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Young Amazons - Wanderer D

Sunset Shimmer is flung into another universe

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Chapter 01: Fate

Magic twirled around the pair as Twilight and Sunset faced each other, hovering in their transformed states outside of reality itself.

"Take my hand, Twilight," Sunset said gently, extending her hand towards her. "Let me show you there's another way, just like someone once showed me."

Twilight Sparkle hesitated. After all, this was all her fault. She had made the machine that drained the magic. She had fallen for Cinch's blackmail and abuse. And now, could it be that easy? Could things be fixed by such a simple gesture?

The magic swirled around them, power manifest, pulsating with eternal, infinite knowledge, incomprehensible possibilities... and yet, this gesture, this simple act, the presence of the offered hand in friendship and understanding went beyond even the promise of all that.

With a mental sigh, somewhat regretting the immensity of what she was about to ignore in favor of something as mundane as friendship, Twilight took a deep breath and made up her mind, taking Sunset's hand and letting go of the magic.

Sunset smiled, and for a second everything was fine... then the magic cracked around them.

Portals opened all around, seeming to suck the energy out of the universe and both girls had to fight the pull with all the strength their wings were giving them, using their magic to seal them as fast as they could... but to no avail. As the whole of reality was consumed around them, Sunset turned to Twilight and pulled her into a tight hug.


"It's not your fault," Sunset whispered to Twilight. "Don't blame yourself. Be strong. Be there for my friends and the princesses when you meet them."

"But what do yo—" Twilight began to say, but stopped as the magic left her body and she returned to her normal self. She looked around with wide eyes, then to Sunset who smiled reasuringly at her.

And then Sunset Shimmer pushed her, surrounding her in a magic bubble and forcing her through the remaining light barrier. Everything flashed, like an explosion going off right in front of her. She felt the last of the magic fade and suddenly she was on her hands and knees, staring at cracked concrete below her.

She heard hushed voices around her and then...


Spike ran up to her and jumped into her arms. "What happened?!"

"Twilight!" the Rainbooms called out, running up to her, followed by the heads of the schools. "Where's Sunset?"

Twilight's eyes widened and she looked around in growing horror before the tears slowly accumulated in her eyes until she couldn't hold them back anymore.

"S-sunset... she pushed me out when the magic collapsed... she's... she's gone," she said in a low voice, unable to look at them. "She's gone..."

Young Amazons

By Wanderer D

Chapter 01: Fate

Droplets of water on her face made her stir and try to block more from splashing her.

Sunset groaned rolled over, only to slide down the pile of trash she had landed in, upending at least three trash cans at the base before she came to a stop.

She tried to make sense of what was going on, looking around in confusion. What had happened to Twilight? Sunset herself was back in her normal clothes, leather jacket included, and completely soaked already from the rain, alone and in an alley for some reason. She had a pounding headache, and felt weak all over.

Slowly memory came back:

Twilight's demonic form fading as she returned to normal.

The sudden spike of energy that had threatened to destroy her world... encapsulating Twilight and making sure she made it safe back to Canterlot High... drawing the magic into herself, fighting the pull of the portals so that she could close them all... and nothing.

Coughing and gagging at the smell, she pushed herself until she was sitting up and studied the buildings around her, coming to one conclusion: wherever she was, it wasn't the town of Canterlot or Equestria.

It looked more like what you'd expect a dead-end alley would look like in Manehattan or Chicacolt.

"How did-did Twilight send me to the other side of the country?" Sunset forced herself to stand up, leaned against the wall for support and dug into her pocket, fishing out her cell phone. For a moment she stared at her hand, then looked at the other and pulled back the sleeves of her jacket, revealing that she was not imagining things and her skin was now a much softer orange... almost rosy white instead of warm sunlight. "What happened?!" She gasped in horror.

When she started hyperventilating, she forced herself to calm down. Other than the change of skin color, she was basically the same. Even her hair had remained yellow and red, and as far as she could tell, no other mutations had happened. Perhaps the drain of magic had affected her more than she anticipated.

Groaning, she lifted her phone up and tried to call Fluttershy. "No signal? In the middle of a city like this?" She sighed. "Great, now I need to figure out a way to get home from here."

