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All her life, a certain girl always believed that she didn't need friends. She studied for years to master the awesome powers within her. She turned to books to escape the world she lived in and the destiny that awaited her. That girl isn't Twilight Sparkle, her name is Raven. And now, she's in Ponyville... although, why is she waking up as a rabbit?

(I'll be honest, this idea came to me mostly because Tara Strong voices both characters. However as I took it into my mind and developed the idea, it just struck me that it might actually be a more interesting story than I'm giving it credit for. Also, if anyone can find a good cover-art for this story I'd appreciate it. The cover-art for this story was drawn by me!)

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Tara also voiced Durga, the wife of Asura from Asura's Wrath. THAT would be an interesting crossover.

.... one of my favorite characters in equestria? :derpyderp1:


This story is off to a great start. I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with this. So instead of the DC world Raven end's up in Equestria after she leaves Azaroth.

2484130 In all honesty, she's my favorite titan... unless you count Red-X, but either way X is definitely my favorite villain.

2485828 Thanks! More or less, I suppose you could say that's what happened. Azaroth was actually just a separate dimension in the DC Universe, so technically she got jettisoned into a separate universe entirely when crossing over from Azaroth to Jump City, the Titan's home.

Wow, finally a good TTxMLP. I think you did a pretty good job of portraying Raven's personality, and the quality of the writing itself is first rate. i will be eagerly awaiting your next update. :pinkiehappy:

2547295 Thank you, Raven is my favorite Titan, hero at least, so I try to get her personality as close to the original as possible.

I loved this chapter. I also love the new cover art for this story. You're a pretty good artist.

So will this story and Overworked Alicorn kind of share the same universe? I say kind of because I mean while Faust and the history of the world would be the same, the event's of the series and future will be different.

I'm curious what you're going to do with Twilight in this story? Are you going to have her not just been born, or something else?

What is Celestia's plan? What will Celestia and the rest of the MLP character think about who Raven's father is, and her so called destiny?

2820333 Thanks on both counts. I tried to capture what I saw Raven looking like as a pony as best I could. I based this chapter on my own idea for where Raven's 'magic words' came from.:ajsmug:

They do share some similar history, Mort and the others do exist here mostly because it hasn't changed that much between their worlds.:twilightsmile:

Twilight technically doesn't exist here, I had an idea for her to have been born before the series began and is already an alicorn, but I might not use that.:twilightblush:

I'm so glad to see an update for this :pinkiehappy:, there aren't that many top notch Raven fics out there. Oooh, and I think I know what prank Celestia is planning on using, it totally fits. :trollestia:

just found this story and love it, i can't help but feel that Celestia is going to pull a prank by saying something like Raven is her daughter

Loving this so far, Raven was always my favorite Titan and one of my favorite DC hero's

A Titan in Equestria? evilbrainjono.net/images/drawings/ponies_vs_titan.png

Oh, you mean that kind of Titan. I'm more than okay with this too.

Hmm, this is before she was a TT huh? This sounds FUN! :pinkiehappy:
I suppose if anyone ever wants to count Teen Titans; Go as... canon :facehoof:, this might be where she got the Pegasister tendencies from... I'd rather imagine that show as something Beast Boy and Cyborg wrote to cash in on the team's celebrity status... :raritywink::rainbowwild:

Before I finish reading this chapter...

You use the phrase 'the moody teen' a lot. A whole lot. Somewhere between five and ten times in the first two paragraphs, in fact.

Ya might want to consider finding some more descriptors.


By 'more descriptors' I wasn't exactly meaning to exchange 'teen' for 'bunny.' *Facepalm.* How often was she even referred to by name?

Frustratingly stale descriptions aside, it's been interesting so far and I still want to see how it goes.

But seriously, add some more variety. It would really help.

This chapter was much easier to read. Looking forward to more.

Heh. That line about the pink one makes me quite eager to see her reaction to Pinkie.

