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The Dragonfly Hive - Silver Dragon Blade Wing

A young Changeling Prince, with the help of his allies and friends, must become strong enough to challenge and defeat Chrysalis to protect the land and the ones he loves.

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Prologue: Awakening

Everfree Forest

Somewhere close to Ponyville

Three Years before Nightmare Moon's Return

The sound of chitin hooves clicking against rock sounded throughout the cave tunnel, a bright but soft light green grow lighting the way for a tall figure. The figure was a Changeling that bore a resembles to Royal but in place of the mane was a large fin with twelve "fingers" that was a foot at the front just behind the figure's horn and shortened by an inch as it when down over the head and back of the neck to just above the shoulders. The tail was also webbed and resembled a Changeling Drone's just longer, ending about two inches above the back hooves. The figure's bulkier body and more angular face showed he was male, and he had red eyes and wings and a silver backplate.

He was wearing a pair of light green saddle bags with a clip in the shape of a black dragonfly with red wings.

The Changeling carefully stepped down a shallow incline as he looked around for something, his mind bringing up why he was here.


Two Changelings and one Thestral sat in a small cave in a circle, talking among each other.

"Chrysalis has won, she taken all but our hive. I've already severed our Hivemind and told our Changelings to scatter to the four winds, hopefully that will keep her from finding them." The first Changeling said, a Royal Changeling Mare a good head taller then Chrysalis and far more pretty said, while her carapace was the standard black her eyes and wings were red and her back plate was silver. Her very long mane and tail were the real eye catchers; they were a mix of red, gold, blue and silver, flowing like waterfalls over her shoulders and the ground. The pattern was like that of Celestria's own mane only it didn't wave like her's did.

"I hope so honey, Chrysalis has enslaved most of the Changelings from the other Hives. However I understand that there are a number from each that escaped, so perhaps they might meet up with our Hive." The Thestral said, a Stallion with an ash gray coat, bright yellow eyes and dark blue webbed mane, tail and wings. His cutie-mark was a pair of midnight black crossed sabers. He wore armor that was a mix of the Night Guard armor and Hive Guard Armor.

"Chrysalis will also need a lot of time to rebuild as her army was a near total loss, that and the escaped Changelings will no doubt form Resistance groups to fight Chrysalis, all that will buy time needed for us to rebuild else where." The second Changeling said, he bore a resembles to Royal but in place of the mane was a large fin with twelve "fingers" that was a foot at the front just behind the figure's horn and shortened by an inch as it when down over the head and back of the neck to just above the shoulders. The tail was also webbed and resembled a Changeling Drone's just longer, ending about two inches above the back hooves when standing.

The Changeling Mare and Thestral Stallion looked at each other, then back at the second Changeling.

"Seeker, Saber and I wouldn't be rebuilding." The Mare said.


Seeker slowly and carefully stepped over ancient Changeling bones littering the floor of the cavern he had just entered, increasing his light to better find his way around.


What do you mean you're not going to rebuild?! We need to rebuild to have any chance of taking down Chrysalis, or the Changelings will die out to her enslavement!"

"We know that Seeker, Nebula and I can't because Chrysalis will be searching for us." Saber said putting a hoof around Nebula, who leaned into him. He continued,

"That's also why we have a very important mission for you."

"A mission for me?"

He paused to look at some of the old wall paints, this cave was once a Changeling Burial Den, now long forgotten.


"You remember our son Dragonfly Wings?" Nebula asked.

"Of course, the same Young Royal I had a hoof in raising. I thought he was lost to Timber Wolves two years ago."

"He wasn't," Saber said. "That was the story we told to protect him from Chrysalis, as we knew she would not stop hunting him until he was dead."

"We placed him, with his consent, in a special cocoon and hid it in the Everfree Forest." Nebula said.

"Let me guess, my mission involves him?"

Seeker reached the far was and began examining it, running a hoof along the surface.

"Here's where he is, find him and awaken him" Nebula said.

He found the spot he was looking for.

"Guide him and help build a Hive to bring Chrysalis down for good." Saber said.

Seeker closed his eyes and concentrated his magic.

"Good Look Seeker, our son is the Changelings' only hope now. It's time for Dragonfly to take up the Mantle, he is ready." Nebula said.

Seeker released his magic at the spot, the magic hit and spread like water over that section, slowly revealing another room. Once the wall had fully opened he entered the small room, and found what he was looking for.

On the wall opposite of the opening was a green Changeling cocoon, within it was a young Royal Changeling Stallion with a silver back plate, red mane and tail, and six large red dragonfly-like wings. Only the mane was braided and he was curled up with his limbs and head tucked into his body, Seeker walked up to the cocoon and carefully placed the tip of his horn against the cocoon, slowly channeled some magic into it.

