• Published 20th Aug 2012
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Spikes Journey - That Drunk Pony

This is gonna be my first fic about Spike and his exile from Ponyville

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Chapter 4: Canterlot IV (Final)

“Spike! The library is on fire!! All of my studies, books, everything is all gone. Just get out of my sight!!!”

“But Twi if you would just listen-”

“Spike just go away. Don’t call me Twi either. JUST GO!!!”

Spike wakes up sweating and in a puddle of his own tears on the table. He looks outside and see’s that it is still not yet dawn. As he tried to get up his body was aching from sleeping so uncomfortable. He then stretches and walk toward upstairs and goes to his room and lays on his bed. He tries to sleep, but that last statement from his dream keeps him awake.

“Why wouldn’t she just let me speak? She didn’t even try to hear my side of the story” Spike said while sobbing. “If she let me talk she would have known that-” Spike then sees a figure at his door. He was thinking that he might have been too loud and awoke one of the ponies. The door opened with purple magic.
‘Wait purple magic?’ Spike thought to himself. He then noticed the pony figure getting closer to him.

“I am sorry that I woke you-” before Spike finished he gave a fearful gasp. “Tw- Twi- Twilight!?” he said as he jumped back a bit.

“Hi Spike.” She looked happy, but in a crooked way. “How are you?”

“I- I’m just fine. What are you doing here?”

“Oh I am just here to... finish what the other ponies couldn’t. You know how much happier everypony is after you left?”


“They are all doing so much better since you left. Fluttershy is getting along more with her friends and is more open. RD is now in the wonderbolts. Pinkie is now running Sugercube Corner and the business is blooming. Even Rarity got her own Stallion and her business is much better. AJ got her whole farm fixed thanks to what you did.”

“But Twi it wasn’t-” Spike was cut off yet again.

“I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT” Twilight looked insane and heavily breathing, but then regained her composure. “Well now to ensure we keep our happiness we agreed to get rid of the “problem” in case it ever returned.” her horn began to glow and an ominous black magic goo ensnared the dragon’s limbs.

He tried to escape, but what being strangled by the magic. “Twilight, it wasn’t my fault”

“What are you talking about? Of course it was. Now go away like a good dragon.” The smile on her face was so beyond insanity. As he started to blackout he was hit by a splash of water. **As if you guys didn’t see this coming**

Spike was awoken in his bed soaked. He looked around and saw Candy with a bucket. He then put his claws around his neck and checked his body.

“Sorry Spike. You were moving around so much and saying weird things. I was getting scared and worried” she said with such a sad face.

“Thank you Candy.” She gave Spike a confused look. “You saved me from that nightmare. What time is it?” He looked outside. “Aren’t you late for school?”

“No it’s the weekend.”

“Oh right. Sorry I sort of lost track of time.” Spike then remembers the party was also today and of course the plan they made. “Shouldn’t we get ready for the party and our surprise”

“The party isn’t for a few more hours”

“But it is better we get ready now. We should go as soon as we can to set up. Also Dancer might need us to help.”

“Aww, but she has her butlers and maids to do that.”

“Well let’s see what we can do anyways. Stop being lazy”

“Fine” Candy had groaned and made her way to her room to get dressed.

Spike then waited for her to finish. When she got out Spike was a little shocked. She looked very nice in her dress. When Spike then turned away while blushing. Candy noticed this and started glaring at Spike.

“You’re not falling for me are you”

Spike felt a needle strike at him with that comment. “Yeah right, I fall for someone as young as you. Not in a million years”

“Then why are you blushing”

“I’m not blushing. Whatever let’s just go.”

They both left the shop with Candy giggling. When they arrived at Fancy Pants Manor they were halted by the guards. The guard recognized Candy, but were staring at Spike.
“Sorry sir, do you have an invitation?”

Spike was flustered when he realized he left his invite back at the house. “Uh sorry I sort of forgot it.”

“Well it is obvious that we can’t let you in then.”

“Candy go on first. I will return with my invitation.”

