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During another year's festive Hearth's Warming Eve traditions, Pinkie Pie livens up the celebratory holiday with her best friends by bringing in Cards Against Equestria. This game is only shared between the best of friends, and the worst of ponies.

How will the friends' friendship be able to stand up against such a nasty challenge?

Also, this story is set after the events of Season 8 of MLP:FiM.

NOTE: The 'Sex' tag is implied towards potential references of sexual activity. No actual sex occurs. I'm just 'tryna be safe!

Based on the renowned card game: Cards Against Humanity.

This story is inspired by these great stories by Dawn Flower (Cards Against Creatures) and BronyOverlord (Cards Against Starlight)

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 50 )

You sir or madam have my interest in this and I will look forward to this

Thank you, sir or madam for your kind words! :twilightsmile:

Well it's time for the sanity of the Main 6 and Spike to degrade and explore the unspoken regions of their psyches.

Dread it... run from it... the cards will arrive nonetheless. :derpyderp2:

I think you can subtract Pinkie from the equation. I’m sure she’s already gone insane! :pinkiecrazy:

This seems like it will amuse me. Carry on.

Thank you for a good start!

This is interesting.... thank you for the chapter!

It would be interesting if Spike did send a letter to the princesses and one of them came to join in....
This is highly amusing! Thank you and keep up the good work!

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: I’ll definitely consider that idea! It’s a pretty good suggestion!

Thanks again for the complements!

No problem. They're true. Good luck with the next chapter!

This is now the second Cards fiction I saw Rarity get the Virginity card.

Unforgivable minds think alike! :rainbowlaugh:

Now I'm hoping that the CAH producers make an official My Little Pony expansion to the game. I'd buy it just to see what they do with it, and boy is there PLENTY of materiel!

I actually have a fan-made spoof of CAH with pony stuff! I got it at a convention! I can’t get a friggin image of it on here tho.

I got bored after I ran out of fic. Feel free to ignore me :)
"__________ & ___________. A love story"

(Discord), (excessively fluffy kittens that are ugly as Sin)
(Queen Chrysalis), (a giant spider that can tap-dance only on tuesdays)
(A literal shitstorm), (The Smooze)
(The heat-death of the universe), (Nerds that literally live in libraries)

:rainbowlaugh: Thanks so much for the read and the ideas. I’ve already got the last two rounds planned out but I think I’ll defintely consider adding these somewhere! Thanks again! :yay:

This can only get worse and chopping of a bit of the horn didn't know they had Judaism in Equestria.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: That’s not what I had in mind but I works!

"I'm sure the party has already begun for Pinkie." Replied Rainbow Dash, shuffling her wings around to rid of the snow.

Rainbow just doesn't get it, for Pinkie Pie the party never stops.

"...I'm trying to say that, tonight, you've been my hero."

Aaaw! That's so sweet.

"My legal name is drama!"

I fully believe that her middle name is actually drama. She made it a point to make that her legal middle name.

Sin Count: (Score)
Pickle Pie: 4
SDCC lol more like STD: 6
Cute pone Flutters: 4
Ah got the apples in the back: 5
QuesadillaHatr69: 4
Sun Glutes: 1
Y'know that guy: 1
Unicorn: 4

Ok i'm just gonna be over here in the corner laughing my ass off pinkies score card

Glad I got someone laughing!

:ajbemused: Ah gee. You know how many times I gotta say ‘laugh’ in this story? It’s like... my trigger word now! :rainbowlaugh:

The hay-like shingles of the houses . . .

That's called "thatch", and buildings that have it are referred to as being "thatch-roofed", or "thatched".

You are a legend, for you have summoned my all-time favourite meme.
Seeing the vid:

"I've got this, Twilight." Spike replied. Clearing his throat, he put on his best accent to imitate the exotic antagonist's voice. " But before I kill you, Daring Do, I must show you making the penises kiss ." The first card kicked off with a healthy amount of laughter from the group as Spike rolled his R s to the best of his ability. Across from the dragon, Rainbow was having the time her life with his impressions.

There's not any R's in that sentence?

“befoRe” and “DaRing” :applejackunsure:

Ah, my bad, don't know how I missed those.

"I say let 'em play, Twi! What harm could possibly happen between friends?" Applejack added.

Do I even need to say it?

*Pulls out 13 foot-long scroll...*

Pinkie Pie, the responsible adult, everybody. Getting Spike to play an adult game with lots of swearing, sexual innuendos (both explicit and veiled) and horrible insults... while he's a kid in the company of 6 grown up mares.
Yeah, this is gonna end well.

I mean, if I’ve prevailed in the face of imminent danger AND saved the Crystal Empire several times, I should get adult privileges, right? :moustache:

Now ready to continue, Fluttershy was gestured to begin reading. "Dart is a lonely colt. But when he discovers a secret passage in his closet, he meets a magical new friend: blank."

Is it Anne Frank?

In a haste to get her turn over with, Fluttershy began to read out the next card. "Dart is a lonely colt. But when he discovers a secret passage in his closet, he meets a magical new friend: B-bitches."

Why is Granddad Freeman here?

I don’t see Anne Frank this time, unfortunately :rainbowlaugh:

What about Grandpa Freeman?

We checked the closet but not the bathroom. :rainbowderp: Bet he stealing mints again...

Or hiding from another crazy Kung-Fu wolf bitch... hopefully he's not taking more pics for his dating profile.

Only criticism I have is you need to show us a scorecard of who the points go to

Holy shit twilight's comeback was savage beyond belief now question 2 who the fuck wants to see her hot everyone with that

Petition for Twilight to brutally roast her friends? :twilightblush:

Where do I sign

I’m sure it’s somewhere in Twilight’s stack of useless parchment and fanfiction.

I think Trixie raided that for twilight's hate sex porn she wrote about Trixie so it's a mess right now (and yup that's a reference to cards against starlight)

"With a small donation of just ten bits, you can save a foal from gay thoughts."


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