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All Lyra Heartstrings wanted to do was take a shower, and yet she couldn't even have that. After her shampoo causes her to develop some strange symptoms, she's forced to consult Twilight for help - but will she manage to do so without bashing her face in with a pickaxe?

Written because I'm stupid enough to listen to JackRipper's ideas.
Co-written with BootyPopperzZz. As in, we literally alternated sentences for the most part. For some reason. If there's anything in this story that sucks, it's his fault.

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God? Is that you?

The really weird thing is that this seems to happen somewhere in Equestria every two weeks.

At least they stopped her before she started making click bait content.

Pickaxe, blue drink, shield... (realizes Fortnite) Fortnite is a malignant brain tumor. A fun little read, it got a laugh from me.

Considering this, I would bet my battle pass that Pinkie is somewhere in that universe doing the groove jam whilst in a suit and tie holding a Sniper or assult rifle.

Well they stopped her before she turned into a 7 year old at least

A friend showed me this and sometimes I read things, thanks for writing an entertaining tale!

Oh no, what have you done?!
I love it.

why would you do this

love you

im gonna game end him myself

Thanks for making this peice of art, I hate it.

Author Interviewer

You had me at "horse-water". XD

Bon Bons last words before entering the shower that began the Ponyville Massacre:

"Ugh! I am feeling SO sweaty."

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