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The Dragonfly Hive - Silver Dragon Blade Wing

A young Changeling Prince, with the help of his allies and friends, must become strong enough to challenge and defeat Chrysalis to protect the land and the ones he loves.

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As Time Passes Part 3

Dragonfly smiled as he watched Ponies mingle about in the Cozy Rest, happily chatting with each other and enjoying their afternoon tea and snacks. The Drones brought up from the Hive made the work, especially the morning rush, much easier and gave him more free time, which he was using to work on his potions. So far on that front he had tried various ways but nothing had worked well enough until Clover had suggested growing plants to make the potions better. On that suggestion he had set up a greenhouse to do just that, Dragonfly had tried several different types with the help of some of the Earth Ponies in town until he had grown peppers which not only worked perfectly but also gave the potions a likable kick. At the moment the potions weren't ready for sale just yet, still had testing to go through first.

Looking closer to the counter he smiled at Belle and Dancer who smiled back, Dancer's group was taking a break before the upcoming show in a about two weeks and she was hanging out with her sister and their friends at the Cozy Rest. The Mares and Dragonfly had grown closer or the passing time and the latter was thinking of taking the next step but wanted to wait until after Diamond's show first.

At the moment Dusk was telling a story about how he had jumped up a few ranks during a fight with his former commanding officer.

"So after finding out I was passed on another promotion yet again by my commander for his son, who I want to note wasn't close to being qualified for the rank, due yet again to the blasted racism against Thestrals, that and him being the flankhole he was. At that point I just lost my temper and began to yell at him."

"What did you say to him?" Dancer asked.

"Well I can't say the whole thing lass as we have wee ones in 'ere and Dragonfly has a rule about swearin' in the shop. But I can tell you that it boils down to me telling he was so incompetent that he couldn't "cuddle" with a Mare who needed it if you know what I mean." Dusk said with a fond smile.

It took a second for it to sink in, but when it did there was a round of laughter with the loudest being Blades and Sparks.

"Wow Dusk, I'm half-Western and Eastern Kirin and I know other's who don't have stones that big." Blades said once she calmed down.

"Or made out of hardened steel." Sparks added with a large smile.

"How did you managed to stay on the guard after that?" Indigo asked with a raised eyebrow as he took a sip of his tea.

"Well lad, the General and the Princess somehow found out about the 'hole thing when I went to Graceful's place to cool off, I had the day off tomorrow anyway so I decided to hang out with my Marefriend." He reached out with a wing and wrapped it around said Earth Pony who hummed softly as she moved closer and nuzzled his chin affectionately. Graceful, or Grace for short, continued.

"Imagine my surprise when I heard a knock on my door late that night and when I opened it to find Dusk waiting for me, he told me what had happened and asked if he could stay the night. I said yes and let him in." Dusk picked up next.

"About two or so 'ours later another knock came and Grace opened the door to find both the General and the Princess there. Long story short; my former commander got demoted back to the bottom for nepotism and had a long talk with the Princess while I got promoted the ranks up as the General looked for a new Commander and my record was cleaned."

The group continued their chat when the bell over the door rang, Dragonfly lifted his head to see who came in and his eyes widened and went bright as a large, happy open-mouthed smile appeared over his face.


Ponyville's population mostly consisted of Earth Ponies with Unicorns and Pegasi mixed in, along with a few members of the other Pony races. Living next to the Everfree Forest meant that the population was use to the unusual and strange, but that didn't mean that they were unfazed by those. Such was the case as many Ponies found their heads turning to watch a newcomer walk through the Marketplace.

The newcomer was a Mare from a Pony race Ponyville's population didn't see every day; a Mountain Kirin. She was taller than most others and was built much like Celestia. She had a light grey coat with darker ear tips, gold scales on her back, nasal ridge and hoof tips the same color, a long branch-like dark crimson horn with two crimson chevrons, a short-cut dark silver mane and tail hair with a short tuft on both back knees, blue eyes, and a long whip-like tail swaying gracefully behind as she walked. There was a few spots on her mane and tail that were a brighter silver indicating her advanced age though she was clearly still as spry as she was in her prime.

What really had their attention however was what she wore on her torso; an Equestian Military Veterans dress uniform.

The Mare walked slowly taking in the sights with a small smile on her face as she noticed the Ponies watching her curiosity. She gave them friendly smiles back as they went back to their business, after a second look she spotted what she was looking for and walked up to the shop.

"The Cozy Rest, let's see if he's here."

She reached up and pushed the door open, the bell ringing above in a cheerful tune. Stepping in she didn't have to wait long at all.


One moment Dragonfly was behind the counter, the next he was wrapping his forelegs around the neck of the new Mare who happily returned the hug.

"Dragonfly my dear Grandson, how have you been?"

"Been doing well, got the shop up and running and been working on potions." Dragonfly said as he pulled away. Dust jumped out of his seat and snapped to attention with a hoof raised in a salute, surprising everycreature else at how fast he moved.

"General Autumn Flame Ma'am!" He spoke with more respect in his voice then his group of friends had ever heard before. The Kirin, Autumn Flame, just chuckled and waved off the salute.

"At ease Sergeant Dusk Storm, you know I'm retired now." She said smiling gently at him.

"I know ma'am, but you did help me long with my former commander. I just feel I need to show respect, the Guard hasn't been the same- wait..." He paused as what Dragonfly had said sunk in, he looked at Dragonfly incredulously.

"General Autumn Flame, one of the most decorated Ponies in Equestia and the same one I once served under, is your Grandmare?!"

"Yep." Dragonfly's smile couldn't have gotten bigger. "On my father's side of the family."

Dusk only stood there, a little to shocked to respond while Autumn walked over to the group, who greeted her warmly with the Mountain Kirin Mare receiving a hug from each. Autumn pulled back from Grace when she narrowed her eyes and leaned down to look at Grace's belly, said Mare looked at her with a confused look.

"Mrs Flame?"

"Dear me Grace you're looking a little thin." The Kirin said poking the Mare in the belly, causing Grace to giggle. "Isn't that Coltfriend of yours feeding you." As she said this a small smile appeared over her face.

Dusk snapped out of his shock at that to try and speak but he could only make stuttering and squeaking noises as he tried to talk, before blushing in embarrassment and covering his front with his wings. Grace could only look at him with a knowing smile and trying not to laugh, which the others were lightly doing. Dusk eventually recovered and just gave a small smile while gently hugging Grace as she moved to him and nuzzled his neck, nuzzling her head in return.

Autumn Flame stayed for awhile after, catching up with her Grandson and listening to what the group had been doing lately. Eventually she had to leave to head home but she did promise to visit again soon.


The night of Diamond Dancer's show

The night had finally come, Dragonfly stood in front of the Grand Auditorium in Canterlot, wearing his dress uniform-like suit Rarity had made for him. He wasn't sure what exactly kind of show he would be seeing, or if he’d even enjoy it, but he’d give it a chance, he was here to support Dancer after all. Next to him Belle wore a simple but beautiful sapphire blue dress with gold trimming and rubies spread over it.

"Dragonfly? You Okay?"

Blinking he looked over at her.

"Ya, this just... I don't know, feels strange? This is the first I've ever being to Canterlot's Grand Auditorium, so I'm not entirely sure what to think. I mean, I don't know if I'll even like the show but I am here to support Dancer, and there is no way I'm backing out now."

Belle gave him a gentle smile as she reached up and rubbed his shoulder.

"Just relax Dragonfly, I know my sister will be very happy to see you watching her show. Come on, let's head in now."

They went inside with many other fashionably-dressed ponies, Dragonfly feeling a little underdressed among them, Belle spitting off to meet with her sister before the show while Dragonfly went to the marked seats for him and Belle, and soon he sat down in a box seat that gave a clear view of the stage. As he relaxed and settled in another Pony come up next to him on his left, looking over he sat the Pony was a larger-then-usual Stallion with a white coat, light azure mane, tail and small mustache, and eyes the same color but a lighter shade. His Cutie Mark was three golden crowns each with a single purple jewel within and he wore a dark blue business suit with a black tailcoat which had what looked like an ID tag pinned to the collar and a purple bowtie. On his left eye was a monocle.

Accompanying him was a Unicorn Mare with a similar build to Celestia, only not as tall, and she had white coat, pale pink mane and tail, and light purple eyes. Her Cutie Mark was three fleurs-de-lis.

