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A hack writer with moments of brilliance upon occasion. Feel free to toss a few bucks in my tip jar https://paypal.me/JeremyCurd Yes, I do commissions.  


I had so much fun with writing A Meeting In A Strange Timeline and so many ideals that I am going to really let loose with more chapters, more timelines, and more alternate princesses for Twilight to meet. May Celestia have mercy on my soul because it is once more into the breach dear friends. TALLY HO!!!

Latest Stories

  • E A Meeting In A Strange Timeline.

    During Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer's battle across time Princess Twilight ends up in a timeline with two other timeline jumping Princesses. You made this story popular 4/23/2017.  · ChAoS pOnY
    2,547 words · 649 views  ·  48  ·  4
  • E The Lost Crystal

    The Kessho, a crystal so rare that only a handful have ever been known to exist in the Multiverse and Sweetie Belle just accidentally swallowed one of them in her excitement to show her sister Rarity the 6 colored crystal she found and her new friend  · ChAoS pOnY
    10,159 words · 153 views
  • E Dear Equestria

    Luna writes a message on the moon.  · ChAoS pOnY
    1,000 words · 335 views  ·  23  ·  3
  • E Steel Heart

    Poor Steel Heart finds herself in a new world and waiting for Galiant to slip through the cracks of reality to get her. Oh well, might as well say hi to all the nice ponies and find the local Equine Automaton Inc. office while she waits.  · ChAoS pOnY
    7,933 words · 123 views
  • E The Royal Seal of Approval for Culinary Excellence?

    Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!! The Element of Laughter Invades The Royal Palace with Take-Out!!!  · ChAoS pOnY
    2,982 words · 380 views  ·  23  ·  1


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