"I'm telling you I saw a flash over here," a muffled voice said amidst the clit-clatter of falling rain and distant thunder.

Sunset lowered her phone and glanced warily as a pair of men walked into the alley, both blinking owlishly when they saw her. Their confused glances changed into smug smirks and their body language spelled trouble.

"Well, well, what have we here?" the bigger of the two asked. "What's a young girl like you doing here all alone?"

"Don't worry honey, we'll help you out," the other one added with a sneer.

"S-stay back!" Sunset warned them, shoving her phone in her pocket and crouching in a basic self-defense pose. She swayed, trying to ignore the growing pain from her headache, but was unable to stay standing still, and ended up leaning once again on the wall. "You really don't want to make me angry."

"Oooh, I'm so scared!" the bigger one taunted, laughing, and took a step forth. "She think's she's The Batman."

"The who?" Sunset asked, eyes narrowing.

"Oh, she's new in town? Even better," the smaller stated, walking to the side so that her escape route was completely cut off and flipping out a switchblade. "Let's see if you're all bark, missy."

Things were definitely not looking good. With the headache, the confusion from her still-waking brain, the strangeness of her location and... the unexpected flexibility and conflictive nature of the magical field here, there was a very high chance of hurting them if she acted... but not acting was not an option.

Sunset's eyes narrowed. "I might be a lot of things," she muttered as she let the full power of magic flow through her, using her own natural aptitude to try to balance and harmonize it inside of her. Her eyes glowed with power, and she felt a sliver of satisfaction when the two thugs' eyes went wide. "...but I will never be a victim!"

She pushed away from the wall, and raised her fists, which glowed with flame-like eldritch energies. She allowed the power to seep out, creating a thick, dangerous-feeling atmosphere around her, practically pushing them back.

The pair took several steps back before screaming and turning around to run, and just in time, as she felt the power leave her. She stumbled, trying to keep her eyes open as she watched the pair almost make it to the end of the alley before something emerged from the ground and trapped them.

"N-no..." she stammered already falling back. She couldn't pass out. Not while in danger like this...

"Easy," a female voice said behind her and she felt arms catching her. "I've got you."

She tried to lift her hand to point at the black form tossing the pair of thugs around, but her body felt sluggish and heavy.

"Don't worry," the voice assured. "They're safe, just incapacitated."

Sunset wanted to say more, but her eyes were closing against her will. That last flare of magic had drained all her willpower. She could do nothing but trust the owner of this voice, as foolish as it was to go in blind.

After making sure the two would-be-muggers were tied up, she sighed. "That takes care of them. But they are not important, I wonder where you came from?" Zatanna asked, giving the unconscious girl in her arms a look as she eased her down to lean her back against the wall.

She checked the girl's jacket and found a wallet. "Sunset Shimmer," she read. "Student at... Canterlot High? I've never heard of it. Nor the city of Canterlot."

"That would be because they don't exist in this reality," a voice said. "But, I believe it's best to discuss this somewhere else."

The world flashed around Zatanna and she found herself in a lavishly decorated, two leveled room.

Rather than walls, the whole room was covered in books and strange objects, all of them teeming with magical energies. Some of them she recognized... some were believed to have been lost to the ages.

Her practiced eye, however, could immediately tell that all of the artifacts were old... ancient even.

There didn't appear to be a way in, nor any form of exit unless she counted the chimney—which was currently lit. The wooden floor hadn't sounded hollow at all, and if their method of arrival had been any sign, the only way in or out was through the powers of their host.

The girl, Sunset Shimmer, was laying on a sofa, while the one responsible for bringing them there took a seat across from Zatanna. A sofa table had been set up already with steaming cups of tea and crackers. "Please," he said, motioning with his hand at a comfortable-looking Victorian chair across from him and to the right of the sofa. "We have much to discuss, involving the future of this young lady."

Zatanna quirked an eyebrow, looking from the man to Sunset before sitting down and leaning back. "Indeed. And she must be more powerful than I initially thought to have drawn the attention of Doctor Fate himself."

Fate didn't give any indication that he was surprised Zatanna knew his name, but he did nod.

"So why bring us here, Fate?" Zatanna asked.

