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The Dragonfly Hive - Silver Dragon Blade Wing

A young Changeling Prince, with the help of his allies and friends, must become strong enough to challenge and defeat Chrysalis to protect the land and the ones he loves.

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Ponyville 3


It took a few more days for Dragonfly to get the tea shop, known as the "Cozy Rest" up and running, but once everything was ready he send out word of what day he was opening. The day came and the grand reopening was a stellar success, almost all of the Ponies in town showed up, happy for the shop being back and they said that while the tea wasn't quite the same as his mother's, it was very close. Dragonfly also reinstated a number of his mother's policies, which included the offers of one free tea to first time customers and ready to buy bags of tea mixtures. Pinkie also threw a "Shop Reopening Party" to celebrate as well, he also set up a deal with the Cakes in where he would have a small selection of treats and the Cakes would get free tea twice a month.

Another thing he added was a small set of book shelves that lined the wall to the right of the door, giving Ponies something to read while they enjoyed their tea. The garden behind the shop was soon expanded around the sides and a bit out front with a little dining nook added to the front, the garden soon filled with a huge amount of herbs, berry bushes, and wild flowers, with various kinds of vines and flowers growing along the trellis wall. Ponies enjoyed siting out in the the nooks and chattered with each other, enjoying the scenery and the nice weather.

Among the regulars was a Unicorn Mare named Rarity, she had a white coat with purple mane and tail, blue eyes and a Cutie Mark of three blue diamonds. She wore light blue eyeshadow. Rarity was a nice Mare but her high-class attitude was a bit annoying, she also tried a few times to use her charms on him but he simply told her that while she was pretty she wasn't his type. She did stop after a bit.

Rarity was owner of the Carousel Boutique, her home and workplace, where she made dresses, suits and other clothing for customers. She had offered to design him table cloths, curtains and other decorations and Dragonfly gladly accepted, not really having a taste for interior decorating. He returned her generous offer with free tea for a month for her help.

She would often invite him to the boutique when he wasn't busy (either at the shop or back at the Hive) and would chat with him while dressing him in fancy outfits, some of which actually looked very nice on him. At the moment she was working on an outfit that Dragonfly had ordered for formal outgoings as a just encase sort of thing, you never know.

"I have to say darling, it's very rare that I get to work with silver, and many Mares and Stallions would kill for this beautiful coat of yours. It's simply stunning."

"Thanks Rarity, I think I got it from my mother."

"Oh yes, I remember chatting with her on several occasions. Such a nice and beautiful Mare, loved her mane and tail. You are very lucky to have her as a mother."

"She treasured me more then anything else, along with my dad."

"Speaking of that, did you get your eyes from your father?"

"Yes, why?"

"Just wondering Darling, silted eyes aren't something I see very often. I never had any Thestral clients so its not something I'm use to. I hope I didn't offend you."

"No no, I was just wondering myself, I can understand why you were asking. Thestrals are a bit rare outside of the Guard and their home the Hollows."

Things fell into a comfortable silence as Rarity finished up the outfit Dragonfly was wearing.

"And done, my you look dashing Dragonfly, do you like it?" She asked pulling a mirror up with her magic.

Dragonfly was impressed, the outfit was a deep purple with dark red and silver accents. It consisted of a suit that more closely resembled a military dress uniform just without the usual items, except for a grey sash with white stripes on the edges over his chest, which proudly displayed a medium-sized pin of his six-winged dragonfly Cutie Mark. Completing the outfit was a large black greatcoat with blue trim, his scarf sitting loosely wrapped around the collar.

"I love it Rarity, its perfect! How much do I owe you?" He asked pulling out his wallet, the shop's grand opening had brought in far more bits then he knew what to do with. Rarity held up a hoof to stop him.

"No need Darling, consider it a gift." He looked at her with a bit of surprise.

"Are you sure Rarity? I'm willing to pay."

