• Published 8th Mar 2012
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Little Dragon in a Strange New World - Zeryurijin

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Temporarily Displaced

Voices faded in and out. That was the first sense of the dragon's to stir. The next was touch. The slightest attempt on moving a muscle was greeted with uncomfortable pain. For a moment Spyro had a fearing realization that his body was broken. The lack of red crystals and their healing properties had left him practically beaten to within an inch of his life.

Yet not all felt was negative. Again, a familiar warmth was felt upon his scales, his mind relating this the morning sun that rose to greet the day. A cool pleasant dampness was felt on his forehead, a feeling he welcomed with open paws and wings. Even if they threatened mutiny for his blatant abuse of their worth. He was resting on his stomach, the touch of softness graced his belly plates. A smile spread over his sore muzzle and for a moment, he wanted nothing more then to curl up in this comfort and never awaken again. The voices started again and started to sound sharp and clear, the dragon making out what appeared to be a discussion.

"Yeeouch! Jeez, Applejack I said thaw my wings not cook them!"

"Ya got a better idea to defrost yer wings outside of barbequing them over an open flame?"


"Then quit yer whinin and let me pour this hot water over em, ya big filly."

"I still don't see why we're allowing Fluttershy to tend to that purple menace."

"Hey! That purple menace as you so graciously have deemed him, happens to be my best pal! No way I'm letting a rock headed jerk of a pony like you get near him again!"

"What you call me, you over sized bug?!"

"That's DRAGONFLY to you, ya freezer burned turkey!"

"Why you little!"

The sounds of scuffling and a large splash was heard, blurbling bubbles could be heard over water. A gasp followed as someone emerged, before the conversation started up again.

"What you do that for, Applejack?!"

"Yer fightin a dragonfly that's no bigger then a feather off yer wing. And yer losin to him. Not yer brightest Rainbow Dash."

"He started it."

"Any yer lettin him get to ya! Now shush and relax. Tell me when you can move yer wings."

Grumbles and mutterings could be heard as the voice quieted down. Spyro couldn't help but grin a little as Sparx stood up for him against this pony he mentioned.

"Umm Applejack, Rainbow Dash? I think he's waking up." A gentle voice said near him.

A familiar buzzing sound started to drift around his head, followed by teeny slaps to the face.

"Yo Spyro? Any scalie home? Helloooooooooo?"

A soft groan deflated from his lungs before a tired, but amused voice sounded.

"Loud and clear, Sparx."

The buzzing ceased as something settled on his head, no doubt Sparx coming to rest. A cold dampness was felt against his forehead again his eyes slowly opening at last. A face whose color matched Sparx was gazing back at him, pink hair covering one of two teal eyes. As he glances to her left, he could see that blue pony? sitting in a tub, forelegs crossed as she pouted, while that orange pony was sitting behind her, adding what looked to be hot water from a kettle. The pale violet eyes fixated on the yellow one before him and he managed to mumble.

"Who are you?" Sypro asks.

He notices her cheeks flush a light pink as she backed up a little, giving him some room.

"Oh, umm... my name is Fluttershy, Mr. Spyro." the yellow pony replied, meekly.

The dragon gives a soft smile and starts to rise. It's short lived as she approaches him once more, pressing gently, yet firmly on his back.

"Oh! Please don't get up. Your not fully recovered yet. Umm, you looked, well... pretty roughed up."

He sighs and settled down, looking up at Sparx before barely giving a nod,"If you insist." His friend chuckled and patted his head.

"Your lucky Fluttershy's gifted on healing animals pal. Kinda had us going there for a moment. Wasn't sure if you were gonna make it."

Sypro looked up as best he could before replying,"I wouldn't think myself an animal, Sparx. And you would know her gift for nursing how?"

The dragonfly just buzzed his wings slightly,"She found me passed out in some trees near her home after we were separated. Brought me in, nursed me back health as good as can be."

