• Published 28th Nov 2019
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The Dragonfly Hive - Silver Dragon Blade Wing

A young Changeling Prince, with the help of his allies and friends, must become strong enough to challenge and defeat Chrysalis to protect the land and the ones he loves.

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Ponyville 2

"Rhino, explain, now."

"This would be easier to explain back at the Hive, and I assure you Dragonfly, this Changeling isn't a threat to you. Hiveless know that attacking a Royal, young or not, is a really bad idea for their welfare."

"Either way, I'm bringing this one back to the Hive."

Seeker: "Understood, we'll be waiting."

Dragonfly looked at the Hybrid, who was looking back fearfully, then slowly spoke.

"Thunderlane is it?" The Hybrid nodded, "Here's what's going to happen; I'm not going to hurt you as long as you don't give me a reason and you're coming with me back to my Hive, from there I'm sure we can work something out. But before I let you up I have one question: are there more of you here in Ponyville?"

"Just one; my little bro Rumble, he's back at my place likely waiting for me. There are also two Ponies that know what me and Rumble are."

At Dragonfly's surprised look Thunderlane quickly continued,

"They walked in on me one day as I was showing Rumble how our Disguise Ability worked, I fully admit that I begged them not to say anything about what they saw, both Pinkie Promised that they would keep it secret."

"Pinkie Promised?" Dragonfly as he let Thunderlane up.

"It a special promise we in Ponyville do; Pinkie explains that once somepony does these motions: Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my ey-ow!" He accidentally poked himself in the eye doing the last gesture.

"Remember to shut your eye first though."

"Yes, basically if one makes this promise they must keep it, the only time it can be safely broken is is very serious situations, like if somepony's life is in danger."

"What happens if it isn't?"

"Nopony really knows, but at the same time they'd rather not find out. Don't get me wrong, Pinkie's a very nice Mare and all that , just..."

"Beware the nice ones."

"Pretty much."

"Got it, let's go get your brother and those two Ponies."

"They're going too?" Thunderlane had a brief look of panic flash on his face.

"You don't need to worry Thunderlane, I promise, Pinkie Promise even," Dragonfly did the motions, "that they will not be harmed. I just want them there as since they already know of you and your brother, they should know about my Hive as well before something goes wrong. My question is are they trustworthy?"

"Absolutely, I've know them for years and they've kept mine and Rumble's secret for most of that time."

"Alright, let's go."

The two replied their disguises and headed to Thunderlane's place, a two-story house with a third level made from clouds. He walked up to the door with Dragonfly behind him and entered, and just as Thunderlane had said, his younger brother Rumble was waiting, along with the two Ponies; Pegasus Mares by the names of Flitter and Cloud Chaser.

Flitter was a little shorter than Cloud Chaser and had a grayish blue coat with a grayish opal mane and tail with a pink bow tied in the former and grayish raspberry eyes. Her cutie mark was three blue and white dragonflies. Cloud Chaser was a little bigger then Flitter and had a Persian blue coat, light blue mane and tail with white highlights and pink eyes. her cutie mark was shooting star.

The three of them were shocked by what had happened, but agreed to come along. Dragonfly brought them back to the tea shop and the teleport point, activating it and sending them all to the Hive.

The Hive

The teleporter lowered towards the floor spreading its claws and a green flash appeared under it, the teleporter raising again after Dragonfly and his guests and been set on the floor. The two Mares had to lie down for a minute to recover while Thunderlane looked around and Rumble checked on the two.

Seeker and Rhino apporached as Spotter and Darter stood back, Dragonfly looked over at his guests, waiting as they recovered. Once they did they looked around in awe of the Throne Room, soon seeing Dragonfly sit down on his throne with his commanders on the sides. Flitter and Cloud Chaser, perhaps due to habit, bowed with Thunderlane and Rumble.

"You don't need to bow, Flitter and Cloud Chaser, you're not my Changelings. Thunderlane and Rumble, please raise."

The four stood up as Dragonfly continued by asking Rhino to explain what a Hybrid was.

