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There exists in any given location either an inn or bar where the locals meet at the end of a long work day and trade drinks and stories. By the ancient laws of happenstance, the same must be true for areas where the permanent population is exactly one. Now, most would assume it would default to those creatures preferred drinking area in their own house. These people have never been to the only truly lonely place in Equestria. On the border of the unending sea and the badlands there sits an Inn, with a strange bartender. If one comes seeking riches or fame, he will gladly kick you out, stating the only riches here are booze and misery. But if you come for a strong drink and an ear to listen to your problems, then you have found your home.

Rocking the featured box again. Can I get a hoorah? 2/12/19 for those curious.

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or how twilight found out about her assistant's secret relationship

spike has very strange tastes in mares....specifically ones with bug wings and holes in their legs.

(A/N, sex tag for implied bug on dragon sex and innuendo.)

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Please do check out the Reading List by Lance Omikron to navigate the Amalgam Universe most clearly :raritywink:

A massive war of titanic forces is taking place in the Kaiju's world. However, when two faction's leaders, the current Godzilla and his 'brother' Xenilla duke it out; humanity unleashes its most devastating weapon. Something beyond comprehension occurred and the boundary that divides worlds, if only for the briefest of moments, was torn to shreds. New forms are taken, new bodies assumed. But old hatreds die hard. But how well can hatreds continue in the world of love and tolerance? Especially with its own demons follow it there?

Godzilla Franchise by Toho Company Ltd.
My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro Studios.
This is a non profit fan-work and I claim no ownership on the IP itself.
Story created by Tarbtano
Co-created and Contributed by Faith-Wolff and Skylark8756

Now on TV tropes (Thanks Raidrik, VampyGirl; Lance Omikron, Ultimomant, and ZimFan!)

Kaiju Cast:

Godzilla a.k.a Gojira

[Character copyright of Toho and Daiei Company, artwork property of Matt Frank]

(for any G-fans, Xenilla is the kaiju you may know as Spacegodzilla. I changed the name because I got quirked about typing it repeatedly and am writing the story so it can at least be understood by just an MLP or just a G-fan; and thought it get very confusing that one character's name was just another character's name with an adjective. Also... don't pretend it's the most imaginative name Toho has every made)

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This story is a sequel to Changeling Courtship Rituals

Queen Chrysalis attacked Canterlot, brainwashed Twilight Sparkle's brother, kidnapped her former foalsitter, defeated her mentor in combat, and conquered her kingdom. She kidnapped the sisters of Twilight's friends, turned them against one another, and tried to drain all of Twilight's magic. Queen Chrysalis has, at every opportunity, done her very best to utterly destroy Twilight Sparkle's life.

For some reason, this has not caused the pony to fall in love with her.

However, due to Twilight's misunderstanding of changeling customs, it does mean they are now married. Twilight eventually managed to tell the Queen the truth, but she forgot that whether it's a kingdom or a heart, changelings conquer.

And since the changeling way of conquest didn't work, Chrysalis is determined to try the pony way. The only problem is, of course, she has no idea what that is. But she knows someone who does: Princess Cadance.

Now, with the absolutely sincere help of her mortal enemy, the pony she once locked in the caves beneath Canterlot while trying to steal her husband on their very wedding day, Queen Chrysalis is going to woo the sister-in-law of that very pony.

Surely this is the most perfect plan ever devised.


Proofread by ShutterflyYay.

Takes place roughly after season five (so Starlight Glimmer is running around occasionally)

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Supreme Overlord of the Dominion of Equestria.
Wonderful title isn't it?
Capture the Country, Marry the Princess, Take over the world.
Sounds like an Adventure story doesn't it?
Well this is no story.
How do I know? Well I'm not stupid for one.
All those other dolts that came before fell into too many simple traps.
They're all so easy to avoid.
That's why I work to rule.
The rules.
The Rules of an Evil Overlord.

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Cloudchaser is in a bad relationship. Her coltfriend loves her, there's no doubt, but she just doesn't feel that same spark she used to. Every date feels like a chore, every kiss a punishment.

However, after some bad advice from her sister, she thinks she's found a solution to her problem in the form of a particular dragon.

Of course, their actions have consequences.

A collaboration between myself and CategoricalGrant.

Cover Art: Probablydnon

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Have you ever heard of a mare named Faust? She's an Alicorn, just like the Princesses, but not a princess herself. Some say she's a queen, some say she's their mother. The truth, well... she's really overworked. And with her duty as The Equestrian Archivist she has a pretty demanding job. But what happens when this overworked alicorn decides that she wants to take a vacation in Ponyville? Furthermore, what'll happen when she skips out on her job to take that vacation?

(My first story! A different take on Fausticorn, I've seen her given a general persona that just doesn't seem like what I saw in the original art. So here's my idea of what she might be like. Tags will be added as the story continues.)

HOLY.... F-Featured on December 21 2014! Thanks guys! That is amazing!

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In the days leading up to the Cell Games, Cell faces off against his latest challenger(s). DBZA-verse.

The following is a non-profit fan-based parody.

Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super are all owned by Funimation, Toei Animation, Shueisha, and Akira Toriyama.

My Little Pony, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic are owned by Hasbro, Studio B, Bonnie Zachary, and developed for television by Lauren Faust.

Please support the official release.

Featured on 08/05/2017

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For most of his life, Godzilla has been feared, hated, and alone. There was hardly ever a time where the kaiju knew of peace. And now, with his son dead, his body melting, and death stalking closer by the second, it would seem he never would.

But fate has a different plan for the King of Monsters.

Thanks to the help from an unexpected source, Godzilla awakens to find himself alive, his body changed, and that he is in a strange new land... full of talking ponies. It looks peaceful enough, but soon, the kaiju learns that finding contentment here may not be that easy.

On the upside, he won't be alone.

Proofread (Chapter 4 and up) by: HydraLightning

Cover art by Shrekzilla

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Spike the Dragon has lived in Ponyville for a few years. Everything was as close to perfect as perfect can be, until Spike was accused of a crime that he did not do. He was sentenced to be exiled from Ponyville effective immediately. The dragon could hardly believe his fate as all the ponies he had been friends with turned on him so quickly. Even the mane six turned at his pleas. Only the CMC stood up for Spike, but being still young, no one took their word seriously. Now Spike goes on a Journey for a new home.

Also my pal theMyth assisted with this story by contributing ideas and editing pieces.

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