"I know Dragonfly, I don't charge friends. The outfit is a thank you for reopening your mother's shop, and giving me a rare chance to work with silver." Rarity said with a smile. Dragonfly thought on this for a moment, than gave her twenty bits. At her surprised look he smiled and said,

"A donation for your business." She looked stunned for a second than gave him a sly smile, which he returned, before they both laughed. They said their byes as Dragonfly packed up his suit and when back to his shop.

Several days later

Dragonfly was sitting at the counter reading a Daring Do book after the afternoon rush was done and the customers had gotten their orders and were sitting enjoying them, besides the shop the Hive was also doing well; Seeker had reported earlier that day that the Energy Beacon, Slime Pod, Chitin Shredder, and Crystal Grower had been unlocked and now the building called the Barracks Den, which would unlock the "Military" Build Tab, was being researched. The Scouts hadn't had much luck so far in finding anything other then small resource deposits in the area so maybe it was time to send them out further, like to Canterlot, to see what they could find. Canterlot was the Capital however and had a heavy guard presence so he wasn't too sure about sending them there right now, perhaps sometime in the future.

Dragonfly picked up his soda can and started taking a drink, when in walked the last Pony he ever expected to see in his shop. The Pony in question was a tall Mare, with a white coat, purple eyes, a long blue, green, purple and pink mane and tail that waved in a nonexistent wind, and a Cutie Mark of a sun. She wore gold hoof shoes, collar and crown, the latter two decorated with an amethyst.

And she had both large wings and a tall horn!

And she was accompanied by eight Stallions wearing gold armor, two Earth Ponies, two Unicorns, two Pegasi, and two Winged Thestrals.

Poor Dragonfly did a spit-take back into the can, which caused the soda to go up his nose while the other Ponies got out of their seats and bowed, for this Pony was none other than Princess Celestia herself in all her sunny glory.

All Ponies but Dragonfly, who was...


He rushed to the kitchen sink to flush the burning out of his nose, contacting Seeker through the Hivemind.

"Seeker! Princess Celestia is here! What do I do?!"

"Okay okay, don't panic. Just act casual and play it cool, like any other customer."

"Okay, I hope she's just here for tea."

Finishing after a few minutes he walked back to the counter rubbing his nose with a hoof, the Ponies had gone back to their seats while Celestia was sitting at the counter waiting patiently, her guards spread out the room.

"Sorry about that Princess." Dragonfly said with a small smile, she giggled.

"It's alright my little Pony, I've had soda up my nose a few times in the past so I know the pain."

"Well do you want anything?"

"Yes, I'll have my usual."

Dragonfly looked confused, than remembered a note Nebula had left for him.

"One second, let me check this."

Picking up the note he read it over again, it was a list of each customer and their preferred orders, he didn't see anything regarding Celestia... until he spotted some very tiny writing he would have otherwise missed. Picking up a magnifying glass he held it up to his eye and looked closer, sure enough, it was the Princess and judging from the smiley face at the end Nebula had planed this.

Dragonfly lowered the glass, deadpanning at the note.

"Dang it Mom, a little heads up would have be nice." He could just hear her laughing at the successful prank. Shaking his head he fixed Celestia's order and gave it to her, the Princess placing the owed bits on the counter. Celestia took a few sips than looked at Dragonfly.

"So Dragonfly Wings is it?"

"Yes Princess."

"I was wondering, were did you get the medal on your scarf? I don't remember ever giving a Pony that looked like you one."

He picked up the mentioned medal and stared at it.

"It was my Dad's, I don't know why he gave it to me. Perhaps it was to keep him close, I don't know, I haven't seen him or my Mother in three years." Celestia raised an eyebrow.

"Do you know why?"

"An enemy of my Dad went after him and Mom, my guess is they wanted to make sure that enemy wouldn't come after me."

"Who was your Father Dragonfly?"

"A Winged Thestral by the name of Black Saber."

