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I am a student of economics,history and biology. I've come here to produce my seminal work Draconomachi. I hope to complete a and have it edited and posted somewhere it'll get noticed.


Here are some medical terms required to understand some dialogue that'll be coming at the end of "The Wyrm Has Turned"

The caudate nucleus is a nucleus located within the basal ganglia of the brains of many animal species. The caudate nucleus is an important part of the brain's learning and memory system.

Learning and memory

Historically, the basal ganglia as a whole have been implicated in higher-order motor control.[2] The caudate nucleus was initially thought to primarily be involved with control of voluntary movement. More recently, it has been demonstrated that the caudate is highly involved in learning and memory,[3] particularly regarding feedback processing.[4] In general, it has been demonstrated that neural activity will be present within the caudate while an individual is receiving feedback. People with hyperthymesia appear to have slight increases in the sizes of the caudate nucleus as well as of the temporal lobe of the cortex.


The caudate nucleus has been implicated in responses to visual beauty, and has been suggested as one of the "neural correlates of romantic love".

In my story, Dragons have a powerful associative memory that allows them to recall any point in their lives. It's a nature similar to HyperThymesia


also known as piking[1] or hyperthymestic syndrome[2] is a condition in which an individual possesses a superior autobiographical memory, meaning he or she can recall the vast majority of personal experiences and events in his or her life. The term “hyperthymesia" is derived from the Greek words "thymesis," meaning "remembering," and "hyper," meaning "excessive."

*being a biology student really helps with ideas

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