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... because a misanthrope's fuse was blown sky high! Woo! :trollestia:

On the super slim chance of said person reading this, well, you know exactly who you are.

The amount of commissions you have of your story and author self-insert do amount to a desperate need for self-satisfaction, that's out for the world to see and several have already remarked on it in your very story, whether you admit to it or throw a hissy fit because of it. Apparently a few people can't understand what the word "metaphorical" means. Though, admittedly, I was supposed to have made that very explicitly clear and I failed at it, and for that I apologize without a single dollop of reluctance.

Secondly, "white trash" was your self-insert, not you, though the "trash" moniker does work for you, you basement-dwelling, human-hating lowlife - and don't you come saying that it's an in-story thing, you fly that flag with pride in all your comments.

Now a prick I certifiably can be, but "scumbag" and "a disgrace to this fandom"? Man, don't make me laugh, I'm coming out of an onset of pneumonia and my chest muscles are hurting today.

The next time you say that to a person, look at their profile instead of at a fucking mirror. People like you are the sad maggots that crawl on the ground, always under the soles of those that actually see that we as a species and civilization are trying constantly to make something of ourselves, then get off their asses and help, instead of going to write fanfics about them going to their choice perfect world and flinging shit at our name because we don't put up with their attitude of an emo teenager crybaby. I dare your ass to go out and meet a good amount of people, sit by and have a chat, and see if your "all Homo Sapiens suck except for me" holds up. Or are you afraid that your beliefs will be ground to dust?

Lastly, the next time you're going to import drama from another site and fill half your message with swear words, don't try and snipe the other from a blocked standpoint so that they can't answer back. Can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, and don't even entertain the thought of approaching the rocket propulsion test chamber, you chickenshit. You saw it yourself that I didn't have you blocked, despite the disgust I have towards your attitude as an author and internet person, and I'm not about to do it now.

In fact, I'm mildly interested to know why you and "your character" are the way they are. I'll be waiting for anytime you want to have a healthy discussion about things, which include how I act towards you - as of the moment, it's completely warranted. I am an asshole indeed, but not one that stinks for no given reason.

To any followers I have that may read this: I'd appreciate if no comments were posted in this page.

Thanks, guys. :pinkiesmile:

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Thanks for the... What have we here thing mate! :raritywink:

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>>2274733 Thanks a bunch :pinkiesmile:

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Your avatar is awesome.:rainbowkiss:

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Thanks for taking an interest in Hierophant's Problem, you'll be happy to know the next chapter should be out soon and I hope I can get it in your favourites sometime soon.

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Thanks for adding The Curse of Cryogenics to your library.

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