Celestia looked surprised for a second, but quickly brought back her calm face, her guards also looked surprised.

"He was one of the best Royal Knights, Saber did once tell me he had a son. It's a pleasure to finally meet you face-to-face Dragonfly Wings, your Mother and I were good friends too, loved her tea."

Dragonfly smiled.

"Mom always was the friendly type."

Celestia finished her tea and stood up.

"I'd love to stay and chat, but duty calls. I wish everypony a good day."

She walked out with her guards, everypony wishing them a good day in return, Dragonfly let out a small sign of relief.

'well, that went well."


Celestia's chariot

'It's him, it's really him.'

Unbeknownst to Dragonfly, Celestia had used a very subtle spell while he wasn't looking, to confirm what Nebula had told her. Celestia pulled out a photo of her and Nebula Sheen enjoying some time together, there was one thing that stood out however...

Nebula was in her natural Changeling form!

Celestia had known Nebula for years and most of that she had known her friend was a Changeling, after Nebula had told her and sworn her to secrecy. Celestia had been very happy to see Nebula and Saber fall in love and secretly marry, with her as Nebula's best Mare. She was even more happy to hear that the two had a foal.

Besides Celestia, only a select few that her and Nebula trusted knew of the latter's true nature, like Saber's twin brother and his wife.

However Nebula had also told Celestia about the threat Chrysalis posed and how to prepare for her eventual attack, she just didn't know when it would come, only that it would.

Celestia put the photo back, wondering what the future held for them all.

'Twilight would probably question the hay out of him if she knew. As for Starlight and Sunset, I'm pretty sure they'd get along just fine." She thought with a chuckle of her personal students.


Royal Palace

Next Morning

The Capital of Equestria was as busy as ever, though in one of the rooms of the palace a young Unicorn Mare was trying to get at least a few extra minutes of sleep.

"Ugd... ten more minutes Aunty." She said as she rolled over and away from the sunlight peeking through the curtain, the peace didn't even last a second before the door opened and an Earth Pony Mare with a dusty grey coat, black mane and tail, and light blue eyes wearing a Maid's outfit entered, along with a taller then normal Pegasus Mare with a snow white coat, long crimson and tail that gently swayed long the floor, and beautiful emerald green eyes wearing the gold armor of the Canterlot Guard Division entered the room.

The Maid walked over and started lightly shaking the lump on the bed.

"Princess, Princess Bluebelle, Time to get up."

"I don't wanna get up, it's too early."

"Princess it's almost nine, breakfast and Princess Celestia with some guests are waiting for you."

Bluebelle just groaned and pulled the blanket over her head.

"Alright, time to get the big cannons." The maid waved the Guard over and they both pulled the blanket off in one stoke, revealing Princess Bluebelle who curled up trying to retain warmth. The maid and Guard shared a wink, then began to tickle the Mare's exposed belly. Bluebelle didn't have a chance.

"S-sto-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-op! youhoo-hoo-hoo-hoo know I'm ha-ha-ha-ha-ha ticklish!" She said while squealing with laughter.

"That's what makes in fun Princess." The Guard said with a playful smile as she and the maid increased their attack, finally Bluebelle shouted,

"All right I'm awake I'm awake!"

The two backed off as the Unicorn recovered, afterwards she got off the bed.

"Rose, just let Aunty know I'm having a quick shower to freshen up then I'll be there.

Rose, the guard, nodded with a smile and left while the maid, Dust Bunny, started cleaning. Bluebelle had her shower and after she finished she went to the mirror to comb her hair, only pausing to take a quick look.

Bluebelle had a pearl white coat with a long and beautiful strawberry blonde mane and tail that was closer to red, pretty sapphire blue eyes that had a comforting warmth in them, and her Cutie Mark was a bundle of hanging flowers with golden stems and every second flower sporting gold and blue petals on the outside. After she finished combing her hair into a nicely coiffed ponytail with a large cornflower blue bow at the top and base, a second even larger bow was tied on the base of her tail.