"Excuse us dear," The Mare said, "don't mind us, just taking our seats."

Dragonfly just gave them a polite smile.

"No worries."

The two Unicorns sat down and got comfortable before the Stallion turned to Dragonfly who looked back curiously.


"I must say there sir, I don't believe we've met but you do look familiar." The Stallion said using his magic to adjust his monocle, Dragonfly raised his eyebrow in confusion.

"How so sir? I don't think I've ever met you before, I know I would remember."

He would too, Changelings, thanks to their Hivemind, had prefect photographic memories.

"Well Mr, I think it has to be your eyes."

"My eyes?" Dragonfly asked with a surprised and confused look.

"Yes, they remind me of an old friend, perhaps you've heard of him. A Winged Thestral by the name of Black Saber?"

Dragonfly blinked in surprise but answered.

"I do know him; he's my father."

Both the Stallion and Mare startled sightly, clearly surprised but recovered quickly, both giving him friendly smiles.

"Well that would explain it then, what's your name old chap?"

"I'm Dragonfly Wings, I'm a tea seller and Potion maker in Ponyville." The Stallion smiled fondly hearing that.

"Ponyville, a charming little town. Oh excuse me, I'm Fancy Pants. This here is my friend Fluer de Lis."

"Hello dear, just wondering but... why do you have that metal on that charming scarf of yours?"

"It's my dad's, not sure why he gave it to me though. Maybe to keep him close, I haven't seen him or my mother in three years so I couldn't tell you. An old enemy of his went after him and the two disappeared to keep that enemy from me." Dragonfly said with a shrug. Fleur gave him a sympathetic smile while Fancy gave an understanding nod.

"So Mr Wings, what brought you here?" The latter asked, Dragonfly smiled.

"Well just call me Dragonfly and to answer your question; I'm here with Princess Bluebelle to support her sister Diamond Dancer." Fancy and Fleur gave him an approving smile and nod then Fleur asked.

"Aren't you the same Stallion who knocked Blueblood down a few pegs?"

"The one and the same, and I don't regret it." Dragonfly said with a fond smile at the memory. The two Unicorns lightly laughed too.

"It was good to see him taken down a bit, but anyhoo; Where did you get the nice suit you are wearing?" Fancy asked.

"A friend of mine, a Unicorn named Rarity, made it for me. She's a tailor in Ponyville that makes custom suits, dresses, and the like. She wants to build more shops like her boutique in other cities but she only has the one right now."

"Hmm... We'll have to visit her shop next time the visit Ponyville, huh my dear sister." Fancy said to Fleur.

"Indeed, and if you are wondering," She said noticing Dragonfly's confused expression. "Fancy and I aren't blood related but we are close enough to consider ourselves siblings." She then snorted in a surprising lady-like fashion. "As much as the gossip would say otherwise."

Fancy reached over and rubbed her shoulder, at that point Belle came back and greeted them as she sat down.

"Fancy, Fleur, great to see you again."

"Hello Blue, I must say you do have a charming Stallion here." Fancy said gesturing to Dragonfly who blushed and rubbed the back of his neck, Belle giggled at the sight.

"How did you two meet, it has been quite awhile since you lasted dated Blue." Fleur said.

"Well it went like this..." Belle told them about her family vacation in Ponyville and how they had bumped into each other, literary, as she was finishing everypony had sat down and the curtains opened a few minutes after the Director did his open speech, and the music began to play as the dancers appeared on stage, all wearing either unitards in the cases of the Stallions and leotards in the case of the Mares.

In the center of the group was Diamond Dancer herself, wearing her bows along with a blue leotard with a black belt that had a gold buckle, three gold stripes on each side of the torso and two more below the belt, and a gold ring around her neck holding the torso piece up. Held in her silver magic aura was twenty ribbons of various colors.

The show began and Dragonfly quickly found that show was a type of interpretive dance, where the dancers seemed to attempt to tell a story with movement instead of words and combined with several different types of dances mixed in to make the whole thing unique, and it all really fascinated him.

There were a dozen dancers in the back, moving in perfect harmony with each other, and Diamond stood in the front with a few other dancers, doing their own routine together. From what he could see they were playing out some kind of story about an apparently forbidden relationship between a mare and a stallion on two opposing sides. Diamond's horn was aglow the entire time, her ribbons flowing around in a graceful dance of their own and over her and her fellow dancers' bodies like water, somehow not disrupting their movements at all. Diamond herself, Dragonfly just couldn’t take his eyes off her, watching her every graceful move and sensual pose she made as she performed on stage. Even from the box seat he could easily feel her love and passion for dancing, adding to the way her leotard hugged her body and really showed her beautiful figure.

On the stage Diamond was beyond overjoyed to see Dragonfly up in the box seat with her sister, watching her dance. While she hadn't known him as long as Belle did, she felt a strong connection with him like Belle had. Throughout her career she had gotten so used to dealing with the upper-class that she had almost forgotten what it was like to talk to the simple, honest Ponies (she knew Dragonfly wasn't a Pony but that was besides the point).

Part of her irritation with said high-society types was the fact that most of them put on an air of indifference, specifically when it came to her performances. She loved to dance, to work with the choreographer and her fellow dancers to turn song into story and make the show something unique. But even as she gave her best the high-society audiences only fixed her with polite smiles and quiet applause; never was there any real excitement that she could see, and both she and her fellows wondered just how many of them simply came to these shows because of social obligations, and how many actually came because they enjoyed these performances.

Because of this, she was quite surprised and rather self-conscious of herself when she saw the look of awe on Dragonfly’s face as he watched her dance, even at the distance that the stage was from the box seats. Unlike most of the upper-class Ponies, she could see his genuine excitement for the show in general, and her performance in particular. She felt overjoyed that she could bring such excitement to anypony, or any Changeling in his case, that she could appear so beautiful to anypony or creature, and she had to focus so that she wouldn’t stumble during her dance, so flustered was she. So Diamond did what her mother had taught her from her own days as a dancer and put her emotions into her dancing, somehow making the performance even better as the other dancers seemed to pick up on her emotions and channel their's in their own.

She couldn’t help but wonder what he’d think about her upcoming solo…

Dragonfly couldn't put words into what he was feeling, Diamond was an utter joy to watch as danced, her passion shining through each and every movement. It wasn’t too long before the Mare got her chance to really shine as she began her solo performance, and Dragonfly was treated to the sight of a beautiful dance with her in the center of a storm of ribbons as they moved around her like wind or water, cresting her body gently like waves of silk.

More then once did Dragonfly find himself having to blink back tears as his emotion sense was overcome by the sheer power that flowed from her passionate performance. He could feel the heartache, loneliness and fright that the character felt as Diamond did her best to portray those emotions in every graceful move. Belle looked over and gently rubbed his hoof, smiling happily at his enjoyment. Unknown to Dragonfly, Belle and Dancer wanted to ask him something after the show, but it could wait until then.

Eventually the show ended and the curtains fell after the dancers gave a bow as the applause of the audience filled the theater, Dragonfly giving loud and passionate one himself alongside Belle. Just before the curtain fell Dragonfly gave Diamond a happy grin as she smiled bashfully and blinked back tears of joy.

As everypony else began to slowly leave the auditorium, he and Belle, accompanied by Fancy and Fleur, made their way backstage. The four of them soon came up to Dancer's dressing room and Belle knocked on the door. It was only a moment before Dancer, still dressed in her leotard, opened up and let the four inside. Once they were in and Belle shut the door Dancer turned to Dragonfly.

"What did you think Dragonfly?" She asked bashfully, her sister rubbing her shoulder.

"I have no words to even begin saying how much I enjoyed it Dancer, all I can say is that was easily the best dance I have ever been to." His smile was wide and bright, practically glowing, Dancer looked at him and had to blink back tears as she tired to respond.

"Thank you Dragonfly, you have no idea how much that means to me." Belle spoke next after asking Fancy and Fleur to back up a bit and give the three of them space, they did so and Belle looked at her sister who nodded and then both looked at Dragonfly who was watching them curiously.

"Dragonfly..." Belle began, "the three of us have know each other for awhile now and, we greatly appreciate having you as a friend." Belle smiled softly as Dancer spoke next, Dragonfly's warm smile encouraging them to continue.

