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(Displaced Story - Crossover with Kingdom Hearts)

What was supposed to be a normal day at a Kingdom Hearts convention in New York ended with me being sent into an unknown land filled with ponies and whatnot... To make matters worse, now I look like a complete copy of Kairi (Kingdom Hearts II) and wielding Destiny's Embrace - this is so not going to fly! Oh, well... might as well try to protect this world from darkness and whatnot... (Note to self: if you see the Merchant guy... kick his ass for sending me to this world.)

(Note: Green words means that a song begins to play - Red means that a song has ended!)

(Inspired by the LoHAH fanfics.)

(Special thanks to Chaos Nightmare for allowing me to use Midnight-Vanitas as a villain for the story!

(Cover art was made by me!)

Chapters (14)

Word of advice, don't buy things from shady booths at conventions. I was originally just a guy, annoyed by circumstances beyond my control. Now I'm a butt kicking girl from my favorite video game franchise! How could this possibly get any weirder? Oh, how about originally being male, and now being female?

This is gonna shoot the continuity to pieces, isn't it?

Special thanks to HoodwinkedTales for the fantastic cover art!

Warning: The sex tag is in place due to gender bending, just to be safe. If you don't like that sort of thing, turn around and keep browsing.

Crossover chapters with (In order of appearance):

Spider in Equestria by DarkSpider
Solid Script Equestria by Garnet Naturea
The Golden Eyed Sage by Alvasa
Diclonius Queen of Equestria by Garnet Naturea
Something From Nothing by shagohad12 and Voldine
Embrace Your Destiny by Ocelot the Devil

Chapters (21)

This story is a sequel to Winter is coming to Ponyville

This story takes place after the episode "Daring Don't"

Rainbow Dash assists in an adventure with Daring Do and accidently get's pregnant with the goddess of fire. This causes a lot of issues for the young daredevil as she wishes to compete in the Equestria Games and it could affect her being chosen as an official member of the Wonderbolts. Luckily for Rainbow Dash her marefriend Winter is there to help and support her through this odd pregnancy.

Cover Artist: Pridark

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to All Hail, Midnight Sparkle!

After a year of incarceration, Sombra was free and ready to take his revenge on Princess Celestia when, against his better judgement, spared her life and fled. He then aided her and Equestria's heroes in freeing Twilight Sparkle from the influence of Nightmare Moon, though he experienced his own trial during that time. Now once again on the run, Sombra is questioning his purpose in this brave new world. What is next for Sombra now that he finds his life is changing? Will he change as well?

*Takes place in my head-canon universe

Set during Season 5; takes place after "The Cutie Map" but before "Tanks for the Memories"

Contains Twibra; if you're not into that, then you might not like this story

Cover art by RossmaniteAnzu and is used with her permission

Chapters (13)

This story is a sequel to The Return of the King

Twilight Sparkle, still adjusting to her new role as a Princess of Equestria, finds herself plagued by stress and self-doubt as she questions her worth to her friends and to her country. Unknown to everypony, Twilight included, she has become possessed by the same force that turned Princess Luna into Nightmare Moon. Soon, Twilight is transformed into Midnight Sparkle, self-proclaimed Queen of Magic and sets off to conquer Equestria for herself. Desperate, her friends reluctantly team up with Sombra in order to get their Twilight back and end the threat that started a thousand years ago once and for all.

*Part of my head canon series

Set during Season 5 after "The Cutie Map" but before "Castle Sweet Castle"

Contains Twibra; if you're not into that, then you might not enjoy this story

Cover art by MelSpyRose

Chapters (21)

My Little Pony Realization is now open to Beta testers, a full installation of the TV series as an MMORPG, designed for players to fully integrate themselves into the magical world of Equestria. There is no objective but your own. Fight. Level. Survive.

However, the exclusive experience is cut short on the last day as the world begins to break at the seams, caging the thousands of players inside of Equestria where there are no second chances once your life is null. Is this a glitch or is someone pulling the strings? The only way out is to fight and conquer the Four Vaults, but with hundreds of ways to die, is that even possible? For one scarlet player, she'll refuse to die until she sees the end of this game.

A remake of MLP: Actualization Online.

Warning: 'Strong Language', and references to 'Sex'.

Featured 29/01/21! Thank You So Much~!

Chapters (24)

If you think to be the best magician unicorn over Equestria was a challenge, you don't know anything about parenthood then. Starswirl always thought dealing with other ponies was easy, but he never thought how much difficult was to take care of one filly, imagine 3. That's his life with his 3 daughters.

Starswirl have to deal with past, present and future of his daughters, and even if they tried to conquerer Canterlot High in another dimension, they were still his daughters and they were still be grounded for not doing their homeworks.


A collection of random chapters about being a father to 3 sirens, making all the comedy, drama and random problems it could happen with our favorite sirens and the most powerful mage over Equestria.
So don't mind about past, present order, because it will be totally random, so keep reading for fun and enjoy the comedy and slice of life of the most difficult part of life called parenthood.

Edited by: Allegrano_Melody

Officially Featured in 12/09/2020

Chapters (14)

Life is basically complete for Twilight. She and her friends are practically retired, Equestria is at peace, and everything's been wrapped up for at least another thousand years.

Well, you'd think so, anyway. You know how it took two years for Twi to mention her brother? Well...

Tagged with Sex for implied fun times in the future.

Chapters (1)

Cover Art belongs to https://sushiihamster.deviantart.com

The duty of a King is to be there for his subjects. To guide, and rule them with fairness, and compassion. To lead them into a bright, and beautiful future in peace and prosperity. He must care for them as if they were his own, and protect them with his life. Those are the qualities of a pure king. But there are a few exceptions to this principle: and that is King Sombra. The nefarious unicorn who fell to the dark powers, and became an evil despot who conquered the Crystal Empire, and enslaved the ponies who lived there, before his 1000 year imprisonment in the Frozen North. His return 1000 years later may have brought about a second reign of hate and fear, with his slaves trapped in his iron grip for all time. That is, were it not for the efforts of eight ponies, and a small baby dragon who brought back the Crystal Heart, and used the power of Love inside to restore the empire, and vanquish the evil king once, and for all.

But this was not the end of the story itself.

The duties of a prince is to his people. To guide, and rule his subjects with fairness, and compassion. To treat them as his own, and protect them with his own life. And Prince Shining Armor, husband to Princess Cadance, and Former Captain of the Guard, is a pony who would give his life to protect everyone: whether it's his own family, the princesses themselves, AND his newfound subjects. While he still isn't quite sure about his place as a Prince, he is as sure as he can be that his place remains with his beloved wife.

But now that love must be put to the test. Ever since Cadance, and his sister found the secret study of King Sombra, something strange has been happening with Shining Armor. He feels.........unsafe at times. As if something were always following him. And he swears he hears a voice in his head. Worse still are these compulsions which threatens to take him over. What could this all mean? Is Shining Armor perhaps suffering from the strains of the recent events in his life? Or is something else at work here? Something insidious, and dark. Something which seeks to use him in order to see its return to power. The only question remaining is this:

Can Shining Armor stand against this evil? Or will he succumb to the Darkness within>

Chapters (8)

When Spike is troubled from his past. A mysterious relative warns Spike of a slumbering evil, Spike now has a mission, To search out his time immemorial , find what has been taken, and defend Equestria from an awakening Evil, can he handle what would change his life forever .

Chapters (2)