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I'm an MLP addict, I love writing fanfictions, with my current addiction being MLP, making this site perfect for me.


Sorry about the lack of updates guys, I've got a lot of things running right now. · 5:22am Oct 25th, 2012

I've got tumblr stuff and art stuff going so this seems to get pushed to the wayside a bit too much guys, sorry. . .I'll be working on updates all day tomorrow. . .just so you all know. . .you'll see my fics back up soon.

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1690818 inspiration you say hmmm *taps chin* ah.

how bout you write or i send

her after you :pinkiehappy:

have a wonderful time!!!!

1689551 My apologies, I still have plans on eventually updating Imminence, I just haven't been inspired to write it for a long time now. It will eventually get updated, I've just not wrote in a LONG time and I apologize for that.

64734 seriously you break my heart with Imminence then you no update but still active seriously if you aint gunna finish it had it off

Why don´t you update :twilightangry2:?

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