"We’ve both enjoyed every minute we’ve gotten to spend together with you over the past few months and after the two of us talked for a bit we, well..."

Belle paused to take a breath, Dragonfly had a pretty good idea what she was trying to say but he didn't say anything back, wanting to hear her say it. Instead, he gave them his most encouraging smile.

“It’s alright, girls. Take your time.”

Belle smiled and nodded, then closed her eyes and took a deep, soothing breath, before her eyes opened again to gaze into his.

“The thing is… both Dancer and I really like you, Dragonfly, and if you’re willing, then..." She and Dancer spoke softly at the same time.

"Dragonfly... will you be our special somepony?" They asked with hope in their eyes, Dragonfly gave them his biggest smile and said,

"I was hoping you two would ask, truth be told I was waiting for a good time to ask you two the same question. To properly answer though, yes, I will be more then happy to be your special somepony, if you two will be mine as well."

Both Mares looked surprised, then tears of joy fell from their eyes as they walked forward, Dragonfly meeting them in the middle as their lips met in a deep, passionate kiss. the three stood there, locked in a world of pure bliss as Dragonfly returned the kiss as eagerly as the Mares give. He could feel and taste the love that flowed from them, it was the purest E-energy he ever had and he made sure to share his own with them. Fancy Pants and Fleur, who had smiles on their faces at the sight of young love, watched in awe as a bright multi-colored field of energy appeared and flowed over the three, much like Dancer's ribbons had during the show.

After awhile the need for air became too much for just their noses to handle and the three slowly pulled apart, panting slightly as Dragonfly had hearts in his eyes and a lovestruck smile on his face and the girls were blushing. Nopony noticed that for a moment after pulling out of the kiss Belle and Dancer's coats, manes, and tails looked shiner and heather before they returned to normal.

"Wwwooowwww..." He droned, Belle and Dancer giggled softly at him. Fancy cleared his throat and spoke.

"I'd hate to break this up but... what was that energy field we saw?"

Dragonfly snapped out of his trance and looked at him confused.

"What field?"

Fancy and Fleur explained what they saw as the three had been kissing, Dragonfly rubbed his chin before it came to him thanks to Rhino over the Hivemind.

"I know what it was, but..." He trailed off. To his surprise, Fancy gently smiled at him and said,

"Dragonfly, Fleur and I know that you are a Changeling." Fleur nodded her head as he continued. "And we know why it must be keep confidential."

Dragonfly stared at the two incredulously, then after a pause asked,

"How? Wait... let me guess: My mother, Nebula Sheen?" Fleur nodded.

"Yes dearly, her and Saber told us. We were there at her secret wedding."

Dragonfly stood there for several minutes, then looked at the floor saying,

"How many Ponies know what I actually am?"

Nopony said anything for awhile, then Dragonfly looked at Belle and Dancer with a smile.

"Anyway, girls how about tomorrow I take you two out on a dinner date." Both Mares' eyes lit up and Dancer answered.

"We would like that very much." Belle nodding her agreement.

"Alright then, by the way Dancer, you look very good in that leotard." Dragonfly said getting in between the two and putting a foreleg around each Mares' shoulders, Dancer blushed up a storm while Belle started giggling as they both nuzzled his neck and chin, Fancy and Fleur smiled at the sight.

Time passed for them surprisingly quickly, Dragonfly had taken his new Marefriends on many dates as the rest of that year and the next two passed. His potions had began selling and were doing well, along with his tea business. a few days after the show Belle and Dance had properly introduced him to their parents who had welcomed him, and a few days after that he alongside Belle and Dancer found themselves outside the Palace Throne Room, waiting to be called in. They had arrived a few minutes ago and would be the last ones before Court closed for the rest of the day.

They didn't have to wait long before they were called in, Celestia was sitting on her throne as usual with Cadance sitting next to her, along with BD and Gold, Belle and Dancer's friends, and three other Ponies; all Unicorn Mares.

The one in the center had a lavender coat, dark indigo mane and tail with two stripes, one raspberry and one purple, and violet eyes. Her Cutie Mark was a pink six-pointed star surrounded by five small white sparkles. She had her nose in a book and was deep in studying the book's contents.

The one to her right had a Pale, light grayish heliotrope coat, moderate purple mane and tail with lighter purple and pale light, grayish aquamarine highlights, and moderate persian blue eyes. Her Cutie Mark was a purple and white star with two-tone blue glimmering streams above it. And the one to the center Unicorn's left had a brilliant amber coat, brilliant amaranth mane and tail with light apple green stripes and moderate cyan eyes. Her Cutie Mark was a red and yellow shimmering sun.

The latter two Unicorns lifted their heads as the three entered and gave them smiles, the center one giving them a quick smile before returning to her book. Celestia chuckled and turned to address Dragonfly, Belle and Dancer.

"So you three wished to tell us something?"

"Yes, mom and dad already know, but we think that you, Cadance, and our friends know." Belle said.

"And what would that be, Belle?" Rose asked, Dancer smiled at her and spoke.

"Princess Celestia, Cadance, our friends, it had been a bit of time since the two of us met Dragonfly and bonded with him but now he isn't just our friend, as of my last show of the season for this year, Dragonfly is now officially Blue's and my Coltfriend."

There was a long pause as they took in what she had just said, before the room was filled with two loud squeals from Rose and Cadance, both leaping around the room like Pinkie drinking a lot of coffee with Rose shouting YES!YES!YES! at the top of her lungs and Cadance going "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" with the pitch increasing as it went on. Celestia had a smile of pure joy on her face as the rest of their friends came up to congratulate them, the girls getting hugs while Dragonfly got a few back slaps. As they were all doing this, they didn't notice that a certain Unicorn Stallion had been watching and listening to the whole thing. He walked away before the group noticed, a tiny smile on his face.

The thing was that it held no malice or anything of that nature, instead it was a smile of genuine happiness.

"Take care of them Dragonfly, my sisters deserve their happiness. I may fight with them, but they are still my sisters and I do love them."

Celestia had introduced the three Unicorns as her personal students; The center Mare was Twilight Sparkle, the right one Starlight Glimmer, and the left one Sunset Shimmer. The three Unicorns had caught Celetia's attention when they each had done something unexpected.

Twilight had hatched a though-to-be-dead dragon egg and grew the hatchling to adult size, Starlight had shown great creatively with taking spells and modifying them to do different things, and Sunset had created a massive fireball after accidentally setting a building on fire though nopony was hurt. She was rather embarrassed about it.

Twilight was a bookworm through and through, always studying though Starlight and Sunset had to remind her to take care of herself several times. Starlight was more down-to-earth and was good with handling the more mundane things while Sunset seemed to be the most mature of the three and kept the other two from getting too deep into things.

As for the Hive they had found out the name for the item to upgrade the Hive and what it did but their was still no sign of that item itself.

The Item in question was called a "Structure Brace", according to Seeker the Hive's Heart as actually incomplete and the crystal was only the first piece of the structure it could become. To upgrade the Hive they would need to find the Structure Brace though where it could be was unknown at this time.

Two months before the one thousandth Summer Sun Celebration

It was a Sunday as Belle, Dancer, and Blades walked through Ponyville, on their way to the Cozy Rest to visit Dragonfly. They stopped at the door to find a sign that read;

I'm around back in the Greenhouse


They looked at each other and shrugged before moving around the back and to the Greenhouse where Dragonfly grew the plants he needed for his potions and teas.

It was a large two-story greenhouse four times the size of the Cozy Rest with the bottom floor holding the larger plants and his lab as he called it while the upper floor held the equipment and other things used for growing. On the door was another sign;


I might be handling volatile containers and objects, please knock.

Belle reached up and knocked on the door, the three heard a "Just a Minute!" and soon the door opened to reveal Dragonfly wearing a white level C hazmat suit, he pulled the hood down and removed the mask.

"Hi guys, come to visit?" He asked cheerfully.

"Yes, but... why the hazmat suit?" Blades asked, looking over him in confusion as she gestured to the oufit.

"It's to keep the fluids off me, while teas are no problem, the potions are a bit more... explosive if not handled with care and the wrong things are mixed. Trust me, been there done that, took three weeks to change my coat back to silver after a mishap turned it hot pink."