His eyes fixated on Fluttershy, giving her a slight nod,"Thank you. For finding Sparx and helping him. If something were to happen to him, I would be at a loss of what to do."

The pony gave a nervous nod,"Oh, um its no problem, really. I help all sorts of animals if they are hurt."

Rainbow Dash cleared her throat, turning heads as she pointed at the dragon,"That's nice in all, but that still don't explain why you were wreaking havoc up at the weather factory."

Spyro drew in a soft breath that was released in a sigh,"Look, I never had any intentions of bringing your... kind any harm. All I remember was being hurled through a storm, felt myself being pulled apart in the process, then spat out suddenly as quickly as I was brought in. I was pretty messed up and didn't even realize I had lost Sparx. All I could gather was I saw shelter, or what looked to be shelter and wing it. Last thing I remember was hitting something soft and landing in a corner, thats it. And then...well I wake up to you flying ponies and the whole place ends up in an uproar."

"Storm? Ya mean that freak storm that blew in outta nowhere last night and did some damage all over Ponyville? Ya flew in that?" Applejack asked, stunned.

Before Spyro could answer the orange pony, a vocal "Ahem!", drew their attention to the entrance. As the dragon took note of his surroundings, it appeared he was in some sort of large building. But his observations would have to wait, due to the person or pony responsible for the sound. Another pony no doubt, but this one felt different from these. Her coat and mane were shades of purple, some matching his scales. Her eyes brimmed with intelligence and from the feel of her aura, she seemed to know magic pretty well too. To top it off, there was a single horn poking from her hair as she regarded him with similar conclusions.

"Twilight! Ahm glad yer here. Not sure how much longer ah was gonna have to dragon sit. Fluttershy helped of course which was a good thing, seein as Rainbow Dash froze her wings fightin the guy."

Twilight opened her muzzle to speak, but was interrupted as a purple blur zipped off her back and raced towards Spyro, nearly crashing into Fluttershy in the process. Spyro jerked his head back at this small green and purple being. He was bout half their height maybe coming up to his shoulder, had fins on both sides of his head and spikes running down his back. His tail ended in a point and he walked on two legs rather then four. Green eyes, slitted were wide with awe as this...umm, scaled being stared at him.

"Ohmagosh,ohmagosh,ohmagosh,ohmagosh,ohmagosh! This is wicked cool! Another dragon! Oh wow, he's got a cool set of wings too! Just look at his scales! And those horns! Ahh I bet he breathes awesome fire too!!!" The little guy was giddy as he hopped in his spot, making Spyro feel just a tad nervous.

"Look Spyro, you got yourself a fan. D'awwwwwww isn't he adorable?" Sparx teased, earning a soft groan from his friend.

"Spy roh? Huh, that sounds like a cool name! My name is Spike and I'm a dragon too! I hope they were not too rough on you, though knowing Rainbow Dash she probably went ove-"

"Spike!" Said little dragon flinched with a soft ulp, before looking over his shoulder at a rather slightly annoyed Twilight,"Will you stop pestering him for a moment? There are more important things that need to be discussed anyway." Spike's eyes lit up before she finished,"Alone."

Spike awwed, pouting as he kicked some hay before he left Spyro and joined the others. Applejack had to drag Rainbow Dash, despite her wanting to see what Twilight would do the the dragon, Fluttershy the last in line following. Once they were outside the building, Twilight shut the doors. Spyro could feel the power emanating from her horn as it glowed a soft hue of light, watching as the entrance was shut on its own with no one there.

His eyes returned to this new pony as she withdrew what looked to be a feather and parchment,"Now. Spyro is it? I'm not sure where you come from, but due to circumstances unfolding since last night, it is best if you can tell me to the best of your ability, how you got here."

Spyro shifted in his makeshift bed, forearms folding over each other as he gazed at the newcomer,"I beg pardon, but how does this help me?"

