• Published 20th Aug 2012
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Spikes Journey - That Drunk Pony

This is gonna be my first fic about Spike and his exile from Ponyville

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Chapter 1: Canterlot I

The Journey
By: That Drunk Pony

Spike the dragon, Princess Twilight Sparkle's number one assistant, was now in exile from Ponyville. The ruling on Spike was near unanimous that he be exiled. Even the harborers of the Elements of Harmony shunned him. Applejack didn’t want to hear him, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy always avoided him, Rarity told him to never come back, and even Twilight, his best friend, told him that there was no home for him here.

So Spike left Ponyville in exile to find a new home. The last time anypony saw him was when he took the Pony Express headed far away from Ponyville. But what happened that could have caused this much disarray? Only Spike knows.

As the train entered a tunnel, Spike started to reflect on the events that happened. Speaking to himself in total sadness, “Why wouldn’t they believe me?” Spike questioned, “After all the years I helped them? All the times we had? All the years we had been friends? But they were so quick to sever all the bonds.” Spike then yelled out “Well who needs them!” He noticed some of the other passengers were staring his way and he sat down quietly thinking again.

Once they got out of the tunnel the conductor had said, “We are arriving at Canterlot. We hope you enjoyed the Pony Express.”

“Before I disappear forever, there is one thing I must do.” Spike said as he departed the train. He then headed for the Royal Palace. As he walked by, he saw many old places that he and Twilight used to go to when they lived in Canterlot. As he was reminiscing, he started to get teary eyed, but stopped himself from crying.

After walking the streets of Canterlot, he finally reached the Royal Palace. It looks just as he remembered it. Tall, beautiful, a nice regal appearance, and stood out from the rest of the city. As he approached the door the guards stopped him.

“I am here to see the Princess” Spike had said with slightly saddened tone.

“We cannot let you pass unless you were personally invited here by the Princess” the Guards had stated.

“But I need to see her, she knows me personally” Spike had demanded” “I am Spike, Twilight Sparkle’s assistant.” ‘Well ex assistant’ Spike thought to himself.

“Sorry, but that is the rules around here. We can’t just bend them any time a pony or dragon in your case wishes to see her. Do you realize how many people want to see Celestia? If you want you want you can see her three weeks from now, when she will be available to the people.

Spike then was furiously thinking to himself ‘There is no way I can wait that long, I have to see her now.’ Spike then walked away with an angry face which slowly became an upset face. He walked until a pony recognized him.

“Hey Spike! It's good to see you around again!” the unknown pony said.

Spike then turned to see it was Pony Joe outside of his store. “Oh hey Joe” Spike had said with a still saddened voice.

Joe noticed his sad tone and asked, “Spike what’s the matter? Is it girl troubles? Come in my shop.”

Spike didn’t really have anything else to do so he took Pony Joe’s invitation.

“So Spike, what has you looking so bitter?”

“Well I don’t think the news reached here, but I was banished from Ponyville.” Spike then started to get teary eyed again. “Even my friends shunned me. I came to Canterlot to speak with the Princess before I left forever, but now the guards won’t even allow me to see her until three weeks. I don’t even know how I will last that long.”

Joe could see his pain. “I am sorry to hear that Spike. You need to calm down.”

Spike realized he was on top of the chair. “Yeah, sorry you had to see that.”

Joe thought of an idea that would benefit the both of them. “Well if you need a place to stay then why not stay with me and my family. As long as you help around the shop of course.”

Spike pondered only for a second. “Well I don’t really have a choice I suppose. I will take that offer.”

So now Pony Joe took Spike to introduce him to his wife and kids. They climb a set of stairs in the back of the shop. When they got to the second floor, Spike was met with a very warm reception. The Joe’s daughter, Candy Dumpling Joe, but most just call her Candy Dumpling. She is a very hyper active filly no older than those of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. When she saw Spike she charged at him and hugged him to the ground.

“OH MY GOD A DRAGON!!” The young filly had yelled.

Hearing this reminded him of the CMC. Of all the ponies only they had defended him before he was exiled so it made him smile just a little. During his flashbacks he noticed things going dark. “I can’t breathe!” the dragon said with his nearly last bit of air.

She loosened her grip as Spike turned blue. “Oh I'm so sorry. It's just I always wanted to meet a dragon, although I was expecting you to be much bigger.”

Spike then looked at Pony Joe who was looking away with a smirk on his face. It was like he planned this as a gift for his daughter, but Spike didn’t dwell too much on that.

Spike then was greeted by Joe’s wife who had been cooking dinner. “Hi there, Joe is this another one of your friends?”

“Yes, he's a friend from the past. He will be staying here for the next three weeks helping around with the business and will be foal sitting for us.”

Spike then thought to himself, ‘I didn’t agree to foal sitting. That was underhanded of him.’

Just then his wife had a fairly large smile on her face. She seemed excited of the idea. “Well then it's a pleasure to meet you Mr....”

“Oh sorry, I am Spike. It's a pleasure to meet you.” Just then Spike’s stomach started to grumble. He then blushed as his cheeks on his face turned pinkish.

“Well Spike, you came just in time for dinner.” Joe’s wife said grinning.

After dinner, Pony Joe showed Spike to his room. It was a simple guest room that had a T.V. and its own queen size bed. As Spike looked around the room, Pony Joe had told Spike to wake up early tomorrow for his first task. He then went to bed and Spike started watching T.V. in the bed. "I'm glad that Equestrian technology now has magically powered T.V.'s. One useful thing they got from the Human World."

Spike now thinking to himself ‘Well this isn’t so bad after all. I just hope these tasks won’t be too harsh.’ Spike then turned off the T.V. and fell asleep with a smile.

Author's Note:

This story has been edited and hopefully better for grammar and spelling. I plan to do this for all of the chapters.