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Little Dragon in a Strange New World - Zeryurijin

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Night Flight

"Dear sister, what keeps you up at this hour?"


A white alicorn hears a voice from within the private chambers of her room. She is clad in a soft blue robe and nothing more. Royal accessories rest on a nearby dresser, awaiting for when their owner would adorn them come morning. She is standing on a small balcony, complete with a small telescope at the edge which overlooks much of Canterlot castle. Her stature is regal, her coat a pure snow white with grand wings hugging her sides. Soft pastel colors grace her mane and tail, both flow majestically as though a wind stirs their movement, yet the air is still. A sun is emblazoned on her flank, marking her as the sun goddess and ruler of Equestria along with her sister. Princess Celestia smiles as Luna approaches from a shadow, her dark body a steep contrast to her older sibling.

"Just admiring your night sky beloved sister. There.. is no harm in that is there?" she asks.

"Of course not. It's not like you to be up this late though." Luna replies.

The dark alicorn is bathed in midnight blue, her mane and tail shimmers as stars twinkle and wings hug at her sides. Adorned in a tiara, hoof boots and a curaiss bearing the moon's symbol, she is smaller in stature then her sister but holds just as much authority as Celestia. A crescent moon bears on her flank, marking her as the moon goddess and also fellow ruler of Equestria during the night. She joins her sister who makes room for the fellow alicorn upon the balcony.

"I admit I should have retired moments earlier. But I never spend enough time gazing up at the sky. Your moon and the many stars held high in the heavens. Their beauty is only equals to yours, Luna."

"You flatter me Celestia. But honestly there is more to it. Your not up late just to look upon the heavens. There has always been a reason behind your actions."

Celestia gestures with one hoof towards the telescope and lets Luna appear through the lens.

"Luna, how well do you know your night sky? Do you know every placement of every star and constellation?" The alicorn asks.

"It has been hard with what the centuries of catching up has been for me. But yes, I do know every star and constellation in the sky, as their placement. The astronomers and I keep in close contact in case any should be off balance. I would hate to cause an undesired stir if one star was even a mere inch out of place. Why do you ask?"

"The constellation representing the dragon. I've been recently noticing these past few nights, that they have been holding a certain.. shimmer to them."

Luna looks from the lens to Celestia, then back into the lens seeking out the group of stars. She finds them and counts all eight. None of them seem out of place. They look as they have always been these past centuries, not one out of place. The alicorn takes a closer work, Celestia's keen eyes have never once proved wrong in any situation that has presented itself to the sisters.

"Hmm, they do seem a little brighter then the other constellations sister. As for this shimmer you speak of, I can neither sense nor see with my own eyes." She looks away again, giving Celestia a faint smile.

"Perhaps these past few nights of staying up late are taking a heavier toll then you let on."

Celestia gave a soft frown, but it quickly faded.

"Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me. Perhaps you are right, that staying up late is not a good idea and that I am allowing my mind to get a little carried away."

A small burst of light appears before the two sisters, a scroll bearing a familiar symbol: A letter from Twilight. Celestia catches the parchment as it falls, a gentle glow of her horn envelops it within her magic. She nods and hmms as she reads the letter.

"Or maybe my eyes are not playing tricks after all. It's from my protege. It says here she's been catching up on astronomy reading and as part of her studies, has been looking into your many constellations. It mentions here, that she finds the dragon constellation to hold a strange shimmering feel to them and that they appear more brightly then usual. For a constellation that is."

The dark alicorn rose from where she had seated herself and gives a light wave of her foreleg.

"The night is young sister. Once my evening council is ajourned for our meeting, I shall look into the dragon constellation more closely. It would be unwise to ignore two friend's speculations of a group of stars that the owner knows too well about."

Luna crosses the room and exits the doors, pausing to nod and give her sister a bow.

"Sleep well dear sister. Perhaps with yours and Twilight's help we shall solve this puzzling mystery swiftly."

"Good night Luna. I wish you a pleasant evening for your duties."

The doors close and Celestia finds herself alone in her bedroom chambers once more. She looks up to the night sky, her eyes focused on the dragon constellation with slight concern. Maybe some stray magic just stirring about in the heavens or some mild disturbance. None to be taken too lightly, Celestia thinks to herself as she hangs up her robe before slipping under the covers to her bed, and settling upon the many pillows. She closes the windows to the balcony, her eyes set on the sky one last time before she lets sleep claim her tired form, not to awaken until her time to raise the sun was due.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The moon cast its pale glow over the lands of Avalar. Faint white light bathed against the trees and surrounding canopy in the forests while harsh shadows leaped from jagged rocks up the surrounding mountains. A light breeze rustled the branches but nothing else stirred, save for the night creatures and predators stalking their territory in search of food or prowling. A temple stood near by, its cracked stone walls showed it's weathering age over the centuries. Great statues carved from rock jutted from its base, more appeared near the roof tops and some laid scattered about within the grounds. All bore features that resembled ancient beasts of old, guarding the grounds with their silence menacing snarls and claws poised, ready to drive away any threat who would dare enter.