That had been incredibly embarrassing for him, as the hot pink carried over to to his natural Changeling form so his black carapace was that color. His Hive had wanted to laugh but were too scared of his wrath after he turned at least forty training golems to many small pieces of armor as he vented his rage. The Hive had lost count after he blew apart several at the same time.

Belle, Dancer and Blades stared at him as what he said sank in, before Blades fell over laughing and holding her stomach while Belle and Dancer couldn't stop their own laughs and smiles as the the mental images hit them. Dragonfly for his part just covered his blushing face with a foreleg, though he was taking it in stride now if his smile said anything. After the three had recovered he let them in, besides the closed-off room that was his potion lab at the back of the greenhouse, there was a staircase up to the second floor and all around the room were rows of various plants he used in his teas and potions, all labeled. Moving about were some of Dragonfly's Drones in their Pony disguises, who greeted the three as the entered.

"Quite the set-up here Dragonfly, reminds me of the one Grace's family owns up in Canterlot." Dancer said.

"While this place was being built I asked Grace over to give me some pointers, her mother also came by and they both lent a hoof setting this up and I brought these Drones up here to help manage the place."

"How's business then?" Belle asked, Dragonfly gave her a huge smile.

"Great, since word got out I've been selling potions by the bulk, another reason I have the Drones up here. Come on, I show you were I work."

He lead them over to the lab's door and let them in after he unlocked it and let them in. To the three it looked very much like a science lab in a school with chemistry equipment, Dragonfly spoke as he showed them around.

"In here I test ideas for potions and their effects with some volunteers, though when I have them testing I do have a medical team on standby, just in case. Most of this is pretty simple stuff so I don't think it needs any explanation."

"Then what's that Dragonfly?" Dancer asked pointing towards the left far wall, sitting there was a mini-greenhouse with several types of peppers the three didn't recognize. Dragonfly looked towards it.

"Oh, that's were I grow my own special peppers."

He lead them over and the three got a better look at them; the plants on the right were short and had bell-shaped peppers colored gold with lush green leaves, the ones in the center were taller with long, thin pointed blue peepers with dark green leaves, and the ones on the left were the tallest with the tops hitting the ceiling and growing on them were peppers that were easily the size of a Pony's head colored a mix of red, orange and yellow with black saw blade-shaped leaves. The thing that disturbed them however was the fact that these peppers with pulsing with light in the rhythm of a heartbeat.

"Dragonfly..." Belle started.

"Just what are these?" Blades finished, pointing at the peppers.

"The right ones are my "Sweet Bell" Peppers, these give the potions a pleasant taste and makes them enjoyable to drink. The middle ones are my "Blue Fire" Peppers, these add flavor but are apparently pushing the scale in terms of heat as these are HOT. I learned that the hard way after I tasted one, and the left ones are my "Dragon Core" Peppers, now these ones I know for a fact are not safe to eat on their own. You know the Scoville Heat Unit, used to measure the heat? This pepper broke it."

The three stared at him in shock, then eyed the Dragon Cores warily.

"Ya, I use this peppers to give the potions a nice kick to them. Don't worry, I use other things in the mixing that take out the spiciness to make them safe to consume."

"Why are they glowing like that?" Dancer asked.

"Honestly I have no idea, magic maybe. Now let me show you the potions I've made."

Happy to get away from the Dragon Cores, the three of them followed Dragonfly over to a large table that had four clusters of differently shaped bottles and some other equipment. The three walked over and took a closer look at the bottle clusters. The first were shaped like a soda bottle with a clear liquid inside, within the liquid were many small spheres like frozen bubbles. Dragonfly smiled as Belle asked what it was.

"That is my first success and best seller: The Chillwater Potion. This potion doesn't have one flavor, rather each sip, swig, or drink is a different flavor with each one being something the drinker likes. It also triggers the tongue's taste buds and makes each time the liquid touches them very pleasurable, along with a nice cooling and calming effect."

"Really?" Dancer asked, she looked at the Chillwater potions then back at Dragonfly.

"Could... could I try some?" She asked softly.

"Go ahead Dancer, my policy is the first one for each customer is free." He said gesturing to the cluster, Dancer nodded and picked up a bottle. Unscrewing the cap she sniffed it, getting a nice sent, and took a cautious sip. The second the liquid hit her tongue, she got the taste of her favorite chocolate and a very nice cool feeling sweeping through her body. Dancer moaned in pleasure as the liquid ran down her throat and her muscles relaxed, Belle and Blades watched in surprise before they picked up their own, getting the same effect only their flavors were different.

"Wow Dragonfly, this is absolutely delicious! No wonder this is your best seller." Dancer said happily, the other two agreeing with her.

"Thanks, Celestia even gave it a Royal Seal of Approval, surprised me but hey, it worked out great. She even bought six cases of the stuff"

Moving over to the next cluster the bottles were shaped like a lightning bolt and filled with a red/orange liquid.

"This is my new "Booster Potion", despite the fact that I've only began selling this one a month ago and it's already almost as popular as the Chillwater."

"Really, how so?" Blades asked.

"This potion temporarily helps the body fight of fatigue, allowing the drinker to keep going for longer periods of time. For example; one of its main buyers, the Wonderbolts, drink it for longer shows so they don't have to swap out flyers mid-show because they are to tired. The Booster Potion is also gaining popularity in spots and even in the Equestrian Military."

Blades blinked at the last one, a look of understanding appearing on her face.

"So that's what some of the off-duty guards were talking about, I had heard stories about some kind of new drink coming out for them."

"Yep, the guards who have tried it like it for those extra shifts. It is also gaining traction in the medical fields for doctors and surgeons who find themselves working long hours."

The next cluster of bottles were shaped like shampoo bottle.

"This one isn't for drinking, rather its for rubbing into the mane and tail." The three looked at him, confusion on their faces.

"What's the story on this one?" Dancer asked, Dragonfly smiled and spoke.

"Well it was originally a prank I pulled on Rainbow Dash and Pinkie, I had swapped their shampoo with this potion. What it does is an hour after being applied, it causes the manes and tails to temporarily gain a metallic sheen with many crystal-like spots that sparkle in the light for a few hours. Rarity saw the effect and practically begged me for the secret. Her and I have been working together and the potion is making a small but growing splash in the fashion industry. She even been trying to apply the effect on clothing."

Like everypony in Ponyville, Dragonfly had been the victim of a few of their pranks. Mostly just small ones, and they knew not to touch his equipment as some of it was very expansive and he would have their hides if they damaged those things. He did get back at them a few times though.

"Now that you mention it, I think I saw Fleur at her last fashion show with those effects on her mane and tail, I had wondered were that came from." Belle said, Dancer looked at the potion then back at Dragonfly.

"Could I have a bottle for my next show? I know that my dance group would love something like this."

"Sure Dancer, truth be told I'm curious about what effect it could have in that area. In fact, I've been working on variants that apply the effect to coats, eyes, and all of the body."

"How did that prank end by way?" Blades asked.

"Pinkie loved it and Dash actually found it pretty cool."

The last cluster of bottles were shaped like a sphere with a thin and tall neck.

"This one I haven't got working right yet, its suppose to tap into the internal magic of a Pony and temporarily change their tribe by shifting their magic."

"So... for example, An Earth Pony could turn into a Unicorn or Pegasus for a time." Dancer asked, Dragonfly nodded.

"Yes, but like I said, it's still in testing and Celestia has a science team helping me with this one to avoid any... unwanted effects."

They left the lab then Greenhouse and went into the Cozy Rest to hang out and catch up on the latest news.

The day of the one thousandth Summer Sun Celebration

Dragonfly was going over his inventory, checking to make sure he had everything he needed for the Summer Sun Celebration today. Belle, Dancer, and Indigo were helping him. Dragonfly had wanted to make sure he had enough tea for the Summer Sun Celebration later one, he went over his crates of tea bags counting how many he had. Smiling once he found their were enough, he turned to the others, who had also finished going over their sections.

"Everything looks good here Dragonfly." Belle said.

"Right, thanks for helping me do this, it would have taken me much longer to take inventory with how big my business has grown."

"No problem Dragonfly." Dancer said as she and Belle came up and gave him kisses on the lips, which he returned happily. Pulling away Dragonfly thought about how much had happened in the last three years; his Hive growing to around nine hundred Changelings, his relationship with Belle and Dancer, and his business expanding from Ponyville to sending his products to Canterlot, Manehattan, and Fillydelphia. He had made so many bits he had no idea what to do with them.

