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Have you ever heard of a mare named Faust? She's an Alicorn, just like the Princesses, but not a princess herself. Some say she's a queen, some say she's their mother. The truth, well... she's really overworked. And with her duty as The Equestrian Archivist she has a pretty demanding job. But what happens when this overworked alicorn decides that she wants to take a vacation in Ponyville? Furthermore, what'll happen when she skips out on her job to take that vacation?

(My first story! A different take on Fausticorn, I've seen her given a general persona that just doesn't seem like what I saw in the original art. So here's my idea of what she might be like. Tags will be added as the story continues.)

HOLY.... F-Featured on December 21 2014! Thanks guys! That is amazing!

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Looking forward to see where this goes.

In the first part you're overusing the word 'overworked' a little bit.

Nice start!
Looking Forward to see Where this Story Leads!:twilightblush:

2078354 Yeah I noticed, I'll try not to do that in the future chaps.

2078455 Thanks:twilightsmile:

Then somepony invents computers, and the Overworked Alicorn becomes the Out-Of-Work Alicorn.

2079108 Not exactly, physical copies would still be the most secure kind of records, and wouldn't be at the mercy of hackers.:applejackunsure:

2079271 I once hacked a book. Now in every copy of Charlie Wilcox, Charlie looks like Patrick Swayze, and all the Germans are replaced by stormtroopers.

2079288 Impressive work, I admit that much, but Faust gets all her copies from the source and they are all immediately filed away... or rather they where before her vacation. What happens to all those documents, books and files now... well.:twilightsheepish:

2079315 2079288
In the world of internet, we got hacker.....
In the world of paper media, they got magic.....

Discord is best hacker no?

2079755 He's already hacked Equestria, and Faust's Tower, and she's still cleaning up that mess over a thousand years later.:facehoof:

Faust should also refer to the Mane 6 as "Knights of Equestria", with the title "Dame", given to them after the defeat of Discord.

2084822 I might actually use that, it'd be funny if nothing else.

the story overall is pretty good but the only thing i kinda dislike is that constant explanation over unicorn horns and pegasus wings and alicorns. it's a bit incomprehensible and kinda puts a grate onto the story.

2089708 Faust is a bit of a know it all, the explanations are more because I want there to be a clear difference between Faust's disguise and an Alicorn. I will try to limit how often Faust has to mention the difference between them in the future however, but I thought that she'd have to do so quite often anyways and eventually get sick of it herself.

this is well done, can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

Yep. Somehow I saw this coming.

She really needs to stop opening her mouth at introductions. She should have learned something with her encounter with Applejack. :ajbemused:

Still, surprised that Applejack didn't also just give her a flashback the way almost everypony else is when she meets them. I do know Applejack was also a G1-G3 Pony, but not to what extent or all the details. :ajsleepy:

I know I could look it up.....guess I should a little bit.

Glad you've updated!

2238512 She's mentioned or thought that shes forgotten something, that's one of the things she's forgotten. G1 AJ was clumsy, her hair was loose, had no accent, her cutie-mark had five apples, she had a bow around her tail, and didn't wear a hat.:applejackconfused: The only similarities between them are that they harvest apples and their appearance, however the differences between them make Faust less aware of the physical similarities. Besides she's mentioned she's noticed ponies who "Look" like her old friends, AJ is one of those, Pinkie is one who "Acts" like her old friends. Specifically, she acts like Surprise / Cotton Candy, but also strangely enough looks a lot like Cotton Candy, and she was also a pink pony who liked sweets things. It actually makes me wonder if that was intentional or not, though she was also different than Pinkie, since she was also the local nurse.:pinkiegasp:

you called? in all seriousness I litterally hadto post this before I read it because of the name... considering my OC has always been a Black Alicorn that archives of all the events spaning the universe from the start of said universe to the apperance of the first bacterium I have always been recording the going ons....

Great chapter! Can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

He was so well trapped that the only possible way he could escape was if he was released by some foal stupid enough to mess with his chains

Yes, because that definitely won't happen :facehoof:

awww now i have to wait for about a month for the next chapter :pinkiesad2:

I'd like to see their reactions when they find out about Megan, Tirek, the original Spike, and Zorpan.

