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More. There will never be enough Cards Against stories.

Ther is never enough Cards Against Equinety.:pinkiehappy::trollestia:

Let the madness commence! This is going to be glorious. :rainbowlaugh:

Haven't seen this in a while.

Why only one chapter? I want so badly to see the whole currption of pony society.

“Should I be concerned? I’m concerned.” Trixie said flatly.

When Trixie doesn't address herself in third-personpony, you know she really really means what she's saying. xD

Don't worry, I'll be posting new chapters as I finish them!

And it's always fun when it happens :trixieshiftright:

i'm only slightly dissapointed Discord didnt join the game after being mentioned. but in any case, please continue. I need a good laugh :yay:

I considered putting him in, but decided trying to add in all of his chaos magic (not to mention him cheating or acting out if he lost) would just detract from the fun

He doesn't need to join. Just be there to laugh, and provide props and visuals. (think of the mayhem!)

This'll definitely be a fun time.

i havent played cards against humanity before but ive seen the cards and other fan made cards and its really funny.:twilightsmile:

moar pls!:yay:

Well, it's time to question the sanity of these ponies as time goes on. I can only imagine if at some point Stellar Flare and Firelight visit them while playing this.

I very much enjoy this and you should keep making more.

Glad to hear it!

I shall indeed, I'm uploading each new chapter as I finish it, there'll be 10 in total.

Depending on how things go I may consider doing a sequel with different characters or some spinoffs based on scenarios that crop up during the game

had a good snicker this round. Moar please :yay:

Wait, who won the last round?

Trixie did, I can't believe I forgot to put that in! I've edited it in now. Nice catch!

Edit: I've also decided to keep a running score in the author's notes at the bottom of each chapter from now on

GOD I LOVE CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY! best card game ever whether you win or lose

The comedian is in last place? How dare!

Loving this. Hope Trixie doesn't sleep too poorly for that. After all, Luna probably agrees haha.

me think pinkiepie and the girls, and princess already knew about this game.

This was actually funny than the last one. Not bad dude

This was actually funny than the last one. Not bad dude

I hope we learn more about Maud and Boulder's sexcapades in the later chapters.

I love this game. Every time I play I'm as red as a beet and hiding behind my hands with tears running down my cheeks. Your Equestrian version gets a two hooves up from me, and a like.

Little surprise that Trixie's in the lead in a Cards Against game. You kinda need the ability to be crass and obnoxious to get anywhere in it lol.

I love this game and stories with ponies playing it. although I think it would be absolutely hilarious if marble and limestone pie were included in playing

I predict that Maud wins the game in the end

that or the wonderbolts play it. spitfire, soarin, dash and fleetfoot. i'd bet they would be very rauncy

Originally I was going to see how well the fic did once it was finished, then see about doing a sequel involving the princesses

Starlight grinned at her, “We’ll see about that, who’s going to go first?”

Usually, the first Card Princess is decided by who most recently pooped. No really. That's actually an official rule of Cards Against Humanity

Why does this story feel like it should end in a massive 4 way.

Unless Hugh Jackman is playing

This is an amazing concept, you're doing a stellar job of writing it and I need more chapters!

So, out of curiosity, are you using an actual deck of CoH cards for this, playing the game 'normally' for each character? That's what MythrilMoth did in Cards Against Equestria Girls, iirc.

That's exactly what I did. I played a full game and typed up every card drawn and who drew them along with scores, what was played and when.

That way I can go back and write more whenever I get a chance, rather than having to leave all of the cards out and waiting until I can get back to it

got one for ya "If you have to fuck something how would you do it?"

Looking forward to next chapter. Best little S.o.L. I've read in a while. Wish I'd thought of it; I spend enough time poisoning my brain with the game anyhow.

“And entirely impossible as long as Pinkie is still around,” Maud added, “She’s actually got an ‘End of Days’ party planned already, just in case.”

I'm whit Starlight hear. Not surpriset at all.

How did I miss this one? Add.

I think this was the funniest chapter yet.

Starlight rubbed a hoof under her chin, “Sunset it’s best to just pick a number of rounds to play for, then whoever has most points at the end wins. Shall we see how we go with ten rounds?”

Sunset said

Or Bono who weighs 80 courics.

Ignoring him, Starlight flicked over a black card. The wide grin she cracked did nothing to reassure the others, “Here we go Trixie, this one was made for you.

Needs end " marks.

Would never suspect Maud for having a powerful set of lungs powerful enough to cause oral based bowl voiding ... that's some skill.

This fanfic is fucking incredible and I love it so much. It's hilarious.

Criticisms? None. Comments? This is hilarious. But is it bad that now i wish there was a fic with the Shadow 5 and maybe Sci-Twi doing this? We've seen the Rainbooms do this via Mythril Moth, Starlight's little group of friends thanks to you, and the M6 and others thanks to another guy. Sorry, just venting. Again, hilarious chapter like the previous ones. Can't wait for the next.

Please. Those five wouldn't survive past the first round without trying to murder each other. Take your pick on why. And Sci Twi?

She'd make a bee line for the Portal and take up residence in Equestria if it meant not getting black mailed into doing it.

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