Twilight looked up,"I need to gather information concerning the odd storm that occurred last night. And having arrived to hear you mention a similar storm from where ever you hailed from, its best I hear your side of this odd event."

The dragon drew in a soft breath held it for a moment, then gave another light nod,"Very well, I'll do my best to recount last night." Twilight poised her quill.

"I was sitting on the balcony that led to the dragon temple. It's where the elder dragons and I live, reside. I was restless as I've been the past few days. Where I come from, Avalar, we dragons faced a dark threat that had almost covered our world in dark shadow. But that's another story. Sparx, my dragonfly friend suggested that I take flight and get away. At first I was a little hesitant, but decided to take his advice. So I took flight." There was a slight paused as he smiled,"It felt so good just to get away and stretch my wings after so much work was being put in. Anyhow, as we were leaving the temple, Sparx had noticed something odd occurring in the sky."

Twilight looked up from her parchment to the dragonfly resting between Spyro's horns,"Mr Sparx? What exactly did you see?"The dragonfly gave a nod,"Well I noticed that the "Draco" constellation..."

"Draco? constellation?"

Sypro gave a nod,"Its a group of eight stars that the elder dragons admire. To them its a sight of wisdom and reflection." The pony gave a nod and quickly scribbled.

Sparx continued,"The 'Draco' constellation was acting strange, like shimmering." The pony paused, looking up at the two. Spyro picked up,"He pointed this out and so I took a quick glance. Sure enough there was this, strange magical distortion occurring around those group of stars. I thought nothing of it as our world tends to have them on some rare occasion. So I didn't think nothing of it, as they burn themselves out."

"What happened then?" Twilight asked.

Spyro looked up to Sparx as they stared for a minute. The dragon nodded,"A storm was brewing in the distance. Which was strange as there were no clouds in sight and no strong winds to indicate any approaching storms. Sparx was growing concerned as I, so we turned around and headed back. That's when things took a turn for the worse. Neither me or Sparx could have predicted how quickly the storm came upon us. Next thing I know, I'm being battered by strong winds, hammered by hard rains while ducking and weaving to avoid being struck by lightning as thunder roared over our heads."

He closed his eyes, wincing a little,"I lost sight of the temple. I had to land among the forest and seek shelter. Just when I thought I could land, some...thing grabbed me. Yanks me into the storm itself, helpless to break free. It felt weird. Like I was being pulled and twisted in all different directions. Then suddenly I felt a great pressure upon my entire body as though I was about to be crushed. Next thing I feel is a great light surging around us. Then I'm free falling. My body is aching my wings are spent. All I could do was look for a place to crash land and hope for the best. I thought I saw shelter and went for it. I didn't even know I had lost Sparx during that transition. Last thing I remembered that night was landing on something soft. Wound up ending in a corner before I blacked out."

Spyro looked up to Twilight as she finished writing. The pony tapped her chin with the quill as she looked over her notes, pulling out another scroll and comparing the two. The dragon fidgeted a little before asking,"So, does this help you in...whatever it is your researching?"

Twilight looked up, having begun pacing,"It's too soon to tell. All I can tell you is that here in Equestria. Princess Celestia, my teacher and mentor had noticed the dragon constellation acting strange as did I while we were night gazing. The same magical disruption from what we could conclude. Then out of no where a storm pops up and starts to really come down on us. We have no idea who or what was causing it. Then a strong energy starts to build. All the unicorns and my ruler felt like we were being crushed under heavy weights. Just when things started to look bleak, it quickly let up and the storm just faded."

The pony looked to them,"I think that was about the same time, you two came through. Some sort of gate opened and dragged you in, before depositing you here and then...well closed."

"C..closed? Is there some way you could find look for that could send us home?" Spyro asked hopefully.

Twilight rolled up both scrolls and deposited them in her bags, before glancing to the two,"I don't know. We've never encountered anything like this. I have to report back to the Princess. I'm afraid that until we find a way to get you two back to your world, you are stuck here."