2363840 Interesting, though thankfully Faust only archives the goings on in Equestria. I have a feeling if she had to work with everything she'd go insane. Or more likely, wouldn't have any free time at all.:facehoof:

2363963 Yeah, it's obvious someone will mess with the chains... but then again, who?:pinkiegasp:

2364281 I'll try to get the next chapter out sooner, real life basically decided to kick me in the teeth this month.:twilightsheepish:

2364896 For the most part I'm actually basing these ponies off their old "Story Cards" in which they were much closer to the Gen 4 ponies than someone might think. Tirek and several villains will definitely be mentioned / appear, and Spike as well since he's in those cards, but I'm not sure if Megan should appear or not. As said in the AN, Megan was basically a replacement for Majesty young girls could relate too, with Majesty actually there it's less likely she even exists.

This is a good story I am learning to appreciate it more and more.

This is such a great fic, and its so under rated. The only other fausticorn fic I've read was terrible and it had over 1600 thumbs up. I hope that one day you will get the credit you deserve.

So the Golden Doorway leads to the inside of books...

And the Necronomicon exists.

[sarcasm]This will end well.[/sarcasm]

2408201 If I'm remembering correctly, The Golden Door leads to "The Realm of Imagination", so literally every story or fairy tale exists within the Golden Door. Unfortunately, something else is in that door as well...

Thanks for mentioning the Knights :D

2408851 No problem. I told you I might use it.:twilightsmile:

Why is Faust so anti- Luna??
(She's just a hater!) :flutterrage:

2423449 She's not a hater, she's actually afraid of Luna being angry at her for not visiting in, oh I don't know, somewhere around two thousand years... Most ponies tend to take such lengthy times away quite personally you know.:twilightsheepish:

Further evidence of such will be next chapter I assure you.

Oh Faust, you and your big mouth, but oh well, I knew something like that was gonna happen, I want to see what happens next.

I wonder if Faust can erase Rarity's immediate memories...

God damn it author! I started reading this whole thing a couple of hours ago, it was getting late and I was like"Ok, after this chapter" but all your god damn cliffhangers and a few hours later it is REALLY late and I've finally caught up!

Stop writing such good cliffhangers!

With that being said this was an awesome read and in my opinion a GREAT take on Faust. Look forward to reading more!

I wonder what daring do will do in the real world :facehoof:... What if she meets rainbowdash :rainbowderp:
And how will twilight react we all know its going to go overboard but how :twilightblush:

Okay, there's a couple spelling errors (not should be nod) but nothing too bad that way. What kills me (KILLS ME) is that you have Faust's age set at "pushing ten centuries" when both Luna and Celestia new her. Luna was gone for 1000 years (aka ten centuries) and so would not have been there to meet her. I would make her 1600 or so years old but that's up to you it just...I can't keep this story favorited when the timeline is so screwed up it makes my head hurt...

2439320 Actually, her age is supposed to be set at Ten THOUSAND years old, not Ten Centuries. I thought I had her saying she was Ten Millennium old, not centuries. If you could tell me where it says she's is Ten Centuries old I would much appreciate it.

Edit: Never mind, found and fixed it.

Yay! another story 2 days after the last one! :pinkiegasp:

Awesome chapter although the two characters do really seem basically the same. I assume it leads somewhere though.

unicorn not unciorn. If you want me to edit for you I will. I like the story and there's a couple errors that just make my eyeballs not happy with each other.

2444070 I wouldn't mind having an editor, I write most of the chapters as a spur of the moment thing and so I also have to try and spot those errors as I'm writing.:twilightsheepish:


Cool man, never been an editor on this website before. Dunno how this stuff works. Glad to help with it though! Cool concept I think. Thanks for fixing the ten centuries error. That was really eating my brain juice.

2444106 To be honest, I have no idea how it works either.:twilightsheepish: While I've been reading stories on this site for a while I'm still getting used to the mechanics of some of the features on the site.


Ok cool man, I guess just let me know if you figure it out or I can get you my email address or something. otherwise i guess I can just go back and make a post with all the edits I would make until it's figured out?

This story is absolutely awesome! I love it! Give me a holler if you need a proofreader or an editor!

The way you write Mort reminds me of Death from the Discworld series by Terry Pratchet

"Mort, Mort, Mort, Mort, Mort, Mort-"
"Wanna cupcake?"

Alfred reference in 3...2...1...
"Then you underestimate what a princess is." The stallion noted and Cadence shot him a confused look.

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