He chuckled as one of the memories he made came back to him, when he first intorduced Darter Tail to the group.



Half-way through the second year

"Are you sure this is a good idea Dragonfly? What if they don't like me?" Darter asked, wearing his normal gear as usual but was now disguised in his Pony form: A Pegasus Stallion with a dark blue coat, a sky blue mane and tail, green eyes, and a Cutie Mark of a dart flying through the air with a sound cone forming around it.

"Relax Darter, they know of our secret and you already know Belle, Dancer, and Indigo. You'll be fine, trust me."


Dragonfly shock his head good-naturely, while Darter was the fastest Flyer in the Hive he was very shy when it came to meeting new creatures. He had never said why and Dragonfly never asked but he did have a few thoughts, one of which was maybe that Darter had been abused by his former Royal before he joined Nebula's Hive then later his.

Looking up he saw they were coming up to the place Belle said to meet her group, sure enough there they were doing their own things as they were waiting. Belle and Dancer were chatting, Dusk was laying down on his back with Grace laying on top with her head on his chest, sleeping peacefully as Dust stroked her mane. Sparks and Blades were close by play fighting or sparing from the way they were wrestling with each other as Indigo and Rose sat off to the side watching them. Dancer looked over Belle's shoulder to see Dragonfly and Darter coming, smiling as Belle called it out.

The two Stallions walked up to the group as they gathered together after Sparks and Blades brushed the dirt off themselves and Dusk gently woke Grace up. Dragonfly greeted them and introduced Darter, who shied back slightly. The group smiled and gently greeted him, with Sparks mentioning that Darter's behavior reminded her of Indigo when they first met. Rose however had a different reaction; a flirty smirk appeared over her face as she walked over in a saucy way.

"Hello handsome." She purred as she rubbed her head then body against an incredibly flustered Darter, ending with her long tail brushing the heavily blushing disguised Changeling under the chin as she looped around to do the same on Darter's left side. Darter tried to speak but his mouth wouldn't work, causing him to just emit squeaks, which Rose seemed to find cute as she continued to flit with him.

The others could help but chuckle seeing this, Blades speaking as she remembered an earlier time.

"Reminds me of when Indigo met her for the first time, he was so flustered he couldn't even move." She said with a laugh as said Pony blushed as he remembered that time.

Dragonfly smiled widely as the memory came to an end, Darter still got pretty flustered around Rose, which made it funnier as the two were actually dating. Rose was very gentle with him as she apparently understood his shy nature and was supportive of him, with that help Darter was slowly coming out of his shell around her.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the bell above to door ring, signaling that somepony had come in.

"That's strange, we're closed today for inventory for the celebration, who could that be?" Dragonfly said as he walked to the front with a confused looked as the others followed him, entering the main area from the kitchen he found none other than Twilight Sparkle, with her ever-present "Number One Assistant" Spike riding on her back. Spike was a young Dragon hatchling, the same one Twilight had hatched as a filly, with Light mulberry scales, light spring budish gray underbelly, light lime green ear fronds, Moderate pistachio Eyes, and Moderate harlequin Spikes. Held in his claws was a scroll and a feather quill.

Dragonfly walked up to the counter and greeted them

"Hey Twilight, Spike, what brings you here? Shop's closed for inventory for the celebration."

"Hey Dragonfly, that's why we're here actually." Spike said.

"Princess Celestia send us here to oversee the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration, and your shop was closest to where we landed so we'd figure we would start here." Twilight said, then added,

"So how are thing coming along for the tea?"

"We just finished going over what we need and were just starting on bringing the items to Town Hall." Dragonfly said, he then turned to Belle, Dancer, and Indigo.

"Think you guys got this or do you still need me?"

"I think we got it Dragonfly, I come get you if we run into trouble." Dancer said, Dragonfly nodded and turned back to Twilight and Spike, who were looking at him curiously.

"Why would you ask that?" Twilight asked.

"Well, seeing as you're here to oversee the preparations for the celebration, I thought you would be interested in a tour guide to assist you, as if I recall correctly; this is the first time I've seen you in Ponyville."

Twilight smiled sheepishly.

"Ya, it is my first time, and a tour guide would be most welcome, I do need to get through these preparations as quickly as possible."

"Well follow me, see you three with the others at Town Hall." He called back as he, Twilight and Spike left the Cozy Rest. As they were leaving Twilight turned to Dragonfly.

"Just something I'm wondering, we tired to talk to a Pony earlier but she looked at us, gasped, and shot off somewhere. Amy idea who that was?" Dragonfly chuckled.

"Pink coat, puffy mane and tail."


"That would be Pinkie Pie, she's the town's party thrower and a new Pony, and Dragon, in town means that you two are going to have a welcome party at some point."

Twilight groaned and rolled her eyes while Spike looked excited.

"I don't have time for a party, I have a lot of work to do."

"Just embrace it when it comes Twilight, as it could happen at any moment. Just me, I know."

Before long, they were making their way to their first stop, Sweet Apple Acres. Dragonfly led the way onto the farm, knowing the place well form having been there many times to collect the apple-related items he needed for his teas and potions. He had a fairly strong bond with the Apples and had even been invited to join in on a few reunions in the past.

Dragonfly was explaining this when the three of them heard a loud "Yee-haw!"

They looked over as Applejack galloped to a tree, giving it a good buck, and apples fell into the baskets she’d set below, and beamed with pride. Dragonfly just smiled at the sight.

Twilight however just sighed, "Let’s get this over with."

They approached the farmer, Twilight moving forward to introduce herself, "Good afternoon, my name is Twilight Sparkle-"

And no sooner did she say her name did AJ give her hoof a welcoming yet rough shaking.

"Well howdy-doo, Miss Twilight, a pleasure makin' yer acquaintance! Ah’m Applejack, and we here at Sweet Apple Acres sure do like makin' new friends!"

"Fr-r-riends? Actually-" Twilight tried to say but the farmer’s strength left her shaking as Applejack let go, ignoring the shaking she asked,

"So! What can Ah do ya for?"

Twilight's hoof continued to shake so Dragonfly used his magic bring her to a stop, Spike giggled to himself as Twilight gave him a look. Recomposing herself, she cleared her throat and started speaking,

"Well, I am in fact here to supervise preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration, and you're in charge of the food?"

"We sure as sugar are!” Applejack replied, “Wouldja care ta' sample some?"

"Say yes, Twilight.” Dragonfly whispered into her ear, "trust me, their apple fritters are the best I've ever had."

"Well, as long as it doesn’t take too long," Twilight gave in but Applejack had already started ringing the triangle.

"Soup's on, everypony!"

Twilight, Dragonfly, and Spike heard a galloping behind them and turned to see a herd of earth ponies stampede over them, and they somehow wound up seated at a table beneath a gazebo, Applejack popping up beside them as Dragonfly readjusted his scarf.

"Now, why don’t Ah introduce y’all to th’ Apple Fam’ly!"

'On colt... here we go.' Dragonfly thought, remembering the time he was first introduced.

"Thanks, but I really have to-" Twilight tried to excuse herself but Applejack proceed introduce the entire Apple Family there, listing off names. As she when on more and more earth ponies approached the table, leaving their own special apple dish, Applejack introducing each of them in turn.

"Red Gala, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Caramel Apple, Apple Strudel, Apple Tart, Baked Apple, Apple Brioche, Apple Cinnamon Crisp…!"

'One could almost think the Apple Clan as a Changeling Hive in hiding.' Dragonfly thought to himself as AJ went on.

Chuckling nervously, Twilight finally said, "Okay, I can see the food situation is handled! I’ll just be-"

"Aren'cha gonna stay fer brunch?"

She looked down to see Apple Bloom giving her the most mournful puppy-dog eyes she’d ever seen. Instantly, she felt guilty to say, "Sorry, it’s just we have an awful lot to do!"

"Aww!" Everypony sighed sadly.

Twilight looked around, feeling bad, when Dragonfly leaned over and whispered into her ear again, "They won’t cheer up until you say yes…"

Sighing, Twilight said, "Fine…"

At once everypony cheered and the sampling began.

Soon the three were on their way to the next task, Spike saying,

"Food’s all taken care of, next is weather."