That wasn't the kind of answer Spyro was looking for. The dragon sunk back into his bed, looking downtrodden at the news. Stuck here with Sparx. In this Equestria, a land where these ponies roamed and lived. His eyes looked up to see Twilight gazing upon him.

"What do I do till then? I've realized that many of these flying ponies.."

"Pegasi, Spyro."

"Pegasi...didn't particularly like finding me in their factory this morning. I'm guessing dragons around here are not all that nice."

"I'll talk to my friends. See if I can't find some arrangement to have you stay hiding or out of sight. I don't want to cause any more panic then what you described occurring earlier today in the weather factory." Twilight replied before she exited.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Outside, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Spike waited. It had been over a half hour since Twilight had stated her investigation with Spyro. The sounds of the barn door drew their attention as the unicorn emerged from inside. They all clambered around as she produced two scrolls and handed them to Spike.

"Spike, I need these sent ASAP to Princess Celestia at once." The dragon saluted and with a whuff! of magical fire, sent them on their way. Applejack watched them burn up in the transfer spell, then turned to Twilight again.

"So whats the verdict? How long till Spyro and Sparx return home?"

Twilight shook her head, looking a little defeated,"I don't know, Applejack. The disturbances of the storm last night and what I told you this morning is the reason he's here in the first place. Until Celestia, Luna, me and the best unicorns find answers and a means of getting those two back to their world, they are stuck here. For how long I can not say. A few days, a few weeks, maybe even a few months or...dare I think it, a few years."

"So those two are stuck here? Well, where are they gonna stay? It's not like we have hotels with vacancies for dragons bunking down in Ponyville." Rainbow Dash remarked as she tried flexing her wings. They were thawed, but painfully stiff. It would be at least a few more hours before the pegasus could take flight once again. She hated being grounded, she loved to fly more then anything.

Twilight turned to Applejack and Fluttershy,"Actually I was wondering if you two could help out. Applejack, your farm is on the edge of town and given how many acres you hold, it should provide enough coverage and hiding for Spyro. Fluttershy? You live on the outskirts of Ponyville with your animals. I'm sure he could stay there as well along with his friend Sparx until we get this sorted out."

The orange pony rubbed her chin with a hoof," Ah dun know. Ah mean does he like gems like Spike? Won't he require those for food? Or can he eat fruits, vegetables, and grains like the rest of us? What about the problem of the Greed issue, like what Spike had? What if he starts hoardin stuff and growin? Ah mean no offense Spike, but ya sure was a hoof full. An ya was just a typical dragon breathin fire. Spyro on the other hoof...Twilight ya should see the crater he left in our fields during his bout with Rainbow Dash. That ain't normal magic, not ba my standards."

Fluttershy nodded her head a little nervous,"Applejack does bring up a few points, Twilight. I mean...what if he snores and spews smoke? That would scare my animal friends so much, nothing would ever get done. What...what if he wants to wander? After the incident at Cloudsdale, in the weather factory, ponies are more alert then before.I'm worried he could get hurt."

"What about if he decides to up and fly? I don't know about you, but as Fluttershy pointed out, a grounded dragon was bad enough news. If he started taking to the air, every pony is gonna get spooked and run around panicking once his shadow is spotted. Next thing you know, there will be mob parties and all sorts of trouble just looking for a piece of his hide." Rainbow Dash added.

"I'll talk to Rarity, see if she can't come pay him a visit, then fashion a cloak that will conceal him somehow. Girls, I need your help right now to keep him safe from any harm. If any of you can lend a hoof in aiding me, I would be greatly thankful for it."

Both Applejack and Fluttershy nodded,"Shoot Twilight, we'll help. Ain't no sense on lettin a lone unicorn like yerself run tired, just tryin to keep track of the guy."

