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Little Dragon in a Strange New World - Zeryurijin

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Contact and Complications

"Your highness. The object you requested from Starswirl's tower."

Luna looked up from the amass of scrolls, books, notes, letters and papers scattered about her sister's private study room. A week had passed since their "guest", Spyro had fallen from the sky. A week of working with the best unicorns from the university and Twilight from Ponyville to find an answer to the anomaly that occurred that evening. A week of little to no sleep, working in shifts and when free time arose from the daily royal schedules both princesses faced both day and night. A sudden snerk! drew both the guard and Luna's attention to the sleeping form of Celestia. She lay slumped over her desk, an open book providing a make shift pillow as the alicorn mumbled in her sleep about lost magical theories.

The goddess of the night thanked Captain Swift Wind for his search within the tower.

"Praytell, your highness what is this sphere for again?" The pegasus guard asked, curious eyes set on the cream colored orb.

"My sister stumbled upon Starswirl's earlier works concerning communication with creatures from other worlds and planets. He made mention of a sphere as a means of a gate, so to speak. Whether this sphere is what is mentioned in his notes is hopefully the one you were looking for."

The guard nodded, looking over as Celestia shifted in her seat before settling in again. He made his excuses and left the two sisters alone, the sound of the doors shutting softly behind him. Luna paused from going over the last few scrolls and checked up on Celestia. She smiled at the alicorn as she slumbered there, still adorning her crown and regalia. The dark alicorn nodded and drew a blanket over her, covering the sun goddess up before replacing the book with a pillow. The moment her head came to rest, did Celestia woke with a start.


"Relax, dear sister it is only me."

"Mmmgf...how long was I out Luna?"

"About a couple of hours at least."

Her eyes widened before the alicorn started to rise.

"Sister, you should not have allowed me fall asleep like that. There is still so much to cover." She chided Luna.

"Celestia come now, we've been at this non stop. Either of us have hardly gotten any sleep since then and despite our countless years of living, even we could use a wink or two in between. Honestly sister, enjoy whatever sleep you can grab. Otherwise your wits and senses will be dulled and become sloppy."

The alicorn yawned softly, rubbing an eye as she took Luna's words to heart. The smaller alicorn was right. If they were to make an effort, they should grab what shut eye they could. It was surprising they were running their courts efficiently still, despite going on an hour or two at most. Celestia's eyes glanced behind her sister and fell upon the orb on the desk.

"By his beard...is that...what I think it is, Luna?"

Luna looked over her shoulder, then smiled and nodded.

"None other. I found the wizards notes describing it in his earlier works. I had Swift Wind search for it, after granting him permission into the tower."

Celestia smiled. Leave it to Luna to dig a little deeper. Perhaps all this work was effecting her judgement and an extra hour or two wouldn't hurt for a nap. Course all things aside, now that they possessed the orb, the next trick was to....

"Luna, how are we going to contact his world? Its not like the sphere is attuned to any particular planet to begin with."

Drawing the orb to herself, Luna nodded and baded Celestia to follow. They reached the end of her study, which the alicorn tugged on a tassle by her sister's bookshelf. A soft groan and the hidden entrance slowly came into view as the shelves parted, revealing a stair well.

"I asked Twilight to pluck three scales from our companion. From what I gathered its no worse then accidently pulling out a feather or two. They will act as a key, a sort of channel and a temporary anchor to Avalar his world. I can only hope we reach his kind. I don't want to think about what would happen if we contacted the wrong pony, or awake a cranky deity."

Hooven shoes scraped along stone steps carved down in a spiraling pattern. At the bottom of the stairwell, both sisters came to an locked oaken door. Using her magic, Celestia undid the locks, opening the door which moaned from aging and bearing the brunt of what went on the other side, and allowed Luna to enter. The secret chamber was where the sun goddess practiced the more wild aspects of magic, without worrying about harm caused should one of them back fire. The runes carved into the stone floor served as layers of barriers, done by her own magic to provide the best defenses Celestia could think of should any spell fail.

Luna set the orb on a stone pedastool at the center of the room. The alicorn then reached under her wing, drawing out three shiny purple scales matching Spyro's color and texture. These she laid at the edges of the platform, then nodded to her sister.

"I've prepared the spell needed for this to work. Granted I'll need your backing as aside from Starswirl and Twilight, your magic is the most powerful in stabilizing should anything go wrong."

Celestia nodded, a little concerned,"How long did it take you to memorize the spell, Luna?"

"Two days. From reading to memorization to recital. All in the back of my mind while attending our duties." she replied with a smile of pride.