Just then Dancer came through the door. “SPIKE!!! I am glad you could make it”

The guards then looked at each other and rather than getting a scolding from the little filly, they let Spike through.

When they got passed the gates they walked for a few minutes passed a garden filled with different birds and plants of all kinds. They had beautiful flowing streams and a mini waterfall which had a small cave inside. Only rich people... err pony’s right? They finally arrived at the front door after being lost for a while and having a bad run in with a chicken.

“Seriously, who even owns a 10 foot chicken? Why do they even need it?” Spike said almost completely out of breath.

“I don’t know. I never had that problem when I come here by myself.” Said Candy out of breath as well. “Well at least we are able to relax inside.”

As they entered the main room, Spike was at shock at the size and beauty of the place. The pillars were statues made of white marble of ponies holding the ceiling. The ceiling looked as if it were painted by angels. The floor had a design which was Fancy Pants’ logo for his company. It truly was amazing. It looked like no other building in Canterlot.

As Spike let his mouth hang for a while, Fancy Pants came walking down one of the double spiral staircase. “Spike and Candy Dumpling. You are early”

“Well we came to see if we could help out.” Candy said with a big smile on her face.

‘I was the one who thought of it. She didn’t even want to’ Spike thought to himself.

“Well my maids and butlers will be handling that. Although you are welcome to stay.” One of the cooks then asked Fancy for what to serve. “Well I will be off making preparations.”

When Fancy left the two fillies got serious. “Alright everything is ready for the plans. Now we wait.” Dancer said with a devious tone. “But first... Spike you can’t go to a party with that attire.”

Spike wore nothing. He really had nothing to dress in considering he had outgrown most of his old clothes. He was practically a teen dragon now. The size of an average stallion and still bipedal. “What’s wrong with this?”

“Spike you must wear the proper attire. Even if you aren’t a pony.” She then called her personal makeover professionals to take care of the dragon. Before he got to say anything he was taken and dragged away by them. All the two fillies could hear were heavy machinery and the occasional scream.

“So Dancer, are you sure you’re ready for this?”

“Of course”

It soon became evening. The two fillies played games while the dragon was still in “intensive care.” The guests started to arrive. A lot of her classmates from school showed up all wearing wonderful dresses and suits. After enough guests arrived, the music started, played by Ms. Octavia and Vinyl in a classical techno duet. The ponies were dancing and cheering. It was truly a fun time for everypony. After a few hours of dancing, party games, and great laughs Spike finally was released from the torture of the makeover specialists.

When Spike walked down the stairs, everything just stopped. There was one pony still laughing obnoxiously, but was quieted by another. They were all staring at the dragon. Spike didn’t know what to think. Were they scared of him or shocked he was a dragon? Well it was neither. All the ponies, even the older ones, were all amazed at how well he looked.

“Spike you finally joined us” Candy said out of nowhere.

“Why are they all staring at me?”

“Probably at how amazing you look. I was worried by how long it was taking, but now I think they did a great job.”

Spike had a sleek black tux with a single red rose. His scales shined like amethysts and his spikes were a little more back rather than how they usually stood upward. He looked like a true gentledrake. All the mares were eager to talk to him and the stallions had both eyes of respect and jealousy.

With this Spike was swamped by the overwhelming number of ponies trying to speak to him. It wasn’t until Fancy Pants called for everypony’s attention that he was safe. Spike and the two fillies met when this happened and started putting their plan into action. Candy quickly got out of her dress and into another. Spike found the two boys by the punch bowl.

“So how do you boys like the drinks” Candy asked.

The two were surprised she would even speak to them. They tried to ignore her.

“Hmm you know, you two are real weak when it takes both of you to beat up one little filly. You both must feel so manly after that.”

The two boys spat out their drinks at each other and were surprised to hear what she said. They both got angry and started chasing her. As they got in the crowd they found her headed for the stairs. As they caught up to her on the stairs they cornered her at the top of the stairs.

