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{SPOILER} (not really. We all know, already...) · 3:32pm Aug 4th, 2012

About Season 3, Episode 3. What has become known as "The Derpy Backstory Episode" even though we don't know if we'll get more than an accident caused by her to be fixed by the Mane 6 while she tries to fix it, too, in her own special way.

Regardless, I just realized something: The voice. Oh Goddesses, her voice. No matter what, somebody's going to be upset. These are the facts:

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Thank you for the fave of Multitalented!

108226 If you say so. :rainbowlaugh: Thanks. I'm not that good really. :unsuresweetie:

108221 It belongs in the Feature Box, friend.

Thanks for favoring my story, mate. :pinkiehappy:

Excuse me, I don't mean to be pushy, but have you read Rotten to the Core yet?

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