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One day, you wake up in Equestria. You don't know how, you don't know why. All you know, is that you have the chance to meet your favorite ponies...and your least favorite ponies. However...there is that one pony that you REALLY hated. So, what do you do? If you ever wanted to punch that pony in his/her face...now you can!

(This is a parody of the story Mane 6 Mistletoe Simulator. I asked the author's permission to make a parody, and bear in mind that I do not hate any of these characters.)

Chapters (5)
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She finds you and kicks your ass. The end. 😈 Because it's Starlight and she'd come up with a couple spells that allow her to do it.

I'd want to hit Rainbow Dash. Because it's Rainbow Dash and more often then not she has it coming.

Ponies that need punching also include Zephyr, blueblood, thorax,

I got a list of ponies who need a good SOCK IT TO THEIR FACE K.O. Want the names?

To be fair I can imagine some canon characters wanting to secretly do this. Poor Starlight.

Punch Diamond Tiara's mother.

Punch the princesses, all of them!

Ooh, I agree that would be fun.



I read that in this voice:

Here you go:
1. Diamond Tiara
2. Silver Spoon
3. Twilight Sparkle
4. Applejack
5. Big Macintosh
6. Pinkie Pie
7. Rainbow Dash
8. Rairty
9. Fluttershy
10. Mayor Mare
11. Fancy Pants
12. Hoity Toity
13. Photo Finish
14. Sapphire Shores
14. The Wonderbolts
15. Princess Celestia
16. Princess Luna
17.Princess Cadance
18. Shinning Armor.

B.T.W. I got a even better punishment beside punching them, Want to hear it?

Put Tempest Shadow on here. I don't care what kind of sad sobstory backstory she had, that's no excuse for her to be enjoying what she's doing, committing crimes/terrorist attacks, freezing the Princesses, chaining the ponies for shits and giggles (all because she lost her horn as a filly instead of trying to find ponies who could appreciate for what she is!), and she got the same tired villain fate that's been affecting the franchise, getting reformed with no consequences and being let off scott free, she's even worse than Starlight Glimmer.

Radiant Hope would be a good candidate too, though she's a comic only character. And maybe Twilight Sparkle, but I dunno. While I hate and am extremely sad at what she's become I don't hate her as much as those two.

And why do I imagine myself as Ken from Fist of the North Star here... :rainbowwild:

Punch Rainbow Dash. Stupid Pegasus always swings first and asks questions never. This time, we punch in self defense first!

Naw. Punching Flash Sentry was the best chapter so far. You know why.

Zephyr breeze should be next that deadbeat sleazeball has it coming.

The real question here is are all these guys landing in the same Equestria. :eeyup:

Smack Chrysalis I am sorry but it's gotten kind of hard to feel sorry for her


I dare you.

I double-dare you, motherbucker.

Go for pinkie pie already breaking 4th wall and spy on everyone!

I imagine all these dudes meeting up being all cool until they realized they just KTFO of each others favorite ponies. :rainbowderp: :eeyup:

I vote for Svengallop being next. Tell me that guy doesn't need a pair of shiners.

Nice seeing Starlight get punched. Oddly enough I can imagine it's Ken from Fist of the North Star doing this. :rainbowlaugh:


So, Sunburst is about as useful as an inflatable dartboard. Maybe he'll be more useful if someone punches some sense into him!

Punch Celestia, useless sunbutt.

Hah, nice Rocky punch from Jackass!

I imagine it being Shadow the Hedgehog who punched her.

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