• Published 20th Aug 2012
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Spikes Journey - That Drunk Pony

This is gonna be my first fic about Spike and his exile from Ponyville

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Chapter 6: Intermission II (Realization)

The shattering look of Twilight’s face was one that would halt any pony. The endless tears ran down her face and she felt as though her head weighed a ton. She could no longer raise her head an inch above the ground. The devastating news of Spike’s true innocence in combination with how she treated him all came rushing into her head. It swarmed around her head like thousands of wasps with each memory of that dreadful night giving her a sting of true pain.

Her other friends were also in shambles. They all were in a breakdown of their own seeing Spike’s memories directly. The intense pain of seeing his point of view of what his friends did to him was just tragic. The most pain they felt from Spike was when he entered the train and the only ponies to see him off were the three little who stood by his side throughout the entire endeavor. To see how they were crying for him and begging for him to not go was a truly heart wrenching sight especially towards Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash.

Once the crying slowed, Princess Celestia tried to pick up Twilight’s head in order for her to listen to what she was about to say. Twilight struggled to hold it up, but she held her head with the occasional sniff and shiver. Her other friends gathered around Twilight to try their best to support as they wait for what the Princess has to say.

Celestia then continued, “Twilight. You realize the error in your judgement now right?” Twilight only replied with a nod while her head started to hang even more. “Well, then you should apologize to him before it is too late. Spike is going to the land of the dragons and it might be too late then.”

The sudden shock of Princess Celestia’s message was enough to raise the pony a bit. Knowing Spike is trying to leave Equestria would mean her baby would leave her forever. This realization allowed her to slowly rise up from the ground, knowing that she would have to get her baby back. Spike may not have been as little as he first was, but he wasn’t ready to survive out there in the dragon lands.

Twilight then replied to the Princess, “I must find Spike. I have to...” She then paused for a second as she looked up to the Princess with still tears in her eyes, but now full of ambition, “I will find Spike to apologize for not being fair and get him to return home! I must get ready now for the journey ahead.”

She then turned around and was about to walk back into the renovated library to get her things only to be stopped by her friends. She was wondering why they stopped her with a confused and slightly angry face on her.

Applejack was first to speak, “Well, if that is what y’all plan to do then I’m coming too. I owe Spike just as much as you do and you are gonna need Ponyville’s top athlete.” After she said that a rush of wind blew her hat off and she looked back at Rainbow and glared at her.

Rainbow then scoffed at Applejack’s claim, “Ha. You the top athlete? Don’t you remember I won the Iron Pony Competition hands down.”

Applejack then retorted back, “Y’all only won that competition cause of y’er wings. You couldn’t beat me with just y’er hoofs.”

Rainbow then got into her competitive mode. She got into Applejack’s face, “I can beat you without my wings in any of those silly events again.”

As the two were about to be in a heated battle Rarity held Applejack back with her magic and Pinkie pinned down Rainbow’s wings and sat on her back.

Fluttershy then turned her attention to Twilight who was almost smiling at the comical fight that Applejack and Rainbow were having. Fluttershy then spoke to Twilight, “Twilight, even though I am not sure how much I will help and I am slightly frightened at the idea of an adventure... I will support you and help out as well.”

Pinkie who was riding an angry Rainbow Dash like a bull rider then added, “Yeah, we all have to apologize to Spike and get him home.” Pinkie then started waving what looked like Applejack’s hat around in the air while Rainbow was trying to get Pinkie off, “YEE- HAW, ride’m cowpony.”

Rainbow was starting to get even more infuriated until a lasso wrapped around Pinkie and was brought down by Applejack. As Applejack was busy tying Pinkie and getting her hat back, Rainbow then added her part, “Yeah, I will help as well. I mean you are gonna need a pegasus to help guide you around Cloudsdale.”

Rarity then added her own contribution, “I am not sure I should go.” She then put her head down.

All the other ponies stopped what they were doing in shock at what Rarity had said. Even the Princess was a bit taken back, but she sort of knew why Rarity felt uneasy about going to Spike. When Celestia played Spike’s memories, she did it in a way that no pony saw what each other did to Spike. They only saw their own actions, and Rarity’s was one of the worst.

Applejack then questioned the fashionista, “Why wouldn’t you want to go and help bring Spike back?”

Fluttershy put her input as well, “Rarity we need you to come too.”

Pinkie added still tied up on the ground, “Yeah! How can we have a full party without you.”

Rarity then returned the instigators with a sorrow filled reply, “What happened between Spike and I... I just can’t face him.” Now her head was hanging while she was lost in thought of what happened to Spike.

Twilight then tried to reason with Rarity, “Look Rarity. I know we all have hurt Spike in one way or another, but we have to get him home, before he gets seriously harmed. We can’t do this without you.”