"Time to wake up my Prince."

Cracks started to form from the center to the edges until it split open, green goo fell to the floor while the Changeling within slipped into Seeker's waiting forelegs. He lowered the Royal to the floor as the Royal groaned, both from soreness and relief as he took in fresh air for the first time in a long time.

After a few minutes the Royal opened his eyes, showing they were red and were like that of a Thestral instead of a normal Changeling Royal's, part of his father's genes that were passed on to him. Slowly the Royal sat up rubbing his eyes, after a minute he looked over at his company.

"Seeker?" Said Changeling couldn't stop the happy, closed lip smile from spreading over his face.

"Hello Dragonfly, it's been three years since we last saw each other."

"Three years? That's how long I've been in that cocoon?"

"Yes, things are... not good for our kind. Chrysalis won the Civil War, all Hives but Empress Nebula Sheen's are under her control while Nebula's has scattered to the four winds. Fortunately Chrysalis' Hive is rebuilding and will be for at least another four years at best."

"So Mom want's us to build our own Hive to fight and defeat Chrysalis now."

"I figured you would know, are you okay to move?"

"Yes, still a bit sore but I will be alright. Where's Rhino Beetle, Spotter Eye, and Darter Tail?"

"I don't know, I haven't see them in over two years so I don't know if they're even alive."

Dragonfly let out a sign while closing his eyes.

"Let's go, I've been here far too long."

"Then follow me, My Prince. Let's leave those buried here in peace."

The two Changelings turned and walked back out through the cave and into the sunlight, Dragonfly signing in bliss and he stood in the sunlight for a few minutes taking it in.

Mission: Everfree Part One

Main Objectives:

Return to Seeker's First Camp

Dragonfly must survive

Seeker must survive

Bonus Objective:

Find and retrieve Hive Lore Cocoons (2)

New Unit(s): None


Seeker: Now that I've found you Dragonfly we need to move out, I have a small safe camp not far from here and a larger camp further away. We need to move to the smaller camp as we won't reach the larger once before dark, and trust me, we don't want to be out of the camps at night. I marked a path as I came through here, it's the quickest way back and we can avoid the more dangerous creatures. The bad news is that it takes us through Timber Wolf territory, so expect some scraps with them. Normally we could just fly but the winds are too strong, grounding all flyers in the region.

Dragonfly and Seeker entered a small clearing and stopped.

"You okay Dragonfly?" Seeker asked, noticing the Royal panting a bit.

"Yes, just my E-energy is a bit low."

"Well we're in luck." Seeker said pointing towards a small, rainbow-colored sphere just a few feet away.

"This here Dragonfly is a E-energy Sphere, they form from small deposits of emotional energy that gathers in areas were life is. Only Changelings can see them and they can prove a boost to our internal energy. Go ahead and grab it."

Dragonfly walked up to the small sphere and touched it with a hoof, immediately feeling a pleasant surge of energy as he absorbed the sphere, letting out a relaxed sign.

"Much better Seeker, let's go and keep an eye out for more of those on the way."

"Got it."

The two Changelings walked along the path, keeping their eyes open for any threats, after a bit they came to a short cliff.

"Our wings allow us to not only fly but also jump up ledges like this one, just remember to stay below the tree line." Seeker said as he and Dragonfly crouched down and jumped, using their wings to help them reach the top of the cliff. After that they continued on, eventually encountering a small group of six Light Timber Wolves, these looked like normal Timber Wolves but were smaller in size and much lighter in color shades.

"Feel up to a little scrap Dragonfly?"

"I do, would be nice to get the kinks out."

The two charged the wolves, making short work of them as the wolves tried to attack them. Once they finished they moved quickly before the wolves could rebuild themselves.

"Our carapace grants us great protection against enemy attacks, our's for example renders us immune to attacks up to a certain level, but remember that even the thickest and strongest carapace can be eventually breached and we still have weak points that are not covered, like our eyes. If you need to protect yourself but can't fight back or escape curl into a ball with your head and limbs tucked it, don't worry about your wings as those will grow back, as long as the roots are intact and those are buried quite deep within our backs. Also note some weapons can bypass the carapace."

They continued on their way, reaching a fork in the path when Dragonfly suddenly sensed something.

"Seeker, do you feel that?"

"Yes, I felt it on my way in but couldn't investigate further as I was looking for the cave. You want to check it out?"

"Sure, might be something useful."

Following their sensing they soon reached what looked like a blue-colored Changeling cocoon large enough to hold a full grown Pony, Seeker's eyes went wide at the sight of it.

