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Even though King Sombra had been held under the Crystal Castle's probation for over a year, Shining Armor was becoming more worried about his presence in recent months. In fact, Sombra and Cadance were both leaving the Prince more uneasy than expected. He didn't want to think it was anything serious, and was willing to just blame it on nerves or stress. However, the stallion will end up discovering far more than he ever expected after finding two alone during a private conversation...

[NOTE: This story isn't related to any other stories of mine featuring these characters. This is a totally different timeline]

Chapters (1)

After having saved all of Equestria together, the Student Six certainly have a strong friendship, but is it truly unbreakable?

Wanting to find out, Friendship School Guidance Councillor Starlight Glimmer decides to give them the ultimate test: playing Cards Against Equestria.

Can their friendship survive this horrible game?

Sex tag is for raunchy jokes only. There is no actual sex in this story.

For this story, I used actual cards from the game, though some of them have been slightly altered so that they more closely reflect the world of Friendship is Magic instead of the real world.

Inspired by Mythril Moth’s Cards Against Equestria Girls, and BronyOverlord’s Cards Against Starlight

Featured on 26/11/2018

YouTube reading here

Chapters (11)

This story is a sequel to The Dragon Lord's Consort

Spike awakens nearly a year later. But much has happened in his sleep and absence. A threat is building in Equestria and it may tear at the relationships between Dragon and Pony. Spike's future is undetermined, with a role he has yet to accept and a struggle over his destiny, between the family he grew up with or the family he needed. With time, he may not be the same as he was before and what the changes that have manifested with him, may hold.

Sequel can now be found here!!!Dragon Lords Guardian

Chapters (25)

Spike shows up on Fluttershy's doorstep at the crack of dawn, professing heartbreak and asking for a shoulder to cry on. Fluttershy does as every pony should: she makes him a pot of tea, and sends him off to bed.

This is the story of where that takes them.

This turned out to have three endings. In order they are Bad, True, Happy, and have been placed in the story where they would have occurred had I written them 'in flow' if you will. They are not tied to each other and you only need to read the one you want to get an end to the journey. Thank you to everyone who supported this to the end. It was a lovely trip :heart:

Cover art gratefully borrowed from Airy, over on Tumblr. Give a peek for more cuties :twilightsmile:

Featured briefly on 12/22/16! Thanks all, for the wonderful Christmas gift!
Featured briefly every time I actually update! You guys have no idea how happy that makes me, thank you so much! :twilightblush: :yay:

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In her successful attempt to stop Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer ends up in the universe of The Batman. Now, with the help of her mentor Zatanna Zatara and two best friends—Barbara Gordon and Pamela Isley—she has to figure out her place in a brand new world.

Currently being written by Ackbarfan5556 and Produced/Developed by yours truly.

My personal thanks go to Pen Stroke and Burraku_Pansa for helping me bounce this idea around and suffering through my naming process.

Chapters (41)

This story is a sequel to CRISIS: A Royal Affair

A mysterious portal appears in the Everfree Forest one afternoon, and Twilight Sparkle and her friends are sent to investigate. The portal transports them to another Equestria, one full of evil and darkness, where they have to fight to survive on the long journey home. A pony named Tick Tock, a guardian of this new world from forces of chaotic magic, offers to find a way to take them home. They make other new friends along the way, but also new enemies, primarily six evil counterparts out for blood.

The central story of the CRISIS-verse. This story takes place during Season 3 of canon, before the Keep Calm and Flutter On episode.

Thanks to Devnator, BeeAre, and The Living Couch who assisted with editing and as creative consultants. Cover art by Starlight Spark.

Check out the TVTropes page, maybe give it some love.

Chapters (41)

Today, I will tell you the story of the lost book of prophecies...

Overnight, the Void awoke, threatening to destroy all worlds. Once again, Twilight was chosen to be the savior, this time by traveling the multiverse to rescue it from an untimely demise. The journey will be long, come with many friends, several enemies, and test her like nothing else ever has. Each world has its own rules, its own ways—but all are in danger from the nihilistic desire of a cackling Count.

A reimagining of Super Paper Mario with ponies and a few twists. Every world Twilight visits will be a new crossover, and part of the way this story is structured is to encourage readers to guess what worlds are going to appear. No familiarity with any franchise is required to read the story, as is tradition with my crossovers.

Read this spoiler only if you want to know the surprise crossovers ahead of time. Updates whenever a new franchise is revealed:
Contains MLP, Super Paper Mario, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sonic X, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Chronicles of Narnia, Mario in general, Warhammer Fantasy, Numenera, and Final Fantasy

Cover by Hoodwinked MCShelster

Has nothing to do with Songs of the Spheres aside from opposing themes.

Edited by several people, most of which are part of my usual army: Pink Man, Mal Masque, Blaster Master, VoidTemplar2000, Guldringr, Shilic, Ponygood, and a few others helping out here and there.

-GM, master of Purity

Chapters (116)

This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer Hunts the Undead

Principal Celestia and a bunch of other middle-aged high school teachers hunt the undead.

So does her adoptive daughter, Sunset Shimmer, alongside a farmer, an ex-siren, a forgettable nobody, and a dark mistress of unholy mad science.

These are their ongoing stories.

(Ask the hunters anything, here!)

(This story almost entirely consists of reader-submitted chapters. All ideas welcome, submit them here!)

Chapters (26)

Even though Sunset Shimmer managed to close the space-time rifts caused by the Human Twilight Sparkle, one tear still remains.

Two spirits of chaos and a certain pink pony make numerous changes, the largest of which is the portal remaining at the Crystal Empire under Sombra's guardianship before becoming evil. This forms a paradox merely known as the New Timeline.

Join me as we explore the stories in the New Timeline

You can still read the stories of the Old Timeline, but now those are considered non-canon.

Season Zero: Prologue to The Fall of Sunset Shimmer

Season One: Bitter Reunions to Snow Day

Season Two: Bring a Monster to School Day to A Canterlot Wedding Part 2

Season Three: The Crystal Empire to One Shall Rise

Stories set in Season 5: The Advent of Godzilla
The Return of Tambelon
Dawn of the Dinosaur

Season 6: Revelations onward

Equestria Girls (By Chronological Order): Rise of the Maximals, Equestria Girls (New Timeline Version), Camping is Just Dazzling, It Came from the Mysterious Beyond, MLP/LBT: The Stomping Grounds, The Perfect Dinosaur, From Beyond the Western Gate, Wrath of the Red Dragon, A Maximal Crusader, Heir of the Sands, Equestria Girls: The Rubicon.

Includes "Adventure" stories as well.

First Glance Review

Chapters (34)

Luna Investigative Agencies, after hiring a detective, is on the trail of a mass murderer, who kills only Earth ponies. The murderer is claiming victims by the day, but the trail has run cold. Will the detective ever catch up to the murderer? And will the murderer ever change her ways?

Told from 3rd person (about the detective) and 1st person perspective (from the murderer.)

Chapters (2)