• Published 8th Mar 2012
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Little Dragon in a Strange New World - Zeryurijin

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Not in Kans. . er, Avalar anymore

Aches n pain.

Strange dreams that made no sense, all jumbled and mish mashed like some crumpled heap of stones. The first thing the dragon felt was warmth upon his aching body. The morning sun no doubt. He tried to stir only to feel hammers pound away at his skull. His stomach was faring no better and even threatened to let loose on him. His wings felt the brunt of it. Sore muscles wrapping from his back weaving its way all the way around to his chest. As if his body wasn't complaining, the dull throbbing ache of his brain was faring no better. That storm last night really tore into him, or so it felt.

Well the upside of this disaster was the Spyro narrowly avoided. The ground was nice and soft for a change. Come to think of it, it felt just a little too soft. He couldn't recall much of last night let alone if he even landed in the forest. That and garbled, muffled voices that seem to add to the percussions playing about in his mind. Groaning at last the dragon finally started to stir. The moment his eyes opened, piercing light nearly blinded him, forcing his lids to snap shut. Okay, maybe that wasn't such a brilliant plan. And that muffled garbled sounds coming from all around him wasn't improving his mood.

"Spaaaaarx. . . .can you tell whose ever mumbling to me to stop it. . . .uuuuug, my pounding head."

No answer. That was not a good sign. Spyro struggled to open his eyes slowly, letting them adjust to that painful light again. It took him perhaps thirty or forty attempts, before finally his lids remained open longer then a minute. Blurred colors stared at him. The pale violet eyes of his were having trouble focusing on just one. What's more was they seem to shift and move, more phasing out of sight while plenty more took the missing blobs of colors places. As these splotches of colors moved, the source of that garbled noise seem to be coming from them.

Slowly but surely ignoring his headache, Spyro forced his vision to sharpen, clear and make sense of all this noise. The colors started to sharpen and more features began to appear: Eyes, a muzzle and a mouth. Locals perhaps? Too soon to tell as his mind was still salvaging what was left after being tossed around like an abused ball back at the temple. Grunting, the dragon struggled to his feet. This earned sharp gasps, causing him to wince as it was just too loud for his hearing right now. Oh how he wished he could just crawl back under a rock, or cave or even some leaves and just sleep this off. Alas it was not meant to be. Besides there was the issue of locating Sparx.

Shaking his head and swearing he could hear rattling inside, his eyes finally cleared up on those faces. What came next was a bit of a surprise. The face had a body and its fur was like a bright orange. More seemed to drape along its neck and sides, those eyes of it was huge and round almost bugging from its skull. Another tuft of fur could be seen, from the looks of things it passed for a tail. And then there was those wings on its sides. A flyer. That was all he could make out for the time being. That and what looked to be some sort of coat. Sitting on his haunches, Spryo and this creature just stared at each other. Daring to crane his neck as far as his muscles would allow, the dragon took note that there was more of them. And they all were staring at him with huge eyes and gaping muzzles.

"Umm. . .hi?"



The winged creature and its companions erupted into a full panic and did what most unwary strangers did when a dragon woke up. Panic andfreak out.

The screams vibrated through his poor skull, Spyro could feel his teeth grind together just to tune out the shrills shouts and cries as chaos was fully unleashed in this place. Stumbling to his feet, the dragon tried to gather his surroundings then get the tail outta there. But first. . .

"Spaaaaaarx! Buddy, ol pal, ol friend! Where are youuuuuuuuu?"


Uuuuug my poor head. These creatures keep screaming they won't have to worry about me anymore,cause my brain will be mush they keep shouting like this.

Ignoring the headache, Spyro stumbled along calling for Sparx while avoiding collisions with these beings. All that earned him was them taking flight, leaping out of the way or leaping down below. Below. So he was high up. Running along what looked to be a platform, the dragon took a quick glance at his surrounding for once. From the looks of things it appeared as though he wounded up in some sort of factory but what? Everything looked white, and the strange contraptions these creatures were operating were silent, noisy, or neither.

As much as he wanted to find out more about this factory, he really wanted to get out before they called in what ever back up they may have waiting. Eyes looked over and found a chain dangling conveniently and seemed to head down into the first level. His wings still complained and even threatened to leave him, so hovering across was out of the option. Skidding to a halt, Spyro flung himself over and grabbed hold with his for paws. The momentum of his leap however, sent him spinning in a small loop as he started to descend.

Pretending that his stomach was not promising much retribution for the abuse its owner was putting it through, Spyro was relieved to have landed on more stable ground or what ever this soft stuff was. As he released the chain he looked up to see another one of these colorful beings come to a skidding halt. But not before knocking into him, sending him into a vat behind him. The dragon yelped and splashed into some colorful liquid. Gasping as he came up, he quickly dragonpaddled across, making a face as this gunk clung to his body.