Behind him, Twilight moaned from an overstuffed belly, Dragonfly looked over at her shaking his head

"Ohh, I ate too much pie…"

"I told you not to eat so much." She glared a him.

"And how is it you don't have an overstuffed belly?! You ate twice as much as I did and you don't look like you gained a pound!" Twilight snarked.

"I have a very high metabolism, and I paced myself. You ate only the pies, one after another, with in a short time span. I had the smaller things like the fritters." He snorted. Twilight just groaned and asked Spike about the weather step. Looking closer at the list he said,

"Hmm, there’s supposed to be a Pegasus pony named Rainbow Dash clearing the clouds," Spike looked skyward, the two unicorns following his example. They all saw the sky was dotted with clouds all over. Dragonfly could only shake his head as he let out a sigh.

"Typical Rainbow Dash, gets the job done on time but waits til the very last minute."

Dragonfly knew the Pegasus Mare after living in Ponyville for about to weeks, after she crashed through one of the windows of the Cozy Rest. He wasn't to happy with her but they got that sorted out. Now while he and Rainbow were on good terms, they had a bit of a rivalry with each other. Rainbow saw tea as a "fancy frufru" drink while her pranks tended to drive him crazy.

Now, Dragonfly had no problem with pranks. Quite the opposite actually, he used to be quite the prankster as a colt, and it looked like Rainbow was bringing that side of him out again. Fortunately, Dash knew to leave his gear alone as some of it was very pricey and Dragonfly had made it clear to both her and Pinkie that if either of them damaged his equipment they would be paying for it.

Twilight heard him and turned to asked what he meant.

"Rainbow is Ponyville's Weather Captain, now she is a good reliable Mare, the problem is she is lazy and has a ego that reminds me of some of the Nobles in Canterlot. Having said that now, she does have the skills to backup her boasting. She also titled herself the "Fast Pegasus in Equestia"."

"And is she really?" Twilight asked, looking a bit skeptical.

"She is, to an extent." At Twilight's raised eyebrow he continued.

"I can say for certain that she is the fastest flyer in Ponyville, though I don't know just how fast. Never been able to get a recording of her max speed. I'm not sure about the fastest in Equestia however, a friend of mine could possibly outfly her but he is away on business right now."

Twilight opened her mouth to say something but Dragonfly's ears perked up as he heard something coming, it only took a moment to realize what it was and that it was coming towards them!

"Hit the dirt!" Dragonfly said as he dived to the ground, Twilight wasn't fast enough however and something rammed into, sending her into a mud puddle with a splash. She stood up with a grunt and glared at the hovering Pegasus Mare who was giggling sheepishly as she said, “Uh, `scuse me?”

The Mare had a cyan coat, her mane and tail colored as her namesake, and moderate cerise eyes. Her Cutie Mark was a cloud with a red, yellow, and blue lightning bolt.

"Rainbow Dash, nice of you to "drop" in." Dragonfly said as he stood up, his quote getting a facehoof from Twilight, Spike and Rainbow. The last one groaning.

"Really Dragonfly, really. That was one of the worse puns I've heard, and I've heard some bad ones."

"Not my fault you have no control doing tricks." Rainbow was in Dragonfly's face in a blink of an eye.

"I do so have control!" Despite the nasty glare Dash was giving him, Dragonfly just gave a calm smile.

"Then why do you keep crashing into things, like my greenhouse." Rainbow backed up, looking sheepish.

"That was due to my wing cramping at a bad moment, and I did pay for the damages." Dragonfly just smiled as he reached over and patted her shoulder.

"Relax Dash, you know I'm just teasing. Anyhow." He gestured to the mud covered Twilight, who had sat down with a deadpan expression. The moment Rainbow got a good look she started laughing.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha, Lemme help you." She took off and came back a few moments later with a small rain cloud, Dash moved it til Twilight was under it and then Rainbow jumped up and down on the cloud. Water came pouring down on the Unicorn, washing the mud off but leaving her soaking wet and shivering.

"Oops! Heh-heh. I guess I overdid it." Dash chuckled.

"Ya think?" Twilight snarked.

"Um, how 'bout this?" Rainbow offered and suddenly, she was zooming around Twilight, creating a rainbow-colored tornado that sucked up all the water.

“My very own patented "Rain-Blow Dry"!”

She came down, saying, "No-no, don’t thank me, you're quite welcome!"

But then she saw the result of her handiwork; Twilight's mane and tail had puffed out like wet hair in a cartoon suddenly being dried, same with her coat. Rainbow tried to keep her cool but let out a bolstering laugh, keeling over, Spike joining her in laughing at the unicorn’s messy conditions. Dragonfly, who had moved to stand off to the side, merely just smiled while shaking his head.

"Lemme guess," Twilight said with narrowed eyes, "you're Rainbow Dash."

"The one and only!" Rainbow Dash replied with a pose. "Why, ya heard of me?"

"I heard that you’re supposed to be keeping the sky clear," Twilight corrected. Sighing, she said,

"I'm Twilight Sparkle and the princess sent me to check on the weather."

"Yeah, yeah, that’ll be a snap," Rainbow waved off the concern while lounging on a cloud.

"I'll get to it in a jiffy, just as soon as I'm done practicing."

“Practicing, for what?” Twilight asked.

"The Wonderbolts!" Rainbow declared while pointing out the poster featuring her idols.

"They’re gonna be performing at the celebration tomorrow! And I'm gonna show 'em my stuff!"

Dragonfly rolled his eyes, Darter had actually been a Wonderbolt before everything when down, but had left due to... "disagreements" with the current captain. Loonngg story.

"The Wonderbolts?" Twilight asked.

"Yup!" Rainbow replied.

"The most talented fliers in all of Equestria?" Twilight went on with a raised brow and smirk.

"That’s them!"

"Please," Twilight scoffed, "they’d never accept a Pegasus who can’t even keep the sky clear for one measly day!"

"Hey!" Rainbow bolted up, failing to see Dragonfly chuckling at the look on Rainbow's face. "I could clear this sky in ten seconds flat!"

"Prove it…" Twilight challenged.

Rainbow’s eyes furrowed, she turned to Dragonfly who pulled a stopwatch out of his scarf.

"I'll time it: One, two, three, GO!"

Twilight and Spike watched as Rainbow shot off the moment Dragonfly said go, jaws dropped at the speed.

All the while, Rainbow Dash was zooming and zipping to and fro, knocking out every cloud with incredible speed! Not one move was wasted, she seemed to know where every cloud was without even pausing to look around.

"…Loop de’ loop around and…!" Rainbow yelled as she got the last cloud, "Wham!"

Twilight couldn’t believe it, Dash laughed as she landed.

"What was time?" She asked Dragonfly who looked at her.

"Twelve seconds." Dash's jaw dropped with a look of horror.

"WHAT!? How?!" She went to a panicked rank about what had happened, failing to notice Dragonfly's smirk.


Rainbow stopped, looking at Dragonfly, he turned to stopwatch around.

"Nine point five seconds."

It told a second, then Rainbow started laughing.

"HA-ha-ha! Okay, you got me there Dragonfly." Dash then turned to a stunned Twilight.

"What’d I say?" Rainbow boasted as she puffed out her chest. "Ten. Seconds…Flat! I’d never leave Ponyville hangin'!"

Twilight continued to gape at the open, clear skies, unspoiled or besmirched, almost like a blank canvass were a canvas colored sky-blue. Dragonfly chuckled as he came over and gently closed her mouth.

"Ha, you should see the look on your face," Rainbow Dash bragged, "priceless!"

She calmed down and said "Ha! You're a laugh, Twilight Sparkle. I can't wait to hang out some more."

With that she took off into the sky in a blur of color.

"Wow." Spike said as he tried to follow her. "She's amazing."

He then turned and laughed as he saw Twilight's new hair do, causing Twilight to scowl and walk off. "It's really nice once you get used to it!"

"Spike, buddy." Dragonfly said, placing a hoof on Spike's head and turning it so the two were facing each other. "You're just digging yourself deeper. So stop before you get too deep."

They some arrived inside the town hall to check off the third item on the list, "Decorations." Spike said as he looked up from the list. "Beautiful."

Twilight found herself agreeing; There were many pretty streamers and ribbons around the hall, coupled with an assortment of flowers. "Yes, the décor is coming along nicely. This ought'a be quick. I'll be at the library in no time. Beautiful indeed."