"I don't believe it! That's a Hive Lore Cocoon!"

"Oh I know those, they're used to store research data."

"Yes, this will prove useful later. Come to think of it... I sensed something similar closer to the small camp, could it be another cocoon?"

"Possibly, we should search once we reach the zone."

Moving back onto the right path the two Changelings moved onward, getting into scraps here and there with small packs and leaving with only minor scratches at worst. They eventually reach another clearing but this one was full of Timber Wolves.

"That's way too many to fight Dragonfly, time to use our special ability."

"I was thinking the same Seeker, if you please."

"Right, the Disguise Ability allows Changelings to, well, change our appearance to match that of whatever we pick, from creatures to objects. This ability does have a few drawbacks however; one, it slowly drains E-energy as long as we are disguised, should our energy get too low the ability will automatically shut off on its own. Two, creatures with a strong sense of smell, like dogs and Thestrals, can sometimes detect something off and become suspicious, which increases the risk of discovery. And three, certain spells and abilities can overload and drop the disguise."

Changing themselves into normal Timber Wolves, the two Changelings moved quickly but carefully through the wolves and continued on, moving off the path at one point to retrieve a second Hive Lore Cocoon. After sometime they reached the first camp, set up on a ten-story cliff, as night started to fall.

"There's the first camp Dragonfly, let's rest, get something to eat and some sleep so we are ready to pack up and move out in the morning."

Mission: Everfree Part One; Complete

Main Objectives:

Return to Seeker's First Camp; Complete

Dragonfly must survive; Complete

Seeker must survive: Complete

Bonus Objective:

Find and retrieve Hive Lore Cocoons (2); Complete, +10 Research points


Dragonfly: We reached the first camp just as night fell and have started settling in, Seeker's getting a fire going so we can cook our supper. Afterward we'll be getting some sleep as Seeker wants to pack up this camp and get moving asap in the morning. It's hard to believe that three years have passed since I went into that cocoon, so much has changed. I'm going to be keeping this journal to document our adventures as they come, so hopefully future generations can learn from the entries. I'd say the day went well for we recovered two Hive Lore Cocoons which, according to Seeker, will help boost our own Hive's research ahead once we set up.

Until next time.

Dragonfly Wings, son of Empress Nebula Sheen and Royal Knight Black Saber. May the First Mother watch over you.

Seeker's First Camp

Both Dragonfly and Seeker had happily tore into their hayburgers and fries with gusto, the former finishing six while the latter finished three. As Seeker rubbed his full belly Dragonfly looked around, the camp had a tent big enough to fit two comfortably and a small camp fire that they now sat around. He spotted his saddle bags close to Seeker, he reached for them. Seeker noticed and gave them over with his magic, smiling as Dragonfly set them down in front of him.

"I kept your personal items safe for you after your parents gave them to me."

Dragonfly opened one, and pulled out his long, wool red and silver scarf, the same one Nebula had given him long ago. Dragonfly smiled wide and bright as he wrapped the scarf around his neck, feeling the familiar softness and warm. He picked up one end and stared at the medal that had be attached to it. The medal was in the shape of a gold Ailcorn head facing to the right with silver edging, the eyes was an emerald, the horn was decorated with tiny sapphires, and the ribbon clip was in the shape of the Royal Place and was decorated with diamonds.

This medal was called the High Royal Order, one of the highest awards in Equestria, award for great valor or outstanding leadership. The one attached to Dragonfly's scarf belonged to Saber, his father.

'I don't know why you gave me this medal Dad, But at least I have something to "keep you close", like the scarf Mom made for me.

Looking up he reached into the saddle bag and pulled out a photo album, opening it two pictures stood out; the first was one of Nebula and Saber in a one-limb hug facing the camera with an infant Dragonfly between them.

"Hope you two are okay, only been awake for a few hours and I'm already missing you. I will do my best to make you both proud.'

The second picture was one of Dragonfly and his friends, Dragonfly was in the center with his right foreleg over the shoulders of Seeker and Rhino while his left was over the shoulders of Spotter and Darter. All of them were covered in mud and plant matter, but the large similes showed they didn't care.

"I hope their alright." Seeker added,

"Rhino's as tough as a Dragon, and one of the best fighters in Nebula's Hive. He was her Hive Commander for good reason, Spotter would see threats long before they even saw him and Darter, no creature could hope to catch him on land or in the air."

He paused, that added,

"Okay... maybe Rainbow Dash could."

Dragonfly closed the album and put it back in the saddle bag, he then looked at Seeker.

"So Seeker, what have you been up to?" Said Changeling shifted to get more comfortable.