The alicorn was impressed. But then again, this was Luna. While she had a little ways to go, there was no hiding the fact she possessed the same determination as Twilight and Celestia, herself had when a new spell caught their fancy. Eyes closed and horn lowered, the princess braced herself to back Luna up. The suttle hum of magic began to encircle them, lighting up the runes as barriers became active. Chanting in a lost tongue, the goddess focused her efforts on the three scales and sphere thus creating a gate, a path and hopefully an anchor into Spyro's world. It was a long shot and a dangerous path to take. But they were running out of options and what little was left had been taxing on their energy and reserves.

The magic swirled around the room, gathering at the center as it converged on the scales, converting them into three purple gems. These started to glow in a soft light as thin tendrils snaked around the orb, creating a foundation. Luna was feeling the effects. The spell cast was a big one by her standards and required a lot from the alicorn. Brow sweating, legs shaking, even wings flitting, she was quickly reaching her limit. Just when she felt she could not pour any more effort into it, there was a loud snap! a crackle of ozone burning and a deep hum as the spell finally took hold.

A trembling, shaking Luna dared to open one eye, casting over to the sphere, now glowing a soft blue. It pulsed and vibrated before stretching, elongating into a mirror. Celestia dared to open her eyes as well and was amazed by the setting before her. The two sisters were staring at what looked to be a huge statue carved from rock. The head, arms and wings poised in a menacing pose could only be one of the many dragon statues Twilight had learned from Spyro about a temple he lived in.

A flash appeared across their vision. A dragon... a rather large dragon crossed the threshold, its long head scanning the area around the statue. It was big there was no denying it's size. The scales were a bright yellow, Luna making out what looked to be tiny lightning bolt patterns adorning the surface. The head came into view and both sisters held their breath. Intelligent eyes, blue as the sky darted about as though it was looking at them. Then it carried on, the suttle tremble upon the ground noted its weight.

"Sis...is...is that an elder, that Spyro spoke of?"

"From his description as Twilight had written down, yes."

"It worked! It really worked."

"Mmmmm don't be too eager to celebrate just yet. Starswirl mentioned creating a gate. Was there anything about actual communication with the inhabitants?"

"I... I don't know. I never got that far."

"I say, who is that hiding about in the temple whispering to themselves?" The yellow dragon appeared again, scanning around as though searching for something.

"If your thinking of stealing from the temple, your in for a bit of a thrashing who ever you are. We don't take kindly to thieves."

A gruff voice started the sisters,"Volteer, have you been knocked senseless again? Your talking to yourself by the statue."

The yellow dragon turned to address who ever spoke earlier,"I'll have you know, Terrador that I am quite sound in the mind. I was hearing voices just now, whispering around this old muddled mirror."

A new face emerged drawing a gasp from Luna. This dragon was a dark green, horn and spikes jutting from his shoulders, arms and along his back. His face and horns held a rugged appearance, while dark smoky eyes peered.

"This old thing? Come now, Volteer, as admiring as your image is on this, there really has not been any use for it. Just sitting around gathering dust like half the other objects in this temple."

"I can assure you, Terrador I heard whispers just now. Coming from the mirror." The yellow dragon bumped into view again, a clawed hand wiping against the surface,"Its sounded feminine like two females almost. Both different in age I'm guessing."

"Buah ha! Silly Volteer, are you dreaming about dragoness consorts again? Really now at your age, you should be more concerned about your later years." A third voice pipped in rather cheerily.

"Don't start with that silly nonsense of yours again, Cyril about being royalty and what not, you ice cold wind bag." Volteer shot back at his unforseen adversary. A blue dragon finally scrunched up into view as he heartily chuckled.

"Oh come now, Volteer do lighten up...get it.. lighten up?" The ice blue dragon grinned. His scales gave off a cold chill, while chromatic colors danced off his scales. It's colors reminded the sisters of a certain pegaus pony with the same hues in her mane and tail.

"Remarkable Celestia. They're quite...large. And most intelligent. Very different from the dragons in Equestria." Luna whispered.

"There! See? Voices, coming from this mirror!" Volteer pointed.

Both the green and blue dragon peered at the sisters, slitted eye pupils dilated then constricted. Finally the green one snorted.

"Volteer, I think you've been working too hard or had your skull rattled by one too many stones. I think you need to rest."

"Umm, hello? Sir dragons?" Luna called out.