"No, not the décor." Spike answered as he began pointing at something, "Her." Turning the two saw a white Unicorn. She had a flowing purple mane and tail along with three light blue diamonds for her Cutie Mark.

The Unicorn then levitated a bunch of ribbons around her, quickly dismissing them as she kept switching to other decorations. "No, no, no, oh goodness no."

"How are my spines?" Spike asked as he started patting himself down. "Are they straight?"

Dragonfly smiled.

"That's Rarity, she owns the Carousel Boutique, her home and workplace, where she makes dresses, suits and other clothing for customers. Her and I are also business partners." Twilight looked over at him in confusion.

"What would clothing have to do with tea?"

"Well Twilight, I also sell potions and one of them creates a temporarily metallic sheen with many crystal-like spots that sparkle in the light for a few hours on the mane and tail of the Pony that rubs into into theirs." Spike looked impressed.

"How does it effect spines?"

"Don't know, haven't had a Dragon to test it yet."

Twilight just rolled her eyes and walked up to Rarity. "Good afternoon”

"Just a moment please," the Unicorn said politely, not looking at Twilight, "I'm in the zone as it were." she replied as she concentrated on a glittery red ribbon that she soon tied around a column.

"Ah yes, sparkle always does the trick. Why, Rarity, you are a talent."

"Impressive as usual Rarity." Dragonfly said in a slight deadpan tone.

"Oh don't be so modest." she then turned around saying,

"Now, um, how can I help yo-" The gasp and yelp she let out would make one thing that she saw something truly horrifying. "Oh my stars, darling! Whatever happened to your coiffure?!

"Oh, you mean my mane? Well, it's a long story. I'm just here to check on the decorations, and then I'll be out of your hair!" Twilight said, suddenly having a bad feeling.

"Out of my hair? What about your hair?! You can't be walking around like that!"

Before Twilight could react, she found herself held in the air by Rarity's magic.

"Come now darling, we are headed to my boutique to set that mess right."

"Wait! Where are we going?! Help!"

Dragonfly facehoofed, "Should have seen that coming. Come on Spike."

Said Dragon was right behind them as they ran to catch up. They entered the boutique to find that Rarity was currently squeezing Twilight into a tight corset. The latter not paying attention as she went through several items.

"No, no, uh-uh. Too green. Too yellow. Too poofy. Not poofy enough. Too frilly. Too... shiny. Now go on, my dear. You were telling me where you're from." She said with a gleeful grin.

"I've.." she replied in a whisper as the air was constricted from her lungs as Rarity unknowingly pulled the corset even tighter, "been sent from Canterlot to-" Rarity let go of the string in shock, causing the corset to snap open to Twilight's relief as she took in a huge gasp of air and started heavily panting.

"Canterlot?! Oh, I am so envious! The glamour, the sophistication! I have always dreamed of living there! I can't wait to hear all about it! We are gonna be the best of friends, you and I...Emeralds?! What was I thinking? Let me get you some rubies!" She walked into the next room.

"Quick!" Twilight almost yelled as she noticed Rarity leave the room, "Before she decides to dye my coat a different color!"

Agreeing with her, Dragonfly grabbed Spike who was still staring at Rarity in a love filled trance. Once they had finally reached a safe enough distance, Twilight slowed down enough for them to catch up.

"That was an experience, huh Twilight." Dragonfly asked as he carried Spike by his tail in his magic aura.

"I'm sure you wouldn't have minded staying longer." Twilight said with a slight glare.

"She's not my type." Dragonfly replied with a deadpan stare aimed at her.

"She better not be." Spike warned, having been woken up from his daze. He was suddenly dropped onto his face as Dragonfly's magic released him. Spike stood up quickly, only to wilt at the nasty glare Dragonfly was giving him.

"Listen very carefully Spike because I'm only saying this once: Rarity and I are friends and business partners, nothing more, nothing less. I am already dating two Mares: Bluebelle and and Diamond Dancer and I love them both very much. So if you're implying that I'm cheating on them for Rarity..." He didn't finish his threat, he didn't need to. For one, Spike was rapidly nodding his head very intimidated by the glare he was getting and the fact that he could see short fangs in Dragonfly snarl. For another, Twilight stepped between them, realizing the Dragonfly had felt threatened and tried to stop what was coming.

"Easy Dragonfly, easy. Spike didn't mean it that way." Twilight knew from Celestia that Dragonfly's father was a Thestral, and Thestrals were both hunters and very loyal to their mates. Implying that one was cheating on their mate was a good way to enrage them, so Twilight knew she needed to calm him done before something nasty happened.

That and she did see Spike as a her son/little brother so she wanted to protect him as well.

Dragonfly stopped growling but continued to glare at them with his slitted pupils, which had narrowed to the point that they had almost disappeared. Finally, after a few nerve wracking seconds, Dragonfly's pupils filled out again as he took a big, calming breath.

"Let's just get to the next thing, but Spike." He looked the Dragon straight in the eye, then pointed the tip of his hood to his eyes before turning and pointing at Spike. Said Dragon nodded as Dragonfly turned and started walking. Twilight looked at Spike.

"What's next on the list?"

Spike checked, relived that he had avoided a bomb.

"Oh, uh, music! It's the last one!"

The trio walked for a bit towards the outer areas of Ponyville with Dragonfly leading them.

"So Dragonfly, why are we going this way?"

"Well the one in charge of the music is a Mare named Fluttershy, who as her name implies, is super shy around others. now I'm no expert, but I personally I think she may suffer from avoidant personality disorder but I can't confirm that."

"Avoidant personally disorder? What's that?" Spike asked, it was Twilight who answered.

"Avoidant personally disorder is one of a group of conditions called anxious personality disorders, which are marked by feelings of nervousness and fear. Ponies with avoidant personality disorder have poor self-esteem. They also have an intense fear of rejection and being negatively judged by others. It is rare but there are a few cases."

As Spike took this in, Dragonfly was deep in thought. He wasn't really close to Fluttershy, he had met her a few times but mostly knew her through their mutual friends; Pansy who worked with her, Rarity who had spa dates, and Rainbow who was Fluttershy's best friend (though truthfully Dragonfly believed that Dash's nature party contributed to her shyness).

His ears perked as a sound filled them, the sound of birds singing. Moving though the grass they soon popped up to see a yellow Pegasus with pink mane and tail hovering around some birds who where singing in unison. They soon saw that her cutie mark was three pink butterflies. Sitting close by was another Mare with a cherry red coat, light pink and fiery orange striped mane and tail, and yellow eyes. Her Cutie Mark was a bundle of pansy flowers.

Dragonfly smiled seeing her, unknown to the others this was in fact Pansy Shy in her disguise. As it turned out, the colors of the coats only had to be changed to different shades of the same colors so the only major change was the Cutie Marks which was also fairly simple, Pansy's real mark was a large flower of the same kind that had purple and yellow petals. He noticed Twilight started to walk forward and he placed a hoof on her shoulder to stop her and his other one over her mouth when she tried to talk.

"Let me handle this one Twilight, as I said before Fluttershy is very... well, shy. She knows me enough that she can talk to me somewhat. Okay?"

Twilight thought for a second then nodded, understanding. Taking his hooves off her he carefully moved into the clearing. As he walked slowly Pansy heard him coming and turned to face him, giving Dragonfly a soft smile which he returned. After living in the Hive for three years Pansy had opened up to the Changelings though she was still shy around them, but the others were very understanding.

Pansy turned to Fluttershy as the birds stopped singing.

"Fluttershy, we have company." Pansy said gently, Fluttershy turned to see Dragonfly smiling softy at her.

"Oh, hi Dragonfly."

"Hello Fluttershy, how's the music coming along?" He asked gently.

"it's coming along nicely, it should be right for the Celebration. Umm... if that's okay with you."

Before Dragonfly could respond Twilight came out, going back into hurry mode.

"Hello. I'm Twilight Sparkle. The Princess assigned me to watch over the music preparations." Unfortunately, her sudden appearance scared Fluttershy, causing Dragonfly to facehoof as Pansy went over to the cowering Pegasus. Letting out a frustrated sign Dragonfly turned to Twilight who was smiling sheepishly.