"Yeeeck! Its like a rainbow puked on me!" he moaned.

Shaking off this gunky substance, some managed to land in his muzzle. His eyes widened before Spyro felt his mouth threatened to explode. So he opened and a colorful flaming belch erupted.

"Phew! singed the nose even." He sat there, smacking his lips before pausing,"Hmmmm got some kick to it not bad. . uuugh what am I saying here?! Spaaaaaaaaarx!"

Spyro could feel his limbs growing tired already. There simply wasn't enough time to recover. Even what felt like a full night's rest did little to rejuvenate his body. And he was starting to grow worried. Sparx was no where in sight. Did they lose one another? Were they separated during the storm? He hoped to his ancestors that his friend, his close buddy, his "brother" was alright.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sounds. Scratching, scuffling. Sniffings, twittering of birds, the sounds of many lungs breathing. That was the first thing Sparx heard. Groaning softly the dragonfly stirred and felt his body complain the moment he tried to move. Grunting he fell back on what felt like a bed.

A shy gentle voice then spoke up from somewhere,"Oh my! You're awake.. . I didn't think you were going to make it."

Who ever or, what ever it was, they seemed to sound friendly. And they went through all the trouble of bedding him down too. Sparx could not help but breath a sigh of relief. Course that quickly faded when a face flashed before his eyes.


Jolting up, he winced as his body complained viciously forcing him to lay back down again.

"Spy-who?" The gentle voice asked as he felt something cool and damp touch his forehead.

"Spyro. He's my best friend, my buddy, my padre, my brother. We were out for a night flight me and him just a quick flight, was going to head back to the temple. Then this storm comes up out of no where and starts to give us the worst pounding ever. Next thing I know whoosh! We're pulled in and went for one crazy spin. Felt like I was about to be squashed and just like that! snap! we're free falling. I last saw him tumbling through the air and then I blacked out. Don't remember much after that."

"I see.I'm sorry but I didn't see him with you. Angel found you this morning in a tree. You were lucky to have survived that storm too. Never seen a storm act like that plus it wasn't scheduled. I do say your a strange looking bug."

"A bug? I'm a dragonfly I'll have you know."

"I'm. . I'm sorry. Its just that I've never seen a dragonfly like you before."

"Huh?" Sparx opened his eyes to the sight of a yellow face that almost matched his body color. Large teal eyes looked down from behind pink hair that seemed to almost cover one of them. In its mouth was a tiny cloth, which it used to dabble his head. And to Sparx that was the best feeling he ever felt since that rough night.

"I. . don't think I've seen you around before. Umm... what are you?" He asked.

"Goodness you've never seen a pegasus before?"

"Pega what?"

"A pegasus. A winged pony that flies?"

"What's a pony?"

It shook its head, this pegasus, pony creature as it trotted away then returned with a strange object. Sparx sat up as it opened the pages, revealing a picture depicting three figures.

"See? There are pegasus. who fly in the skies and control the weather. Then you have unicorns who are naturally gifted in magic. And finally you have the strong earth ponies." It pointed to each of these figures with a strange limb then looked back at him.

Sparx shook his head,"I don't think I've ever heard of ponies on Avalar before."

"A. .Avalar? Oh dear. Umm, is that a new country in Equestria?"

The dragonfly looked at the pegasus, and felt his eyes growing wide,"Oh my. . . ."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

He was running on clouds. . clouds! After finally finding the doors to that factory, Spyro bashed his way through hoping for a loud clang or metallic noise to meet his horns. Instead a soft whump! and he charged through them, leaving the dragon both confused and grateful for its softness and a hole. His head was hurting as it was, so to slam into metal doors was probably not the brightest option right now. All around he could see these flying creatures run and hide, or just plain flee as he scampered across the same white ground. It was when he saw a gap and took a leap, did he dare look down and find out that he was in the freaken sky still! These creatures made their homes in clouds! And. . well these clouds were not like those horrible, misty feeling puffs of white that clung to the forest floor on cold foggy days.

As appealing as this was sounding, Spyro still needed to get off these clouds some how. His wings refused to budge on his back as the muscles started to spazm, thus flight was not an option. Plus the general uproar he caused back at that factory was not dying down any time soon. He was exposed, vulnerable. He had to get to the ground below and find shelter. That may sound like it was becoming an only option as the cloud started to break up more, the gaps and holes along the surface were growing bigger, making traveling on foot all the more difficult. So Spyro did the next best thing. He jumped.

Hopping from cloud footstep to cloud footstep, he started to take note that some were descending away from that place.