Silence fell over the room and the temple for a few minutes. Finally the yellow dragon grabbed the mirror, polished the surface even more, wiping away what dirt and grime was upon it, then set it upon some holding frame. Those eyes peered again, then the head jerked back with a start.

"I say! Two creatures are staring at me!"

The green dragon, Terrador and the blue dragon Cyril both joined Volteer as they peered into the image. Sure enough they could make out two quadrapeds shimmering on the surface, both of different height and color.

"I take it back, Volteer. What are they?" Cyril asked prodding the mirror with a talon. The yellow dragon swatted his paw away with a snort.

"Stop that! What ever magic is making this work is probably fragile. You go poking about like that, your liable to ruin it."

"G... greetings elder dragons. My name is Princess Luna goddess of the night. And beside me is my sister Princess Celestia, goddess of the sun." The black creature remarked with a bow of her head, her lighter sister following the motions.

"Fascinating." Volteer remarked, rubbing his paws together,"Umm, well greetings Luna, goddess of the moon and Celestia, goddess of the sun. What brings your images to the dragon temple this fine evening?"

Terrador elbowed him roughly, drawing a wince a glare from Volteer,"What?"

"Your talking to two random creatures whom we've never heard about or seen what so ever. Now here they are in this mirror making aquaintence. Its some sort of ploy, a trap to distract us."

Cyril snorted,"Oh please. If Volteer says the magic they are using is fragile, any attempt to attack the temple would ruin it. I say, dear ladies as my fellow colleague asked, what brings you two to our humble abode?"

Celestia drew in a deep breath,"Well. We were wondering. Have you by chance lost a certain young dragon under your care? A dragon named Spyro?"

There was silence before Terrador replied,"I knew it! Few nights ago, Spyro disappears and now these...beings mention him. No doubt they have him captured and are here to make demands. I tell you now, Luna and Celestia there will be no demands. I command you release him at once. Or feel the anger of the earth tremble beneath your tiny feet."

"Terrador back off!" Volteer hissed. The earth dragon growled and grumbled but settled down. This allowed the dragon to return his gaze upon the two.

"Yes, we do know a Spyro. Question is what do you want if you have him captive?"

Luna shook her head,"No, its a misunderstanding. We don't have him prisoner. He's... umm...." Sister looked to sister while their audience watched.

Whispers were exchanged before the white one, Celestia drew closer,"I believe a story and explanation is needed to give an understanding of a situation unfolding."

The three elder dragons listened as both sisters laid out the strange events that took Spyro from them. After an hour of answering questions, giving both their sides of the story, the yellow dragon, Volteer sat there rubbing his chin.

"Very strange." He paced across the floor on all four,"To be honest sisters, such occurrences have never happened within Avalar. I keep track of its history along with the fellow denizens. What you told us, has never before happened. And your saying this disruption that occurred between our worlds snatched Spyro and Sparx and brought him to your... Equestria was it?"

Cyril who was quiet for the most part, spoke,"You know magic has never been a stable element. There's always bound to be a few disruptions here and there. Ever since Avalar's rebuilding, there has been a few loose patches left over as the planet continues to right itself."

"Agreed Cyril. The important thing however, is to look in our temple and see about finding a means to get Spyro back. Without him, dark forces could once again come forth and destruction would fall upon Avalar yet again. Terrador, speak with the earth and see if you can't feel any more disturbances. Cyril and I will search high and low, look for any ancient scripts that would be benefical for both parties."

Volteer peered in the mirror,"Now your certain, you tried everything and have looked through your vast libraries for any spell that could have been able to send our Spyro back to us?"

Luna nodded,"We have searched high and low. We had just begun looking in our last tower, where a grand wizard of ours had kept a vast amount of knowledge. It is where we found this orb, now transformed in a mirror along with the spell to speak to you three. Why do you ask?"

"Well. Not to get your hopes up, but magic on our side tends to be more wild, elemental. Your magic feels stable, balanced. There is control, while ours is as wild and free as any creature here. To create a portal or gate, we would have to restrain ours and subdue it. Otherwise the results would be disasterous and Spyro could wind up on a different planet all together. I can't make good promises, but I can try. That is all I can offer at this point."

Luna and Celestia nodded as the images started to fade. Volteer was about to leave when a question struck.

"Forgive me but...how is Spyro? How has our dragon been holding up?"

Celestia nodded gently,"He's been taken in by some good friends of mine. He is as well as any dragon can be for the most part. We've had to keep him hidden as dragons on our world are not friendly. They tend to keep to themselves and the sight will frighten my ponies."