"Twilight, I said that I would handle this one. Why did you come out like that?"

"I need to get to the library as soon as possible."

"Have you ever heard of situations that "Calls to be Delicate"?!"

Before Twilight could respond Fluttershy noticed Spike, and her personality did a complete 180.

"A BABY DRAGON!" Fluttershy suddenly exclaimed as she shot next to Twilight, accidentally slamming her away. "I've never seen a baby dragon before, he is so cute!"

Spike smirked back at Twilight, puffing up his chest. "Well, well, well."

"Wow! He talks! I didn't know dragons could talk." Fluttershy gasped as she put her hooves over her mouth. "That's just so incredibly wonderful, I-I just don't even know what to say."

"How about 'Hello, my name is Fluttershy.'" Dragonfly said in a gentle tone, Pansy giggling behind him.

"Yes! Yes, you're right." Fluttershy replied, all of her timidity gone as she turned back to Spike. However, it was this moment that Twilight picked him up with her magic and flew him onto her back.

"Well, we'd better get going." she groaned, walking away.

"Wait!" Fluttershy exclaimed, following them as she kept getting closer to Spike. "What's his name?"

"I'm Spike." the purple dragon replied, happy for attention.

"Hi Spike! I'm Fluttershy. Wow, a talking dragon...so, what do dragons talk about?"

"Well, what do you want to know?"

"Absolutely everything." she replied as her eyes shined with glee, Pansy smiled at Dragonfly as he walked to catch up with them, as she stay behind to work with birds.

Twilight just groaned again as Spike went on a long speech about his life. This continued all the way through town until they reached a large oak tree shaped building.

"And that's my whole life up until today." Spike finished, causing Dragonfly to chuckle. "You wanna hear about today?"

"Oh yes, please!" Fluttershy replied with a nod.

"I'm so sorry. How did we get here so fast?" Twilight interrupted as she pointed towards the library with a sarcastic glare, "This is where we're staying while in Ponyville and my poor baby dragon needs his sleep."

"No I don't." Spike tried to argue before Twilight bucked him off of her back.

"Oh, look at that." she said with a fake smile at Fluttershy. "He's so sleepy, he can't even keep his little balance."

"Seriously Twilight?" Dragonfly said with an arched eyebrow. However, Fluttershy believed her and picked Spike up.

"Poor little thing, we simply must get him to bed." she replied as she flew inside the Library, followed by Twilight who pushed her back outside.

"Yes, yes, we'll get right on that. Well, good night." she said as she shut the door, Dragonfly smirked and started counting down.

"3... 2... 1..."


Dragonfly laughed as he entered the Library, Twilight and Spike looked stunned at the amount Ponies inside, a certain pink Earth Pony in front of them sating,

"Surprise! Hi! I'm Pinkie Pie and I threw this party just for you!" she said in a super fast tone. "Were you surprised? Were you, were you?!" she jumped around them as she talked. Looking around Dragonfly saw that everypony in town today was there. The inside of the library was decorated for a party, streamers and everything.

"Very surprised. Libraries are suppose to be quiet.: Twilight said in an angered tone as she wanted to facehoof.

"Well that's silly!" Pinkie Pie replied with a cheeky grin. "What kind of welcoming party would it be if it were quiet?! Duh! It'd be boring! You see I saw you when you first got here remember? You were all like hello and I was all gasp, remember? You see, I never saw you before and if I never saw you before that means your new, cause I know everypony and I mean everypony in Ponyville and if you're new, that means you haven't met anypony yet, and if you haven't met anypony yet, that means you might not have any friends and I know you two have each other, but that's only one friend each and that's not enough friends! So, I thought to myself, what's the best way for the two of you to make friends and than it hit me! A party! So, now you have a whole bunch of new friends, isn't that fantastic?!" she said as she finally ended her rant. In that moment, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Fluttershy appeared next to her.

Dragonfly just chuckled as he walked over to where Belle, Dancer, Blades, Sparks, Indigo, Grace, Rose and Dusk were gathered. As he walked up Belle and Dancer smiled as nuzzled his neck, Dragonfly purring slightly as he returned the nuzzles.

"Hello Dragonfly." Belle said as she pulled him into a deep kiss, Dancer doing the same once they pulled apart.

"Hey Belle, Dancer."

The group chatted for awhile, watching as the party was in full swing. Spike was having a blast, Twilight... not so much. At one point she went up stairs after drink hot sauce. Eventually Dragonfly went up to check on her, as he approached the bedroom he heard Twilight speaking.

...the stars will aid in her escape, and she will bring about everlasting night." I hope the Princess was right... I hope it really is just an old pony tale..."

Dragonfly paused, that sounded familiar.

"Seeker, what is she talking about?"

Seeker: "It sounds like the legend of Nightmare Moon.

"When was she banished?"

Seeker: "That was a thousand years ago to-night..."

Rhino: "Is it just a story? We know for a fact that Nightmare Moon was Luna."

"Seeker, Rhino, put the Hive on alert. If it is true, I want to be ready.

Seeker: "We're on it, out.

Dragonfly knocked on the wall, alerting Twilight and Spike to his presence.

"Mind if I come in Twilight?"

"No, come on in."

He did so to find her looking out the window and Spike with a lamp shade on his head for some reason. He walked up to Twilight and sat down next to her.

"Twilight, be honest with me, what has you so uptight?"

Twilight sign and began to tell him of her findings regarding the return of Nightmare Moon, eventually ending with how She had brought it up to Celestia who had brushed it off and sent her to Ponyville.

"And you think that Celestia isn't taking the whole thing seriously?" He asked.

"Princess Celestia, and yes." Twilight corrected, Dragonfly rolled his eyes and gave her a deadpan look.

"Twilight, Celestia is my godmother." At Twilight's surprised look he continued.

"My mother and Celestia were very close, and the latter actually held me in her forelegs as a foal. Anyway, about Nightmare Moon?"

"Oh, well... Nightmare Moon planed to bring eternal night, that would have horrible effects on the world and I need to find a way to stop her. I think the artifacts known as the "Elements of Harmony" are the only way she can be defeated."

Dragonfly rubbed his chin then looked at the time.

"We have about an hour before it's time, I'm going to head to my shop to get a few things in case she does come."

Twilight looked surprised at the fact that he believed her, but she was also a bit frustrated as she didn't need help.


Dragonfly arrived at Town Hall with a pair of saddlebags filled with items he might need if Nightmare Moon did come, meeting with his friends. To make a long story short: Nightmare Moon did come, trapping Celestia somewhere and declaring that the night would last forever. Twilight had rushed to the Library followed by the others, eventually finding themselves at the entrance to the Everfree Forest.

"While I do I appreciate the offer, I'd really rather do this on my own." Twilight was saying.

"You are not going in there alone Twilight!"

The Mares turned to find Dragonfly, with his own group coming up to them.

"Really, I don't need any help."

"Twilight..." Dragonfly spoke in a tone that immediately silenced any more protests, he continued.

"Going into the Everfree Forest at night is signing you death warrant, the creatures that come out at night here are far more dangerous then the day time. Besides, do you even know you're way around this place?"

Twilight tired to answer but soon shook her head no.

"Then you are going to need a guide, I know this area of the forest well enough to get us to the castle."

"We are coming as well," Sparks said, "there is safety and power in numbers." Blades spoke next.

"And have trained guards with you will makes things easier." Dancer then asked.

"Why are you so scared of the Everfree?"

Applejack answered "It ain't natural. Folks say it don't work the same as Equestria.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Rainbow spoke next.

"Nopony knows. You know why? 'cause everypony who's ever gone in has never come out!"

Dragonfly stared at her with a deadpan look.

"Rainbow, I've been in there many times and I've come out find." Dash slightly paused as she tried to say something, Belle spoke next.

"And you still didn't answer the question."

Applejack spoke, "The plants grow..."

Fluttershy added "The animals care for themselves..."

Rainbow Dash finished "And the clouds move..."

"All on their own!" The three said at the same time. There was a long pause as Dragonfly's group were unfazed and gave them a deadpan stare.

"What?" Rainbow asked, "You're not freaked out by this?" Belle signed.

"Take a trip to the homeland of the Western Kirin for a week, then come talk to me about scary."

The group of fifteen walked into the forest, Dragonfly taking point with Blades and Dusk while Indigo and Rose watched their six.

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