Bluebelle smiled after she finished, exiting the room to find Dust almost finished and Rose waiting for her.

"Ready Blue?" Rose asked.

"Yep, let's not keep them waiting any longer. Thanks for cleaning Dusty."

"No problem Blue."

With that, Blue and Rose left Dusty to her work and walked towards the dining room.

"So Rosy, how's your brother doing?"

"He's doing great, I think he might pop the question soon."


"Yes, he and Graceful Petals have been dating for awhile now and both are still as happy as when they first started three years ago."

Blue gave a wide smile.

"Sweet, I've known Petals for years and I know for a fact that she'll make Dusk Storm a happy Stallion."

The two laughed in good nature, Blue couldn't help but think of how lucky she was to have friends like this, with her five closest coming to mind. Rose Silver was her personal bodyguard and closest friend, Rose had joined the guard with her twin brother long ago and had been assigned to Bluebelle soon after she had finished her training. The two hit it off immediately and got along like a wings on a Pegasus, Rose was a bit of a flirt and did just that with both Stallions and Mares, of any race or tribe. Rose had several partners throughout her career though she and each of her partners eventually broke off, however she was on at least good terms with each of them. Heck she had even flirted with Bluebelle once, till Blue told her she didn't swing that way, though she still did it playfully.

Despite her flirty and playful nature Rose was still a well trained Guard, and could kick major flank if she needed to, as Bluebelle's own Twin brother Blueblood had found out... the hard way, and she was lethal with her twin hatchets.

Rosy's twin brother, Dusk Storm, was a Winged Thestral who was also a Night Guard Sapper. Blue had met Dusk not long after she met Rose, to Blue Dusk was a stoic but very sweet Stallion who spoke with a Northern Mountain accent. He and Blue also got along very well and he had told her he was happy to know his sister was guarding somepony he could trust, Dusk had been born blind in his left eye but this didn't bother him at all, he also had the record as the only Guard that could out drink everypony else. A few do come close but just can't quite get there.

In battle Dusk favored the use of explosives, no surprise there, and was very good with them, he also dropped his more stoic stance and tended to enjoy blowing things up.

Next was a Pegasus Mare by the name of Silver Blade, a Pony that had a Eastern Kirin mother and a Western Kirin father, and the combined fighting skills to match. It was well known that Kirin, regardless of their tribe, were formidable fighters, and when one takes the tactical and heavy hitting abilities of the Western Kirin and the speed and precision of the Eastern Kirin and throw them together in a Pony with a love of fighting, you get a Pegasus with a lethal set of skills. That was Silver Blade or Blades in a nutshell, she was perhaps the most capable fighter of the bunch and could be as sneaky as she could be loud, as Shining Armor, the Captain of the Guard, found out the hard way during a training session.

Even though Blades loved to fight, she still had the Pony morals and the loyalty and discipline of the Kirin in her. She could also be very gentle and was actually very good with foals, Blades had even once said she'd love some of her own one day. Blades had also been the one to teach Bluebelle how to fight, a "just in case" sort of thing and the two of them shared many of the same interests, such as pranking Blueblood.

Next was Sparky Gears, an Earth Pony Mare with a soft-spoken, laid-back demeanor, who was an expert at fixing and improving things. Had broken weapons or armor? She'd fix it in a heartbeat and make it lighter. Broken steam engine, up and running in at most and hour and it'd be more efficient. Sparky also had a love for music, heavy metal in particular, and often played for the Guards when off duty, which helped quite a bit with morale.

Sparky did have a few, unusual quirks though, she could be a bit crazy on the battlefield and had a slightly uncontrollable taste for smoked meat, bacon especially, and rum, perhaps due to her Dracony and Griffin parents. Despite that she was a fun Mare to hang out with and knew had to grill, complete with meals that would keep others going for a long time. Bluebelle would happily admit that Sparky got her on smoked bacon covered with dark chocolate.