"Because this girl ripped reality to arrive in Gotham," Dr. Fate replied. "A feat not easily achieved, and even less easily replicated. The powers of Chaos and Order sealed the rift behind her, absorbing any residual energy... in other words..."

"We can't track it to get her home," Zatanna finished, looking at the girl. "Is she a danger to Gotham?"

"That remains to be seen," Fate replied.

"Fate, this girl is unique," Zatanna spoke up, making him turn his head to her sharply. "I did feel the rip in reality, but when I got there, I saw her somehow channeled both Chaos and Order magic into herself and make it work."

"Hence the need for us to make a decision," Dr. Fate stated. "She arrived in Gotham, which I believe is an interesting choice. Why not in a more magical environment? Maybe the fates have something planned for her, but as an agent of Order I cannot allow a channeler of Chaos to roam free."

Zatanna set down the tea she had been sipping and leaned forward, eyes narrow. "I don't like the sound of that, Fate. I didn't sense evil in there, and the forces were too well balanced for it to have control over her."

Dr. Fate stood. "She must be contained... as much as it pains me to deny one so young of time, she cannot be allowed free rein in our world."

"And I cannot allow you to imprison her for a crime she did not commit," Zatanna retorted stepping up to him. "Unless she does something wrong, she should not be judged, and the only thing she has done so far is defend herself."

"Bringing you here is professional courtesy," Doctor Fate replied. "Knowing you, you would have found your way here in some misguided attempt to find the truth of why I brought her here. And so, I have explained everything to you. Surely you understand—"

"I understand you are making a lot of assumptions," Zatanna interrupted. "This girl has power... and perhaps the knowledge to travel back to her own universe. Until we know, we shouldn't act."

"Zatanna, surely..."

"I understand your concerns, yes," Zatanna replied, nodding, "But you have decided the fate of a teenager without her even having the chance to defend herself, speak or tell us if she knows how to go home."

Dr. Fate's mask hid his expression, but he turned around and sat down. "What do you propose?"

Smirking, Zatanna sat back in her own chair. "I propose a very simple set of actions to take, depending on her actions when she wakes up and has a chance to talk to me."

"You?" Dr. Fate asked.

"Me," Zatanna repeated. "I know you didn't expect a young woman from another world to wake up alone to the sight of of a masked man and not freak out."

"And once you've talked to her?" Dr. Fate asked.

"Then we decide what to do."

Sunset Shimmer groaned and stretched in the comfortable... sofa? "What..."

She pushed herself up into a sitting position, rubbing her eyes and blinking in confusion at the place she was in. "Um... hello?"

"I see you're awake," a familiar voice said, making Sunset turn to stare at the chair to the right of the sofa. She was sure there hadn't been anyone there a moment ago, but now a black-haired woman dressed in a fishnet, corset and tuxedo combo, including a walking stick and a top hat was sitting there, smiling at her.

"Y-yeah," Sunset stammered, staring around at all the magical tomes and the sheer feeling of magic surrounding her. "How did I get here?"

"Ah, that is the million dollar question, isn't it?" the woman said. "But first, allow me to introduce myself, I am Zatanna Zatara, professional stage magician and actual wizard."

"Sunset Shimmer, high school student," Sunset replied, not ready to fully trust this new acquaintance.

While Princess Twilight Sparkle would have probably babbled everything and made things work through sheer friendship, Sunset had still been living with humans and some cynicism would now always be part of her genetic make up. "And I'm sorry, but you mean to say you don't know how I arrived here? Last time I was... in an alley, somewhere. I think I heard your voice and suddenly I'm here."

"Ah," Zatanna smirked. "Here as in this specific sanctum of magical knowledge? I certainly know how you arrived. A friend of mine brought you here after you passed out. I insisted on staying by your side until you woke up."

"Um... thank you, I guess?" Sunset grimaced. "I don't suppose you know how to cast teleportation spells?"

"I do," Zatanna replied. "But my friend and I have already discussed trying to send you back to your home universe—"

"Wait," Sunset interrupted, eyes wide. "What do you mean my home universe? Are you saying..." she looked around, feeling herself panicking. "Oh no. Don't tell me I'm in a different one altogether."