"After I parted ways with Saber and Nebula I went into hiding for a few mouths, had to make sure Chrysalis wouldn't find me. I than spend the rest of the time looking for you, Nebula showed me the region but that was it."

"That must have been quite a fun time." Dragonfly said with a smile.

"Fun my long webbed tail, it was awful. The plants, weather, and animals were just a few of the things I encountered in that search. You would not believe how happy I was when I finally homed in on you. Now we can finally leave this pit."

"What Seeker, forest to much for you." Dragonfly said with a bit of playful snark.

"Dang it Dragonfly! I'm an Advisor not a Scout! That's Spotter's job!"

Dragonfly just laughed, only to be cut off half-way through by a huge yawn, Seeker letting out one as well.

"Let's get some sleep, need to be up early tomorrow, night Dragonfly."

"Good night Seeker."

The two entered the tent and crawled into their sleeping bags.

"Good thing Rhino's not in here after he ate his bean burritos." Dragonfly said.

"Heavy on the beans, bean sauce, and garlic, oh First Mother the smell could knock over ten Dragons."

"A bio-hazard on it's own."

"Hence his nickname Fartillery."

"It was just as bad out of his mouth as well."

"Yea no kidding, night."

"Good night."

Early the next morning

The two Changelings had just finished packing up the camp after having something quick to eat and got ready to move out.

Mission: Everfree Part Two

Main Objectives:

Move to Seeker's Second Camp

Dragonfly must survive

Seeker must survive

Bonus Objective:

Find and retrieve Hive Lore Cocoons (3)

New Unit(s): Drone, Healer


Seeker: We're at the half-way point, so next we need to make our way to the second camp close to the edge of the Everfree. The good news is the path takes us through a thicker area so we wouldn't need to worry about the larger and more dangerous creatures, the bad news is that it takes us deeper into Timber Wolf territory, so we most likely will run into some of the stronger types. Flying predators in this area means we can't fly above the treeline so we'll need to move on land, hope your well rest, the upcoming fights might be tough.

The two Changelings left the former camp zone and continued onward, they ran into a few small packs of light and normal wolves but made short work of them, they also retrieved a Hive Lore Cocoon. After some time they encountered a new type of Timber Wolf; this type was about twice the size of a normal one and had darker wood shades and darker leaves.

"That's a Brute Timber Wolf, larger and stronger these wolves require more power to bring down. I think this would be a good time for you to test your Leaping Wing Strike ability Dragonfly."

"Alright, let's see what it can do." He said bracing his body and preparing to leap.

"The Leaping Wing Strike sends you to a chosen spot or into a targeted enemy, allowing you to bypass cliffs and pits or deal high amounts of damage."

Dragonfly leaped, his wings glowing like red fog lights as his body was encased in a light green teardrop-shaped bubble. He slammed into the Timber Wolf Brute, destroying it instantly. He landed and had to rest for a minute.

"It is important to keep in mind that abilities like the Leaping Wing Strike take E-energy to use and must recharge after each use, as you level up the amount it uses and the recharge time is lessened."

Once Dragonfly was ready to two moved on, collecting E-energy Spheres as they went and recovering another Hive Lore Cocoon. Eventually they reached a clearing with a good sized pack with a Brute, waiting and ready for them. The two Changelings toke out the normal wolves easily but the Brute was harder, the two Changelings had jumped back to give themselves some breathing room when they heard somecreature shout.

"Excuse me!"

Turning around, they saw a Changeling that looked like a Royal but with the webbed mane and tail like that of a Drone, he wore dark blue armor similar to the Pony Royal Guard with an armored collar with five metal studs and a helmet with mandible-like spikes extensions and two curved short spikes below the horn.

His horn was in the shape of a Eastern Reaches Rhino Beetle, and in his front hooves was a tube with a wood body and stock, on top of the tube was a square sight.

The new Changeling leveled the item at the Brute wolf and fired a small, light green sphere. It hit the wolf and blew it to pieces in an explosion of light green flame and smoke. The new Changeling walked up to the remains, smiling as he reloaded his weapon.

"And that's what you get for attack my Prince."

"Rhino!" Dragonfly and Seeker shouted, said Changeling turned towards them.

"Three years and I'm still pulling your tails out of fire."

Dragonfly walked up and pulled Rhino into a hug, which the Hive Commander returned.

"Great to see you again Rhino, how have you been?" Dragonfly asked as Seeker walked up.

"The usual, hiding from Chrysalis while trying to find reinforcements."

A howl sounded the arrival of more wolves, Rhino smiled as the wolves charged.

"By the way, I brought some friends."

The wolves were suddenly attacked from the sides from ten Drones, the pack falling before they could react. Rhino spoke as the Drones regrouped and approached.