And last but certainly not least was Indigo Patches, a young Unicorn with a heart of gold and the newest member of the group. He was a bit shy and in the words of the others, "adorkable" and cute. Indigo was the team medic and loved to spend his free time reading almost any book he could, his shy nature caused him to be playfully teased by Rose and Blades but if Indigo was threatened, oohh boy, those two were not merciful if their "little puppy" was harmed.

Indigo was very smart but a bit goofy and clumsy, though his smarts served him well and some believed he could become quite the Battlemage if he wanted with his skill in magic. He was also a bit of a chick magnet as quite a few of the Guard Mares like to playful flirt with him, causing him to blush brightly. His friends hoped Indigo would find a nice Mare to settle down with, and eventually have foals with. Indigo, despite being a medic, had a number of combat spells alongside his healing ones backed up by his medical knowledge and skills taught to him by Dusk and Blades.

Bluebelle, or just Blue to her friends, herself was Blueblood's twin sister, though they couldn't be anymore different. While Blueblood was a spoiled, unlikable snob with no respect to the "Commoners", Bluebelle was far nicer and more popular with the commoners as she would donate a fair amount of bits out of her own pocket to Charity and would often hug depressed or tired Guards as she passed. Though she was technically a Princess she didn't act like a spoiled airhead as one would think due to her rich family, Bluebelle would also often visit schools and orphanages to speak to and play with the young foals. As such, she was well liked by the Ponies and other species, the latter of which often said to Celestia that Bluebelle was a credit to the Ponies.

For her own personal interests she enjoyed swimming, reading comic books, gaming, and hanging out with her best friends. Bluebelle wanted to eventually find a loving Stallion and have foals of her own, but not for awhile yet. Her only real problem was that although she did love her brother, she just barely tolerated him and his attitude, and that was only for the sake of their parents.

Then of course there was Blue's younger sister Diamond Dancer, though only younger by about a year. Like Bluebelle, Diamond didn't get along with Blueblood at all, to the point where if the two of them were in the same room for too long they would come to blows. Unfortunately for Blueblood, Diamond was a surprisingly skilled fighter thanks to training from Bluebelle's friends. On the other hoof Diamond was very close to Blue and her parents though her profession kept Diamond away for half the year. Diamond was, as her name implied, a dancer by trade and she enjoyed it immensely, mostly ribbon dancing but she did do other dances.

Besides that Diamond enjoyed many of the same interests as her older sister, swimming, gaming, and even pranking (with Blueblood being the main target).

Blue was brought out of her thoughts when Rose tapped her side, they had arrived at the doors to the dinning room, the ever present Guards standing on either side.

"Thanks Rose, I'll catch you and the others later."

"See ya then Blue."

Blue only walked a few steps forward when she felt something gently, though still hard enough, slap her flank. with a small "Epp!" She turned her head and playfully glared at Rose, who had a small smirk and half-lidded eyes looking. The two held for a few minutes, before smiles split their faces with laughter, the two Guards adding their own chuckles. This was just how Rose did things, she would playfully do that to her friends then laugh it off with them, though she only did it with her close ones.

After recovering Blue walked though the doors and into the dinning room, where Celestia and two other Ponies were waiting. Blue smiled wide upon seeing the latter two.

"Mom! Dad!"

Both parents were caught in a strong tackle hug from their daughter, returning the hug just as much. Bluebelle's mother, Blue Diamond, was a Mare with a soft white coat, golden blonde mane and tail, and sapphire blue eyes. Her Cutie Mark was a set of three sky blue diamonds on a silver plate. Blue Diamond, or BD to her friends, was a diamond cutter and silver smith. Her father, Gold Bars, was a Stallion with a white coat, short red mane and tail, and blue eyes. His Cutie Mark was a crate with the lid off, showing that the crate was full of gold bars. Gold Bars was a Banker and owner of a very rich gold mine who made sure his employees were well taken care of.