You definitely want to cut down on your use of the term 'moody'. Otherwise I'm digging the story so far.

God this is good glad to see this got updated. But does this mean that the rest of the mane 6 are going to around the same age as raven? Also raven is taking the place of twilight right? also please update this sooner next time please!!!

amazing! I love it!:pinkiehappy:

Keep up the amazing work, amigo!:pinkiehappy:

3485059 no i assumed that it was attack on titan too

its good to see that this has started up again as it is one of the most if not the most enjoyable teen titains crossover ive read

I must admit, I'm not as well versed with the DC Universe as I am with Marvel's. Nonetheless, Raven always was my favorite Titan :twilightsmile:

Hell keep these golden chapters a coming. Also when nightmare moon shows up is raven going to move back into the library also how much older is the rest of the mane 6 going to be compared to raven? also why does raven have her cutie mark in the cover art if she doesnt have it now?

Ah, just imagining Raven talk in this situation is nostalgic. The Titans where my fav show growing up, and Raven my fav character, her snarkiness is unlimited. :trollestia: Thanks for the story! :twilightsmile:

The chapters are getting longer! :pinkiehappy:
Really liking the story so far, looking forward to more chapters.

How old is Raven?

Curious that not long after I took an interest in and read the first two chapters it updated. I had hoped for an update, but I didn't think it would be this soon.

Aside from the usual grammar mistakes anyone can make, this is a great story and an interesting update to the saga. Raven is my favorite character from Teen Titans so it will be interesting to see how she assimilates into the plot progression of the show. :twilightsmile:

3496069 Raven is fifteen years old, she is also three or four years younger than Pinkie Pie, making her the youngest out of them all.

She has her cutie-mark in the picture because she will eventually get it. She just didn't get it the moment she became a pony.

As for the rest, just wait and see.:ajsmug:

3496866 You are correct sir.:pinkiehappy:

3497386 Actually, I had like sixty faves on this story over three days, so it's not that surprising I decided it needed a few updates. The fact The Overworked Alicorn is actually getting close to complete doesn't hurt either.:eeyup:

amazing.... Thank you for another amazing chapter!:twilightblush:

I'm really enjoying this story. While it's kind of sad that Twilight won't be in it, I am curious how Raven will deal with a lot of her responsibilities. Although it looks like you called Raven "purple" at some point. Perhaps she's filling Twilight's role a bit too well, eh?

Great chapter.

I think my favorite part was Celestia telling everypony Raven is her daughter. I'm really looking forward to seeing everypony's reactions and thought's to that in the aftermath. Any chance of Raven and Celestia having some mother daughter bonding times as the story goes on?

Spike looked after by Blueblood! Let's just hope he hasn't taken any of Blueblood's worst traits. Like how he treats his dates for example.

I like the story concept I just see one problem with this. Didn't raven already discover the power that friends can give you?

3685924 This takes place before the TV series, back when Raven first left Azarath.

That was pretty good. Can't wait for it to continue!

I heard Titan and thought Warhammer 40k.

3770877 You and quite a few other people actually.

If you were into 40k, and thinking about how big some of those titans can be... the Lolz from a relaxed titan crew. God now I am wondering how one of those stories would pan out.

Could you, if you want to, look at my story and see if there are any mistakes, please?

OMG i was just thinking about this story and it got updated! This is the 2nd time it have happend xD

its good ,just the time lord bit felt like a copout.:pinkiesick:

Another good chapter. I'm hoping to see more on the thoughts and reactions of everypony to Celestia having a daughter.

3776024 Actually, Clockwork Gears is an Alicorn from my 'Overworked Alicorn' story. He's the alicorn of time and machinery. He's not an actual 'time lord' Blue Blood once called him that and it's stuck since then.

Still an fun read - actually seeing this updated when I logged on made my morning a little brighter. :pinkiehappy: Raven vs Spike is funny.

However, a little correction - her name is Fleur de Lis ("flower"). :twilightsmile:

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