"Ahh. Well then I guess any future vacation trips to your world would not be possible then I suppose." Volteer surmised with a nod.

"What?" both sisters said in unison, their faces one of shock.

He burst out laughing, waving a paw idly,"Oh tis but a joke, we wouldn't want to cause a panic on your world. The looks on your faces are priceless though." Snickering he cleared his throat, looking dignified once more,"I trust you will be able to contact me once again, should the need arise?"

Luna nodded,"Of course."

"Then I bid you two....umm, if you don't mind one more question, what are you? I don't want to call you creatures or females each visit."

"We are alicorns sir dragon." Celestia said with a light bow.

"Ahh! Well then, alicorn sisters. I, Volteer bid you good luck."

His face faded as the magic died, leaving behind three burned crystals which crumbled to dust while the pearl sphere returned to its round shape once again. On Avalar, the yellow dragon stared at the mirror with a longing expression on his face,"We'll both need it deeply if we are going to be able to work together on bringing Spyro back."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On Equestria in Celestia's private magical study chamber, Luna had to sit down feeling rather fatigued suddenly. Celestia nudged her to lean against as the two left the room and proceeded up the stone stairs.

"You didn't tell me the spell would drain you badly, Luna." The white alicorn remarked as her eyes gazed upon her sister with concern.

"Tis a small side effect Celestia. A good night's rest and food will see me back to full strength." The dark mare replied with a tired smile.

The pair reached Celestia's study chamber once more, sealing the hidden door behind them. The alicorn laid her sister down upon a lounge of pillows, which she groaned in relief as her tired legs were more then happy to be let up. Luna was fast asleep by the time she returned with a blanket, Celestia shaking her head softly. Eyes glancing towards the clock, she gasped at the time. Hours had passed since they were down there for it was nearly dawn. Kissing her slumbering sister good night, the alicorn quickly left her study room, informing the guards that Luna was not to be disturbed. Making her way to the tower to lower the moon and raise the sun, she was intercepted by a messenger pegasus, who looked almost out of breath.

"Your highness, these scrolls just arrived a little awhile ago. They seemed urgent, so I was told to come here."

She nodded, a bit confused as to why these scrolls would be sent up this early. Twilight's came directly to her, so why were these so urgent so suddenly? Unrolling one, she read was was on the parchment, while she entered the tower. Her steps came to an abrupt halt as the message inscribed left the alicorn stunned. Celestia looked at the seal once more and gave a groan: It bore the insignia of the Dragon Queen. A stomach filling with dread, she looked upon the other scroll that arrived and almost winced at the sight: An seal bearing the Griffon King's crown.

"This can't be good." Celestia uttered as she unrolled this one and read on.....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Among the many apple trees at Sweet Apple Acres, Spyro lounged lazily under the shade and gave a soft yawn. His tail felt a bit sore, but the dragon felt content with the work he put in today. Ever since his stay at the farm, Sparx and Spyro opted for the less attention grabbing methods and learned how to buck apple trees and assist Applejack with the harvesting. Only he wouldn't call it applebucking. More like...Appletailing. Trying to buck with no hooves proved a tad discomforting for the dragon and gave Applejack a little bit of entertainment. Seeing as while he was strong, his strengths were more relied on with the use of his tail and horns. Rather then gore, tear and rend the tree bark, the tail won the argument.

The first couple of days earned him a bruised tail, a sore rear and a few more aches from being clobbered on the skull a few times when he finally pulled it off and was rewarded with apples raining down once the tree gave up its fruit. Since then with Applejack's guidance, the dragon learned to tail whack the trees with more accurate results and keep the bark intact. With the extra help he provided, the orange country pony along with her brother gained an added work hoof on the farm. Now as the sun reached it's apex, signaling the start of noon, the dragon grinned as his stomach rumbled with hunger. Lunch time. Applejack promised a hearty vegetable soup and warm bread, something Spyro and Sparx were looking forward to.

Rolling onto his feet, he stretched and groaned, his wings taking a few practice wing beats before settling on his back. Shifting on all four feet, both he and Sparx followed the path towards the farm house, pausing to take a quick right and found themselves at the barn. Their timing was perfect as Applejack was inside, setting up a small table before placing a bowl and hunk of bread down. She heard the pair and turned to greet them.

"Afternoon ya'll. How's the tail whacking coming along?" Applejack asked as they settled at their seats.

"Mmm a little sore still, but better results. Thanks again for letting us help in some other way." Spyro replied sheepishly.