Both of them were very nice and friendly, welcoming Blue's friends as of they were the couple's own children. Both BD and Gold heavily enjoyed Sparky's cooking and had on more then one occasion had the Mare out as a cook during meetings and parties, which worked very well, and Gold payed Sparky well for her services.

BD nuzzled her face into Blue's mane while Gold patted her back.

"Blue, how's our little gem doing?" He asked.

"Great Dad, let me tell you over breakfast."

They sat down around the table, which was packed with many, many plates of pancakes. There was also a large variety of syrups and toppings, including whipped cream, chocolate chips, a variety of berries, butter, and so much more.

Besides pancakes, there were a quite a few plates of waffles, two fruit bowls, a platter piled high with donuts, and a few jugs of water, milk, iced tea, and a massive pot of coffee.

Blue happily dug into a plate of waffles topped with chocolate chips and whipped cream, her parents and Celestia smiling at her enjoyment. They spent a good bit of the morning eating and taking when Celestia spoke up.

"So did you know that the "Cozy Rest" tea shop in Ponyville is open once again?" That got the other's attention.

"Really? Has Mrs. Sheen come back?" BD asked.

"No actually, her son, a Unicorn by the name of Dragonfly Wings, has reopened the shop and is selling tea in her place."

"And he's got everything he needs, license and all?" Gold asked.

"Yes, while his tea isn't quite on the same level as Nebula's, it is very close. I'm sure with time he'll make it even better."

"Wonderful, think the lad would be interested in some business deals, Nebula's tea was very popular at our meetings and parties, I would of course make sure the deals are fair." Gold said.

"I don't see why not, we are due for a short vacation soon. I think Ponyville would be a good spot to relax." BD said.

"I'd love to go, the sweets in Sugercube Corner can't be beat." Blue said enthusiastically.

"I'm in agreement, we could stop by the Cozy Rest, get some tea, and see if this Dragonfly Wings is interested in doing some business together." Gold said with a smile.

"Then it's settled, once our vacation time arrives we'll head to Ponyville, would be nice to get away from the snobs for a short while." BD said, she then looked at Blue who had just taken a big bite of waffle.

"And maybe Blue and Mr Wings can get together and make me some grandfoals."

Blue choked, thumping her chest. 'Mom sayWhat Now!!??'

Blue tried to swallow-

'Nope nope nope, food is stuck!FOOD. IS. STUCK!!!"

Thankfully Celestia was quick, as a burst of golden magic grabbed her barrel and SQUEEZED, forcing the air and the food out of her windpipe and across the room. Blue sat there gasping for air as her mother put a hoof to her mouth.

"Ahhh... Ooops." Gold facehooved.

"Honey... I love you to pieces, but next time... wait for our daughter to swallow her food first."

"*Gasp*... MOM! I haven't even met the Stallion yet, let alone married him!"

"Well I'm sorry but you're my only hope for Grandfoals, Blueblood is a lost cause and Dancer has her career, you on the other hoof only have what you've been doing up here and you can still raise a Foal just fine while doing that. So it's up to you to make me a Grandmare, and I'm not getting any younger." Gold grunted his agreement. Blue just faceplanted into the table, not noticing a mischievous glint in Celestia's eye.

Dragonfly Hive

A Month Later

Dragonfly woke up and stretched his limbs, lately he'd been having strange and unexpected things happening with his body. At first it was the Hivemind being suddenly far more vivid then usual, than strong headaches, than weird cravings of things he usually wouldn't eat (like prunes), small bit of swelling on his belly and finally nausea. He had no idea why he was experiencing any of this, he had asked Seeker but he didn't know either.

Shaking his head he went to stand up, and noticed he felt... bloated, why did he feel bloated? He hadn't eaten that much last night. Confused he looked towards his belly, and let out a scream that caused everyone in the Hive to rush into the Private Quarters, the Healers rushing into the bedroom.