"Hybrid Changelings are the result of a Changeling mating with a member of another species, in this case Ponies. Three are three types; Partial, Half, and Full. Partial resemble their other parent species the closest and are in fact physically indistinguishable, Half also resemble their other parent's species but have the fangs, backplate, horn, and holes of their Changeling perent. Full, like Thunderlane and Rumble here, fully resemble Changelings but with added features from their other parent's species, like in this case the eyes, mane and tail, and cutie mark."

Dragonfly took a quick look at Thunderlane and sure enough, there was the cutie mark, right were it was supposed to be.

"What are their capabilities?" He asked, Rhino continued.

"Well unlike most breeds Hybrids do not require E-energy, rather they emit it like their other parent's species."

"Which provides another source among others, how do they do it?"

"A few ways, the most simple is just being among their Hivemates, another is going to the Hive's Heart, placing their hooves or other limbs on it. and channeling some into it. I should note though that they do consume a little more food."

"And what of their other traits?"

"Depends on the type; Partial only have a basic Emotion Sense and their Disguise Ability doesn't work, though because they are physically indistinguishable from their other parent's species this isn't to big of a problem. But on the other hoof among their other parent's species they are perfect Infiltrators and as they emit E-energy they can really help a Hive if they have a shortage. Half have a better sense, but there disguises are... random at best when active, they only work when they feel like it. However Half are able to take a lot damage and recover from wounds very quickly. And Full combine the best of both; they have the full disguise and sense of Changelings, with the abilities of their other parent's species. In this case with Thunderlane and Rumble they have Pegasus Magic and all it brings."

Dragonfly nodded in understanding, turning to the four waiting guests. He turned to the Mares first.

"Flitter, Cloud Chaser, from what I understand you've known about Thunderlane and Rumble being Pony/Changeling Hybrids for years and have kept it secret all that time. Is this true?"

Flitter spoke first.

"Yes, we walked in on him while he was teaching Rumble about the disguises, I don't think we've seen anypony, or Creature for that matter, that terrified. The first thing he did was beg us not to harm Rumble, we were a little too surprised to respond at first but eventually he settled down and Thunderlane explained what he and Rumble were."

Cloud Chaser went next.

"He told us everything, from about why he was here and the going on back with the other Hives, including the Civil War."

Dragonfly blinked at bit at the last part, he turned to Thunderlane.

"What Hive are you and your brother from?"

"Hive Moth, one of the first to fall. Our parents... I'd rather not talk about it, only that I know they're dead."

Dragonfly nodded and turned back to the Mares.

"You two do know that, by showing you the Hive, we're taking a pretty large risk here; as far as Chrysalis knows, I was killed by Timber Wolves three years ago. I want to keep it that way, for now at least. If she knows I'm alive she come after not just my Hive before its ready, but most likely Ponyville as well and that's something none of us want. Will you two be able to keep this secret?"

Both Mares immediately nodded, doing the motions of a Pinkie Promise.

"Prince Dragonfly, we Pinkie Promise that we will keep this all secret, we've been doing it for Thunderlane and Rumble, both of who are very important to us, so we will do the same for your Hive." Flitter said, Cloud agreeing.

Dragonfly allowed a closed mouth smile to appear, he had been using his Emotion Sense the whole time and could tell to two Mares were genuine in their promise.

"Then I believe we'll get along just fine, and in exchange for keeping this secret, I'll set up a teleport point in your house. Congratulations Flitter, Cloud Chaser, you two are now honorary members of the Dragonfly Hive."

The four looked surprised at what he just said, the Mares looking a bit confused as well. Seeker explained it to them.

"You see, as honorary members you'll be able to access the Hive through the point at anytime, you'll also get a special link that will alert the Hive if you two are ever in danger, and we will help support you in your current and any future jobs."

Flitter and Cloud took it in and smiled brightly while Dragonfly turned to Thunderlane and Rumble, both of whom looked relieved.

"Thank you Prince Dragonfly, we wouldn't let you or your Hive down." Cloud said, he smiled at them then turned to the two Hybrids.

"Now Thunderlane and Rumble, as Hiveless I'm guessing you former Royal severed their Hivemind before they died."

"Yes, before she did she told us to run, run and live. As far as I know, Rumble and I are the only ones who escaped. We haven't seen any others from our Hive since." Thunderlane said.