"Drones; the most common of the various Changeling breeds, making up the bulk of a Hive. While they aren't good at any one job their versatility makes up for it. They can do any job effectively with the right training and most Changeling variants begin their life as Drones. Most Royals tend to overlook them, but without the Drones the Hive would not survive."

The ten Drones came up to and wrapped Dragonfly in a big group hug which the Royal happily returned, the group then continued onward.

New Main Objective(s):

Rhino must survive

New Bonus Objective(s):

Complete the Mission with all ten Drones

The group of now thirteen Changelings moved through the forest, following the path and recovering two Hive Lore Cocoons as they went. Fights with the local Timber Wolves happened a few times with a few Drones being injured but still able to fight, it was after the ninth fight that Dragonfly halted the group, looking over the wounded Drones.

"If we get into anymore fights we might lose some Drones, do we have any way to heal them?" He asked, Rhino nodded and whistled, a group of five new Changelings exited with trees.

They were Drone-sized with large red butterfly wings and a long red membrane tail, white collar around the base of their neck, thin white bands around both sides of their back leg knee joints, and a horn spit in two half way down. The wore white helmets with a red cross on the front and a pair of med-sized white saddle bags with a red cross clip.

"Healers: Basically our Medics and Doctors, these Changelings' split horns allow each one to heal tow targets at the same time. Besides the standard healing, Healers also have a number of spells, to of which are Restoration and E-energy regeneration. Restoration removes any debuffs from a targeted ally, while E-energy regeneration allows them to give more E-energy to allies. When off the battlefield they also tend to the young and eggs."

The Healers immediately went to work, quickly bringing the wounded Drones back up to full health and increasing everybuggy's E-energy store up a bit. The group moved on, fighting their way through move wolves and recovering a third Hive Lore Cocoon. As night was starting to fall they finally reached the second camp and entered, half of the Drones laid down to get some sleep with the other half taking watch, the Healers started setting up a fire and some cooking utensils.

Mission: Everfree Part Two; Complete

Main Objectives:

Move to Seeker's Second Camp; Complete

Dragonfly must survive: Complete

Seeker must survive: Complete

Rhino must survive Complete

Bonus Objectives:

Find and retrieve Hive Lore Cocoons (3); Complete, +15 Research Points

Complete the Mission with all ten Drones; Complete, + 10 Morale

Units Lost: 0

Dragonfly: Today was a good day for us, we ran into Rhino Beetle who had ten Drones and five Healers with him and we've recover a total of seven Hive Lore Cocoons. All of this will allow us to get our hive up and running faster. We're going to spend the night in the camp and pack up at first to move to where our new Hive will be, Seeker and Rhino have told me it is close by and was set up my my parents for situations like this.

From what they have told me, our Hive is located underneath the town of Ponyville, the same place were Mon meet Dad, my hometown.

Until next time.

Dragonfly Wings, son of Empress Nebula Sheen and Royal Knight Black Saber. May the First Mother watch over you.

Seeker's Second Camp

The Changelings had eaten their supper and most had gone to bed, leaving only Dragonfly, Seeker, and Rhino awake with a Healer and three Drones keeping watch. Dragonfly looked over at the pile of sleeping Drones and Healers, smiling at their soft snores and twitching limbs and wings.

"I'd say they deserve some rest, they did most of the work to day."

"That's one reason why you're so popular among them, unlike most Royals you care for all of the Hive's Changelings, not just the more powerful Breeds." Rhino said chuckling.

"The more powerful Breeds are good and all, but with out the ones like the Drones and Workers the Hive wouldn't be able to function and thrive."

Dragonfly then looked at his tow friends.

"Just wondering, why is our new Hive under Ponyville? Not complaining, just curious." Seeker answered.

"Nebula loved the town, considered it the best place due to its high levels of E-energy, cheaper prices, open spaces, and friendly locals. She figured it was the best spot should anything like the Civil War happen, giving the survivors a safe place to rebuild."

"Make's sense, think the new Hive will work out for us?"

"Trust us on this Dragonfly, you'll like the new Hive." Seeker said.

The three let out yawns and went to bed.

Author's Note:

A new story with an extra long prologue to make up for the lack of chapters lately.

The Dragonfly Hive is going to have three formats: Mission chapters like this Prologue, Slice of Life chapters that put focus on character interaction and some world building, and Hive chapters like the next one that take place in the Dragonfly Hive.

Please tell me what you think.

Hope you enjoy the successor to my first story Picking Up The Pieces. :pinkiehappy:

Note: I was going to submit with with two chapters but the second one is going to take longer than I though so its just this one for now.