They were about to attack until a spotlight was on them. “Well well, looks like we have two party poopers trying to attack one of our guests.” Candy said in the mic on stage. When the boys looked they were being watched by quite a few ponies. Even their teacher was in the group. When they looked back at Candy it was actually Dancer.

Everypony was just in shock as they saw Dancer, who was crying with fake tears, about to be attacked. Fancy Pants was probably the most shocked. The parents of the two ponies then came and apologized to Fancy and Dancer. As they walked out of the party they were met with eyes of detest and disgust. They were only reaching the tip of their punishments. As they walked from the door they saw the two fillies smiling happily and waving good-bye to them.

Spike then came out of the shadow of the stairs with a smile. “Well it worked out all good. You won’t need to worry about them anymore.”

“Yeah, I was scared a little though. I was wondering where you were hiding in case things didn’t go as planned.”

“Sorry, I had to be hidden well. Everything still went perfectly.”

“Now let’s enjoy the rest of this night!”

They partied well into the night making wonderful memories. Only one more guest was put out for drinking too much cider. It was still a great party and ended with fireworks which left a note from Fancy to his daughter saying “Number one daughter, Fairy Dancer.” By the time things ended, Spike was carrying Candy on his back. Fairy Dancer was also passed out on Fancy’s back.

“Well Fancy Pants, I am truly surprised. I never thought of you as a stallion who could party or even be down to Equestria.”

“Well I didn’t start out as a rich man Mr. Spike. I had to work hard to get where I am now.”

“Well Fancy for what it’s worth you have my respect and sorry for calling you a money grubbing stallion.”

“Think nothing of it. I do hope you come visit again.”

“Well see ya later. This little filly on my back needs her rest.”

“Well good night then.”

Spike went home happy. When they got home he put the filly in her bed and dropped in his bed. Spike wouldn’t be having nightmares tonight.

The four weeks went by fast after that. Fairy Dancer became the new club leader of the drama club and Candy was still popular. The day came when Celestia would meet her guests. Spike woke up early to sneak out, but just before he left the shop he was met by Joe and Candy.

“Well Spike it is time for you to see the Princess right.” Joe said surprising Spike.

“We knew you would try to sneak out like this” Candy added.

“Sorry guys. After all that you have done, saying good-bye would have been hard for both me and you all.”

Before Spike could continue he was given a bag, it had a lot of equestrian currency. Spike was confused.

“It is for helping around the shop and with our family. Know that you will always be welcomed here.”

“But Joe, I can’t accept this.”

“Of course you can. Just think of it as pay for working.”

“Well there is no fighting you guys is there.” Spike said with a sigh

“Nope” Candy added.

“Well then this is good-bye” Joe said finally.

“Nah, this isn’t good-bye. Just a see you later.”

When Spike said this, the two ponies started to have tears. Candy hugged the dragon. It felt like it lasted for hours when it really lasted like 2 minutes. When they broke the hug the ponies saw Spike crying as well. Spike then turned and started walking out the door. Oddly enough there were more ponies outside. All the ponies he helped, even Fancy and his daughter were there. They were all saying their good-byes.

Spike was in total shock and even more tears flowed from his eyes.

“Sorry Spike, but I just couldn’t keep it a secret from the others” Candy said with a smile and still tear eyed.

“No, don’t be sorry. Thank you.”

Spike continued walking and saying good-bye to each pony and receiving many gifts. Spike’s personal favorite gift was the suit from Dancer. As he turned at the small crowd he waved good-bye and they waved back. He then started walking to the royal palace.
There was already a line outside the palace. When he got into the line, all the ponies recognized him and let him go by. Even the guards from before showed a token of respect to him. He entered the palace without any troubles. That is where he saw Celestia in all her magnificent divine beauty. She was surprised to see Spike.

As he walked slowly to her he presented her with a scroll. She read the contents and was even more shocked.

“Spike, is this what you really want?”

Spike just looked down and nodded with tears in his eyes still. Her horn started shining bright and she shot a beam of light. **To be Continued**