The mare laughed and waved a hoof,"Aww ain't nothin. Ya two don pretty good here so far. A shame yer headin back over to Fluttershy's tomorrow. Be nice if ya could stick around a bit longer."

Spyro sighed as he picked up the spoon, Sparx settling by the bread to help himself with a few small chunks.

"Kinda promised her that we would help patch up her roof. Hammers and mouths don't go together last I heard. And of course there was that promise to those fillies about...getting their cutie marks or something? I don't know how you can keep up with them. They're just...all over the place. Got to admire their determination though."

Applejack chuckled softly before adjusting her hat,"Applebloom an her friends are a good bunch. Ya get used to their antics after awhile. Welp, ah'll leave ya boys to yer lunch. Give a hollar when yer done or want seconds."

They waved while the orange mare exited the barn, leaving the two alone to their meal. The soup was better then good, it was great. Granted it could use some meat, Spyro was not going to complain, given he and Sparx were eating heartily enough. His dragonfly friend enjoyed the warm broth which he dipped the bread in, snacking down on its softness and enjoying the freshness it held.

"I tell you, Spyro. They can cook. Sure what they lack for in meat, they more then make up for in quantities. And the best part is, you don't have to go looking for food. It comes to you. Granted we work for it but still I like this."

The dragon nodded his muzzle full of soup, thus making any reply was impossible. Lunch ended for the two and after fourth helpings, both were stuffed once more. They had barely managed to polish off their desserts before they refused any more offerings from Applejack, despite how tempting the treats were. She giggled and nodded, allowing Spyro to recover from his food coma, which the dragon did most pleasingly. It was not to last for long. A flash of light appeared before them, startling both Sparx and Spyro onto their backs, Twilight standing there a second or two later. He heard about her magic allowing her to port from place to place, but it still startled him when she did it out of the blue.

"Will you at least tell me or give some kind of early warning before you do that?" Spyro gasped out, clutching his chest.

Twilight looked down to find them, then shuffled a hoof.

"I'm sorry about that. I would have traveled on hoof, if the news I bring wasn't so urgent. It concerns mainly you Spyro."

He looked up rolling onto his feet once more, shaking his head,"Look, if its about any more trouble, its not my doing. I've kept a pretty low profile here and at Fluttershy's, so any bad news about dragons causing damage, that isn't me."

The lavender mare shook her head, before withdrawing a scroll.

"It's none of what you mentioned, its. Well there are good news and some...bad news. I'll spare you which part to choose first, might as well get both over with."

She glanced down the scroll for a moment, then gave a slight nod.

"Celestia and Luna, with your scales as being helpful which you offered up, managed to make contact with your dragon elders." Spyro's eyes lit up,"A Volteer, Cyril and..T..terr....Terrador to be precise."

She looked over, the dragon motioning her to continue, eagerness showing on his face,"Volteer has promised to look into the history and text kept at the temple and work with both princesses on finding a means to get you home. The only problem is as it is mentioned, that while our magic is stable and balanced, he has to subdue the more wild magic of your world to get results. Otherwise it won't be pretty."

"That's the bad news? Volteer and the others working on subduing the elemental magic of Avalar?" He shook his head,"That's...not bad news at all. Granted its not what I had hoped for, but knowing Volteer it should not be a problem for him. This is great news, Twilight! Finally...a way to go home."

This was news indeed. Finally with the help of Twilight's mentor and ruler of Equestria, working with Volteer and the other dragons will produce results which would see Sparx and Spyro home again in Avalar. It's not that he had anything against Equestria. Far from it, it was actually a peaceful place and the ponies residing here were not all that bad. It was just... he was rather homesick and missed the planet he called his home.

Twilight clearing her throat breaking Spyro's thoughts of home, her expression was looking rather...serious,"That was not the bad news. It's worse actually." The dragon braced himself. How could this be worse? If they needed more of his scales, granted it hurt like heck, he was more then willing to spare a few more. They would grow back with enough time.

"Celestia received to letters from the nations of Draconis and Gryf. The Dragon Queen had scouts sent to Equestria without Celestia's knowledge as did the Griffon King. Both were investigating the magical disturbance that occurred here as their magi and wizards had felt that night." Twilight shuffled uncomfortably where she stood.

"Spyro...they both spotted you here on the farm out in the open. The Dragon Queen has requested to Celestia, that we release you and you be returned to her care. They think we are holding you captive. And the King... he thinks your some hidden weapon the Queen has placed here under our guard. He is demanding Celestia that we hand you over to him so that the dragons may not use you against his kind in the event of an attack."

And this day was going oh so well.