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Thanos, The Mad Titan, Goku Black, Equestria's Divine God, Eric Von Shadow, The Reaper of The Cristal Empire, Death of the Four Horsemen, Ban The Demon of Equestria, Link, The Champion of Equestria, Shiva, The Howlite Howler, and finally Dr. Doom, all of these Displaced finally meet to compete against each other in a tournament that will change their lives forever. The prize of the tournament could shake their worlds, one tournament, one dream, one wish, and one Displaced who will come on out.

But in the shadows, someone is pulling the strings, someone who is very dangerous and could kill them all and end their tales right there.

How will they stop this evil? Will The_Chill_Author stop bugging me for TFS references? You're about to find out in The Displaced Tournament! Presented by Hetap...

Displaced Stories and ones who didn't make the cut.

A Forced Hero - By DisplacedWriter

Four Horsemen Come To Equestria - By Anomis

Howlite Howler - By Three Tails

Power Vessel - By Delta-Boio

The Shadow Of Equestria - By Screwball666

Equestria's Divine God - By Shirt Mechanic

DOOM of Griffonstone! - By ShadowStar_IMHP

Against All Odds - By The_Chill_Author (come on and go like it, he's almost at 100 likes!)

And those who didn't make the cut...

Ring eyed Shinobi - By Seeker of Knowledge

The Undying Angel - Show Stopper

Go and show support to all of these amazing authors!

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What if during the Summer Sun Celebration, Twilight didn't meet Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, or Rainbow Dash? What if she met different ponies? And they're all stallions? How would things be different? How much would things stay the same?

This is basically a retelling of MLP but with different characters. Twilight is still here, but the rest of the main six are not present, instead other characters will be taking their place. Alternate Universe pretty much.

The lessons I plan to put into each in one of these chapters (besides the first two) are lessons that I either need to learn myself or lessons I learned the hard way.

Concept Help by Psychotic Nekomata and Judoshrew
Co-Written by Emerald Comet
Edited by Nonagon

Now with Audio Drama!
Chapter 1

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Main Course is a successful chef and restaurant owner. Or he was, anyway, until a fire tore up his life's work and left him adrift. When he visits his sister in the rural backwater town of Ponyville, he discovers an abandoned building that's perfect for a quick fix-up so he can flip it for a profit. But the building comes with an unforeseen tenant, and when he lets her stick around he discovers that maybe, just maybe, there's something out there more important than wealth and fame.

Chapters (14)

Cover Art by skydragon90 Check him out, he's got good artwork.
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Thanks again to SuperSonicHeroes. You are awesome, my friend!

Twilight Sparkle is a seemingly normal Unicorn. Sure she's the Element of Magic, leader of the Bearers of Harmony (affectionally called the Main 6) and has been the personal student of Princess Celestia since she was 10, but other than that she's just a normal Unicorn.

But that's all about to change.

It started off when she dreamed of a strange place full of stained glass and dark, shadowy creatures, and a voice telling her that she would be the light that would save this world.

And then the dark storm came, and the shadowy creatures from her dreams became a lot more real.

Fortunately, that was the moment she unlocked her own power: a weapon of light called a Keyblade.

Unfortunately she ends up being separated from her friends, and her world exploded. Quite literally.

And then she awakes to meet a duck who's a sorcerer, a dog who's the captain of their knights, and a mouse who also wields a Keyblade and happens to be the King of the "World" she was on.

Oh, and she's now a human.

So all in all, normal for Twilight has just gone out the window.

After getting a crash course in Heartless, Nobodies, Keyblades (which includes the adventures of their one friend Sora) and the ongoing fight between the Light and the Dark, Twilight sets out to find her friends and hopefully find a way to restore Equestria. And maybe make some new friends along the way.

But in the shadows, sinister forces conspire against her, and she may find out that her greatest enemy is the one she'd never suspect.

Will Twilight Sparkle prevail? Or will her Heart fall to the darkness?

The only way to find out is to read the tale of Twilight's Awakening.

Okay, so a bit of spoilery stuff to get out of the way quick:

-This story starts during Magical Mystery Cure, but immediately goes AU when they cast Starswirl's Unfinished Spell. You'll see what I mean.
-Kingdom Hearts-wise, the story takes place during the events of Dream Drop Distance. Mostly because I haven't played Kingdom Hearts 3 yet, so I can't write about anything that happened in that.
-Certain worlds that Twilight visits in this story will have their stories diverge from canon after she appears. But I don't think anyone will notice since that's already happened in the actual Kingdom Hearts games. I'm looking at you, Aladdin and Hercules.
-Some of the worlds that appear will be from Disney franchises that haven't appeared yet, but there will also be some worlds that aren't from Disney properties. I'd tell you which ones, but that would just be spoiling the surprise. :twilightsmile:

Hope you guys enjoy the story!