He let out a sign, looking down at the floor.

"I will admit, I've had this feeling of loneliness and longing since then, Rumble and the girls have helped majorly, but its still there."

"Well Thunderlane, would you and Rumble be interested in join our Hive then?"

Thunderlane's Head snapped up with a look of shocked surprised, and hope.


Dragonfly smiled, walked down from his throne, and gently touched his horn with Thunderlane's. He was shocked at first, but he soon felt Dragonfly's presence with his mind, asking to connect the Hivemind with him. Thunderlane closed his eyes with Dragonfly and accepted. To Thunderlane he began to feel the loneliness and longing he had held for years fade away as his mind began to fill the the voices of Dragonfly's Hive, all welcoming him in. Everycreature else saw Thunderlane's backplate slowly change from gray to a shiny metallic silver and grow a short spike in the center, something that all of the Dragonfly Hive Changelings had as well.

After a few seconds the two pulled back from each other, both smiling with Thunder very lightly shedding small tears of joy and relief, joy at rejoining a Hive and relief as the pain he had held onto for years had finally faded away.

"Welcome to the Hive Thunderlane." Dragonfly said, pulling the Hive's newest member into a hug, surprising the Hybrid who after recovering returned it fully. Dragonfly then did the same with Rumble, who happily accepted it as well as Flitter and Cloud wrapped Thunderlane into a two-way hug.

Once everything was down the four of them returned to the tea shop and, after making sure their disguises were up, headed into the main area, with Dragonfly in front. He opened the door and...


Nearly jumped out of his skin for a second time that day at the party Pinkie had set up while they were gone, Dragonfly took the laughter of his scare in stride and congratulated Pinkie for the party, saying...

"Good job Pinkie, I'm not one who's surprised too easily, now let's get this party started. Sorry it took us so long."

"No worries Wingy, just made your reaction worth it."

"Wingy?" The smile showing he wasn't insulted at all.

"Okay everypony, let's PAR-TY!"

And party they did.

The Next morning

Dragonfly groaned from the cider-induced hangover he had.

'Just how much did I drink last night? Good thing it wasn't the hard cider.'

The party and ran long into the night, Pinkie had gone all out with many snacks and drinks. During the party he had meet most of the town's Ponies, Many of whom were very happy on the tea shop being opened again. He got up and contacted the Hive.

Seeker, how are things at the Hive?"

"Things are good here, some of the Changelings are a bit upset that they missed the party but they liked the cinnamon rolls."

"Yea sorry about that, how are our new members?"

"Settling in nicely, and the sisters are so far keeping their word."

"Thunderlane did say they're trustworthy but we'll have to wait and see, anyway could you tell me about the locations of note in town?"

"Sure, here are the locations of note; Town Hall: The center of the town, from here you can keep track of local events and where records are keep if you need them. This all so the workplace of Mayor Mare, she can give quests related to town events and news on the outside world.

The Marketplace: This is were you can get various items from food to cooking utensils and soap, the Apple Family has their own stall were you can buy apples.

Barnyard Bargains: This shopping mall is owned by the Rich Family and sells a large variety of goods, including items not sold in the Marketplace.

Sugarcube Corner: The local sweet shop, you can buy many different sweets and pastries from here. Due to this place's popularity it has a large deposit of E-energy making it a good spot for the Gatherers, it is the workplace of the Cakes and Pinkie Pie. They can give quests to help them gather items they need and Pinkie's parties are a great source of E-energy by themselves.

The Day Spa: While this place my not be as important as the other's, It is a great place to relax after a hard day and offers a wide variety of options.

Golden Oaks Library: This place is closed right now but it will offer what you would expect from a Library.

And finally the Train Station: From here you will be able to travel to other locations in Equestria.

"I Thank that's enough for now Seeker, I need to start getting things ready for the shop's reopening."

"Okay, let me know when you want to continue."

"I will, out."

Dragonfly walked downstairs and into the storeroom.

"Time to start gathering what I need."

Author's Note:

Sorry if this chapter, or at least the latter half, was a bit lackluster, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do there and wanted to get moving forward.