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I am a human in Equestria. My only concern is making sure all ponies are safe and happy. If you don't intend on harming them, you're already on my good side. View blog for more info.

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Hello there. My name is Luke, and I am a human mercenary. I started off as a factory worker in my world...but bizarre events took me to Equestria. Me being a brony, that's a pretty spectacular thing. I woke up in a field with a Colt 1911 pistol by my side. I'm still not sure how this weapon and extra munitions appeared in the first place, and I'm not the only human who had this happen. Many more humans appeared too, and their intentions differed. They all had their own weapons and gear too...it's like if you give soldiers in training some guns, and see what they do. My personal objective is to protect all ponies from harm, whether it be from an Equestrian creature...or another human...

Anyways...I self trained myself in firearms, martial arts, and psychology. I do try my best to avoid conflict...but when all seems lost, I have no choice but to fight. Bizarre magical accidents made me almost completely bulletproof, giving me the nickname, "The Juggernaut" . Other than that, I got no magical powers. I'm just a man with a gun.

My typical outfit is a pair of boots, blue jeans, a camouflage jacket, a tactical vest, some fingerless gloves, an olive green baseball cap, my glasses, and of course my 1911 pistol with plenty of ammunition in almost every pocket and pouch.

I don't like to harm others, but that doesn't mean that I won't if I have to. Don't test me, either. I'll make you cry for your mommy.

Juuust be nice to ponies. Or else.

[This will be deleted soon. Someone needed to use info about a character]

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>>2438147 *salutes* Respect to a writer from a mercenary. :scootangel:

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cant wait for the new story for left 4 dead

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