After a minute they help Dragonfly out, and his belly had swollen like a large balloon. The Royal understandably had a very panicked and shocked look on his face.

"Seeker! What. Is. THIS?!"

Said Changeling, along with Rhino, Spotter, Darter, Thunderlane, Rumble, Filtter, and Cloud Chaser (the latter four had been visiting) looked over the Royal before Seeker spoke.

"Well now I know why those strange things have been happening Dragonfly; you're carrying eggs."

"WHAT!! Okay two questions: One, how did you not know about this before?! And two, how could I be carrying eggs? I'm a male Changeling and I haven't even done... well that!"

"Well Dragonfly, usually yes, only female Changelings carry eggs. However Royal Changelings, in order to build their Hives, are able to create, carry, and lay eggs without a mate and regardless of gender."

Dragonfly was not amused, but was stopped from saying anything as the Healers told him he need to be the the Egg Chambers before he started laying.

A short time later

Dragonfly had started laying eggs soon after the Healers brought him to the Egg Chambers, unfortunately for him, it wasn't a pleasant experience.


Everyone else, how had gathered in the Throne Room, winced as the Royal let out yet another painful scream. Thunderlane looked over at Seeker with a very nervous look.

"Is... is that Royals only or..."

"Just Royals Thunder, thankfully.

"Seeker I'll kill you! I'll kill you for this!"

"Is... he laying the eggs through... that part?" Spotter asked.

"No, they come out like he's taking a dump."

"I'm going to double kill you! Then I'm going to bury you in a shallow grave, then I'll dig you up and kill you again! That's the beauty of a shallow grave!"

"Somehow I don't think that's any better." Flitter said rubbing her hooves together.

"I'm gonna rip your head off and spit down your neck Seeker!"

"You do have to admit, he is doing a pretty good impression of the Royal Canterlot Voice." Cloud Chaser said.

"Is it always that painful?" Darter asked.

"I'm gonna smash your little head in!"

Another loud, Hive-shaking scream rent the air. Seeker was looking very scared.

"Thankfully no, only the first lay is painful, afterwards the pain fades with each until it is gone. Maybe I should camp out in the Everfree for a few days, until Dragonfly cools off."

Later still

Dragonfly had finally passed out after he had finished laying a clutch of twenty eggs, though the Healers said that was going to be awfully angry when he woke up, so Seeker decided that his plan to camp out in the everfree for a few days was a great idea. After those days had passed he came back to Dragonfly sitting on his throne, far calmer then he had been.

"Welcome back Seeker, the eggs are nice and healthy, Flitter was here earlier gushing over them, and I think I'm cool around the Hive Spiders now."

"Wonderful Dragonfly, sorry about not telling you sooner but with everything going on it slipped my mind."

"Oh really, then how about I jog your memory." Dragonfly stood up with a frying pan held in his magic, Seeker's head fin and tail stood on end in fear.

"Prince I thought you had calmed down!"

"I did, this is so you don't forget to tell me important things like that!" Seeker let out a scream as he ran, Dragonfly hot on his tail.

"Think we should help Seeker?" Spotter asked.

"No, just smile and wave boys, smile and wave." Rhino said.

"Agreed, and I'm not getting involved in that." Darter said.

Author's Note:

Added a section for Diamond Dancer so it wouldn't feel like I'm shoehorning her in, as she wasn't around when I first make this chapter.

So Dragonfly has reopened the shop, Got some formal wear from Rarity, met Princess Celestia (who knows that he is a Changeling :rainbowhuh:), and learned and... unpleasant thing about a Royal Changeling's life.

We also met another main character; Princess Bluebelle, who's far more likable then her brother, and seems Celestia has some plans. :trixieshiftright:

I wanted to portray Blue's parents as friendly and honest business ponies who are not corrupt or greedy.

Hope you enjoyed. :pinkiehappy:

Next chapter will be a mission one and brings in something unexpected, see you all then!