Chapters (7)

Inspired by Parting Words, by RHJunior

Princess Celestia is the paragon of Harmony. She is kind to her subjects and generous to those in need. She is loyal to her ideals and never compromised. She has a good, if mostly unknown, sense of humor. Above all else, she is always honest. Right?

Twilight Sparkle trusts Princess Celestia implicitly and in all things. The Princess has never steered her wrong, not once. When Twilight thought that her concerns for Nightmare Moon were being ignored, Celestia had her back, even if she was withholding information.

Wait a minute.

Shortly before Celestia leaves for Canterlot with the redeemed Luna, Twilight has a conversation with her mentor that will change her perspective on the Princess forever. She will receive something new, beautiful, and damning all the same.


Six Little Words or: The Question That Twilight Didn’t Ask in Canon.

Violence Tag: Implied torture.

Comments are back open. Please try to keep it cordial.

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A genuine oblivious simulator.

Watch as pony after pony, throw themselves at you!

And you simply act borderline retarded.

Contains Mild Cursing And Lots Of Sex Slang!

I Wrote This As A Gift To My New Mate MDCommissioner!

It's dumb and silly but I hope you still enjoy luv!

Art By PonutJoe, check source for link.

Bloody Featured On 1\19\20 & 1\20\20 & 1\21\20 & 1\22\20 & 1\23\20 & 1\24\20!

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A human finds himself in Equestria under very unpleasant circumstances with no explanation.
His reaction: get the heck out of Dodge and start a new life where Equestria and her ponies can't reach him.
But an alicorn's reach is long and the events which brought him here and his treatment in Canterlot are not so easily forgotten by those who did it. How does one say 'go away' to an immortal goddess?

Yay! Featured, thank you all.
A TV Tropes page
Revised 08/31/14 for clarity and grammatical issues, no events changed. I am working on a sequel, but it will be from Fancy's POV.
P.S. Green is NOT Lyra. There are other green unicorns.

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Peter Collins. Full-time copy clerk; part-time competitive shooter and sketch artist. Not the most glorious life, but for an independent 26-year-old looking to make his way up the corporate ladder, it's not a bad start.

But the thing about one-in-a-million chances is that somebody has to be that one. And Pete has just found himself the winner of a bizarre cosmic lottery, giving him a free one-way trip into a land of magic and wonder: Equestria.

Unfortunately, the locals are skittish, distrustful of anything not their own, and outright terrified of whatever might be threatening to them. And with no way to speak to or understand them, what might have been a trip through paradise becomes a journey through a living hell, where the simplest of misunderstandings can bring the most dire of consequences. Alone, confused and desperate, Peter wages a one-man battle to escape a land seemingly out to get him, searching for a way back home, while the forces that protect this magical nation- ignorant of his goals and terrified that he may be a threat- do all they can to capture him.

How far can fear push us apart, what can it push us to do, when communication is impossible?


Partial rewrite finished. See this blog post for details.


Rated Teen for language and violence. This story was inspired in part by A Voice Among the Strangers by Tystarr, as well as Over the Edge and Through the Wood by JarOfHearts. Cover art graciously provided by the talented Sonson-Sensei! Also look here for the original cover art provided by Armalite.

Now with its own TV Tropes page due to the heroic efforts of redandready45.

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Play this song first!

Twilight Sparkle has always been looking forward to her 21st birthday. It's the day that she's finally recognized as an adult mare, but also the day she's finally able to learn magic on the highest level. What should have been a great day though, turns out to be the most horrific day in her life. She finds a prophesy talking about the next great evil in Equestria, and it's HER! Now she's falling, slowly becoming the very evil she swore to fight against, and not even her closest friends can pick her up in time. In the end, she may even...

Apple Bloom is tired of being the last in her class to not have her Cutie Mark, but her friends Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo aren't going in the right direction to get their Cutie Marks, and she knows it. In order to get her Cutie Mark the right way, Apple Bloom begins to have thoughts of separating from her friends, and getting her Cutie Mark on her own. But her search for her Cutie Mark opens up to a major mystery in Equestria, and Apple Bloom will discover much more than just her special talent...

friends become enemies...

destinies are revealed...

light fades into the darkness...

and through it all, a hero is born...

This is the first main story in the series.

New cover art by my friend The Spectralist.

Link to the TV Tropes page!

Chapters (34)

A boy steals a pair of Snow Leopard claws at Comic-Con and is transported to Equestria as a infant with no memory of his former self, Luna finds and raises him as her own and teaches him the many arts of Kung-Fu, only for him to betray her when he is denied what was rightfully his. Stopped by Celestia he is sent to Tartarus, a inescapable prison designed to hold the martial artist.

20 years later Luna has trained five of the greatest warriors Equestria has ever seen the Furious 5, each trained in their own style of Kung-Fu. Upon receiving a Frightening Vision Celestia beleives that it is time to find and train The Celestial Warrior, During the Selection a Unicorn Girl falls in front of Celestia

Luna having no faith in the girl begins to train her vigorously in hopes she quits so that the real Warrior may be choosen

Chapters (9)