Great snores came from within the walls, any creature passing by would catch scent of what slept within and quickly turned tail. No beast dared with to awaken what laid within. Dragons, mighty beasts of magic and strength, slept soundly among the few chambers still available. The recent years of raids from enemies had damaged much of the temple, a dark threat that had arisen during that time had been dealt with thanks to a prophecy for told among the temples history. The evil was defeated and the lands were freed, bringing about a much needed peace to the world. The following months were seen on repairs and rebuilding, a slow and long task ahead for even great dragons could not move swiftly enough to tackle the many jobs that remained to be completed.

While the great beasts slept, one small figure remained up, sitting atop a stone railing that looked over the valley below the temple. Pale violet eyes looked up at the great moon in the sky, following the many stars the littered the air. A snort from within the temple turned the head to look over, the sound quickly dying as a dragon merely shifted their weight before settling in. The eyes returned to watching the sky, the soft rustle of the wind barely stirred the wings on its back. A small buzzing sound started to come from the pathway from the main room, the dragon knowing all to well who.

"Hey Sparx. Come to join me in night gazing?"

"Spyro buddy. This is what, the third night now? C'mon, you keep cutting your sleep like this and you'll be so tired, your never gonna get any work done."

Sparx was a dragonfly, a resident of the forest and closest friend to his "brother" Spyro. What he lacked for in size, he more then made up for in help. The yellow dragonfly came to rest on Spyro's head, looking down upon the purple dragon.

"I know Sparx. Its. . .I've just been feeling restless. Despite all the work I've done these past few days, even to the point of exhaustion. I just can't seem to get any sleep. My wings are itching to just fly forever and I've been getting antsy even."

The dragonfly gestured to the sky.

"Well then spread your wings and take a flight goof. Its not like any dragon here is in danger! Peace is on the lands, every citizen and resident here breathes more easily. All because of you buddy. Just leave them a note, letting them know where your going and just go for it!"

Spyro rose on his feet and took a glance at the entrance to the main chamber. He could hear the faint snores still, his wings growing restless against his back. His fore paws started to scratch the stone, adding to the growing anxiety he could feel welling up in his chest, his body telling him to follow Sparx' advice.

"I don't know, I feel bad just taking off. I mean, sure a note is fine in all, but. . don't want any one here to freak out and think I've just upped and taken off."

Sparx groaned then thumped a horn.

"I told you. Leave a darn note and take off! Quick flight across the lands and be back before daybreak. How hard is it? I swear you have rocks in that thick skull of yours sometimes."

The dragon took one last glance at the night sky then back to the temple. Sparx was right. If he just kept staying up all night and stare listlessly into the sky, he was going to wind up being of no help come tomorrow. Shaking himself down to clear his thoughts and get a calm over his limbs, Spyro snuck inside. What they lacked for in writing materials, they made up for with sharp claws and soft stone. After, scribbling a quick message and leaving it where any of the older dragons could find it, Spyro made a quick dash outside again, Sparx hanging on to his horns.

The breeze was picking up, the gentle caress of its feel was felt against his scales, leaving him standing there with a broad smile. How much he missed this. Both wings unfurled and after a few practice wing beats, the dragon dove off the platform. Wind whistled in his ears, tucked at his scales and played with his tail. Just when it looked like he was going to crash into the valley below, the dragon dipped up and spread the wings, catching the next draft of air. A few hardy beats of the wings and he drifted even further, letting the weak currents carry him.

"See? Your looking better already, Spryo!" Sparx called out cheerily from atop his head.

The dragon let a soft laugh bubble in his chest before he let it loose. Ahh, did he ever doubt Sparx suggestions? The good ones that is. He took a quick glance over his shoulders and wings, seeing the temple grow smaller. There was no worries. The elder dragon will know where he went and even then, Spyro would be back in time.

"Hmm would you look at that? Stars are acting strange tonight."

Sparx motioned with one small hand, letting Spyro take a quick glance up. While there was nothing wrong with the stars in the night sky, seeing a set of eight in a particular pattern did warrant a look. "Draco" as the stars were called, was named for. . what else? Dragons. One of the few favorites among his kind, the elders looked upon it for wisdom and for navigation. Save for the stormy evenings, the constellation was clear among the thousands of stars that speckled across the sky. Except for tonight.

"Huh, feels like there is some magical distortion coming from them. Its probably nothing, Sparx. Some unstable magical rifts pop up from time to time. We shouldn't worry."

"If you say so." Sparx replied.

A distant rumbling in the horizon to the east drew the pairs attention away from the sky and towards a gathering of dark storm clouds. Lightning flickered, thunder rumbled and the billowing clouds seemed to be gathering on itself.

"Maybe we should turn back. A storm at this hour is not a good sign."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A crack of thunder awoke Celestia with a start. Light flashed from her windows followed be the heavy sounds of thunder vibrating the castle walls and her chambers. The alicorn groaned softly, rubbing her brow then sat up. A storm? At this time of night? There was no word for the pegasi that a storm was to set. Heavy rain lashed at the windows, water flowed and poured down the storm drains, gurgling sounds could be heard all around outside.

She rose and wrapped her robe around body, trotting across the room towards her doors.

