord's lack of a backstory is a good thing, because it brings conversations like these to the forefront. Even with all of the arguing that he tends to inspire on a lot of topics surrounding him, he is still a character that we all love in one way or another. Otherwise, I don't think we would all get so fired up over everything about him. it's all a very fittingly chaotic and open-ended way to go about analyzing a character, don't you think?

You know, I get why the girls did this whole subterfuge, but given what we see of Season 2 Discord, I can't help but think that if she found out, then (if you'll forgive me quoting a favorite source of mine) Celestia's reaction would be along the lines of:

:trollestia: Oh, he's dead? Aw, that's too bad. I'm so heartbroken I can barely continue dancing!

In any case, fun little story. I know that I'm in the minority on this (as many comments here illustrate), but I'm of the opinion that Discord is at his comedic best when he's the butt of the joke.

And I don't say that out of dislike of the character, nor just out of schadenfreude. It's just basic Looney Tunes logic: the more power a character should have in any given situation, the less they're going to have and the funnier it'll turn out when they don't. Obviously, that's not even close to a hard-and-fast rule, but it is a good way of doing things, I think. And with Discord being far larger than the ponies around him (and most other creatures for that matter), effectively omnipotent and a smug, obnoxious troll even post-Season-3, he's... kind of the perfect candidate for a bit of karmic reversal.

Again, I'm aware that's not the most widespread opinion but, while I'm hardly going to object to others disagreeing, I do think it's sad there's so few works in the fandom showing him as the target of the humour rather than the instigator. So, I'm always happy when I find one and I think this one does nicely.

10820991 :ajbemused: Harmony IS NOT THE EQUIVALENT OF ABSOLUTE ORDER.

Harmony is all things functioning together without opposing each other. Harmony is not even a listed synonym of order. In fact, its most obvious synonym is BALANCE! Think Buddhism, THAT is the text-book definition of a system based on harmony.

Other synonyms are balance, symmetry, coordination, blending, agreement, peace, friendship, fellowship, solidarity, cooperation, understanding, and consensus. There is no direct connection to either order OR chaos in harmony. Harmony is all aspects working as one.

Why do people still not grasp this? It's spelled out in the very definition.

And I said Discord was an example of of chaos WITHOUT a proper counterbalance. We didn't get that in the show until way later in its run with the tree of harmony and its avatar. You could argue that that the elements are a counterbalance to him, but they are not living beings with agency and need to be wielded. When I used nature as my example, it was just the most common one I could think of that proved my point. Just like chaos is not always destructive, harmony and order are not the same thing. The two are just halfs of one coin under harmony's umbrella.

So, uh, this story. Sure is. Uh. Sure is good.


Why is there an argument about canon and lore in the comments.

I don't know. I honestly had hoped it would end at "Discord has been in stone for a thousand years and the world was fine without him".

"This sucks," one of the kids piped up. "You know what I want for dinner? An overcooked draconequus with a little nibble already taken out of its tail."

this kid knows his stuff

10821387 If EoH were a natural force, then you could try the counterbalance argument... but the show stated that Starswirl and the Pillars created them. Sooooo, kinda trashes that idea.

The show's canon was very very messy. The more they explained, the less sense it made.

Agreed. When I said the tree and Avatar were a counterbalance, I meant more in a narrative sense as opposed to a world sense. Upon further thought, I agree that Discord is not the living embodiment of chaos but more of an Avatar of it much like how Luna and Celestia are for the sun and moon. This is admittedly speculation, but if magic in Equestria is like energy, then chaos magic, once created, cannot be recreated or completely destroyed. So, if Discord were to die, I could see a new Draconniqus being created to be the next chaos avatar with its own thoughts and personality separate from Discord. This would explain why we don't see any other characters with his kind of powers and why he started to disappear when he went against his nature. Granted, this doesn't explain why he didn't die when Tearik sucked out his magic. My best guess there is that Tearik didn't suck out the magic needed to hold Discord's body together.

A couple authors have used an idea like that for a new Discord. In some cases the poor sap is the one who killed Discord and is possessed by the chaos magic and twisted into a horrible monster who then goes on to slaughter gazillions of ponies... because grimdark fics. :rainbowlaugh:

As to why Discord didn't die when Tirek stole his magic... it's because most of the later show writers are hacks who suck at both worldbuilding and using events to heighten dramatic tension and stakes. :trollestia:

Freaking amazing:rainbowlaugh:

that it's a kids show and we can't kill in a kids show.

10839660 Mighty Max would beg to differ... as would the original My Little Pony... and Sombra, who got exploded.

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