Zatanna nodded and Sunset felt like the world had been yanked from under her feet.

"We were trying to figure out a way to send you back, but whatever link you had to your previous home faded away when you arrived here... you see, your magic is very... harmonious, whereas this universe's magic is governed by the opposing ends of Chaos and Order..."

Sunset groaned and covered her face. "And when I came in, the magic of Harmony was distorted by both ends pulling at their components and nopon—no one was around to keep it cohesive..."

Zatanna nodded, looking slightly surprised, if not impressed.

"I studied magic for years where I'm originally from," Sunset confessed, forcing a chuckle that she didn't feel. She shook her head. "That explains why I'm not orange anymore," she muttered to herself.

"Well then," Zatanna smiled. "This makes things easier and more complicated. On the one hand," she turned her left hand outwards, producing the Enchantress Tarot Card on it. "...you already have some training in controlling your energies and manipulating magic, on the other hand," her sleight-of-hand revealed The Devil card on her right. "With the rules for using your power being different here, you'll need to learn how your choices affect your life in unexpected ways. I'm not sure how our rules will necessarily apply to you, but you will need someone to teach you these basic differences, lest you end up turning to... the darker side."

Sunset cringed, her mind going back to her demonic transformation. "I don't want that. But if magic brought me here, it might be the only way to find my way home. I'll need to be able to use it to do so."

Zatanna nodded. "And we intend to help," she said. "If you're willing to remain under my supervision and tutelage, I believe I can help you start a life in Gotham City, the place you arrived at, and I should be able to stay there for as long as I'm needed to cover what you need to know." She smirked. "In fact, we might be able to give you as close to normal a life as we can, with school starting next week."

"And if I don't?" Sunset asked, more out of curiosity than because she was planning on declining.

Zatanna's face darkened. "It depends," she said at length. "I don't think you're evil, but you might still be a threat. Different powers and beings might come in contact with you and try to sway you to their service. Some of them with vast amounts of power, possibly even beyond mine in some cases."

Sunset smirked. "A bit confident, aren't we?"

Zatanna's smile did not waver. "But never arrogant."

The pair chuckled before settling into a pensive silence, and after a few minutes, Zatanna raised her eyebrow. "Well?"

A self-deprecating chuckle was the initial response. "The first time I left home I had some means to my name," Sunset said, looking down at the sofa table. "I had some gems which turned out to be extremely valuable in my new home. I was arrogant, angry and unafraid. I had convinced myself I had nothing to lose.

"It... took some time, but I eventually made friends with some help. I'm alone again, and this time in a place where people will try to take advantage of me and my power."

She took a deep breath and looked away, hugging her arms. Her previous mistakes came to mind. Leaving Celestia's side, fending on her own, sneering at offered hands, breaking friendships, chasing people away, hitting rock bottom and being pulled up. Did she have the strength to deal with a new life on her own?

Did she want to go out there blind, in a new, dangerous world? Not five minutes in, she had been almost mugged. And then she had been taken away into what could only be a pocket dimension by another magic user. Already this world was darker than her previous home, and with the wealth of knowledge contained in this room alone, it wouldn't be smart to just let it go, right?

"I don't know if you're really trying to help me, or why, but at least you seem to be on my side... I guess I could always use a mentor in this new world."

Zatanna smiled and used a finger to lift up Sunset's chin, so that she was looking at her straight in the eyes. "Be a little more confident, Sunset, you seem like a capable young lady. I'm sure with a bit of help you'll be able to manage things just fine."

"What do you think?"

Dr. Fate remained silent for a moment, gazing through the semi-transparent walls at the girl sitting on the sofa, looking through the pages of a book. "Do you believe you can help her control her powers and join our society while we figure out how to send her home?" he asked Zatanna.

The magician nodded. "She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, I think she can get used to living in Gotham, under our watch of course. I'll teach her to keep her powers in check and I know someone who I can ask for help to arrange for papers and a place to live for her."

"I believe I observed enough to trust you can keep her in check. I will be keeping an eye on her, however, and should she step in the wrong direction, I will step in."

"I'll make sure that doesn't happen, then," Zatanna said with a confident smirk.

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