Maybe Luna has some information worth sharing. The alcorn thought.

As if on que', the doors opened and her sister entered. A flash of lightning illuminated her face, startling both alicorn sisters.
Both fell on their haunches, a little frizzled after that sudden encounter.

"Gracious dear sister. I did not think you would be up so soon. But this is good as I was coming to see you anyway." Luna said, panting as she settled.

"Does it have something to due with the storm raging outside? The pegasi never mentioned any schedule of a downpour this week."

"Aye, I checked and received confirmation. It is not of their doing. Twilight sent another letter. There appears to be some magical distortion and the dragon constellation seems to be the source.She's also suggested that this sudden storm may be the result as well, though she is double checking her notes."

That sounds like Twilight. She never wants to misjudge. Excellent quality in the mare. She'll make a fine professor..erm.. some day.

The rain pounding on the rooftops increased as did the howling winds. The storm was intensifying and with it, came an odd magical sensation a sense of distortion. Now they knew something was off and this disruption was the cause. But where did it originate and to what purpose did it serve? All Luna and Celestia could do was watch as guards throughout the castled scurried to double check that no flooding occurred through out the castle or within the near village.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The storm was relentless and fast. Spyro struggled against the howling winds, the pounding rain stinging his eyes as it drummed against his scales. The dragon had to duck and weave while lightning flashed above him and thunder hammered the evening sky. He was still stunned by how quickly it rolled in, having thought there would be more then enough time to get to the safety of the temple. Now through narrowed eyes, he struggled against the winds as it whipped about his wings, making flying very difficult.

"Spyrooooooo! I think we should laaaaaand! These winds are too much! You'll injure yourself if we don't descend below!" Sparx called out over the shrieking winds.

"We're almost there Sparx! Just hold on and don't let go no matter what!" the dragon shouted back.

It was hard to see against this downpour. Spyro was beginning to think they had been blown off course. If that was true, then there really was no way of getting back. He had to land below and seek shelter under the trees or in a cave or a hole even. This storm was a nasty one and it was playing hard ball. Could this have something to do with that magical distortion they had witnessed earlier? Too soon to tell and not enough time to simply ponder this while stuck in the open. Spyro banked a hard left and began his landing. The wings were tiring from having to battle the winds too much and he knew if he kept this up, it was a lost cause. Opening his eyes wider, he strained to make out some open spot among the forest that he could drop down into.

As he was scanning the winds suddenly changed on him. Spyro grunted and tried to adjust only to be knocked around by some forseen force. Sparx held on and tried to call out, but his voice was lost in the howling gusts. The dragon was out of control, the constant change and shift was too much to be able to adjust. Then he felt like some invisible hand or rope or some thing grab his tail. Before he could react, the dragon was hurled into the storm. Spinning, tumbling with Sparx screaming as the dragonfly clung to his horn in desperation, the two found themselves being drawn into the storm.



"Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. . . . ." they shouted in unison.

The voices were lost as they vanished within the center of the storm as it closed in on itself. As the pair tumbled through the dark clouds, the clapping thunder, flashing lightning, pounding rain and winds, both felt a queasy feeling in the pit of their stomachs. The pressure was building up all over their bodies become intense around the skulls, like they were being twisted and stretched painfully. Just when it felt like they were going to be crushed like egg shells, the two were hurled through a sort of light and found themselves free falling. . . . .

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"There! Did you feel it sister?" Luna called out.

"Yes, yes I did. Something just came through. The question is what?" Celestia replied.

The two sisters, along with notes being passed to and from Twilight, had felt the shift in the distortion. It had quickly intensified and the effects of the magic was felt on all beings, mainly unicorns. As the pressure built, there was worry that some hidden threat was attempting some attack on Equestria, hidden by this storm. Then strangely after a few minutes, it let up. . after a surge of energy was expelled into their world.

As Celetia gathered her senses, Luna was the first to take note.

"Sister the storm its... fading."


The storm was dying the clouds shrinking away as they faded. The winds had receded and the rain let up, allowing the pale glow of the moon to once more leave a white light upon the castle and surrounding lands. Celestia flung open her windows and entered the balcony. Strange. . there was no chill in the air, which meant this wasn't a freak winter storm. The temperature wasn't too warm either, so the chance of a freak summer storm was also tossed out. What ever it was was gone, any trace of its presence felt along with it.

"Sister the stars they are normal again." Luna mentioned as she had pulled her telescope out and once more looked up at the constellation. Celestia joined her side, the younger alicorn stepping side to allow her to gaze. She looked and then withdrew, confusion and slight shock on her face.

"Your right but what just occurred now? A storm out of no where, a magical distortion, some pressure following and now nothing."

Celestia made a mental note that come morning, a full investigation with Twilight's help would be launched. Clearly there were questions raised and answers needed.

In Cloudsdale, the weather factory found itself with a strange intruder. A dragon along with his friend were free falling. As he opened his eyes, he thought he located some shelter. Making use of his sore wings, he manage to crash into what felt like clouds and slip through. Tumbling about on a soft floor, the dragon finally came to rest beside a wall. His eyes caught sight of some strange "rocks" all around before exhaustion and blackness rose to greet him.