The sooner I get to firm ground and cover, the better. This is just too much right now.


Spyro landed on someone, who reacted rather grumpily to being awoken and sent him tumbling into the same cloud they were on.

"Hey whats the big idea landing on a pegasus? Can't a mare get any sleep around... here?"

Dragon and pegasus stared at one another, Spyro felt his eyes growing wider at this one. Cyan color, whose fur matched that rainbow vat he fell in. And a scratchy voice to match.

Great... more trouble. At the rate your going Spyro pal, your going to have your claws full with angry colorful creatures chasing you all over.

Shouts and cries from above drew this one's attention to look up. Next thing it felt was the purple dragon leaping off the cloud. Spyro opened his wings ignoring the pain the flared up around him. This was simply taking too long. He had to get grounded and fast.

"Where do you think YOUR going buster?"

Oh great, he forgot. It had wings too and thus being able to fly.

Wincing as he banked left and right, he could hear the others wings flapping as it was quickly catching up to him.

"Look I don't know who you are, but I'm not looking for any trouble, just leave me alone... or something!" he called out, hoping it would let up.

"You think I'm gonna let some pansy dragon jump on me cause a ruckus back at the cloud factory and let him get away? Guess again pal!"

Spyro cursed under his breath as the two began a chase across the sky. He tried his best to ignore the burning sensation cause by each painful flap of his wings. There were no air currents and he was forced to make the most of it. But to little avail. That creature was still on his tail and no matter how hard he tried to swerve and maneuver, it was on him every way. Not to mention taunting him.

"You think those lame tricks are gonna fool me? Alright dragon time you learn why I'm the fastest flyer in all of Equestria!"


That was all Spyro could think before some thing bodily rammed into him knocking the air out of his lungs and sent him into a free fall. He felt legs grab around his upper chest, trapping his wings against his back and his forelegs against his sides. Grunting and trying to break free, all the dragon could do was feel the creature fly at a sharp angle aiming for what appeared to be a cluster of trees lined up.

"Stop squirming you darn thing!" It yelled into his ear.

"Let... me... go!" He snarled back, jerking his head.

A gasp was heard as he felt the creature ducked, avoiding the horns on his head. This messed up the landing and both crashed through the leaves and wound up tumbling through sown dirt before slamming into different tree trunks. Spyro's body was really hating him for yet another rough landing. He could hear the winged creature sputter and cough as it rose to its feet, shaking out its wings of dust and other debris it caught when they landed. His own body was barely registering as he rose to his feet shakily. He was done. He could barely move his wings any more, his chest and back simply hurt too much. All that was left was his legs and even they were not holding up well. Turning he stood his ground as the creature approached him.

"Got no where to run dragon. Your as good as caught." it said with a triumphant smirk.

Lowering his head and baring his teeth a little, he gave a soft growl.

"Listen you.. whatever you are. I said I don't want any trouble. But if your the sort of person looking for trouble, you've certainly found it."

It laughed at him,"Like your a threat to me. You can barely stand and your asking for a fight? You got guts, but not big on brains pal." Pawing the ground the creature continued to smile, eager to topple this dragon and add a notch to her coolness level.

"Dumb foolish people. Always picking fights with dragons. Just don't know what they are getting into." Spyro mumbled to himself as he steadied his stance and took in a few deep breaths.

Focusing his power into his core, he channeled it through his limbs and into his breaths. Fire was too risky as there was plant life. Lightning was the same, even if it was more accurately aimed. Earth and Ice seemed to be his best odds. Provided he could hit the being without hurting it. Plus it could still fly and he was outmatched in the air as of now.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"So, your saying that Equestria is inhabited by these... ponies you discussed with me. And that two sisters rule?"

Sparx was trying to absorb all of this as this pegasus tried its best to fill him in on where exactly he was. Smart as he was, there was still a few details that escaped him. Such as Alicorns being able to raise and lower both the sun and the moon. Or that pegasus could control the weather.

"A.. are you still lost? The pegasus asked.

"N, no. I'm fine.This... just takes a little to absorb that's all. Umm. . .know this is abrupt and out of the blue. But, may I have the name of my caretaker?"

The pegasus pony blushed a little as it pawed at the floor,"Oh. . um. .its. .Fluttershy."

Sparx leaned over just a little,"Umm... beg your pardon? Couldn't quite catch that."

Again it spoke, a little softer,"F.. fluttershy."

"Umm. .. your gonna have to speak up, your voice is starting to fade there a little."

A tiny muffled squeak,"Fluttershy."

A sudden throom! of energy was felt nearby, the ground soon started to tremble beneath the cottage they were in. The pegasus eeked! and ducked for cover as the animals panicked and took shelter as well. All except for Sparx.