While the friends discussed places where Spyro could stay, a certain baby dragon managed to sneak back into the barn. He found Spyro laying on his back on a cloud bed (most likely Fluttershy either retrieved one, or had Rainbow Dash bring it), wings spread out broad as he stared at the roof. The dragonfly was sitting on his chest and both seemed to be lost in thought.

"Umm, e..excuse me, Spy-roh?"

The purple dragon looked up, or rather upside down at Spike,"Spyro. Like row, rowing a boat."

"Ooh, sorry about that." The dragon folded his wings and rolled over as Spike drew closer. He stood there, fidgeting with his claws and looking at his feet.

"Something I can do for you, Spike?"

The smaller dragon looked up,"I was wondering...What's it like? On your world? Dragons, what are they like?" Spyro blinked at him, puzzled by these questions.

"You were never raised by dragons?"

Spike shook his head,"No. No, actually Twilight hatched me. It was part of a test she had to take as a filly to get into an magical study academy. She raised me from a infant till now. I think of her as my sister, my mother and best friend."

A small chuckle bubbled in Spyro's throat. Spike looked at him,"What's so funny?"

He waved a paw,"Oh, its nothing. Just, we seem to share something in common." Spike looked at him, eyes widening a little,"We..we do?"

The purple dragon nodded,"Yeah. Sparx's parents found my egg a long time ago. I hatched the same time Sparx was born. So, you could say I was raised by dragonflies. I think of Sparx like you think of Twilight. A friend, a brother. I didn't actually get to know dragons until I traveled to a temple when I was young."

Spike idly kicked the floor again,"Your lucky. I don't know of any other dragons. Well cept one, but he was really cranky and didn't like that I was eating his gems when...umm, yeah there is a story behind that. I'll tell you about it sometime. That is, if Twilight lets me see you more often."

Spyro was now curious. To Spike's surprise, he crawled out of his cloud bed and stood before the smaller dragon. Spike felt that his spikes on his head came to just below Spyro's chin. The dragon looked slightly bigger then Twilight, but maybe smaller then Big Mac in terms of size.

"So,what's this about eating gems? Like, crystals?" Spyro asked.

Spike was now even more amazed,"You mean you've never eaten gems before? Like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, blue diamonds even?" The baby dragon was salivating at the thought of all those succulent pieces buried under ground, just waiting to be gobbled up by a certain dragon. Spyro could only sit there and shake his head.

"No. Can't say I've eaten any of those gems. No, I use crystals. Certain crystals hold different properties for me. Red ones heal any injuries I sustain in a battle. Blue colors rejuvenate my magical focus if I become too exhausted. Yellow colored boost my experience and knowledge. No Spike, I just eat meat."

Spike looked down with a soft,"Oh."

The bigger dragon nudged him,"Oh? Sounds like your kinda disappointed in me." The smaller dragon looked up, waving his hands,"Its not that. Its just. Well, you won't find any meat here in Equestria. Fish, maybe if your lucky any pony fishes them up. Ponies diets around here consist of fruits, vegetables, grains and a huge load of sweets."

Spyro rubbed his chin,"Hmmm I see your point. Well, I guess its not too bad. I'll just have to eat like the locals and hunt for fish when ever I can. It's not like I need meat to survive. I can improvise with what these ponies grow."


The dragon looked over his shoulder,"Oh, that's Twilight. Looks like we're leaving." Looking back at the bigger dragon, Spike smiled,"Umm, well it was nice to meet you Spyro. I hope we see each other soon again." Spyro nodded,"Take care of yourself, Spike. Don't give Twilight too hard a time ok?"

The baby dragon nodded with vigor before darting out of the barn, leaving Sparx and Spyro alone,"I think you made a new friend there, Spyro old buddy, old pal." He chuckled softly,"Well, our future may look a little hazy, Sparx. But its nice to meet new faces and a new dragon. Even if he was raised by these ponies. Not a bad kid, I say." Both silently agreed on Spike's upbringing as they contemplated.

Just what they were going to do while stuck in Equestria?