Rarity just continued to look down. It got Rainbow a little ticked off so she said, “Whatever, she clearly doesn’t care about Spike enough to look past her mistake.” The other then looked at Rainbow in shock while Rarity still hung her head over. Rainbow then continued, “What? The longer we wait, the farther Spike gets. We have to reach him as soon as possible.”

For once Rainbow was right, but still to just leave Rarity also felt wrong. As Twilight was thinking of what to do, Rarity spoke once more, “I do care about Spike.” All attention then was on her. “I may be scared of facing him again, but never say that I don’t care about my little Spikey. I will join you as well and hopefully get Spike’s forgiveness.”

With that note Celestia then turned as her plan was now set in motion. Before she took off for Canterlot, which was probably in chaos at the sudden disappearance of the Princess, Twilight said, “Thank you, teacher.” Celestia smiled and flapped her white, long, glorious wings and soared into the sky in the direction of Canterlot. The ponies then waved to Celestia, then got serious.

Twilight started devising a plan. “Alright so girls this is what we will do.” They all were listening impatiently. “Rainbow and Fluttershy will go to Cloudsdale directly. The rest of us will get some provisions and go to Canterlot to do a little research on what Spike did and join you in Cloudsdale with my magic of course and Pinkie’s ballon. Everypony know what their tasks are?” All the ponies gave a nod. “Then we meet back here in an hour. Fluttershy and Rainbow, we will see you both soon.”

Rainbow gave a salute and started to fly away with Fluttershy slowly behind her. The others went back to their respective homes and got ready for the journey that lies ahead.
“Spiiiiike” a voice whispered. Everything was dark. Spike looked around, but it was too dark and Spike’s eyes seemed to still be adjusting to the darkness. He tried to rub his eyes to see if it would help, but just then a strong gust of wind rushed past him. It nearly threw him on the ground, but he regained his balance.

“Spiiiiiike” the whisper returned again, but Spike couldn’t recognize the voice.

Spike then said furiously to try and intimidate whoever was whispering “Whoever you are, come out and show yourself you wimp. I am a dragon so don’t take me lightly!” As soon as Spike said this he was knocked down from his front and layed out on his back. He noticed that a dark figure was on him. The figure was about his size roughly but it seemed too strong for him to get up.

He noticed he could see his surroundings more now that his eyes had adjusted to the darkness. It was odd, he was on a cloud with no lights from the sky. Not even the moon was out nor the stars because they were surrounded by dark clouds which explained why it was so dark. As he looked over the edge of the cloud he saw Ponyville with dim lights. He looked back at the figure and recognized that it was a pegasus. He tried to focus more, but was denied by the pegasus who stomped on his chest.

The pegasus then slowly raised her head up above Spike. “Jeez Spike. You were always so weak. You were just so pathetic and innocent. Just like easy prey. You will never survive on your own.” Spike was getting furious at the pegasus. He then remembered he could blow fire, but as he tried to nothing came out. “Aw, the poor little dragon can’t make a little fire. You fail as a dragon. All your good for is being my prey.”

Spike then got even more aggressive, “I’m not weak. I can take you on any day.” Spike then turned the tables on the pegasus. He held the pegasus down with one claw on its next and the other raised into the sky as if to claw at the pegasus. Just as Spike was about to strike down he saw that it was Rainbow Dash.

“Well do it you wimp. What? Can’t hit me cause I am your friend?” Rainbow Dash spat at the dragons face. “Come on you wuss. Give me your best shot.” Spike then brought his claw as if to strike. He however hit next to her face. “You disappoint me, just like all the ponies in Ponyville”

“Just SHUT UP!!!” Spike roared in a thunderous voice similar to Luna’s Royal Canterlot voice.

Spike then awoke on the train. Luckily no other pony was on his car of the train since he had been talking throughout his entire sleep. Spike then was thinking to himself “Man what a nightmare. They have been happening very frequent recently. Well I should get ready to get off the train and head to Cloudsdale.”

Spike then alerted the conductor to make the sudden stop by presenting the Royal Canterlot Symbol. The conductor had stopped the train and let the dragon leave before restarting the train down its regular route. Spike then looked above and saw Cloudsdale.

Spike opened the potion he received from the Princess, “Well bottom-up.” Spike drank the green liquid. After he finished he was coughing in disgust, “It tastes just like medicine.” He then looked around his body and noticed nothing had changed. “Is this thing a dud or did the Princess troll me again” Spike said with a annoyed look on his face. After he said it though he felt a sharp pain through his back. The feeling of having his Spikes being shoved aside and the growing of wings sprouting from his back. He collapsed to the floor yelling at the intense pain. It was only 5 minutes for the process to take place, but it felt like forever for the dragon.

He eventually got up from the ground. His body was covered in sweat and tears. His back still ached, but as he looked he noticed his wings. They were large, green, and looked powerful like regular dragon wings although they seemed a little larger for his size of dragon. Still he got his wings and was now ready to go to Cloudsdale. He wondered to himself, “How do you even use these things?”