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Spike isn't sure where he fits into Twilight's family. Maybe he needs a reminder of what is important.

A commission fic for TwiDash1993

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Awww... Just aww. After reading stories of alternate timelines with war and reading a story about Sunset earning the trust of Canterlot High, or at least a few of it's members, this is just what I needed to cheer me up. Very adorable stuff here.

Where there's Spike, I am quick to follow.

Thank you so much again for writing this for me! 10/10 cutest Spikey-Wikey story ever!

Good man and dog.

Wait til the others hear about Spike's journey.

da cuteness is over 9000

This story got really sweet.

It is a good story.

I think the time it really got good, was when he actually did meet his mother. Other stories might say "Twilight already said her thing. Story done." But this went that extra mile to go there and make things move forward with it. The comparison of who he was and who he is, and what he can learn from the life he used to lead.

And, of course, super adorable puppy meeting his mother and recognizing each other. My heaaart.

This went so much better than Snoopy's search for his roots or Brian's search for his mother. Very well done.

Hnnnnng :heart:

...that is all :yay:

I really wanted to avoid both of the scenarios that played out in those shows.

Really, really liked this. It's rare that I ever read fics anymore without them being recommended to me first, but I'm glad I checked this out. I only wish we had gotten to see how Spike really fits into Twilight's family—meaning not just his relationship to her, but to her parents, too.

You just gave an idea for my next commission! Also hey! long time no see :3

This is a very good one-shot.

This was just really adorable, especially in terms of Spike's relationship with Twilight and his birth mother. I also quite enjoyed how in-depth it got into exploring how Twilight views Spike in terms of specific role, particularly when compared to their Equestrian counterparts. And considering dog Spike is one of very few things in EqG that I actually find myself losing interest in over time, that's pretty high praise from me.

Freaking brilliant!

Real talk: Being able to vividly remember a time when I was incapable of higher thought and specifically remembering those simple thoughts would kind of scare me.

That was lovely. As well as being what ought to be the canon for Spike the Dog you do an excellent job characterising him and his relationship with Twilight.

There's nothing quite like family.

The story started it, and your video finished it... I'm tearing up:fluttercry:

So, Spike being the only dog that could speak human language, was he the only one who could actually 'hear' his mother?

I thought this story was only going to be about Spike reconnecting with Twilight, but this---was so much more than that.

This was beyond adorable! Thank you again so very very much!


This was such a sweet story! My heart is fit to burst! :heart:

Fluttershy would have a field day with them.

This story really reminds me of Gaspode the terrier from Discworld, though a much happier version of him.

8557299 I wonder if Spike can understand Angel, or only other dogs?

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