"I know that blast anywhere! Its Spyro and from the feels of it, he's fighting someone."

The pegasus peeked from under the table,"T.. that was Spyro? H... he did that?!"

The dragonfly nodded as he started to climb out of his makeshift bed. The pegasus rose to meet him a look of worry on its face.

"Ummm, I.. I don't think that's such a good idea. Your still recovering.. Mr Dragonfly."

Sparx sighed softly then climbed up one of its leg, earning a timid eep from its muzzle before he settled between the ears.

"The name is Sparx. And the sooner we get to Spyro the more likely he will calm down. Let's just hope who ever was dumb enough to pick a fight with him does the same thing and beat a hasty retreat."

The pegasus looked up then nervously made it's way towards the door.

"I.. if you say so, Mr Sparx."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rainbow Dash coughed and sputtered dirt from her muzzle. She was amazed a dragon like this had the power to move earth and attack with it! She thought she had him cornered. He was hurting and sore, plus he wasn't able to use his wings. What made this one strange was that he lacked the rough smoky voice most dragons had. Even Spike though a baby, possessed that scratchy voice as evidence of using magical fire breath so many times. This one. He was different and the earth that rushed to block her dashing, felt magical. Like it was using magic that felt very different from the magic she was used to by Twilight.

Flying above the purple beast, she tried to think of some way to take him down without getting caught by earthen claws. That last one was just too close and if she wasn't the fastest, Rainbow Dash would have been buried alive just now.

"Can't fly, but he can control the earth, so gonna have to be even faster to beat him."

Spyro looked up and watched. It was faster then he first thought. So it wasn't just boasting about being the fastest, it had the skill to back it up. He ignored the aches and growing tiredness creeping into his body. He had to beat it without hurting it. He certainly didn't want any bad blood to form between these beings. If only it wasn't so darn persistent and stubborn! It was coming in fast again. The dragon braced himself and started to channel magical energies into his core once more and focused on an ice breath. Perhaps if he frosted over the wings.

Rainbow Dash had him. She was too fast coming in low. There would be no way he could counter with another earthen blast. Just as she was about to knock him senseless, a strange sensation took over them both. The pegasus felt like everything was slowing down all around her. Eyes glanced around and saw her wings flapping at quick speeds suddenly rise and fall like the moon and sun each day. She turned to watch the purple dragon dodge with ease as though he suddenly was moving faster then her. Then the chilled pain of a wing frosting over. Before she could cry out from the cold, time re-corrected itself and the cyan pony crashed hard, tumbling once more before she landed in front of a tree. Shivering as the cold bit into her frosted wings, she turned around and found herself pressed up against the tree the dragon staring hard. She was trapped. Any minute now it was going to tear into her and eat her alive! Her friends would never find her, just some bones if she was lucky!

"I told you. . I'm not looking for a fight. But if your the type who goes looking for trouble. .you found it. However. .I'm not that kind of dragon that is going to just gobble you up and carry on. I'm going to leave, going to find my friend Sparx. And together,we are going to find a way off this Equestria you mentioned. Do I make myself clear?" The dragon spoke panting softly.

She nodded holding her breath not daring to move. The dragon continued to stare hard at her before the face softened. Then out of the corner of her eye, a blur of orange collided with the dragon, sending him tumbling across the earthen floor.

"Ya should know mister dragon. Ya start lookin fer a fight yerself, ya gonna get it too as we ponies travel in pairs." A southern country voice spoke.

"Applejack! Boy am I glad to see you!"

"Ya'll right there, sugarcube?"

"I'm. .I'm ok. He just froze my wings over. I can't use em. Be careful this dragon feels different from the others."

Dragon that breathes ice? Thats mighty strange.

Applejack turned on Spyro, watching him struggle to get up. The dragon winced as his hind legs refused to budge. That last blow took him out. He could barely hold himself up on his forepaws let alone mount another offense. The orange creature started to approach him, wearing what looked to be a hat of some sort.

I'm finished. All that creature got to do is knock me senseless and its over. What a way to go. Spyro the dragon. Defeats the greatest dark threat to his home. Winds up being taken out by colorful creatures. Sparx will be laughing his head off if he ever hears of this.

The sound of wings flapping above the two, draws their heads up as another flying creature descends and lands before them.

"Fluttershy! What are ya doin here?"

The pegasus named, looked upon the dragon her eyes widening.

"A. .a dragon?! Y.. your friends with a dragon, Sparx?"


Tired eyes fell upon a small being in the yellow one's pink hair. A weak smile showed on his muzzle,"S. .sparx. . ."

Darkness covered his vision as Spyro passed out again, the last thing his ears caught was the sound of his friend calling out to him.